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The World is Falling Apart – or is it?


It appears that the world is in chaos. The fires, the floods, the hurricanes, the politics. The hate and violence that appears to be normalizing.



The repeal of DACA – good, honest, hardworking Americans who happened to not have been born here potentially being deported. The crazy, the insane, the scary. What is going on and how do we stand in it?

The United States of America is being hit hard right now. We are not alone, there are fires, outrageous heat, hurricanes and devastation in other countries as well. Since I am American, I will address our country, but not to the exclusion of other countries who are being battered with nature or human devastation.

Recently we had both the Lunar and two weeks later, the Solar Eclipse, which fascinating enough also only was visible from our country and to most of it. Very curious, you might think. Could it be that we are experiencing the after math of these two spectacular events?  Maybe.

This is a question that was posted to me;

“What’s going on and how can it be fixed? How can believers do something to help?”

Here’s my thought: First and foremost, keep your attention off the drama/trauma and on the Light. Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God.”  Second – if you are in the way of harm – MOVE! Get yourself safe!

There is a story about a man who was trusting God to save him from rising waters. (This is a story, however, it made itself real last week in Houston). The short version of the story is that a boat came by twice, then a helicopter to rescue him, ultimately from the roof. He refused saying God would save him. Finally, he drowned and found himself at the Pearly Gates. He whined to God, why didn’t you save me? God replied, I sent you two boats and a helicopter!

The point being, God isn’t partial to one human over another; God or nature rains (or fires, or floods, or storms) on everyone equally.

Mother Nature is fierce and when she is storming, get out of the way! Keep yourself safe!

There are many theories flying around about Climate Change – isn’t it obvious our climate is changing?! There are theories about some of these storms being man-made or man influenced. At some level, isn’t that obvious also? We are not caring for our earth in a very compassionate and loving way. We are continually contaminating it, taking it for granted and even taking advantage of it. Of course, things are going to happen. (I’m not going to even touch on the man-made weather, but you can google it, if you care to explore another version).

I was asked for spiritual help, so that is what I’m offering.

I believe that humanity is basically good at its core, that we are awakening to Love and light and a new way of living together, in Oneness on the planet. I also believe that everything unlike Love must come up. That is part of what we are experiencing.

With the hatred, the violence. We find ourselves with a leadership that not only condones hatred and violence, but practices it openly. This has granted permission to those who harbor hatred in their consciousness to express it outwardly.

I do not condone hatred or violence in any way shape or form. Yet, as I witness it in the outer, I must look at places within my own consciousness that I’m angry, that I get violent. You should hear my silent rants against the hatred, you’d think I was practicing violence in my own head.

This is all part of the ultimate healing process. We cannot stand for hate or violence at any level and it washes down. We are being called to clear ourselves of hate and of fear.

Remember the bible story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den? Basically, Daniel kept his focus so on his God that the lions’ mouths were closed and he escaped death. Also in the book of Daniel is the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who were thrown into a fiery furnace. Their focus on God kept them from being burned.

We are in fiery furnaces and lion’s dens; so, where do we put our attention? On the drama, trauma? On resisting that which is?

No, we keep our focus on the love that we see, the good that is happening. We don’t bury our heads in the sand, but we don’t give our energy and attention on fear. When we are focused on a greater good, we may be called into action. If you feel the call, take action, but not from fear or resistance to what is.

What is happening? We are being cleansed at a deep level. Just as deep wound needs to be lanced to heal completely, this is happening in our humanity.

Why? Either because we have crazy in charge, which we must remember we voted in. I don’t know how or why, but somehow the crazy has all been voted for. Or we can believe that all this is working together for a greater good.

Romans 8:28, All things work together for good for those who love God.

That does not mean that every event, situation or circumstance is good. It does mean that for those who love God, those who are committed to Love, will find a way to come together for a greater good. Does this mean that disaster won’t strike? No, but when we focus on the good that comes – the connection, the generosity, the community that happens, we find love during it.

Why? I have no clue. It’s crazy making in my mind too. It blows my mind and I can’t even begin to comprehend what we are seeing.

But what to do? Find love, seek love, keep your focus on love. Take a stand for LOVE, do not participate in protests against, only rallies for. Take a stand for kindness, compassion. Do not engage in fear based tactics – no matter what.

Shift your focus from what you see to what you want to see. For what you focus on, you will see more of.

Hold yourself accountable to yourself, and to the awakening of the planet. Trust in the goodness of God/Spirit/Source/ Creation – no matter what.

If you were to create a beautiful garden, you would first need to clear out the weeds, and till the soil. If this is what’s happening on a global scale, so be it.

Trust that you are protected, that you are love and loved; that you will not only survive, but also thrive. Does that mean that you will escape all the crazy, perhaps not, but you will get through it; you will be ok!

I believe we are being called to reassess our values, to recalibrate our lives. Sometimes it looks hard and scary, but that which matters most will remain, will survive, will rise above.

I’ve cleared a few spots in my calendar to support those who are traumatized by current events and are seeking support.

The other great big piece is that we are each, individually and collectively being called to do our own healing workto have our own awakening. That sometimes is the hardest work, but it will pay off! It will bring you great comfort and peace in your own consciousness and your own live. It will also bring clarity about what is yours to do.

When we stand in our Truth, in Love; we are guided as to how to individually participate in the world. Sometimes it is action, other times it is prayer.

For everyone, pray lovepray rain where the planet needs it; pray dryness where the globe is saturated. Pray balance in nature and the softening of the brutality in all our planet.

Pray love. Be love. Pray light. Be light. Trust in that which is greater than all of it. Trust in a greater good that will be revealed.

Notice I did not say pray for; I said Pray!

Know that you are not alone, you are love, you are loved, you are loveable forever. Practice kindness and compassion. Give love your attention. Release fear, release judgment, forgive that which you see and don’t understand.

Our God, no matter what name or flavor you call it, is a God of Love, of goodness. Practice your deepest, broadest beliefs and encompass the globe with your love, your faith, your trust.

That is what those who are believers in a greater good are called to be and to do.

So much love to our planet. So much love to our country. So much love to you, who are suffering, who are struggling to make sense out of senselessness. So much love to our Humanity.

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When all you know is love: understanding Autism.


I don’t really believe in confining our ever expansive nature into something small and rigid like a label or diagnosis, such as Autism, but for the sake of writing this blog, I’ll be using it…

This article is hard for me to write, because up until now, I have largely been denying who I am, in an attempt to fit in with the norm. I have hidden away from who I am because of a fear of appearing “different” or “strange”.

Growing up, I always found people to be really odd. I never really understood the way people interacted with one another. I spent most of my time growing up, alone, in silence. Some of my first words were “I by self” as I refused to let anyone help me with anything- I was determined to do everything alone.

I always wanted to be alone because I could feel what was going on in other peoples minds and bodies and it overwhelmed me. I’m sensitive as f*** and I feel absolutely everything. I can feel the beating of the Earth’s heart, the Schumann frequency, within my own heart. The thoughts of animals and of other people. And I never found this to be a problem when I was younger. I used to love it. Until I realised that in order to get by in life, I had to give it up and try and fit in.

I remember trying to buy friendships in grade three. I used to bring my wish stones to school, wrapped in newspaper and I would give them to the girls at school and ask them to be my friend. In grade four, a boy in our class, Leo, passed away from a heart defect. I laughed hysterically and got kicked out of class. Then I got moved schools that year and I decided to try a different avenue… to be the class clown. I used to run around, flashing my underwear to everyone as a way of trying to make friends. That would do it, wouldn’t it? Everyone loves laughing, don’t they? I really had no idea how to interact with other people. This has been the case, my whole life and to some degree, it still remains this way. I hide it well, but underneath, I really struggle.

I have taught myself how to fit into society and I do a pretty good job at it but to be honest, I still don’t really get it. Compressing myself and my expression to fit into the “should” and “shouldn’t”  structures that have been built is painful. Every day, after work, after pushing down my desire to sing, to dance and to laugh uncontrollably, I come home feeling flat and lifeless. And I guess, we all do to a certain degree. I look around and watch others and I see the same thing. People are tired. Flat. Stressed.

People don’t look at each other in the eyes. They hold their belly to protect their power centre because they are not doing what they love. Shoulders tense, from stress. Not breathing properly. Destroying our spirit and our birthright to experience the joys of life, because of this fucked up societal paradigm that has been created.

I have never understood the culture we have created because to me, joy is in breathing the fresh air from nature. It’s in standing and walking with my bare feet, connecting with the earth. Singing. Laughing until my belly hurts. Dancing. Being an idiot.

And whilst I don’t have a formal diagnosis of Autism yet (I am currently going through the diagnostic procedures), I have tested positive to being on the spectrum. And whilst I don’t care for the label, I’m doing it so that I can work with children that are also diagnosed because I know how difficult it is, to try and fit into a world where the innocence of love, has been forgotten.

If you don’t speak, there is something wrong with you. You’re disconnected from others.

But what if I was to put this to you: what if those that don’t speak are more connected? What if the reason they don’t speak is because they are connected, in other ways? The spoken word has always bewildered me, because the way that I am familiar with connected with everything, is through the heart. I understand the language of subtle energy. I communicate with everything, through the electromagnetics of the body.

Because when you understand the world of the unseen and unspoken in this way, words become redundant.

Autistic children are sensitive to energy frequencies that go beyond the physical. And if you are only connected to the sensations that the physical world brings, its hard to understand how difficult it can be, to know these two worlds all at once. To try and integrate into the physical world, whilst being bombarded by stimuli from higher dimensional planes and realities, is really hard. To attempt to remain present when you have information constantly streaming through your mind, can be overwhelming. To try and hold a conversation, when you can hear every conversation, along with every persons thought forms, in a room, is enough to send you into panic and anxiety.

My sensitivity led me to addiction, at a young age. Addiction to food… to alcohol. I attempted to suppress and dull my senses, for years. But eventually, that led to mental and physical illness, which I suffered with for around 8 years. And after a long journey, I am now back to feeling, again.

I used to constantly beat myself up, because I wanted to be like everyone else. But over time, I have come to understand why  I have been brought down to this funny plane of existence, called Earth. It has only been in the past year that I have really started to accept myself and who I am; that I have started  to ask myself: what is it I am here to do? Because when you stop rejecting parts of yourself and instead, you embrace them, you realise that your uniqueness, is your gift. It is your offering to the world.

I have come to learn not to hide away from my capacity to feel but instead to acknowledge it as a gift, because it is what helps me to feel compassion. I know, now, that my struggle with being in social situations and my lack of desire to do many of the things other people want to do, like going out to parties or , doesn’t mean there’s something “wrong” with me… it’s just that I would prefer to be outside, in nature, feeling the ecstasy of being alive.

In fact, I believe we were all designed to feel good and to be in tune with nature. But when you’re intimately connected with the subtle vibrations of life, you cant stand the feeling of not being connected to them. When you know what it feels like to feel alive with life, you feel like you are withering away when you become disconnected from it.

I believe Autistic people, or those more attuned to energy, are able to see beyond all illusions and judgements. There is less capacity to put up with stories and bullsh**. There is an intolerance of anything that is not serving the highest good; that is not for love. This is why, it’s hard to fit in; to be social. Because when all you care for is the simplicities of life, such as love and laughter, then anything else becomes unbearable.

I have always loved observing everything. When I look at things, they talk to me. Why? Because everything is connected via an invisible web of energy. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “speak only if it improves on the silence”. Silence contains the language of joy and if you are attuned to this, you can feel the beauty of life, merely through breathing. Just like you wouldn’t ruin a good song by talking over the top of it, the language of the heart is the same. It is a feeling of ecstasy. And the heart is magnetic- it has a knowing. And when you are connected with this knowing, life speaks to you.

I believe that Autism is having a connection to the subtler energies in life. The ability to connect to and feel everything.

And from what I have observed, I can see that the children that are coming onto the planet, at this time, are divinely connected to the language of the heart and are here to teach us the way, back to love. Now, more than ever, it’s time to let go of our old ways of living, that bind us to numbing ourselves to life, so that we can return to knowing our true nature: joy. The children of the golden age will be the ones to show us the way.

It’s time for us to drop our need to define and to instead, start connecting with our capacity to simply be and to feel. For what truly matters in life other than our capacity to love?

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Relax! It’s Mercury Retrograde.



I opened my eyes at 5am this morning feeling a sweet change in the air. It felt really good. Then I realized Mercury is officially in Retrograde.


Here’s the thing, I understand the panic around mercury retrogrades. Last night, I could barely form a sentence sometimes. My partner and I couldn’t stop laughing. Yep, it’s definitely mercury retrograde.

Mercury is in retrograde from today August 12th, all the way until September 5th, just in time for Virgo season. Woohoo!

Mercury is the planet of Intellect, Logic, Perception, Thinking, Communication, and Technology. These are the areas affected the most hence why I could form a sentence yesterday lol.

Who gets affected more during Mercury retrogrades?
Mercury is the home planet for Geminis and Virgos (Me). So if your Sun sign, Moon or ascendant sign is in Virgo or Gemini, you will feel its full effect. A great way to see how this planet, mercury, is personally affecting you is to look at your chart and see which house Mercury, Virgo or Gemini falls in. For me, mercury falls in my 9th house, which is the house of Spirituality. If I am to go within, what better house to work with. 

And for my beloved, Mercury falls in his 2nd house which is the house of Life values.  Which means for him, this mercury retrograde time will be a lot of reviewing, reflecting and fine tuning his life values.

If you don’t know your signs or have a chart, no worries. You can get your free chart here:

Retrogrades offer us a time to Reflect, Remember, Release, and Repair.

It’s the Cosmic Siesta.

And we get to experience this every quarter. How awesome is that? The universe always knows what we need even if we have no idea.

Mercury retrogrades in Leo and Virgo. What does this mean?
1. You may be returning to past projects and refining or tweaking them.
2. You may be looking at past decisions and ideas from a new, possibly enlightened perspective. Yei Virgo!
3. It is a time for learning (or relearning) what we love doing.
4. It’s time to think, not with the mind, but with the soul.
5. It’s time to say what you mean and mean what you say.

What should you do at this time?

1. Keep Calm, it’s only Mercury! It’s cosmic Siesta time!
3. Use your intuition rather than Logic.
4. Be flexible and go with the flow.
6. Slow down, meditate and do some journalling.
7. Reorganize, review, and reflect.
8. Back up your computers.
9. Take care of your car.
10. Accept that there may be hiccups, delays, miscommunications, and Melt-downs.
11. Be Gentle with yourself.
12. And lastly, RELAX, if I haven’t said that already.😁

This is a powerful time we are in. 

You are so loved.

Cosmic radiance coming at you!

Abigail, Moon Goddess.

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What do when you’re in the sh*t


We have all been there. When everything seems overwhelming; on every single front. When things go to sh*t.

It is not about denying that these periods occur from time to time.  Rather, what can we do when we are knee deep in the sh*t?

How to make sense of things when you are knee deep in sh*t

We know that contagion of emotions is real.

If you’re coming into work and trying to lead your team whilst your life is falling down around you, it’s very likely that sense of panic and disarray will transfer to your team too. This stuff matters – both for you and for the impact it has on those around you.

There are three elements to how you make sense of things when you are knee deep in it.

  • Keeping yourself well so that you can deal with what is happening
  • Rationally observing what the issues are
  • Dealing with the issues

Keeping yourself well

The reality is that none of us are any good to anyone if we are not functioning well ourselves.

It is so tempting to de-prioritise our own health and wellbeing when life keeps sending the curve balls but the reality is this is the MOST important time to look after ourselves.

I wrote this Facebook post over the weekend:

Things have been busy with some stressy stuff thrown in recently. It is always so tempting to burrow in & work harder and harder, trying to juggle all the balls, that spin quicker & quicker.

If this feels like life for you at the moment – think about doing the reverse; by upping the self care.

It is the usual suspects, I’m afraid – but that’s because they work..

A small 3 minute meditation first thing in the morning, with perhaps some quick breathing exercises in the loo during the day. Food that nourishes the soul. Exercise that tells your body you appreciate all that it’s doing for you. Less of the stimulants.

Even if you do these things bit by bit – introducing them so they’re sustainable- you’ll start to feel a difference. The balls won’t spin so fast & you might catch the odd one before it falls to the ground!!

I’m taking my own advice – have been off the coffee for just over two weeks & have started my morning meditations again. I know these things will help – as will going to the gym as often as I can & having an early morning walk & talk with a dear friend.

If the balls are spinning out of control for you at the moment – what small things can you introduce that will start to rebalance?

None of these things won’t change the balls spinning of course, but they will alter your ability to view them more rationally & cope with them.

Rationally observing the issues for what they are

When we are overwhelmed, it becomes easy for everything little thing to add to the overwhelm.

A good tip here is to rationally observe what is causing you the overwhelm. If you’re too knee deep in it to see anything rationally, ask a sensible friend to help. Which of the issues are really contributing to the problem. Which can be easily dealt with in the calm light of day? Are there any which are just non issues?

My favourite trick is to ask myself- will this matter in one year or five years time? If not, and it’s contributing to overwhelm – let that sucker go! (Book week costumes – I am looking at you!)

Dealing with the issues

I know that this is sometimes easier said than done. When it feels like we are so stuck in the sh*t that we literally cannot move.

But breathe deeply.

Ask a good sensible friend or trusted colleague or coach to help.

And see if these tricks assist.

Circles of Influence

One of the sources of overwhelm and stress is trying to control things that we have no control over. Being able to see clearly what we control, what we can influence, and what we have ZERO control over can bring clarity (and peace) to the situation.

things go to sh*t
Circles of control/influence



And then, there is the very Buddhist concept of acceptance. It sucks not to be able to control every aspect of our life. But that is the reality. And even more so that we are often impacted by things that we have no control or influence over. But it is pointless agitating over these aspects of the stress.

Accepting the situation and then deciding to control what you can control is so empowering.

What we can control:

And there is lots that we can control. We can control:

  • Ourselves;
  • Our responses to situations and people;
  • Our mindset;
  • How we view a situation; and
  • How we choose to look after ourselves.


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The Powerful Secret That Will Immediately Improve Your Life


Do you think that the people and situations in your life get enough of you? That’s a heavy question, but one that you need to ask yourself.

In fact … we all do.

If you’re completely honest with yourself (yes, I mean REALLY honest), I’ll bet the answer is no.

If your answer is yes, I’d say you need to take ONE big gulp and ask a loved one to see if they agree and prepare yourself for some hard hitting truths!

You see, we tend to “take care of” people before we give them our time.

For example: as a mom you’ll often be so busy doing the laundry, making dinner, doing dishes, getting groceries, taxiing children to/from after school activities and so on that you end up not having the time to PLAY or RELAX.

Sure, your kids will be well fed, well taken care of and loved. Here’s the reality, you’re so busy trying to be Supermom that there’s no time for play or much one on one attention.

Where does your partner fit in there? Do you have time for them or are you just as sparsely available?

Fast-forward ten years, when you look back, what will you see?

  • Will you have lots of wonderful memories of swinging with your child at the park or taking walks with your aging parent?
  • Will you remember deep conversations with your partner?
  • Will you look back and see all the little (and big) things that make life so sweet?


  • Will you see how hard you worked?
  • How many hours you spent doing chores?
  • Will you see tons of stress, due to the fact that you’re spread thinner than phyllo dough?

Your friends, kids, partners, and family don’t want the phyllo dough version of you. Give them the Baklava! Truly taking care of them means giving more of you, which (time to be honest again) you can’t do if there’s nothing left to give.

We live in a world that is VASTLY different than it’s ever been.

It’s changing daily. Hourly. By the minute, really.

It’s a world that among other things, seems hellbent on automating everything and promotes the feeling that asking for or accepting help is for the weak.

Remember the “Glorification of Busy?”

So what the heck do we do? How in the world do we get to a place where we’re consistently giving the Baklava version of ourselves? Like the song says “I get by with a little help from my friends”…

AHHHH… help, huh? We’re so used to helping everyone else that we don’t often take it ourselves when it’s offered.

Time to be honest again .. When was the last time you let someone help you?

  • When was the last time you asked a friend to come help you clean your house because you were just too overwhelmed?
  • When was the last time you accepted an offer to run an errand for you or babysit?
  • When have you felt strong enough to ask an old employer for a letter of recommendation?

When you ask for and accept help, you’re not weak. In fact, living in the world we live in, I’d say it takes a fair amount of strength to admit this one thing:

You can’t do it all.

Here’s the flip side of asking for or accepting help: when someone offers to help you, it’s usually because they genuinely want to. They want to lighten your load, make things a little easier for you. It shows that they care for you and your well-being.

“Hey, Jenny, you sounded so stressed out on the phone before. I know you have a lot to do; you’d said you needed to pick up a few things. I’ll be in town, why don’t you text me your grocery list and let me go to the store for you?”

  • Do you say yes?
  • Do you feel a sigh of relief that that’s one less thing to worry about and grateful to have such a good friend?
  • Do you now have time to make memories or do something for yourself?

So many of us would say no. So many of us would consider it but .. yes, the but comes in, we’d ultimately turn down the offer due to the guilt that rises up in our mind of  actually burdening someone else and our little voice starts nagging about the “weakness” we’d be admitting to.

Then what?

Well, the plate is just as full as it was before and now you’re left wishing that you’d accepted the offer. So you end up just as stressed out, just as thinly spread, just as busy… PLUS now you’re kicking yourself because you could have had one less thing to think about, had you been able to say yes.

Tell me why you’d rather feel that way then let someone help you?

“If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” ― Will Smith

On the flip side of this whole thing is the person that wanted to be there for you. I don’t know about you, but if I had a friend in need of help, I’d want to help! If she said, “no, thanks,” I’d be bummed out. People love to help, look at yourself… isn’t that what you do?

You take care of everyone and everything, don’t you?

We want to make life easier on others, most of us really do WANT to help, and it feels good. Helping others helps build our own self-esteem, self-confidence and promotes a feeling of satisfaction. So, when you turn away someone’s kindness, you’re not only shooting yourself in the foot, but you’re denying the other person the chance to feel good about helping someone they care for.

I challenge you to accept the next time someone tries to help you, whether it’s  your partner, friend or neighbor to say ‘Yes.’ I think you’ll find that things are really a lot nicer “with a little help from your friends”.

You can feel good knowing that they really want to be there, they can feel good knowing that they’re part of allowing you to breathe a little easier.

Easier said than done, I know.  But, it really is a WIN-WIN!

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  – Charles Dickens

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A Fight for Life – Or, rather I mean Tomatoes!

Squirrel remi-skatulski-101224

Seriously!!! These squirrels or chipmunks or whoever is stealing my tomatoes… STOP!

I’m struggling to be kind and compassionate. I’ve been stolen from. My privacy has been violated. My dreams stolen. My plans ruined.

A few days ago there were 7-8 tomatoes, one just about ready to pick. It was perfect, no blemishes, very red, I could almost taste the juices of it. One more day, I said to myself and it will be ready.

One more day later – it’s gone. Lock, stock and barrel as they say – no signs of it anywhere. Jeez… I’m beyond disappointed. We were going to have BLT’s for dinner. I was ready, my mouth was watering… My husband was going to be sooo happy! Then – bam, it’s gone.

It’s not right!

The next day – two more totally green tomatoes have disappered. I really don’t want to share. I really am living in lack and limitation and “It’s MINE”.


Then this morning, there is one tomato left and this one on the railing of the deck.

Seriously? What are you doing??? Taunting me?

I thought we were safe, up on the deck, away from the ground. I thought there would be respect for private property. I guess I was wrong.

I think I’m needing some of my own advice – about Falling Into Ease.  Maybe I’ll go listen to one of my Facebook LIVEs.  Want to join me there?


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Dear Body, I Love you

Dear Body, I love you

I find the whole “This food prevents cancer” and “That food causes cancer” mentality to be incredibly unhelpful in my day to day life. I don’t believe that there will ever come a day when I am immune to the perils of a human existence.

I can eat organic kale till my poop turns green, but that doesn’t mean a thing if my overall relationship with my body is unhealthy. I can live a picture perfect lifestyle–go to the gym every day, walk when I can, eat organic, go raw, do yoga, meditate daily–and still be abusing my body.

A healthy goal for me these days is being truly mindful of my personal relationship with my body, including my relationship to my thoughts, emotions, sensations, and any and all other layers of experience arising from being in a body.
Sometimes I even imagine that I am sitting across from my body at a dinner table, having a conversation with her. That conversation might go something like:


“You are such an amazing creation. I can’t even fathom the miracle that you are. You have probably gotten and beaten cancer 10 times already without me even being aware of it. Wow, thank you. You have probably been exposed to hundreds of nasty viruses that you fought off without me even noticing. You balance out all the fungus, bacteria and carcinogens that you are exposed to every day. You are doing that right now, as I sit here and breathe this toxic air. Thank you.

“You created an entire human, and then pushed it into the world. You’ve been cut open multiple times, and then sealed yourself back together. Good god, how you even do that, I have no clue…but thank you. Your intelligence is something I could never even scratch the surface of understanding. I am in awe of how you work.

“I am so sorry for all the times those multiple virus attacks pushed you over the edge and I experienced uncomfortable symptoms, and I cursed you, and kicked you when you were down. I am so sorry that I didn’t remember how hard you were fighting for our survival.

“I am so grateful for how hard you work to keep things homeostatic, no matter where in the world I am running off to. And I cherish the moments when we are both feeling good, and can enjoy the intimacy of just breathing.

“I know one day you and I will have to part ways. Like a Tibetan sand Mandala you will whoosh away into dust, and I will soar free, apart from you. But until then, I cherish our time together, old friend. Thank you so much for all you do, you are a perfect and beautiful mystery. I love you.”


It wasn’t always like this, however. My current relationship to my body is the result of a complete and total transformation, from the ground up. Every aspect of it has changed over the years.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I was in a full-on abusive relationship with her before, without even realizing it. I would constantly pressure her to be healthy the way I thought she should be, without even considering her own intelligence. I never listened to her. And if I could no longer ignore her because she was screaming her metaphoric head off, I’d yell at her and call her names. I feel very humbled now, looking back.

I am grateful she is so forgiving, and that we are friends again.


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Is Balance A Challenge? The Reason Why Is You’re Looking At It Wrong.


All this talk about balance these days… everywhere you look there’s another IG post or lengthy webinar trying to inspire you to achieve a life of balance.

First of all, what does BALANCE look like to you?

It’s a somewhat abstract concept when applied to life, isn’t it? The word balance means a condition in which things are equally distributed.

Seriously, give me a break, equally distribute life? … just how could you possibly do that? Evenly distribute your life?

Or, more accurately; how do you now RE-REDISTRIBUTE your life evenly?

Let’s see .. “Ok, I spend 8-10 hours a day working and only maybe that many hours a WEEK spending quality time with my family, I will now spend half my time at work and half my time playing twister with the kids.”

Mmmmm, that’s not going to work. When do you sleep? Eat? Shower? Clean? Do yoga? Walk the dog? Go to the bathroom?

So now what? Now you RE-REDISTRIBUTE your life so that everything gets an equal amount of time, effort, emotion and attention…. That doesn’t even sound good in theory! Obviously you don’t need the same amount of time for brushing your teeth as you do for sleeping, that’s just silly. But that’s what a (literally) balanced life would be like.

Let’s review; by definition, a life of balance would cause all sorts of problems in every aspect of your life. But, the concept still feels really good and the idea of a life of balance is empowering! So, we strive and we reach and we spread ourselves thin, trying to achieve what we think is “balance”.

Here’s the thing… By striving so hard to create balance, we create imbalance.  

As a verb, balance means to keep in a steady position (now we’re cookin’!), which leads me to the concept of BEING balanced, balancing YOU. Not “creating a life of balance” or “striving” to achieve it or scrutinizing yourself, your priorities and the way you live your life because they don’t LOOK balanced.

Look at yoga. In tree pose, we stand on one foot with the other leg bent and the arch of that foot against the standing leg’s thigh (like a flamingo). Arms can be out like branches or in front of you, with hands in prayer or wherever you choose. This is both one of the easiest and hardest poses in yoga. As with any yoga pose, the stronger you are in it and the deeper you go in your commitment to it, determines how steady you are, for how long and when you must come out of the pose.

So, in tree pose, you are balancing, but the pose itself is not “evenly distributed”. One side of your body is doing one thing and the other side is doing another. Your ability to stand there balancing is due to adjustments made within your body and mind.  You chose to make your body fit into this pose with (relative) ease and hold steady.

I know you know where I’m going with this…

Guys, your life is never – I repeat – NEVER going to be “balanced.”


And that’s ok! In fact, that’s great!  But you know what can be balanced? That’s right.


What do you need, as a vibrant soul in this human experience, what do you need to feel and be steady? Answers such as; “I need more money to feel and be a steady being” are not allowed. Know why? Because a steady, balanced person always has what they need. Not because they bought it, but because they make adjustments within their body and mind to fit into life with ease (the ease part takes a lot of practice!)

Some simple ways to dive into becoming a person of balance are:

  • Start a gratitude journal. Every day, at whatever time works best for you (but ideally the same time each day) jot down a few things that you are particularly grateful for that day. Put it in perspective.
  • Speaking of gratitude, make a habit of thanking people. When someone lets you pass them on the highway, I don’t care if they can see you or not, say thank you. And wave, just in case they do see you.
  • Do things to prompt gratitude in others.  Hold a door open or compliment someone. Feed that good vibes machine!
  • Choose your battles. Do you have a teenager sneaking out, late at night? Yea, address that. Does he or she forget to turn off the TV once in awhile? That’s likely not worth an argument. Does your neighbor have tons of unsightly junk on their yard that’s a turnoff for potential buyers of your home for sale? Ok, you should probably work on that. Does your neighbor’s lawn look like they skipped a week or two mowing? That’s just not something worth your time or energy.  In choosing your battles, you’re accepting things for what they are, which is really good practice. You’re also creating a more peaceful environment.
  • Take a look at what makes you feel good. What keeps you steady? Do more of that.
  • Learn to say no. If you want to be balanced as a person, you have to look out for yourself

At the end of the day, what we all want is to be happy. Grasping for and/or achieving the pie in the sky“balanced life” will not give you happiness. YOU are going to give you happiness. You are going to trust this life and stand strong no matter what it throws at you.  

What I dream of is an art of balance. – Henri Matisse

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Wisdom & Spirit

Light of the World

Light of the world ales-krivec-1336

I am – you are – the light of the world. I am the light of the world for all who can see. I am the light, pure potentiality. I am a vibrating, effervescent, luminous light of God. Light is the beginning. In the beginning God said, “Let there be light” and there was light.

I became the light and as I did all my egoic, personality, humanity dropped away for a few moments. It was during and after an experience I had in a crystalline, sacred waterfall in the village of Abadiania, Brazil. I entered into the jungle, if you can call it that, in sacred ceremony with the intention of being cleansed and filled. This waterfall is sacred and blessed by the Entities of Light and you must have been granted explicit permission by John of God and the Entities to enter the area. As I walked down the steep path I could feel the presence.

I had no specific expectation, other than to receive all I could receive and release all that was possible to release. The only thing I knew is I was ready. I’d already been in the presence of John of God and the energetic vortex for a week, all of it leading up to this moment.

I entered the waterfall with gratitude and appreciation. In humble awe, I placed myself in the stunningly cold downpour of water and was washed, emptied and cleansed of all that no longer serves me. This immersion took my thought, my pattern, my belief, my unforgiveness, my pain and poured it right off me into the ground below the water pool. It was exhilarating and expansive, but nothing compared to the second immersion only moments later.

Coming up for breath, I became aware of the sun streaming on my body, it was like a stream of light from above right into me. It almost took me to my knees. Then I entered again, this time to be filled with light and love.

Filled, I was; I could hardly catch my breath as the water poured over my body, and the light permeated and penetrated and filled the very interspaces of my being. My entire body is tingling at the memory of this sacred and mystical moment. My heart is so full, my being is so empty.

Emerging from the second immersion, I stepped away so the next could have her turn. I was no longer my body.

I was light-headed, but also light-bodied. I stepped aside and stood in awe and wonder at the experience which was so much more than it appeared.

In sacred silence, I walked up the steep path, out of the jungle and returned to my hermitage room in the posada I was staying in. The instructions were to remain in quiet reflection for the next few hours or more.

I went to lay down to allow the fullness of the experience to integrate and fill me further, but I could not lay down. The light as vibrating at such an intensity I had to stand. As I stood, again, in a stream of sunlight coming in, this time from my window, I shook, trembled and wondered. What is this terrific and glorious thing that is happening and I realized I was no longer made of physical carbon-based body, but I had become a light being. The tingling that was happening throughout was electric; it was joy. Pure unadularated joy.

When Jesus spoke about coming that we might have joy and have joy complete – this is to what he was referring.

In time, I was able to lay down and allow the experience to continue flowing in and through and as me. I have never felt more live; never been more fully in my body – even as my body appeared to have disappeared.

I’m weeping again at the memory of it as I attempt to add words to my experience without diminishing it.

I have indeed been renewed and transformed by my experiences and as I’m beginning to share them, my work is also impacted. I feel the support of so much in the unseen world.

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Carving a Life from the Chaos


It is a safe assumption to make, that the only constant thing in this world is change. We all know life isn’t perfect. Life and all the endless plans we make, hardly ever turn out exactly the way we want. We may be promised a magical dream life from a prospective lover, who then runs the other way when it comes time to make a commitment. We may work our whole lives to retire with the one we love; only to lose them to cancer the year retirement comes. 

Why is life, full of so much disappointment, heartache, tragedy, forgotten dreams, unrequited love and abandoned hearts? 

If we choose to come down to this crazy planet, and we have free will; why oh why, does nothing ever go to plan? 

It is a question that has perplexed the greatest minds on Earth. The debate between destiny and free will. 

Is everything pre-determined in the spirit realm prior to birth through our soul contracts that we are obligated to fufill? Or are we a completely blank canvas in every moment, with every possibility and choice at our fingertips? 

I tend to think that our souls have a destiny blueprint, a baseline of what we decide  we want to experience and learn to evolve and grow as a soul. 

Within our lives and our destiny blueprint; there in also lies our free will. I do believe our soul contract / destiny blueprint drives the choices and decisions we ultimately make in pursuit of our souls mission or life purpose . 

But we always, always have a choice. If we, on this path, decide to revert back to old patterns, stay stuck, or move at a faster pace; eliminating karmic debts and evolving at an exponential rate, we can. 

I always say to clients:

“You create your own timing” 

It is indeed a paradox, two completely opposing forces working simultaneously  within the internal universe that houses our soul. 

But it is the nature of the duality of life on Earth. The masculine and feminine, the yin and yang, giving and receiving. 

Our masculine energy within us, takes decisive action, lights a fire in our soul, and drives our mission. Our feminine energy is the receiver of love, of guidance, of inspiration and nurtures our very entrance and  existence into the world.

We need a balance, an equilibrium of these two opposing forces to not only move our lives forward, but to also enjoy all that life, love and the universe has to offer. 

In a world of endless opportunities, challenges, information overload and access to the world in the palm of our hands, how can we possibly know what is the correct path we should take? 

How do we know we are making the best possible choice in any given moment?

It is these questions that cause our state of being to freeze, or to be stuck in “limbo”. We become trapped inside an illusioned state where we believe: 

1). We are running out of time 

2). We might make the biggest mistake of our lives. 

But what if there were no mistakes?

What if we chose to look at the choices and decisions we make, as an opportunity to experience and another chance to grow? 

There is something brilliant in what Dr Wayne Dyer had to say about this situation we face on a day to day basis. 

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

So, in other words, the quality of our reality is ultimately determined by our perception alone. 

Ajahn Brahm, a well known West Australian Buddhist Monk, said four very powerful words about changing the way we look at our present moment circumstances. 

“Want to be here.” 

Therefore, the root cause of suffering is not wanting to be right here, right now in this moment. Regardless of how it is manifesting, unfolding and what it might mean for you, Tony Robbins said; 

“Nothing in life has meaning unless you give it meaning.” 

These statements all have a common thread, that what we experience, is simply that; an experience. 

Our level of happiness in life, and our level of suffering, is determined by the way we perceive and respond to the events in our lives. 

I do believe in life, there are victims and fighters. We as humans move in and out of these mentalities based on the initial cards we are dealt at birth. A child born in a refugee camp may be a victim, where as a child of a billionaire is given ample opportunity to fight, based on the health and wealth provided to them. 

But what determines who we are and what we give to the world, is our response and meaning we give to the environments we as children and adults find ourselves in.

We do not have to accept our surroundings as “our lot” in life. We have the choice and more importantly the capacity to change our circumstances, through free will, mental strength, determination and drawing on the tools of visualization  and manifestation. 

We can “carve” a “life” out of chaos. We have to make a  conscious decision to make a commitment to perceive and respond to our environment as a fighter, not a helpless victim. You can see here, that attitude is everything. It explains why a child from a poor background can become one of the top surgeons in the country, whilst a person who is given health, wealth, security and opportunity can still feel lost, and of little use to society. 

You define, who you are, not the circumstances you find yourself in. In truth, you are the exception to the rule; every time. The only difference between those who succeed in this life and those who do not, is an unshakable belief and a refusal to accept the surroundings they find themselves in.

If you choose to be a fighter in this life; you are announcing to the universe; that you are making a decision to carve yourself a life from the chaos. 

Think of the journey of a fighter like a man, with a knife, finding himself in a thick jungle. This man has two choices, he can sit down, give up, and use the knife to end his days, or he can take that knife, get up, show up, never give up and fight his way through the jungle vines, the dense foliage and the trees blocking his path, till he  carves out a path for himself, and makes it through the jungle to the river. This man, in effect, through fighting has saved his own life. 

So, what are you choosing to be in this moment? A victim or a fighter? You choose. 

“If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you’re committed, you’ll  do whatever it takes.” – John Assaraf.   




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