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It’s not the cheapest companies that are the busiest!


When it comes to charging their worth, women always share with me:

‘But I can’t charge more than my industry standard.’

‘I’m scared no one will pay those high-end rates.’

‘I don’t have enough experience, I need to study some more.’

Whatever it is that’s holding you back, I want you to note this – it’s not the cheapest companies that get the most work.

Look around you, think of people / suppliers you have worked with – if you really observe it, you will realise there are no limitations – only those you create in your mind.

Of course, sometimes limiting beliefs are running the show, and a good business coach will help you transform those and create new, healthy beliefs.

But today, if I can give you one piece of advice it will be – please stop selling yourself short and please, please value yourself. Cause if you don’t – no one else will.

Have a successful prosperous week!

Yael xx

Yael Rose

The author Yael Rose

A business coach offering support to high-achieving entrepreneurs who want to transfer all they are into the online world

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