Special Offers

Special Offers

Reset Your Destiny!

Reset your destiny lifegrid

This amazingly powerful life-changing program is for you if you struggle with self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear, anxiety, trauma, depression, overwhelm, etc.

I know how this can make your life a living hell. I’ve been there.

With this Reset Your Destiny home-study program you create a New You FREE from self-doubt and anxiety, a New Vision and a whole New Life.

It kills your dreams
It kills your trust in yourself so that you doubt your decisions 
It kills your actions to move forward so you don’t follow through 
It sabotages you on a sub-conscious level that you only become aware of it in hindsight
It kills your heart

Feel the heaviness of doubt leave your body and breathe in the light of your heart and soul
It’s in your heart that lies your personal power and it waits for you to ignite it 

Check out the details of the program here:

Get this amazing program at a $200 discount for a limited time:
Only $497 or $187 x 3 instead of $697 or $257 x 3
Use the coupon code destiny to affect your discount on the checkout page


I am giving a 30 minute Coaching Session to the first 10 people who sign up. On top of that, if you pay in full, you will get an additional 1-hour coaching session with me.

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Special Offers

Have You Lost Your Sparkle?

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You can not go back in time to what no longer exists. The past no longer exists. NOW in the present moment is what exists. If you are living in the past it will show up now as problems in your relationships, in your money flows, as wonky energy, as lack of motivation……and most of all, it will show up as you have lost your spark and zest for life.


It looks like depression, it feels like depression……however, it’s not. You can snap out of it momentarily with an inspiration or an act of doing something different.


Losing your spark feels like you have been abandoned by everyone and everything and you can’t even be present in the moment with yourself.  You might have even had thoughts like “God doesn’t care about me, Source is ignoring me……like no one gets me and no one hears me when I talk. My guides don’t even talk to me any more!”


You sit in this space for so long that it becomes an uncomfortable comfort zone of being broke and broken, your body hurts, your heart hurts, your head hurts from all the “broken record blabber” going on in your thoughts, and your relationships suck.


You are angry because you are not making the money you know is possible. You are having problems at work. Your communication in your relationships comes out of your mouth like greek instead of english. You feel undeniably exhausted, sleepy and tired all the time.


Sex……nope, you’d rather sleep, and if you do go there you are just going through the motions.


Laughter……sometimes, nothing has really made you roll on the floor and belly laugh till you pee your pants in…… you can’t remember!


You are in the moment or pretty close to “If this doesn’t change NOW, I’m outta here.” You know if something doesn’t change you will lose EVERYTHING, and sitting day in and day out in this energy is literally making you physically sick.


This my friend is the “bottom of the barrell”.


Yet every morning you somehow are still here. You get out of bed and go through the motions of whatever it is that you do every day.


Underneath all that cloak of darkness there is still a flicker of light inside of you……it’s your inner knowing that despite the space you are existing in, there is something else that is possible.


You are in this shut down sparkless place because you have muted your intuition and snuffed the true essence of you.


You know that you are a powerful, magical person. You know this because there was a time in your life when you allowed your spark and the true essence of you to shine bright in the world. There was a moment, a thought, a belief, a judgment from someone else……something changed in your world and started you on the path to shut down and sparkless.


When you remove your resistance to life and ignite your spark (the true essence of you)……the world and the universe opens up and flows for you.


You can begin to see the gifts in you that you have never allowed yourself to see before. Your body suddenly stops hurting, your communication in relationships flows with ease, You are making more money that you ever thought was possible, and your energy…..let me tell you! No one can keep up with you!


And dare I say…..Your life is the magic you always knew deep down inside was possible.


Igniting my spark and turning on the true essence of who I am has made all the difference in the world for me. I have gone from existing in a dark sparkless life to living in magic every day. I now teach women who are in relationships how to turn their spark back on and tune into the true essence of who they are individually.


It’s not too late….however I will say this. If you don’t take action NOW and choose YOU…..your life will pass you by, you will lose everything and your life will literally fall apart and crumble around you.


This my friend is NOT what you signed up for in this lifetime!


Click the link below and we will get you in the driver’s seat of your life again!

Janie Lin

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Special Offers

Are you still wishing on stars to find Love?

Still Wishing On Stars

Love Alchemist. Create The Love Frequency To Attract Soul Mate Love


Do You Feel The Call to Attract Your Soul Mate?
But You Keep Attracting The Wrong Kind of Love? Over and Over?

It Could Be Because Your Love Frequency is putting out the wrong Vibration!
When You have the Wrong Love Vibration, Your Energy will attract everything but Conscious Soul Mate Love, leading to not only a lot of Frustration and Pain, but also never attracting that Conscious Soul Mate Love That You Deserve and Desire!

Creating The Love Frequency To Attract Soul Mate Love is really a Spiritual Transformation. Because in order to create a Love Frequency that attracts Soul Mate Love rather than another “loser” “jerk” “user” you must do the INNER WORK to Create OUTER TRANSFORMATION in Your Energy, or Frequency.

You must do the DEEP WORK to release Fears, Limiting Beliefs and Sacred Wounds. Only then will you move into a state of Divine Consciousness and Love that will Create The Frequency To Attract Soul Mate Love!

As a Love Alchemist, I coach and support women through this deep work to become fully whole and complete in the perfect way to attract a conscious, soul mate love. The energies, emotions and beliefs keeping you stuck in a low “love frequency” not only keeps attracting the wrong kind of relationship, but actually repels the right love!!

My program, “Your Alchemical Heart, An Enchanted Journey to Divine Soul Mate Love”, has evolved and been perfected over the past 10 years.
These are the very tools and processes that allowed me to attract a conscious soul love relationship in my 50’s!! If it sounds like a fairytale, keep listening. I got engaged a year ago, on my 55th birthday on a sailboat in the middle of The Caribbean Sea!

No matter what your age or life circumstances…
It’s NOT too late to attract conscious Soul Mate Love!

“Your Alchemical Heart, An Enchanted Journey to Divine Soul Mate Love”, consolidates 10 years of learning into 6 short months, filled with a sisterhood of support and encouragement.

Are you ready to change your life today? Are you ready to create the love frequency to attract your Soul Love? If so, it’s time to talk. I invite you to my free 20 minute LOVE FREQUENCY Session to give you a taste of what you can expect in your program (and we might uncover a few love blocks along the way).
You can book your Free 20 min LOVE FREQUENCY Session here:

I look forward to chatting!

Love Alicia

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