Yael Rose – Top Tip 3
Master Your Facebook Live
OK this is a HUGE one when it comes to Facebook Live. I hear this all the time…‘What if I forget what to say?’, ‘What if I make a mistake?’.
Here is what I’ve learnt:
1. Perfect is boring
Ever watched a live talk show or the news and the presenter stumbled on their words? Wasn’t No one can go live and have everything be perfect. And who wants that anyway!
2. Mistakes make you human. Please don’t worry about making mistakes, or not looking perfect. Some of my most popular videos have been when my kids come in the frame, climb all over me, etc. I’m not saying you have to do that but get this: Not being perfect / making mistakes makes you human! And guess what? People trust human. And as you know – People do business with people they trust.
Hope this helps and as always let me know your thoughts, ‘yeah but’s’ or questions below.
Yael xx
Yael Rose

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