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Why Erratic Income Crushes Female Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with unpredictable income. 

This is usually the what keeps capable, smart women in jobs they hate. Even though they are under valued and under paid, they stay because at least they know how much their paycheck will be every Friday.

Most of us do not feel good when it comes to the unknown, especially when it is related to money.

Almost exactly nine years ago I attended a conference in San Diego where I learned how to create systems to ensure that I could make regular income in my business. At the time I didn’t have a business. I had an idea. I left California with a clear plan and when I went home I put the pieces together and started my business three weeks later.

Looking back I can see that the greatest thing I had going for me was unwavering confidence.

Even in the midst of a real estate market crisis I hit six figures my first year of business. I had a road map and I knew if I stuck to it, I would arrive at my desired destination. Even thought I didn’t sell my first package for three months, I didn’t give up. I was networking every single day. I was running Facebook ads. I was doing everything I knew to do to market myself and it took that long for one person to say yes.

Today as a business consultant, I see many women get discouraged after three weeks of promoting their services. 

The difference is that I had a plan that I felt sure about, and most business owners today do not. When they don’t get immediate feedback in the form of income, they decide to move in another direction. They are essentially on the highway to where they want to go and then decided to take the fastest exit. They do this over and over and feel like screaming because it doesn’t seem like anything is working.

Erratic income interferes with a woman’s ability to feel safe, stable and secure in her business and life.

I can tell you with absolute certainty the reason I have been able to create longevity in my business is because I created recurring monthly income from my very first client. I had a set up fee, a six month contract, and a price I was very happy with. This gave me the mojo to continue networking and advertising because I knew I was starting each month with at least a thousand dollars in my back account.

When I recently surveyed female entrepreneurs, less than 30% have regular monthly income. 

This lead me to a huge aha moment and it is now my intention to teach these principles to as many women as possible, as early in their entrepreneurial journey as I can. There isn’t any reason why you can’t have the stability of a corporate job and the joy of your dream business.

If you are ready to get off the roller coaster of inconsistent income, join me in a 7 day challenge that will change the way you do business forever.


Monique Alvarez

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Monique Alvarez is on a mission to share her love of the world with the world. She is a pioneer and leader. She is passionate about teaching location, time and money freedom to those who desire to live life on their terms. She is an energy worker and holds space for her clients to step into their power and own their most authentic life. She facilities high end Masterminds while traveling the world with her family. She is the author of Success Redefined Travel, Motherhood, & Being the Boss

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