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What You Must Do In Business That Has Nothing To Do With Business

What comes to mind when you think of necessary components for business success?

A viable product or service? A beautiful brand? A professional website? A smart business plan? Advertising? PR? Impressive testimonials? Repeat business? Collaboration and networking?

Yes, all of these are important, but none of them will matter without this one key ingredient.

Intimacy. A willingness to let people in your life and a desire to move beyond  superficial interaction with others, is what will ultimately generate more business for you than anything else can. This is why business is not for the faint of heart. A willingness to let others in our world means we will be loved by some, and we run the risk of being hurt by others.

Business without humanity is a tragedy.

It is possible to do everything right and not make money in business. It is possible to say all the right things and not have anyone bite. We can never forget that business is an art, not a science. Our vibration and the messages we emit are what draw people to us. We cannot signal isolation and an unwillingness to connect and think clients will be attracted to us. 

These five practices are sure to help you cultivate intimacy in your business.

  1. Initiate conversations and take a genuine interest in others. 
  2. Lead communities, no matter their size, wholeheartedly.
  3. Consistently practice the art of story telling to share your message effectively.
  4. Commit to being a participator, not a spectator in the communities you are a part of.
  5. Instead of immediately seeking to gain from others, find out how you can serve first.

No matter how business evolves it will always be rooted in relationships and our ability to nurture them. 

Make a commitment to make your presence known.

Make a commitment to lead.

Make a real and lasting connection with those you serve.


Monique Alvarez

The author Monique Alvarez

Monique Alvarez is on a mission to share her love of the world with the world. She is a pioneer and leader. She is passionate about teaching location, time and money freedom to those who desire to live life on their terms. She is an energy worker and holds space for her clients to step into their power and own their most authentic life. She facilities high end Masterminds while traveling the world with her family. She is the author of Success Redefined Travel, Motherhood, & Being the Boss

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