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I have just sat down after spending some time this morning helping my partner Kim with some household chores. After choosing to take the responsibility of changing our bed linen, thinking it would be a quick and easy task, I came to the realisation that it wasn’t as I got myself caught up in the quilt. The quilt case was the wrong size for our quilt! Kim seen me struggling and came to the rescue and within minutes the quilt dilemma was sorted and the bed made.

When Kim came to help me, I was internally telling her to piss off as I was capable, but I let her go, helped where I could and watched to learn if there were any tricks I could pick up for next time I chose to take on the responsibility of changing the bed linen.

The bed was quickly made and as I left the room to hang the clothes out, I started to think to myself, why is it that she can get this household stuff done so quick?


This brought me thinking to other household task such as making the dinner, which I enjoy doing 3 nights a week, however Kim always seems to do it so much easier, quicker and better (Don’t tell her that though).

Kim manages to have the kitchen looking spotless when dinner is served, where on the other hand it looks like a hurricane has been through the kitchen, when I serve dinner.


I then moved onto thinking how this could be related to business and what came to my mind was that Kim was so much more effective and productive when it came to doing household task, because it is something that she has done a lot more of then me and it is something that she has been taught from a young age.

Does that mean I’m not capable of doing it?

Not at all, it just means that if I want to become more effective and productive at it, then I need to do it more and have Kim teach me her tricks on how to do it so quick.

If I don’t want to become more effective and productive at it, then I let her do it when something needs to be done quickly and then just slowly learn how to become more effective at it over time.


So how does this relate to business?


In business there are going to be people who have learnt more and done more over time in regards to a certain task, however that is to your advantage as you can call upon them if you wish to have things happen quickly in your business, such as impact, cashflow, planning etc etcs and the great thing is that you can have them teach you, so you can learn their tricks, or you can just be happy letting them do it, while you focus on what you enjoy.

In business there are some things you need to show interest in, as they are important to your business results, however you don’t have to be effective or productive at them, but just have someone who is.

Just the same as I need to show interest in household task as they are important to my relationship results, however I don’t have to be effective or productive at them, as I have Kim’s ability to do that when required.


Focus on what you enjoy, dabble on what’s required, but most importantly get someone who has the ability to effectively and productively provide you results in the areas that are required.

Michael Clarke

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