A dear friend of mine shared with me that, while she was receiving an amazing Lomi Lomi massage, at the point where she felt the connection going back to the womb, she realized that she couldn’t feel anything. And she got really frustrated by it. So at the point where she realized she couldn’t feel anything she judged it. Because in her eyes it was not a good thing. She was not supposed to feel, or not feel,  that. And that moment is the moment where our body, our soul, is whispering to us…. giving us a message.

Most of the time we don’t want to hear it. Because it usually doesn’t feel good. And so we try to suppress things, emotions, feelings, niggles. Things that we are not comfortable dealing with, things we are not “supposed” to feel. Things that don’t sit well. Things we don’t have time for. But by suppressing it, we actually make it bigger. Just hidden.

But our body knows. And so does our soul. We may get sick, our stomach may be constantly uncomfortable, we may be exhausted but don’t really know why.

To connect with yourself, to really communicate with yourself, starts with listening. REALLY listening. It is allowing, accepting and letting. Without judgment. Accepting, welcoming and thanking what is.

Right here in that moment… is where healing can start to take place. Where things can be released and let go of.

It is about being present. Listening presence we call it (in CranioSacral Touch)

Can you remember the last time someone REALLY listened to you? Without judgment, all accepting and present. If you haven’t, how do you think that would make you feel?

For me… it is something so disarming that my body can do nothing else but let out a sigh of relief. Probably with tears to follow. Or during.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, embrace the emotions that come with it. Don’t push them away. Accept them as they are, thank them -and your body for bringing it up- sit with them for a while and really feel them, until you feel the energy change.  That is real communication right there. By letting go you will first have to start with acknowledging and accepting.


Nikki Gillespie

The author Nikki Gillespie

I am very passionate about healing which is why I choose Aquamarine Healing as my business name. For me it describes how I want to assist you and help you with your healing. Aquamarine is about dealing with trauma and letting go. It cleanses, brings hope, growth, and balance. It helps to speak your truth... from the heart, from your inner knowing. But it also helps you see the truth... of beliefs, of patterns, of emotions and feeling hidden in your body and your mind. Aquamarine is the stone of empowerment and in my practice, I want to help empower you. Aquamarines gentle energy, like CranioSacral Touch, brings emotional patterns to the surface and helps release them. Both Aquamarine and CranioSacral Touch helps balance and clear emotional and physical trauma. Both help you move through transitions and change. Apart from Craniosacral Touch, I have a diploma in both Remedial Massage and Beauty Therapy, a diploma in Social work, level 1 & 2 of Oncology Massage as well as certificates in AromaTouch Technique, reflexology, small business management and Teachers Aide. I also love using oils, crystals and other things to help assist during a treatment.

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