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Divine Phoenix Awakening – DWA – After stillness and quieting the mind a Phoenix awakens from the ashes

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I have been silent for a bit. I was creating space & using my soul gifts in my own business…. to do some fine tuning and getting into alignment.

You see, when one has a super magical & potent Soul gift that actually creates immediate results & defies all logic it can be downright frightening to fully step into it and fully align with it.

I share my story with you so that you can see the process of my transformation & waking up from the ashes so that I could unfold my wings and fly.

Over the course of being in a marriage for 20 years, I helped to create and build trucking companies with my husband…8 different times. He had an issue where he would fall asleep while he was driving and wreck the semi. Essentially we would have to start all over again because of the downtime of insurance companies and getting a new truck and licensing and all of that.

I then went on to owning and operating my own stone and landscape supply company. Here is where I discovered my magic and started to become aware of my gifts and how to use them.

I have the gift of alchemy, which means I can literally create something from nothing. I do this by what I calls energy tuning. When I communicate with the business and it’s owner energetically, I am then able to see where the blocks are.  

What happens next is nothing short of magic. I energetically pull all the possibilities that are available from the Universe, funnel it to the business through the owner, while simultaneously clearing all energetic blocks in the umbilical cord between the owner and the business so that inspired action can be taken.

The last time we built his trucking company, he had the largest fleet of trucks in the area. The checks that were flowing in were upwards of $74K every 2 weeks, this was the whole second year of operating this particular time. That’s over 1.5 million a year. The first year was just $6 under 1 million that was created.

My stone and landscape supply company was similar. My first year in business with it, I was repairing an interesting rep from the previous owner. Even with all the cards stacked against me so to speak with competition, interesting reputations, being a woman in a “man’s” business, and zero previous knowledge of running that kind of a business, I generated almost $300K in my first year. When I chose to follow my heart and create a coaching business where I could operate from anywhere and not be confined to a brick and mortar building….I actually had to triple my price of the business to sell it.

With my clients now, I take them from having zero business and not knowing what their soul gift is to increasing their income by 5 and 800% and continue to create that with them and myself. I work with clients that have existing businesses as well…..the results are the phenomenal. My first month in my global online coaching business I generated $2000 in a couple days, with seemingly piddly busy work and went on to do $6000 in my second month in one day.  

I am here to tell you it is not necessary to downsize your life to follow your soul purpose. It is not necessary to take time to build your soul purpose business. You can do it over night. Quantum leaps are possible. It does not have to take time. I know that to be true when you are living in alignment with your soul frequency.

Previously, in the times where I abandoned my truth and was living a lie based on the illusion of fear, completely in misalignment with my soul frequency……sales in my business dropped….significantly. I almost ended up losing my business and my home. I was depressed, I had anxiety, I believed everything I was being told by those closest to me that I was terrible at business and would never succeed. My body was going through horrible bouts of hormonal imbalance and my marriage fell apart. My oldest son was living in another state going to technical school and ended up in the emergency room unable to sleep for days on end, with depression and anxiety and suicidal.

I dropped my entire life in Colorado and moved to Arizona to rescue my son…..who I didn’t know it at the time, was actually rescuing me. It wasn’t until I could step away from the negativity of the marriage, and from the negative space that trying to fit in creates, that I could actually see what was going on and begin to change it.

I was no longer accepting the illusion and I made the choice to find out what my soul purpose was and to function in alignment with that and ONLY that. Deep down I knew that nothing was wrong with me and the things I knew were possible were not the illusion. I decided now is the time. I have come out as myself. Everywhere, always, with everyone, with no apologies, no matter the consequences.

When I made this choice, I had no money of my own. My husband at the time was fully supporting me and my 2 youngest children. I was living off the generosity of him and his desire for our children to not be put in daycare.

I speak from a deep understanding of how the energetics of things work and function. I speak from experience of having used these principles to create massive change in my life as well as my clients. I share my story with to show you what is possible.

I have a deep understanding of how the energetics of things work and function. From 20 years experience in business and creating businesses, I also have a deep understanding of how things work in the physical world as well…..and the programming and beliefs that society has determined how business works and doesn’t.

When people work with me, they show immediate results in thier money flows. My clients have gone from not knowing what their Soul Gift is to uncovering it and increasing their income by 500 – 800%. I work with Business owners, Coaches, Healers and Entrepreneurs.

I am your Million Dollar Muse

Janie Smith

The author Janie Smith

JANIE LIN SMITH Business Alchemist - Wealth Consciousness Revolutionary Janie Lin Smith is the CEO of Conscious Creations, LLC also know as a Business Alchemist and Wealth Consciousness Revolutionary. She positively impacts people through her expertise as an Energy Tuner, Reiki Master and Life Coach facilitating the importance of being in alignment with Soul Gifts and True Essence. As #1 Bestselling author in the books ‘I’m Having It,’ ’Releasing Judgment’, The Energy Of Play’, Janie Lin shares how her greatest joy comes from creating the space for people to choose their greatness & step into their magic. Janie Lin is passionate about walking people through true transformation and igniting wealth flow in their business and life. Janie Lin’s expanding consciousness programs include: *Awaken Your Inner Authority *Speaking the Universal Language ~ Talking to the Elementals *Divine Phoenix Awakening - DWA [email protected] Facebook: Twitter: Amazon Author Page: Schedule a session with Janie Lin:

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