Our Vision

‘The Life of the Life Professional’

LifeGrid Magazine is where passionate Life Professionals can market and promote who they are by sharing their personal story. On the site you can create an ‘Authors Journal’ where you upload articles about your life journey, your passion for what you do, the challenges you’ve overcome and the path of self discovery that has made you successful.

If you’re a Life Professional then we want to place you first – the human being. We want to get back to basics with clients and show them the ‘realness’ of the individual selling the product or service. The person they can trust.

People have become immune to the constant plugging of advertising and marketing. You only need to visit Facebook to see the constant minutia that hits us everyday. Many have rejected this type of message by turning off notifications but the consequence is that they can miss a real opportunity to engage with the fantastic human behind that product or service.

Become Human

Its time for a fresh approach. Change the story. We’ve created a portal where the honesty and integrity of the Life Professional can be read without disturbance or pressure. A safe place where a reader can build and follow a connection to a real person rather than an intangible thing.

LifeGrid Magazine is about presenting the person standing at the front of their business first. We ask Life Professionals to give something to our readers and potential clients that other types of media have failed to do – tell their real Story. By real we mean the honest raw passionate unedited version that makes someones Life so compelling that readers will have no choice but to find out more.

As an Author you will be published and also get your own page where your followers can access just your articles. Every article you submit will have your biography, photo and social links for more engagement if readers choose to find out more.

At LifeGrid Magazine we want readers to organically seek more from you rather than a dictated sequence of marketing promos. Why? Because at its basic form the relationship between you and your client is one of Trust.

All of us are drawn to make a human connection and we all enjoy reading about amazing seemingly mundane experiences. Yet those experiences and the contrast to our own lives infuses a uniqueness and integrity we long to be part of.

Become the Author of Your Own Success – share who you are and why readers can trust you!

The Editor.