Easy Money: What is it?

It is profit that you don’t have to work for? Is it money that flows in without effort?

No, it’s none of that.

It’s even better.

Easy money is the kind of profit that’s made from working with customers who need exactly what you’re offering, who fully appreciate what you’re doing for them, who gladly pay what you’re charging and who tell others about you and your business.

It’s the kind of money that feels like a bonus when you earn it because you’re not only doing what you love, you’re appreciated for it.

And the benefits don’t end there. When you earn easy money, you’re investing in the future of your business. You see, those people are like tonic for your profile. They’re going to bring more customers like themselves into your brand and they’re going to make it more attractive to your ideal customers of the future.

So how can you get your hands on more of this easy money? Follow these guidelines:

  • Know your ideal customer, and work to appeal only to him or her. Trying to appeal to a mass audience will only dilute your message and make it less likely to stick for those who really matter to the future of your brand. You may exclude a few people; however, they weren’t what your brand needed anyway.
  • Maintain focus on the one thing you do the best. It’s that thing you’re better at than all your friends. It’s the thing you enjoyed doing even before you were making money at it. The temptation to branch out in other directions can be strong; however, maintaining that focus will bring people to your brand who want that thing above all else. It will be like brand love at first sight…and for every experience after that.
  • Nurture the loyal relationships you build with your ideal customers. Retaining existing clients is far more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. And the longer you maintain those valuable relationships, the more referrals and word-of-mouth advertising your brand will enjoy.
  • Learn to say no to the wrong customers. There will be people who try to convince you to do something new or to branch out, just because they need it. I can practically guarantee that they’ll end up dissatisfied customers…and you will be a dissatisfied proprietor. They’ll leave bad reviews and taint your brand’s reputation. The money will seem necessary at first, but you’ll soon realise that it was bad money.

Learning to think in terms of Good Money vs. Bad Money will prove to be a huge step forward in your journey to becoming a successful business owner. I think when you get your first significant taste of good money (if you haven’t already), you’ll become captivated by it—not just by the way it makes you feel, but by the subsequent profit it brings.

So get out there; learn to spot that good money and grab it…for the sake of your business and for the sake of the customers you admire.

Sammy Blindell

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