Are you a lover of quotes? Do you like to look for quotes online that apply to your current situation (or to what you’re trying to communicate) and use them to gain clarity or motivation?

Maybe you’re the type of quote lover who posts them all around your work area, to keep you inspired.

Or, perhaps you’re the type who likes to utilise them in conversation, to reinforce your message or to touch someone’s heart.

These are all great ways to use quotes, and quotes have proven to be quite important as we search for business guidance and growth.

And yet, sometimes, we still run out of motivation. We search for inspiration that we just can’t find. We look to what others have said, and none of it seems to apply to what we need at this moment.

That’s when it’s time to go inside yourself, with the intention of serving others and with the rich possibility of gaining inspiration that is available nowhere else.

It’s time to publish your own series of quotes.

Yes, you have read that correctly.

If you haven’t already compiled a list of quotes that you have penned, it’s time.

You see, you’ve been so busy looking for inspiration outside yourself that you’ve forgotten about the treasure trove of motivational gems within you…gems that when shared with others, will produce the type of engagement and conversation that will inspire you far more than any interaction initiated by someone else’s words.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Write down the things you often say to clients and associates…the things that make them think and cause them to initiate change in their own lives.
  2. Look through your written and recorded works (blogs, articles, webpages, books, podcasts, videos) and pull out any statements that have proven especially profound in your life and/or in the lives of others.
  3. Write down what you would say to an ideal customer who is suffering intensely from the problem you solve.
  4. Ask friends and colleagues what you have said to them that has changed the way they view their situations.

Now, choose your top five quotes and use, or a similar app to transform them into visually appealing (and branded) visuals that you can share on your social media pages, website and other important places.

This will create inspiration in two ways:

  1. You will revisit the times when you wrote or spoke those words. You will remember how you affected others or how you encouraged yourself.
  2. You will receive comments and feedback that not only build engagement for your business, but that inspire you in new and exciting ways.

You haven’t been giving yourself enough credit for the inspirational and motivational thoughts brewing in your own head. It’s time to start looking inside yourself for everything you need to push forward and to make a difference in someone’s life…and in the world. Your business and your own ingenuity will provide the tools needed to do just that.

So let’s get going. It’s time to gather some quotes and plant them in fertile soil that will grow new and exciting pieces of business inspiration.

Sammy Blindell

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