I know I can hear her.

She is the gentle wind that brushes through my hair while sharing a tune that is filled with sweet soprano rhythm.
The music is of a sound that whispers her voice and caresses each note like a fragile white petal does the bud.
I close my eyes as my hair waves in directions that frees my soul. 
As it covers my face as I look down, covered in tears from the voice of the wind that is all familiar to me.
The tears move like streams and ripples that home natures creatures.
Just like I was once home in her arms as she spoke sweet words of music as I closed my eyes at night.
Just as the moon rose, I slept to the rhythm of her voice. 
Just as the sun rose, I woke to the rhythm of her voice.
Do you hear her?
Rosa Carrafa

The author Rosa Carrafa

My journey called life is not that different from yours. Names, places and culture are mostly the things that may alter. My passion in life is going through every goal I set and making them a reality. As an artist, Devotional Faith guide and a published author is continuing to unfold to reach out to as many people as I can with messages that may influence their lives on a more profound and eternal level. With each goal I fulfill, I move on to the next. All of which none of these would have been possible without the love that surrounds me and my faith that keeps me striving with hope to look forward to tomorrow. \\\'Never give up\\\' ~Spiritual Aspects Devotional faith: Authors page:

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