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Do you ever feel like you are holding back.  

You are not SPEAKING OUT

You are not saying the words you know you should.

You are feel inside that you know what to say and how you should say it but when it comes to the CRUNCH you just DON’T !

I have had this happen to me many times.

SOMETIMES I am just not sure if it’s worth saying what I was thinking.

I am afraid it will just not be appreciated, or it will be misinterpreted.  

In this moment the emotion I felt inside that created the language, the passion of what I wanted to say,  is not there any more.

I now feel, ” is it really worth it ?” 

My voice just gets stuck inside my head or it just fizzles off.

Its no longer important.   Or I find myself saying ” I just will say it next time”.  But that moment doesn’t seem to come back another time.

Sometimes it’s  important that we just hold back our words because they can be inappropriate or just purely damaging.

Other times our words could be the creative power that will ignite a new beginning.  

How do we know?

For me I have three thoughts that I will consider before I speak out words.

  1. Will I gain if I do speak out?
  2. Will speaking out be self focused or other focused or both?
  3. What will I loose if I just don’t say anything at all?

Did you know:

Vocal tone can often effect the way the words we speak are heard.  

Vocal tone is attached to our emotions and so the way you feel will effect how you are heard and the results you get from others.

Did you know you can use your vocal tone to convey your message more powerfully when you know how to access your whole voice.  

When you know how to use your high and low frequencies in your voice you will speak more effortlessly, less fatigue, more at ease and you will be able to convey messages in a more powerful way.

Get some free resources to help you with your vocal tone.

Here is some research recently conducted: 

Charismatic Leaders use their voice to convey messages
“By analyzing the harmonics of pitch, frequency and timbre, researchers at University of California, Los Angeles are discovering how charismatic public speakers use their voices to dominate, rouse and influence a large audience.  You have the capacity to shape your voice in a way that makes people perceive you as a leader,” said UCLA acoustic scientist Rosario Signorello, who conducted the charisma experiments. He measured the frequencies, cadences, intensity and duration of vocal qualities with the meaning of the words.

Check out the research here 

 “The voice is a tool that can be trained,” he said. “Singers and actors train their voices to reach higher or lower frequencies. A leader-speaker should do the same.”   Dr. Signorello

If you want to find out how you can have a confident voice that does not hesitate and can be backed up with emotion that can help you be congruent and authentic in your communication Lets Talk

Find out more here about interpersonal communication mentoring program. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I look forward to your feedback.  ‘

Maria Pellicano

Maria Pellicano

The author Maria Pellicano

Maria Is an author, speaker, singer and coach. Maria is the Director and founder of  "Harness your voice" for speaker's voice training and SingOut singing and performance school singing and performance training. She is qualified mentor vocal coach, certified with the Institute of Vocal Advancement and also a Master human behaviour and NLP (marin style) Strategist.  Maria has been working with performance and voice for the past 20 years, with over 10,000 hours of private and master classes and workshops. helping singers, actors, speakers, trainers, teachers and  preacher to speak with confidence, control and passion.   She has is the recent author of “The Art Of Powerful Communication” Aligning The Mindset, Message and Voice. The book got best seller in 7 Amazon Categories. Maria articles have been featured several times in the International Coaching Guild magazine, regularly speaks on Confident Speaking in network meetings and she has hosted workshops and presentations for private and corporate businesses. Maria delivers workshops and private sessions on vocal technique, mindset and message delivery for powerful communication. She has seen repetitively that a voice is not heard unless there is an alignment with the mind and the message.  In the work she does she helps develop strategies that closes the gaps in communication empowering leaders to have greater credibility, competency and confidence that provoke emotion in audiences on any platform.

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