Yael Rose – Top Tip 5
Master Your Facebook Live
Blacking out is a real fear and definitely can happen in the beginning. Here is what you can do to avoid it:
  • Go ‘Live’, go ‘Live’, go ‘Live’.
You black out because you are nervous or anxious.
The more you do it, the braver you will become. It will be just like speaking to a friend. You don’t black out with your friends, right?
  • To start with, forget about who’s out there. Pretend you are doing a video just for yourself on your phone.
  • Do a few ‘test’ ones. ‘Hi everyone, this is my first time, I’m testing it’… that will get the pressure off and hopefully, help you get used to doing ‘Lives’.
Let me know what you thought and if you used any of these tips. Good luck!
Yael xx
Yael Rose

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