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Is Balance A Challenge? The Reason Why Is You’re Looking At It Wrong.


All this talk about balance these days… everywhere you look there’s another IG post or lengthy webinar trying to inspire you to achieve a life of balance.

First of all, what does BALANCE look like to you?

It’s a somewhat abstract concept when applied to life, isn’t it? The word balance means a condition in which things are equally distributed.

Seriously, give me a break, equally distribute life? … just how could you possibly do that? Evenly distribute your life?

Or, more accurately; how do you now RE-REDISTRIBUTE your life evenly?

Let’s see .. “Ok, I spend 8-10 hours a day working and only maybe that many hours a WEEK spending quality time with my family, I will now spend half my time at work and half my time playing twister with the kids.”

Mmmmm, that’s not going to work. When do you sleep? Eat? Shower? Clean? Do yoga? Walk the dog? Go to the bathroom?

So now what? Now you RE-REDISTRIBUTE your life so that everything gets an equal amount of time, effort, emotion and attention…. That doesn’t even sound good in theory! Obviously you don’t need the same amount of time for brushing your teeth as you do for sleeping, that’s just silly. But that’s what a (literally) balanced life would be like.

Let’s review; by definition, a life of balance would cause all sorts of problems in every aspect of your life. But, the concept still feels really good and the idea of a life of balance is empowering! So, we strive and we reach and we spread ourselves thin, trying to achieve what we think is “balance”.

Here’s the thing… By striving so hard to create balance, we create imbalance.  

As a verb, balance means to keep in a steady position (now we’re cookin’!), which leads me to the concept of BEING balanced, balancing YOU. Not “creating a life of balance” or “striving” to achieve it or scrutinizing yourself, your priorities and the way you live your life because they don’t LOOK balanced.

Look at yoga. In tree pose, we stand on one foot with the other leg bent and the arch of that foot against the standing leg’s thigh (like a flamingo). Arms can be out like branches or in front of you, with hands in prayer or wherever you choose. This is both one of the easiest and hardest poses in yoga. As with any yoga pose, the stronger you are in it and the deeper you go in your commitment to it, determines how steady you are, for how long and when you must come out of the pose.

So, in tree pose, you are balancing, but the pose itself is not “evenly distributed”. One side of your body is doing one thing and the other side is doing another. Your ability to stand there balancing is due to adjustments made within your body and mind.  You chose to make your body fit into this pose with (relative) ease and hold steady.

I know you know where I’m going with this…

Guys, your life is never – I repeat – NEVER going to be “balanced.”


And that’s ok! In fact, that’s great!  But you know what can be balanced? That’s right.


What do you need, as a vibrant soul in this human experience, what do you need to feel and be steady? Answers such as; “I need more money to feel and be a steady being” are not allowed. Know why? Because a steady, balanced person always has what they need. Not because they bought it, but because they make adjustments within their body and mind to fit into life with ease (the ease part takes a lot of practice!)

Some simple ways to dive into becoming a person of balance are:

  • Start a gratitude journal. Every day, at whatever time works best for you (but ideally the same time each day) jot down a few things that you are particularly grateful for that day. Put it in perspective.
  • Speaking of gratitude, make a habit of thanking people. When someone lets you pass them on the highway, I don’t care if they can see you or not, say thank you. And wave, just in case they do see you.
  • Do things to prompt gratitude in others.  Hold a door open or compliment someone. Feed that good vibes machine!
  • Choose your battles. Do you have a teenager sneaking out, late at night? Yea, address that. Does he or she forget to turn off the TV once in awhile? That’s likely not worth an argument. Does your neighbor have tons of unsightly junk on their yard that’s a turnoff for potential buyers of your home for sale? Ok, you should probably work on that. Does your neighbor’s lawn look like they skipped a week or two mowing? That’s just not something worth your time or energy.  In choosing your battles, you’re accepting things for what they are, which is really good practice. You’re also creating a more peaceful environment.
  • Take a look at what makes you feel good. What keeps you steady? Do more of that.
  • Learn to say no. If you want to be balanced as a person, you have to look out for yourself

At the end of the day, what we all want is to be happy. Grasping for and/or achieving the pie in the sky“balanced life” will not give you happiness. YOU are going to give you happiness. You are going to trust this life and stand strong no matter what it throws at you.  

What I dream of is an art of balance. – Henri Matisse

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Light of the World

Light of the world ales-krivec-1336

I am – you are – the light of the world. I am the light of the world for all who can see. I am the light, pure potentiality. I am a vibrating, effervescent, luminous light of God. Light is the beginning. In the beginning God said, “Let there be light” and there was light.

I became the light and as I did all my egoic, personality, humanity dropped away for a few moments. It was during and after an experience I had in a crystalline, sacred waterfall in the village of Abadiania, Brazil. I entered into the jungle, if you can call it that, in sacred ceremony with the intention of being cleansed and filled. This waterfall is sacred and blessed by the Entities of Light and you must have been granted explicit permission by John of God and the Entities to enter the area. As I walked down the steep path I could feel the presence.

I had no specific expectation, other than to receive all I could receive and release all that was possible to release. The only thing I knew is I was ready. I’d already been in the presence of John of God and the energetic vortex for a week, all of it leading up to this moment.

I entered the waterfall with gratitude and appreciation. In humble awe, I placed myself in the stunningly cold downpour of water and was washed, emptied and cleansed of all that no longer serves me. This immersion took my thought, my pattern, my belief, my unforgiveness, my pain and poured it right off me into the ground below the water pool. It was exhilarating and expansive, but nothing compared to the second immersion only moments later.

Coming up for breath, I became aware of the sun streaming on my body, it was like a stream of light from above right into me. It almost took me to my knees. Then I entered again, this time to be filled with light and love.

Filled, I was; I could hardly catch my breath as the water poured over my body, and the light permeated and penetrated and filled the very interspaces of my being. My entire body is tingling at the memory of this sacred and mystical moment. My heart is so full, my being is so empty.

Emerging from the second immersion, I stepped away so the next could have her turn. I was no longer my body.

I was light-headed, but also light-bodied. I stepped aside and stood in awe and wonder at the experience which was so much more than it appeared.

In sacred silence, I walked up the steep path, out of the jungle and returned to my hermitage room in the posada I was staying in. The instructions were to remain in quiet reflection for the next few hours or more.

I went to lay down to allow the fullness of the experience to integrate and fill me further, but I could not lay down. The light as vibrating at such an intensity I had to stand. As I stood, again, in a stream of sunlight coming in, this time from my window, I shook, trembled and wondered. What is this terrific and glorious thing that is happening and I realized I was no longer made of physical carbon-based body, but I had become a light being. The tingling that was happening throughout was electric; it was joy. Pure unadularated joy.

When Jesus spoke about coming that we might have joy and have joy complete – this is to what he was referring.

In time, I was able to lay down and allow the experience to continue flowing in and through and as me. I have never felt more live; never been more fully in my body – even as my body appeared to have disappeared.

I’m weeping again at the memory of it as I attempt to add words to my experience without diminishing it.

I have indeed been renewed and transformed by my experiences and as I’m beginning to share them, my work is also impacted. I feel the support of so much in the unseen world.

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Carving a Life from the Chaos


It is a safe assumption to make, that the only constant thing in this world is change. We all know life isn’t perfect. Life and all the endless plans we make, hardly ever turn out exactly the way we want. We may be promised a magical dream life from a prospective lover, who then runs the other way when it comes time to make a commitment. We may work our whole lives to retire with the one we love; only to lose them to cancer the year retirement comes. 

Why is life, full of so much disappointment, heartache, tragedy, forgotten dreams, unrequited love and abandoned hearts? 

If we choose to come down to this crazy planet, and we have free will; why oh why, does nothing ever go to plan? 

It is a question that has perplexed the greatest minds on Earth. The debate between destiny and free will. 

Is everything pre-determined in the spirit realm prior to birth through our soul contracts that we are obligated to fufill? Or are we a completely blank canvas in every moment, with every possibility and choice at our fingertips? 

I tend to think that our souls have a destiny blueprint, a baseline of what we decide  we want to experience and learn to evolve and grow as a soul. 

Within our lives and our destiny blueprint; there in also lies our free will. I do believe our soul contract / destiny blueprint drives the choices and decisions we ultimately make in pursuit of our souls mission or life purpose . 

But we always, always have a choice. If we, on this path, decide to revert back to old patterns, stay stuck, or move at a faster pace; eliminating karmic debts and evolving at an exponential rate, we can. 

I always say to clients:

“You create your own timing” 

It is indeed a paradox, two completely opposing forces working simultaneously  within the internal universe that houses our soul. 

But it is the nature of the duality of life on Earth. The masculine and feminine, the yin and yang, giving and receiving. 

Our masculine energy within us, takes decisive action, lights a fire in our soul, and drives our mission. Our feminine energy is the receiver of love, of guidance, of inspiration and nurtures our very entrance and  existence into the world.

We need a balance, an equilibrium of these two opposing forces to not only move our lives forward, but to also enjoy all that life, love and the universe has to offer. 

In a world of endless opportunities, challenges, information overload and access to the world in the palm of our hands, how can we possibly know what is the correct path we should take? 

How do we know we are making the best possible choice in any given moment?

It is these questions that cause our state of being to freeze, or to be stuck in “limbo”. We become trapped inside an illusioned state where we believe: 

1). We are running out of time 

2). We might make the biggest mistake of our lives. 

But what if there were no mistakes?

What if we chose to look at the choices and decisions we make, as an opportunity to experience and another chance to grow? 

There is something brilliant in what Dr Wayne Dyer had to say about this situation we face on a day to day basis. 

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

So, in other words, the quality of our reality is ultimately determined by our perception alone. 

Ajahn Brahm, a well known West Australian Buddhist Monk, said four very powerful words about changing the way we look at our present moment circumstances. 

“Want to be here.” 

Therefore, the root cause of suffering is not wanting to be right here, right now in this moment. Regardless of how it is manifesting, unfolding and what it might mean for you, Tony Robbins said; 

“Nothing in life has meaning unless you give it meaning.” 

These statements all have a common thread, that what we experience, is simply that; an experience. 

Our level of happiness in life, and our level of suffering, is determined by the way we perceive and respond to the events in our lives. 

I do believe in life, there are victims and fighters. We as humans move in and out of these mentalities based on the initial cards we are dealt at birth. A child born in a refugee camp may be a victim, where as a child of a billionaire is given ample opportunity to fight, based on the health and wealth provided to them. 

But what determines who we are and what we give to the world, is our response and meaning we give to the environments we as children and adults find ourselves in.

We do not have to accept our surroundings as “our lot” in life. We have the choice and more importantly the capacity to change our circumstances, through free will, mental strength, determination and drawing on the tools of visualization  and manifestation. 

We can “carve” a “life” out of chaos. We have to make a  conscious decision to make a commitment to perceive and respond to our environment as a fighter, not a helpless victim. You can see here, that attitude is everything. It explains why a child from a poor background can become one of the top surgeons in the country, whilst a person who is given health, wealth, security and opportunity can still feel lost, and of little use to society. 

You define, who you are, not the circumstances you find yourself in. In truth, you are the exception to the rule; every time. The only difference between those who succeed in this life and those who do not, is an unshakable belief and a refusal to accept the surroundings they find themselves in.

If you choose to be a fighter in this life; you are announcing to the universe; that you are making a decision to carve yourself a life from the chaos. 

Think of the journey of a fighter like a man, with a knife, finding himself in a thick jungle. This man has two choices, he can sit down, give up, and use the knife to end his days, or he can take that knife, get up, show up, never give up and fight his way through the jungle vines, the dense foliage and the trees blocking his path, till he  carves out a path for himself, and makes it through the jungle to the river. This man, in effect, through fighting has saved his own life. 

So, what are you choosing to be in this moment? A victim or a fighter? You choose. 

“If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you’re committed, you’ll  do whatever it takes.” – John Assaraf.   




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Dear Womb, Please Forgive Me

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 10.20.03 am

Dear Womb,

Please forgive me…….I forgive you!

A part of me died there that day – with the bright lights shining down between my legs as they were held tight by the stirrups.

That 16 year old girl had to very quickly become an adult. Alone and scared – facing the consequences of her inability to look after herself.

I thought he liked me – but really he just knew how to get what he wanted. I wasn’t the first girl, nor was I the last. I wondered many years later if he felt remorse for the way he treated me, us!

I don’t think he did. Now I understand why I did what I did.

Other than the fact he got me very drunk and I don’t really remember a thing.

I spent many years feeling like I had to give boys what they wanted – I didn’t know I had a choice! I also thought that it was the only way to get love, I had placed my own worthiness on the attention I would receive from men. Very often when a child’s innocence is taken at a very young age they link their sexuality and their body to love, and to an expectation to give others what they want. When I look back on my life it scares me to see all the places I gave myself when I didn’t really want to.

Leaving the clinic that day I was surrounded by people flashing banners in my face – the irony is that before that day I had one just like it hung on my wall at home “Stop Abortion”

To feel their anger and judgement burn into my skin as I left with my head hanging in shame. I had done exactly the thing I had been against.

But what other choice did I have? I felt like there were none! I felt like I was alone……well almost alone. My ex-boyfriend had taken me to the clinic, paid for the procedure, cared for me that night and the biggest part of all – when my parents found out he took full responsibility for me.

So here I was being shown how cold one man could be in comparison to how selfless and caring another could be.

In hindsight now as an adult I can see how the best thing I could have done was go to my parents and ask for help.

I was 16. I didn’t know any better and I was scared

If I knew then what I know now, well I wonder if I would make the same decision? It seems that my womb was only made to carry one child in this lifetime. Often I thought my womb was punishing me for the choice I had made. At 42 I am finally at peace with my Womb. I have forgiven her, and her me, and now we have a connection so strong that I wonder if this was what her plan was all along? That I would use my Womb to create life in other ways, I would use my nurturing to hold many rather than just one.

I had managed to put the experience of that 16 year old girl way way back in my memory. So far back I thought it was nothing.

Until one day last year in my Shamanic Womb Priestess Apprenticeship I had to face this demon hiding in the shadows and allow myself to heal from it. Realising I was still energetically holding onto that tiny little foetus in my womb 26 years later. I thought I had healed, moved on, but really my 16 year old girl was still holding on.

This week taking myself through Womb Spiral I finally come to a place of forgiveness and peace. I can finally say I forgive myself , I forgive my Womb and my Womb forgives me.

Working with the Womb has changed my life in countless ways. It continues to make the greatest impact on my life, not only with releasing past hurts and traumas, but also with allowing me to fully step into who I am as a Woman. Wild, Embodied, Powerful, Deeply Vulnerable, Creative, Empowered, Mystic and Free.

If this story calls to you, perhaps you are ready to journey with your Womb.

#wombspiral #zapheriabell #evolutionarywoman

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For the love of our Miss Millie – Letting Go


As I sit beside the once physical embodiment of our much loved Miss Millie I sink deep into the tearing pain in my heart. My face creases deeply as the sorrow over flows into tears that seem to run like a never ending river…

I know this heart break, these tears and intense pain in my whole being. I have been here before.

Through the sorrow and pain I ask ” But why, she has only been with us for 3 and a half years, why, why couldn’t she stay longer?”

Why is the question that when answered beckons the response of “Yes but why?” We are never quieted,calmed,peaceful or accepting of the answer or even any answer.

Before sitting here with my darling Millie, I went for a walk…our walk and I sobbed all the way.I paused at our favourite spot where Millie would sprawl out on the grass with her head held high looking from left to right in case one of her furry friends may come by. I would sit in the quiet space taking in the beauty of the trees, the sky and all things Mother nature presented. As I pondered things I would have a chat with the Angels and God above.

Today I asked that dastardly question”Why, oh why”…knowing better but I asked all the same. Knowing I would question the answer..

The answer came ” You have yet to master letting go, attachment and unconditional love”. As you may imagine this reply did not soothe my heart ache but I did listen and asked to be shown more.

I rose up from the bench to walk on home listening and watching for the clarity…As I walked from the park I became some what defiant and said

” I did love millie unconditionally…. I said I would be happy to say good bye when she was a little old lady”

The reply was immediate…” Indeed you did, conditionally, love under you terms, therefore conditionally. Now you must let her go with unconditional love so you can both be free”

So here I sit beside Miss Millie writing about my sorrow and heartache and feeling the lift in my heart with the wonderful sense of unconditional love and letting go, surrendering to the highest most powerful love of all.

I am blessed that I am able to “see” between the worlds, the more I open my heart and surrender the more I will “see” Millie and have her not only in my heart forever but be able to see her walk beside me.

Unconditional love is what I would call a skill.We arrive to this world with only unconditional love, joy and harmony in our being, in our heart. And so begins our journey in this life from the day we arrive or even before we arrive ( science has shown the many things that affect a baby while still in the womb). We are a bundle of Divine energy which literally soaks up all the emotions from around us and from every person who holds us from day one. By the time we are 4 years old our knowing of unconditional love, pure joy and harmony is so compromised we lose our way and so begins the path of forever looking for who we are …being hurt, feeling lost, even holding resentment and fear in our heart.

Forgetting how to love in completion , how to let go without distress or hurt how to live every day in joy and harmony.

Take yourself back to the soul’s place of pure unconditional love, joy and harmony by being true to your heart, live your values. Sounds easy enough would you say? In real time and everyday life it is not easy.

You see the layers of conditioning, the way we are taught to be and do from the outset are well embedded. But they are not fixed in stone.

Take the time to ask yourself where you place “conditions”, you will be surprised especially if you write them down!

Take time every day to check if you are living to your personal values in all areas of your life. There will be some more surprises for you in this little exercise. The first one may even be “what are my personal values”. I am often smiling at my clients when they eagerly say what their values are.

This is not a value ” Make sure my kids are loved” It is a parent’s love ad external to who you are.

This is not unconditional love ” My son will be going to Uni he will be so successful being a lawyer”

Start today, break free of all the conditioning, the conditional love, attachments. Let go to be free.

Enjoy your life in pure joy harmony and unconditional love.



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How To Survive When Life Feels Like A Natural Disaster


Often, when my life is too stressful and I feel like there’s too much to handle, when it’s just one thing after another- I totally become overwhelmed. Yep, the stress sucks me in too!  Once I’m in that state of overwhelm, I can and often feel a sense of panic, fear, and anxiety… maybe a touch of sadness or anger kick in too. It’s like being caught in a whirlpool and just spinning around and around until I get so dizzy, I drop!

I bet you know exactly the feeling!

Plus if you are like me, you find your sneaky negative side comes out and you begin to tell yourself it’ll never get better or that everyone is against you or that you’re worthless due to the muck you feel you walk through each day… and it repeats, going around and around as it tries to suck you in .. Boy, I really hate those days!

When those negative feelings creep in and you’re looking at life (business, family, finances, relationships etc.) through what I like to call “Gloom Goggles,” what can you do?

You know that like attracts like. You know that when you look for the good you find more and more of it. But, really, how hard is that, sometimes? How do you shift your mindset? How to make that glass feel half full? Is it possible to find gratitude at that point?

I know not only for myself but for you, when we get down and dirty, it can be incredibly hard to see things getting better. Those “Gloom Goggles” can make it almost impossible to find a way to be ok with what you’re going through.

So … here I go again with my baby steps advice…

I’ve mentioned it before (and the truth is will again) how important it is to slow down and take life in small enough bites to keep from choking. Today I want to talk about a similar strategy to help exchange those “Gloom Goggles” for a lovely pair of rose tinted glasses.

I once overheard a very wise young lady off handedly drop an incredible nugget of wisdom (like it was nothing) and it’s stuck with me. At quite a young age, this sparkling soul had a grip on something that can take YEARS of adulting to begin to understand. She said…

“It’ll be ok, it’s like a Tsunami”

When I heard this young lady console a loved one this way it was certainly intriguing to me.

I mean, come on. It’ll be ok, like a TSUNAMI?? When was comparing one’s life to a Tsunami ever a comfort?

Believe it or not, it makes a lot of sense! As I listened to her explain, I came to understand.

Think about this: you’re caught in a Tsunami, it’s scary as heck, and you’re confused, overwhelmed, worried… you’re in fight or flight mode, right?

Well, try as you might, you cannot FIGHT a Tsunami. But there is a way to “fight” for your well being without fighting the forces you’re up against.

When a Tsunami hits, the obvious advice is to evacuate. You grab what matters (people, pets- not things) and you hightail it out of there. Where the heck do you go, though? In the middle of such confusion and intense emotion, what do you do to get to safety?

Answer: you head inland and to higher ground. So let’s review: to keep yourself and loved ones safe, you take yourself away from the danger by staying ahead of it and above it.


What happens when there are situations in your life that feel like a Tsunami? Can you distance yourself from the bad feelings by going within (inland) and finding the next best feeling (higher ground)? It’s plain and simple, MINDSET MATTERS.

Find what feels slightly better than what you feel in those situations. Then after that, reach for the next best feeling and then next one and the next. Before you know it, you’ll have reached a place far above the danger and you’ll be able to look at it from a new perspective. From up there you can see the situation more clearly; you can see where the good, bad and ugly are. You’re in a stable position to either find a way out of whatever the bad stuff is or find a way to be ok with it.

Can you apply the Tsunami method to anything in your life?

Here’s an example: You’re a runner. You’ve broken your leg doing something completely unrelated to your passion. It wasn’t your fault, but you can’t run now, which means you cannot compete in the big race that you’d trained for over the last several months. You’ve been last in a few important races recently and you had really high hopes of proving yourself with this one.

All you can think is how it sucks!

I know this is a pretty basic example, but step back for a moment, can you imagine how defeated you might feel? You may feel like you’ll never improve your performance. Wouldn’t it feel really unfair?

So here’s my question for you .. while you’re lying on the couch with your leg in a cast, what can you do to change your situation?

  • Instead of feeling totally defeated, maybe you can reach for feeling disappointed. Disappointment feels a little better than defeat.
  • Now that you’re disappointed, can you stretch yourself and reach for feeling bummed out? I know that still doesn’t feel great, but doesn’t it feel a bit better than the disappointment?

Where can you go from there? What feels a little better than being bummed out? How about reaching for…

  • Acceptance of your broken bone and its effects on your life.
  • Gratitude for the down time, which you can use to relax or catch up with friends or   maybe research new training techniques for your next race.
  • Motivation and determination to get stronger during your recovery…

See, you could lay there on the couch, miserable. Or you can reach, in increments that are comfortable and accessible, to improve your outlook and therefore the outcome.

It’s really up to you. Do you want to stay low and fight a battle with yourself and/or your “stuff”? Or do you want to try to climb up out of the chaos, put those rose colored glasses on, stomp on those nasty “Gloom Goggles”and find peace?

My hope is that when you find yourself in the midst of what feels like a Tsunami to you, you remember this young lady’s words and reach for the next best feeling.

Climb that mountain; one small step at a time and you’ll see that there’s joy at the top.

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.”

– Roy T. Bennett

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Is the Quantum Field God?


The Quantum Field and God.

Recently I was asked the very simple innocent question of how does the Quantum field and God relate? I had been teaching a group of ministerial students about the Silence of Meditation and had mentioned that the Silence is the Quantum field, which is God or Spirit or Creation. And there, right at the end of class arises this question.

So here it goes… First why does it matter? I don’t think it matters what we call the secret place of the most high, whether it is God, Source, Creation, Quantum Field, Silence, The Universe or any other name you might use. For me, although each description might be an aspect or facet of the Whole, it is the space in which all things are possible, the space in which all things are yet unformed. It is here that, when we access it, that our minds quiet, our hearts open and our Souls soar.

This space, which I’m calling loosely the Field, for lack of a better term, is accessed through the quiet mind and open heart and it causes the same thing.

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity Movement, spent many hours, days and years “going to Headquarters.” My friend, Rosemary Fillmore Rhea, granddaughter of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore used to tell the story of bringing friends home from school and her grandfather sitting straight up right in a chair in the living room, looking like he was asleep. Her friends would say, :what’s wrong with him?” She replied, “He’s going to headquarters.” It was a normal part of their daily life. It is said that Charles spent hours every day in the silence.

Charles describes the Silence, in the Revealing Word as: A state of consciousness entered into for the purpose of putting man in touch with Divine Mind so that the soul may listen to the “still small voice” (I Kings 19:12). When one goes into the silence he enters the “secret place of the Most High.”

James Dillet Freeman says (Article) “Charles Fillmore felt that when we find God, the Primal Cause, the intelligent Principle of the universe, we find healing, prosperity, happiness, and spiritual growth. Truth works, he taught, and he put his religion to work to help himself and to help his students. The practical Christianity he found for himself so many years ago is still practical for us today.”

Going back even further to the writings of Wallace Wattles in 1910 in The Science of Getting Rich,

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.”

Wallace Wattles goes on to describe this thinking stuff as the formless substance.

To me, this is the quantum field, years prior to the science being discovered.

Brian Skinner, in his article, A Children’s Picture-book Introduction to Quantum Field Theory says that a quantum field is the stuff out of which everything is made.

In the first book in the Bible, Genesis it is said:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. (King James Version)

In quantum physics there is described the vacuum, the field of infinite possibilities, also known as the wave. From the wave, comes the particle. The particle is the experience, the thing that we have thought.

So how are they all related? When we pray, we enter into the silence, with the intention of changing ourselves. When Charles went to Headquarters, he entered the silence in order to discover the truth of all that is.

When we work with the both quantum physics and the Wallace Wattles materials we discover the formless once again.

It is the formless substance that is the invisible field of infinite possibilities. It is the wave of the idea that creates the particles.

When we are in the Quantum field, the Field, the Presence of God, then all things are possible. This is where God is Love and Love is God. This is the point and source of all creation.

When we are able to enter into the quantum field, or the silence, we have gone beyond our minds and entered into our hearts. We have accessed the point of stillness, the point of creation, the point of infinite possibilities. Some of us call that God, others call it quantum.

So to summarize, what if God and the Quantum field are one and the same? What if they both consist only of pure love, the vibration of the Universe. In my current definition and understanding of God, they are one and the same. I’m using the terms almost interchangeably in my work now.

Would this change how you pray? Would this shift how you view your beliefs? Could you expand your mind to embrace both and?

How are you being impacted by this conversation? I’d love to know.

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What You Need To Know To Get By In These Crazy Times


We’ve all heard that it takes a village to raise a child. But, did you ever think about the village it takes just to get through each day as an adult? How many people do you rely on in your life?

We depend on people every single day of our lives, whether we know it or not. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without them and theirs wouldn’t be the same without us…

The mailman • Your family • The crossing guard • Your child’s teacher • The other drivers on the road •Your coworkers •Your yoga teacher •Your best friend • The receptionist at your doctor’s office • Social media friends • Your family doctor

Think of how these people impact you, however insignificant or meaningful.

When you consider the small gestures of kindness and routine courtesy we tend to come across

  • A cashier opening their line for you
  • Your child’s teacher emailing you in praise of a project or test well done
  • The neighbor that signed for your package when you weren’t home
  • The person who smiled at you as you passed them on the street.
  • The man who handed you your wallet when you unknowingly dropped it.

Then add in those people in your life who make your heart sing and think of all of the ways they lift you up. I think you’ll agree…

These days, it takes a village to just get by.

How good does it feel to know that someone believes in you?

It feels amazing and we want to feel that way all the time! 

You know by now how much I want you to believe in yourself first and foremost, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

We often limit ourselves with our negative self-image and get clouded by  less happy experiences.

But … hang on, where is what you need to do when those thoughts creepy crawly into your mind ..

Look at the support system you have. Aren’t you truly blessed?

The value of having people who stand by you is immeasurable. New or old, big or small, the connections in our lives matter.

Now step back and take a look at the darkest moments of your life.

Who’s there? Take a look at the faces around you.

As you remember the hard times, start turning it around by thinking  back to the celebrations and good times, when things were on track.

As you view those memories that are dripping with silver linings… who’s there?

Who comforted you or cheered for you or came running in an emergency or did something to make you smile, just because? You know where your support is.

Where would you be without those people?

Do you realize what that means?

These people that have impacted your life have been a part of your path, and you are a part of theirs. This means that you have the ability to impact their lives, just as they’ve impacted yours.

That’s powerful stuff…

When you let someone pass you on the highway or pick up someone’s keys for them when they drop them or even when you SMILE at your waitress… those small gestures of kindness are fuel for the good vibes machine.

When we lift each other up, we contribute to the betterment of the whole. Love is given and received freely and no one is left to go it alone. You don’t know what a person may be going through; your kindness may turn their frown upside-down!

If we can begin to see how truly connected we all are, how our energies can feed or drain each other in such profound ways, then maybe we can begin to be more conscious of the energetic exchanges we facilitate or allow.

Look at your village.

The people you see or interact with are all part it and you are part of theirs.

I’ve talked about it before, when we avoid the negative, we make more room for the positive. I know that staying in the positive is sometimes difficult.

But .. do you see how this works?

When there is a positive exchange of energy with others, it promote positive feelings. When someone is feeling good, they are more likely to pass it on.

It’s like a chain reaction; it’s what keeps that good vibes machine humming along.

We need each other. Let’s empower each other. Let’s work together to lift each other up.

It doesn’t take much.

It can be as simple as holding a door for someone, help someone with their groceries or pay the toll for the car behind you.

Take care of yourself and the people in your village, because

When you spread kindness like wildflower seeds, you’re always in a place of beauty.

“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.” – Helen Keller

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How To Enjoy The Moments As The Years Fly By


I know I haven’t been around for a few weeks. Yes, I’ve been remiss, I disappeared off the grid and haven’t written a blog, it seems like its been ages. I do have a legit reason or rather I think it is! There’s been work going on behind the scenes. A new website, transferring all the files from the old one to the new one and working on my first ever ‘can you believe it’ webinar and taking a step back to look at life. I know, you’re thinking .. Again, Linda?

As I was mulling over the concept of life, the word ‘LACK’ popped into my head.

Given the non-stop nature we live in and then toss into the mix the pressures of society, it’s no surprise that many of us find ourselves in a state of LACK… lack of time, lack of money, lack of friends, lack of a significant other, lack  of those beautiful shoes you’ve had your eye on.

LACK is one heck of a thing.

When we feel our lives are lacking, when we’re always worried about how little we have and how much more we ‘NEED,’ we’re creating  a life around a state of lack.

How so?

Sitting at home longing sadly for romance and feeling alone will NOT help you attract your soul mate!

Living paycheck to paycheck?  You tell  yourself ‘I CAN’T AFFORD IT’ all the time and are constantly worry about how much money you DON’T have… Well, guess what happens? You’ll end up with more of the same.

I know the drill. I know the list of potential stressors is endless.

There’s laundry, there are bills to pay (and maybe not enough money to pay them), errands to run, children who need new clothes, dinner, emotional support, help with homework and have arguments to break up.


There are loved ones to take care of, work to think about and get done on time, relationships that require attention, yard work and dishes, working on your self image, back to school night…

It can be overwhelming. No, the truth is – It is overwhelming!

The ‘GLORIFICATION OF BUSY’ has us all running around, keeping up with the Jones’ and trying to get ahead, stay ahead and Yikes! Stay afloat. Sprinkle that on top of the day-to-day stuff and you’ve got a lot going on.

  • With this constant mess going on just how can we absorb ‘RIGHT NOW’?
  • How to enjoy the moments as the years fly by?
  • How can we still set and achieve our goals?
  • How do you go from the heaviness and misery of living in a state of lack to cultivating a life of joy and abundance?

It’s about changing your MINDSET.

Our goal is to live in a place of gratitude, acceptance and love, which means we’ve have to live every moment being in that very same place.

How do we do that? (I can hear you whispering .. there is no way, it can’t be done.)

It can when you do it – BITE BY BITE.

That’s right… bite-by-bite. When you break things down into easy to chew morsels, you give yourself the gift of simplicity. If you put the whole thing in your mouth at once, you’re likely to choke on the size, complexity and swirls of emotion.

You start by giving yourself some credit and cut yourself some slack. Better yet, pat yourself on the back for being YOU right now. Because you are the only YOU and you deserve it.

Life is challenging, but you’re trying your best, aren’t you? Celebrate that!

  • What else can you celebrate today?
  • Did you cross things off of your to-do list?
  • Did you remember to wash your face before bed or to put the laundry in the dryer? Maybe you got up on time this morning.
  • Maybe you baked amazing cookies from scratch.
  • Maybe you met a potential new client.

Whatever it is, remember to celebrate when you smash those goals, no matter how small. Be proud of yourself and be grateful!

Gratitude helps us to focus on the good. The more thankful you are for what you have, the more accepting you become of all that life presents (and doesn’t present).

The bumps in the road feel much smoother and allow us to proceed without the anxiety of expectation. The silver linings begin to shimmer and multiply like magic, right before your eyes.

When you value what you have and who you are, you open up to give and feel more love. More of what you value will come into your life and you will be in a good place to receive it. You will connect to the infinite love around and (most importantly) inside of you. Living with these intentions in our hearts, we can honor our needs and we can be patient with ourselves.

So, take little bites. Savor what life has to offer and take pleasure in the mundane. Those negative situations won’t go away instantly, but they will fade into the background when you focus on the positivity of NOW.

Recognizing and giving yourself credit for a job (of any size or type) well done is critical. Take care of and honor yourself. Remember, only you can provide yourself the respect and comfort that you provide for others.

“Manifest plainness,

Embrace simplicity,

Reduce selfishness,

Have few desires.”

― Lao Tzu

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Shootings Just Got Personal

Girl praying

My friend was shot several times last night. Please pray for him. Although it is not life threatening, it is serious.

Yesterday on the news we witnessed a deranged, or at least disturbed, man out in the world shooting random people on Facebook LIVE. There was actually one murder filmed and the man was bragging about many more.

Then I found out this morning that one of my son’s best friends growing up was shot.

That gets personal. That’s a bit too close.

Our culture is so wrought with violence, I think we get a little immune to it. Between the violence on TV and in our movies to the neighbors down the street. It’s outrageous to me.

I often talk about how the violence disturbs the calm peace of my soul and I buffer myself from it for the most part. I don’t watch much news, I don’t follow global news, I don’t pay much attention to the government workings or politics. I stay pretty isolated from much of the world. In fact, have for most of my life.

As a child, I didn’t pay attention and then as a young adult I found New Thought thinking and eventually became a New Thought Minister (Unity). We / I focus on the positive, I can find the silver lining in pretty much anything. It’s not that bad things haven’t happened, its more that I know how to shift my focus from the negative to the positive pretty quickly.

I was accused recently of living in a bubble. It appears to be true. I have counseled and coached hundreds of people having hundreds of experiences of grief, rage, despair. There is not much that anyone of my clients could tell me that would shock or surprise me about our humanity or life on this planet.

However, sometimes things get a little close. Eric’s shooting is that for me. I’ve known this kid since he was 10 years old. He was always in the midst of anything my son was getting into. Yes, I’m implying trouble. Together, the two of them were trouble! Like many teens, they explored in mischief. My first reaction when I discovered another shenanigans was to blame Eric.

Of course, as these boys grew up, I discovered that Eric’s mom always knew it was my son who was the trouble maker and that it was true.

They’ve grown up to be really great young men. They are professionals in their fields, they are responsible and they are kind, loving men.

I digress. Back to the shootings and violence. I wonder and have often said that the violence is becoming normal, it is minimized because of what we watch on the screens of our lives. And we learn it well. Even the young toddlers are often participating in violence on the games they play. War, shooting, killing are common themes in video games.

But where does it stop? How can I personally impact the world with my positivity? How can I disengage from violence without hiding my head in the sand? Where does violence live in me? How am I violent with my thoughts and or words?

As I contemplate these questions it occurs to me that all violence stems from a deep seated anger, rage which typically originates in fear. What if we were all safe? What if we knew our safety that we were not threatened by others or life itself?

When violence enters into your world, you lose a sense of safely, for some the very foundation of who you know yourself to be on the planet is rocked. Another question surfaces, once you lose a sense of safely, how do you recover it?

Sure, there are places I could be kinder, if even to myself and the ways I talk to me. I could take action, but I don’t want to engage with violent protests. In fact, I don’t want to protest anything. I’d much rather take a stand FOR, rather than a stand Against.

Today, I put out a call, a plea and a request. If you are a light worker, if you are a conscious being who is tired of the violence of our planet; if you have been impacted by violence in your life will you stand with me? The antidote to violence is communication, is a heart-felt sharing from a place of safety.

Today, I stand for Peace. Today I stand with my heart breaking open along side of anyone and everyone who has been impacted by violence. Today I say, “I’m so sorry you have had to experience this by either being the victim of violence or the perpetrator of violence, but together, let’s find another way.”

Today I pray for all that they and we might find a new way. Today, I remember that I am One will all who live and so I look deeper in me. I heal the places in me that are participating in violence.

Today, I vision and imagine a world of safety, a place to express emotions without violence; a way of being on the planet that knows Oneness with each other and the planet. I consciously release anger, fear, rage, judgement and violence. Today I am more conscious to connect with every person I meet. Today I slow down and give thanks for all the blessings.

Today, I communicate with someone I wouldn’t have yesterday, if only a smile or a kind word. Will you join me in seeing peace, in seeing love in being Peace and Being Love in the world? Will you join me in holding all who are affected by violence in a bubble of love, kindness, compassion and safety?

For my friend Eric, and his family and friends and for the thousands who were directly impacted by violence today, I say,

“I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.  I love you. Thank you!”

(The ancient Hawaiian Oh Ho’oponopono prayer.)

My heart breaks and I call it good for every time I allow myself to deeply feel, to experience a heart breaking moment, the barriers of my deep heart break down and there is more room for love, for peace, for light. Bring on the light – and as I open more consciously to it, perhaps my humanity becomes a bit easier to accept. Here’s to healing, a deep healing of the pain within our planet and our lives.

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