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When Should I Speak Out

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Do you ever feel like you are holding back.  

You are not SPEAKING OUT

You are not saying the words you know you should.

You are feel inside that you know what to say and how you should say it but when it comes to the CRUNCH you just DON’T !

I have had this happen to me many times.

SOMETIMES I am just not sure if it’s worth saying what I was thinking.

I am afraid it will just not be appreciated, or it will be misinterpreted.  

In this moment the emotion I felt inside that created the language, the passion of what I wanted to say,  is not there any more.

I now feel, ” is it really worth it ?” 

My voice just gets stuck inside my head or it just fizzles off.

Its no longer important.   Or I find myself saying ” I just will say it next time”.  But that moment doesn’t seem to come back another time.

Sometimes it’s  important that we just hold back our words because they can be inappropriate or just purely damaging.

Other times our words could be the creative power that will ignite a new beginning.  

How do we know?

For me I have three thoughts that I will consider before I speak out words.

  1. Will I gain if I do speak out?
  2. Will speaking out be self focused or other focused or both?
  3. What will I loose if I just don’t say anything at all?

Did you know:

Vocal tone can often effect the way the words we speak are heard.  

Vocal tone is attached to our emotions and so the way you feel will effect how you are heard and the results you get from others.

Did you know you can use your vocal tone to convey your message more powerfully when you know how to access your whole voice.  

When you know how to use your high and low frequencies in your voice you will speak more effortlessly, less fatigue, more at ease and you will be able to convey messages in a more powerful way.

Get some free resources to help you with your vocal tone.

Here is some research recently conducted: 

Charismatic Leaders use their voice to convey messages
“By analyzing the harmonics of pitch, frequency and timbre, researchers at University of California, Los Angeles are discovering how charismatic public speakers use their voices to dominate, rouse and influence a large audience.  You have the capacity to shape your voice in a way that makes people perceive you as a leader,” said UCLA acoustic scientist Rosario Signorello, who conducted the charisma experiments. He measured the frequencies, cadences, intensity and duration of vocal qualities with the meaning of the words.

Check out the research here 

 “The voice is a tool that can be trained,” he said. “Singers and actors train their voices to reach higher or lower frequencies. A leader-speaker should do the same.”   Dr. Signorello

If you want to find out how you can have a confident voice that does not hesitate and can be backed up with emotion that can help you be congruent and authentic in your communication Lets Talk

Find out more here about interpersonal communication mentoring program. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I look forward to your feedback.  ‘

Maria Pellicano

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Reiki 1 workshop – Fremantle


Want to learn Reiki? Always felt as though you’d like to explore self healing and healing on others but not sure where to start?

I invite you to learn Usui Reiki 1 at a beautiful venue in East Fremantle.

During this Reiki 1 workshop we will explore the history of Reiki, uses of Reiki, benefits, how to do a self healing, how to provide a healing treatment to others, and so much more. You will receive a set of 4 attunements during 2 meditations within a group, and will leave the workshop with a manual, certificate with your Reiki lineage tracing back to the Founder Dr Mikao Usui, and a group of new friends to do Reiki shares with!

I love teaching this workshop, we always have a great time together and make some life long friends!

The price of the workshop is $200 with a $50 deposit to secure your place.

Here is the event link on Facebook.

Hope to see you there!

Carly, Founder of Phoenix Transformation

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Why Erratic Income Crushes Female Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with unpredictable income. 

This is usually the what keeps capable, smart women in jobs they hate. Even though they are under valued and under paid, they stay because at least they know how much their paycheck will be every Friday.

Most of us do not feel good when it comes to the unknown, especially when it is related to money.

Almost exactly nine years ago I attended a conference in San Diego where I learned how to create systems to ensure that I could make regular income in my business. At the time I didn’t have a business. I had an idea. I left California with a clear plan and when I went home I put the pieces together and started my business three weeks later.

Looking back I can see that the greatest thing I had going for me was unwavering confidence.

Even in the midst of a real estate market crisis I hit six figures my first year of business. I had a road map and I knew if I stuck to it, I would arrive at my desired destination. Even thought I didn’t sell my first package for three months, I didn’t give up. I was networking every single day. I was running Facebook ads. I was doing everything I knew to do to market myself and it took that long for one person to say yes.

Today as a business consultant, I see many women get discouraged after three weeks of promoting their services. 

The difference is that I had a plan that I felt sure about, and most business owners today do not. When they don’t get immediate feedback in the form of income, they decide to move in another direction. They are essentially on the highway to where they want to go and then decided to take the fastest exit. They do this over and over and feel like screaming because it doesn’t seem like anything is working.

Erratic income interferes with a woman’s ability to feel safe, stable and secure in her business and life.

I can tell you with absolute certainty the reason I have been able to create longevity in my business is because I created recurring monthly income from my very first client. I had a set up fee, a six month contract, and a price I was very happy with. This gave me the mojo to continue networking and advertising because I knew I was starting each month with at least a thousand dollars in my back account.

When I recently surveyed female entrepreneurs, less than 30% have regular monthly income. 

This lead me to a huge aha moment and it is now my intention to teach these principles to as many women as possible, as early in their entrepreneurial journey as I can. There isn’t any reason why you can’t have the stability of a corporate job and the joy of your dream business.

If you are ready to get off the roller coaster of inconsistent income, join me in a 7 day challenge that will change the way you do business forever.


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Sorry we Missed You @ our “Stop the Noise in Your Head” Session.

We missed you at this week’s Shapechanger Mini Intensive. Hopefully we will see you at our next power 1 hour session?
The skinny on what you missed, but read on to receive valuable and worthwhile tips you might like to try in your daily life to “Stop the Noise in Your Head.”
1) Commence every day with a welcome into the day. Gentle stretches. For those who like yoga, some sun salutations;
2)From the minute you enter a new day, be aware of where your thoughts are. What you are thinking about;
3) Ensure you are not projecting forward or into the past. This means, be in the moment;
O.K. perhaps a few more tips for you and your soul…
4) Exercise to enhance the clearing of stale energy and oxygen to the whole body;
5) Speak kindly to yourself about yourself;
6) Eat foods that nourish rather than diminish the energy of your mind, body and soul and
7) Know and live to your personal values.
Copyright © 2017, Gwenda Smith of Shapechanger.
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Take Control of Your Food Mindset and Discover the Doorway to Real Health

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Picture this….

You are tired and listless, overweight and sick of it. 

You have tried so many new diets, read up on you-beaut, never fail shakes that will strip off your weight and provide you with never ending energy, bought books, attempted healthy eating food challenges, taken pills to fill you up so you won’t be hungry, gone to the gym to sweat it off but at the end of the day you always go back to the foods that give you the most joy.

Why do you keep going back to your comfort foods even when you don’t want to?

It may be chocolate cake, sweet biscuits with tea, milk and sugar, potato chips or cheese on toast.

The connection of ‘feel good’ foods to keeping our families happy, providing a good family home, creating traditional meals that everyone loves is basically our duty it seems.

Are you after a quick-fix? Have you asked your Doctor how to lose weight? Have you been put on pills for your reflux or bloating but not changed your diet – and now have a bunch of new symptoms?

Have you handed yourself over to the health industry, the media and other’s opinions to improve your health? Maybe it’s time to take your life back!

What if I could show you how to discover what it is that is stopping you from achieving your weight loss and gaining back your energy.

7 Day Food Mindset Mastery Course

In just 7 Days you will get an understanding of why no diet has ever worked for you and design your own methods to overcome it!

You’ll receive:

1) Daily videos explaining why simplifying your food choices is so important and most importantly – how to maintain that decision

2) Guidance to not only clear your head but also your pantry.

3) What to replace the unwanted food with that is healthy plus the best and easiest recipes to start with.

4) Your own App (iPhone) to access and listen to the course.

5) Downloadable charts to help you be accountable for your progress, figure out what foods are causing you discomfort and unearth the emotional attachments you have for them.

6) Access to our own private Facebook group – where you can share your progress and ask any questions.

7) You also have direct contact with me and a discounted offer for food-mindset coaching.

8) A Resource page with added info and all the links and downloads in one place

PLUS there’s an added bonus interview with my friend Karen who is an awesome Health Coach.

Food is our most basic need and we have created a huge amount of emotional baggage around it. It’s time to not only remove that baggage and allow some space and awareness into your life (and your pantry) but also to discover new options.

Step into your courage and explore what you are capable of with 7 Day Food Mindset Mastery

I’d love to you to join us.


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Navigating through anxiety during these energy waves


These energies are really putting us through our paces. Like all things this energy is not cut and dry. It is so multifaceted. For some, the energies are pulling up anxiety, depression and self worth issues. On the other hand there is an undertone of excitement as they are pushing people to explore opportunities, to open to all the possibilities. Brief meditative exercise at the end to help rid you of the emotions that no longer serve.

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Yesterday’s thoughts bring you to today’s’ success


This article may be a short one as I want to share with you something so simple:


It can be sometimes overseen where you were yesterday and where you are now. Sit back, pause and let this moment take you back to where you were yesterday – literally. Your thoughts were different yesterday to how you are thinking today, right now.

With each breathe you took yesterday, you invested in yourself.

With each movement you made, no matter how big or small, you  still invested in yourself.

With each thought that went through your mind, you still invested in yourself.


Keep it simple. Love yourself. ‘Never give up on hope’





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Can Meetup really bring you new Business?

2016_10_05 FM Bri 2

A lot of my followers ask me: Can really bring you new Business?

Yes yes yes the answer is yes for me and for all my clients! is a platform with millions of users and people that you probably haven’t tapped into yet

I have started to use meetup to grow my network in 2014, and if you are asking me did it work?? I will say HELL YES!

At the beginning I was putting a lot of hours in and not much came back and the mentors I had at the time used to tell me “Francesca, there is no money in” and honestly I was doubting that what I was doing actually worked but I am so glad that I didn’t give up. In 12 months I sold over $200000 thanks to my meetups!

2016_10_05 FM Bri

There is a secret though and I would love to share it with you so….keep reading!
I have learned to “merge” meetup and Facebook together!I did that because I realised that people that came to my meetups may not have been my ideal clients but they were people and I looked good in the photos with loads of people at my events! So guess what? I started to show photos of my successful meetup events on Facebook and that’s when the real hype about me started to come together!

People started to follow me on Facebook and that’s how I got fully booked as a life coach in only 3 months.

Would have that happened without having to run all those meetup events though? Mmmm nope I don’t think so.

The events were the social proof that I was missing, online there is so much noise, so much competition…how do you stand out??

 I found the magic formula: run LIVE events via meetup and promote them on facebook and BOOM your Business will increase, your following will grow, your likes and interaction will go through the roof, people all of a sudden want to buy your product/service…it’s just a no brainer you now are a person of influence and there is no going back.If you would like to know how you can use to grow your business massively and become fully booked come along to my FM Half Day Business workshop where I will teach you all my shortcuts!

Thank you,
Love and Live with Passion,
Francesca Moi
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