One thing that I’ve learnt in my decades in business is that if your company tries to help everyone, it will end up helping no one.

Maybe you’ve heard of the spray-and-pray method of marketing, in which a general message is created and distributed widely and randomly without regard for demographics.

In theory, especially to new business owners, this would seem like the best way to garner attention for your brand. However, in reality, it’s the worst plan.

Your ideal customers need something specific from your brand. They have particular likes and dislikes, and they have a problem to solve. If you’re not speaking directly to their pain, their problem, their needs and their preferences, they are going to pass right over your brand.

And, as you have probably already deducted, if you’re being vague and all-inclusive in your branding and marketing, you’re going to appeal to no one.

Here are some tips for narrowing your audience and your message, for better branding results:

  • Create an Ideal Customer Profile. Draw a picture of your ideal customer. Identify their gender, age, family situation, culture, career, hobbies, personality, religious affiliation…whatever is necessary in establishing who they are and why they need your brand. Give them a name if that helps you to get to know them and remember them.
  • Speak Directly to your Ideal Customer. In all communications, whether direct or fairly general, speak directly to this person. You want to appeal to others like them, so it makes sense to make everyone feel as if you’re speaking directly to them.
  • Know the Problem you’re Solving. Your ideal customer has a pain or a problem that you’re particularly skilled at solving. Know the anxiety, the discomfort, the secondary complications that come along with enduring this problem, so you can speak with empathy. Most business owners know this pain all too well, because they have come from this pain, learnt how to relieve it, and are now sharing their solution with others. Speak to your younger self, before you solved this problem.
  • Forget About Offending Others. I am not suggesting that you make offensive statements or blatantly exclude particular groups. I am, however, suggesting that you stop worrying about inadvertently offending anyone who is not your ideal customer. Remember, they will not benefit from what your brand is offering. Include everyone, and you will exclude those most important to your brand.
  • Vet Those Asking to Join your Groups. Whether it’s a closed Facebook group or a subscription-based online club, you have the right (and the obligation) to scrutinise anyone who wishes to join. I ask myself if the person will bring value to the group, if the group can serve their needs, if I expect them to engage with the other members…I even make sure they have a profile picture, rather than a random visual. Do this, and you will enhance the quality of your entire group, making it more attractive to your ideal customers.

I trust that these little pieces of advice will help you to get clear on whom you want to serve, and to then go forward with serving only them…to magnetise more of them to your brand. Because the more ideal customers you have associated with your brand, the more people like them they will attract to your brand…and the more credible, visible and profitable your brand will become.

Sammy Blindell

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