Welcome to The Heart of Channelling
I am witch, shaman, medium, seer, fairy, goddess, priestess, writer, runner, cook and mother (and more). My training and education has evolved from new age practices to psychology and psychiatry, counselling, mentoring and it now has evolved into The Heart of Channelling.

The essence of my practice is soul retrieval and holding space to for you to discover your souls language so that you can know your soul purpose and destiny. I facilitate channelling and witchery courses which is the heart of my soul work.

I've been reading my cards for over 20 years and have intimate connection with the images and energy of my deck. My knowledge of my cards has evolved and deepened through my own evolving life path and lived experience!

I am also deeply connected with a Guide named Whisper, who lives out in the stars, and who has form as we do. He is gifted at transmitting light among other extraordinary gifts. Whisper and I have shared this evolving journey together my whole life, but I've been conscious of Whisper for about 20 years. I consciously channel and have every day for over 20 years.

You will see me making bees wax candles, using fire magic and herbal wisdom to infuse light into my courses and 1:1 sessions.

​I look forward to meeting you!
Marina XO

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Tuart Hill
Western Australia
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