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“Faith isn’t faith until it’s all you’re holding on to.” Anonymous


Continued belief in what you do and who you are when faced with challenges, is a test of all that we. The struggle at times can be overwhelming. We feel pushed and pulled in a million directions, our emotions run riot, our thoughts become chaotic and then we begin to drown in the overwhelm.

Business is built around faith.

Faith in you.

Faith in what you do and why you do it.

It is holding on to the true purpose of who you are and not drowning in the doing.

Faith is holding on to what you know to be truth. It is the total surrender of all that is you to the belief that you hold.

Faith is not worrying about the how is it possible; it is standing in a place where everything is possible.

True faith, true belief in who you are and why you do what you do, is what you have when there is no logical reason to continue on the path you have chosen.

It is the belief that sustains you when nothing seems to be going to plan.

It is the trust that everything will unfold as it is intended to unfold.

It is standing in the absolute belief that the journey you have begun is the journey you should be on.

Faith is believing when there is no evidence to sustain the belief that you should continue to believe.

Our belief in what we do is tested when the emotions are so loud that they drown out the truth.  Tested when our thoughts become chaotic and filled with what was, rather than what is in the moment. Tested when we can’t see the results, when the wait is too long, when what we thought would be the outcome, wasn’t.

When this happens we feel the physical affect. The tiredness, the heaviness in the body, which confirms, ‘we can’t’ or ‘it’s too hard’.

It is then we align the physical, the emotions and the intellect to the truth of what will be.

Faith requires persistent and consistent action. It is not focused on results the focus is on taking the next step, and the next, and then the next. Knowing the results will come, trusting that each step is creating what is needed for the results to flow and for all that is being held for you to be released.

Faith is an energetically fuelled total belief and surrender to who you are, and to the purpose that sustains you.

Rochelle McDonnell

The author Rochelle McDonnell

Teaching people how to heal and accept the totality of Self. Facilitating healing, restoration and rebuilding that leads to change and transformation, personally and professionally. Working with my business partner Sandra J, Flip180life facilitates change and transformation so that you can walk in your purpose, your ‘why’. I am also a writer, who loves to play with words, and have written a number of books in various genres. The most exciting and truly humbling work is the co-authoring of several books with Sandra J. The process for writing has been unique, and cannot be compared to what we would consider ‘channelling’. It has been a collaborative process where one or both of us have received ‘downloads’ of information, words or understanding. What I have learned is that healing, restoration and rebuilding of self is needed across the whole of self.

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