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My Journey of Bone

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At the beginning of July, on a beautiful hot summer’s day, I slipped down a grassy bank I was walking down. My foot went out from under me, I went up in the air and I put my hand out automatically to break my fall. A shock went up my arm and when I looked at it, I thought I had stepped into a nightmare! My arm was in the most unnatural position and was tingling in a way I had never experienced before. It felt 5 times bigger than my physical body. I curled up into a little ball at the bottom of the bank and felt a sickening dread in the pit of my stomach. In A&E I couldn’t bear to look at the X-ray the hospital took. I was terrified of the consequences and also in a state of deep shock; both physical and mental. I had the presence of mind to do Life Retuning to treat my trauma and fear in my friend’s car as she rushed me to the hospital. This meant that my breathing was normal at least. Just as well as I had to wait to be seen for further emergency treatment. When I was called in, the doctor told me that I had not only compressed the bones but also broken my wrist under high impact. I had to be given a local anaesthetic and gas and air as two doctors literally pulled out my bones from the compression and set them back. I was told I had a clean break and that I would have to go to a different hospital’s Fracture Unit, as I needed to have a cast fitted.

However, when I went for my next appointment, I was told that I did not have a clean break and would need much more than a cast, I actually had a compound fracture that would need surgery. I would have to have manipulation and metal inserted into my bones to make sure they set back properly.

I cannot begin to explain the horror that swept over me in that doctor’s consultation room. Since being a young child, I have always had a deep terror of having metal in my body. In my bones and flesh. As a child, I saw a man who had a metal contraption on his leg which was inserted into his bones and I was stricken with an intense shock. I had also up until now, only had one operation when I was 2 years old. I have to admit that after leaving the hospital, having booked my surgery for 5 days time, I dissolved into a complete mess of terror, horror, despair and hopelessness. I had no idea how I was ever going to actually go through with it.

And now began a deep, powerful and transformative journey for me where I would call back pieces of myself that had been alienated for years. As my bones had shattered, so did my perception of myself. This summer I entered a cocoon; a mirror of the cast covering my arm, I broke down into my constituent substance, echoing the fragments of my wrist that were floating in shattered limbo. The focus becoming smaller and smaller, the centre of the vortex dissolving, annihilating, restructuring and finally rebuilding. Just like a caterpillar which dies to itself and restructures into a glorious new creature, a butterfly. It is one of the greatest mysteries and highest magical transformations of this world. This is the story of my journey and the vital knowing that has come from out of it. I want to share with you the discoveries I made about healing, when the very foundation of our bodies is broken.

As a highly advanced Adept and Facilitator of Universal energy, I was being called on to walk my talk with myself. As the Founder of Life Retuning, having worked around the globe, to release over 1000 clients from their fears, anxieties and challenges, I was now faced with a deep, long term set of fears about surgery and the reality of having metal in my body and I had 5 days to turn it around so that I could go through with the operation. There was no backing out, nowhere to run, no excuses to make, just the real, raw inevitability of it. I am no wuss, I have a lot of courage but this felt like a mountain that was way too far to climb.

I spent those 5 days in a recurring cycle of dread, release and exhaustion. Every time a new aspect of my fears came up, I applied my Retuning method, felt peace and calm flood my body and mind and then a tremendous exhaustion would overwhelm me as my system let go of low vibrational frequencies that I had been carrying for years. Then the cycle would begin again as my mind found another aspect of my fears to throw up and engulf me. By the end of the 4th day I felt so exhausted with the ceaseless intensity, I couldn’t move and I had nothing left in me to deal with any more. I felt a total numbness about everything, but I was aware of my huge achievement. Then a message came to me from Universal energy, making me aware that I would be kept in a trance state throughout the whole time I was in hospital. That is exactly what happened. I was hardly aware of anything consciously, from the early morning when I went in, until I woke up from the general anaesthetic much later, in the hospital bed afterwards.

Wires in the Bone

When I was initially told by the surgeon that I had a compound fracture of the wrist, he told me I could let it heal naturally and risk it being deformed for the rest of my life, or that I could have metal screws and a plate inserted to strengthen it. Beyond the intrinsic fear I have already described, my intuition was telling me that permanent metal in my body was a definite ‘no’. So I asked if there was any other option and he told me that I could have temporary wires inserted into my bones which would guide them to knit together in the right place. This is the option I chose. I am very glad that I asked the question because otherwise it would not have been offered. Over the next few weeks I met many people who had broken bones and had permanent metal in their bodies. Almost every single one of them told me that they had pain every since.

The Purrfect Remedy

So what can you do with broken bones to help them heal? I had no idea apart from one bit of information that I had read about when I was researching content for one of my Life Retuning courses. I found out that a cat’s purring heals bones. Every species of cat purrs in a frequency range of 25-140 Hz from your little moggy right up to lions and tigers. This is the perfect vibration range to stimulate bones to knit back together. Cats heal themselves with this extraordinary ability and the knock on effect is that if you are injured it works for you too. When I got back home from A&E, my cat Tivvy took one look at me, came and sat by my side and hardly left me alone for the next few weeks. Sure enough, she purred almost continuously.

Many Meetings of Inaction

Having a cast, seems to be a great icebreaker. Because with a broken wrist I couldn’t drive, I found myself sitting at lots of bus stops waiting for the ride and someone always started talking to me. Sometimes, when I was walking, people would actually even cross the road to speak to me! I also found that nearly every time someone would start talking to me they inevitably asked what I had done in order to be wearing a cast. It would turn out that often they were dying to tell me their horror story of their own broken bone disaster. I became curious as to what those people had done to help themselves heal and was astonished to find that the answer was usually, nothing at all! The hospital had given me no advice, except to keep my arm elevated and take pain killers after the surgery. But this is just the start of what you can do to give yourself the maximum chance to heal your bones well, with strength and flexibility.

A Vital Gesture

When I broke my wrist, I was wearing high heel sandals and should never have walked down such a sleep slope in them. I felt stupid and irresponsible. However, I know that the vibrations of anger, regret and embarrassment are powerful blockers of healing. We are not just a single entity, we are made up of cells, organs, parts. Each part of us has its own separate consciousness. I remember a client who had dropped an iron on her foot and for years it would not heal until I Retuned the anger her foot felt. She had not said sorry to it for what she had put it through. It may sound far-fetched but if you do not clear your upsetting feelings about an injury, it will take longer to heal or even may not heal at all. So one of the first things I did was to ask forgiveness of my wrist for having put it through the pain and suffering it had experienced. I cleared all negativity, trauma, shock and self-punishing emotions. I use Power Statements with clients to reinforce and create the right vibration in their energy fields for the changes they want to achieve. Two of the important Power Statements I used for myself were:

I forgive myself for allowing this injury

I release all injury trauma, shock and negative emotions from my system, including frustration, embarrassment, stupidity and regret

The Tone of Bone

As an Adept of Universal energy, I know that everything has a vibrational frequency. Our thoughts, emotions and physical matter…our bodies. I already knew that my cat was a highly evolved natural energy worker. I found it quite ironic that humans were doing nothing about healing their bones and yet a cat, considered by some as a mere animal, was automatically and instinctively giving me exactly the healing I needed. I am sure that if I could have explained to her, she would think humans are completely crazy and probably dumb to not be using a natural resource! I have used specific vibrational frequencies with my clients to accelerate the assimilation of my energy work. I decided it was time to use the same technique on myself. I read from my own energy field exactly what tonal frequency my wrist needed in order to heal. This was a truly fascinating process, as the pattern of tones unfolded. Starting with exactly the range of Hertz that a cat’s purr vibrates in. I did not assume anything, just followed the energetic data. The pattern that emerged gave me an eyeopening window into how the body heals from inside out. The tones were revealed in Hertz; precise notes used for a precise period of minutes. Every time I gave my wrist a specific vibration, my system indicated a rest period before I could use the next tone. The graph above shows the progression of the Hertz of the tones I needed. As you can see, the tones rose each time. From the densest matter which in our bodies is the bone, up through tissue, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, skin. Each part of us has a specific vibration and my energy field was responding to exactly the healing sound that I needed at each stage. To me this is simply miraculous. To have lived it and used it has given me a deep insight into the very workings of life and the Universe. As the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, this process must be echoed throughout our cosmos.

On Another Note

There is a very ancient instrument that is known for helping to heal bones. It is the Yidaki or Didgeridoo. it is said that the Aborigines have been using it for healing for over 40,000 years and it may well be the oldest recorded instrument of humankind. I had a healing session with a musician friend of mine who has two of them. By this time, I had the wires in my bones and it was a very weird experience. As my friend started playing his Didgeridoo, I feel energy coursing up my arm and I was aware of a subtle sensation. It was a weak humming vibration and suddenly I knew where those wires must be. There was a sympathetic resonance occurring between the sound and the metal. It wasn’t unpleasant, just fascinating. I experienced the power of this ancient instrument and felt the wisdom that had been passed down for eons of generations in a far off land. Never ever underestimate how sound causes the most profound changes in every part of your environment, both internal and external. Nikola Tesla famously said…

’if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’

Feeling the Heat

I mentioned that when the surgeon suggested the I should have permanent metal screws and a metal plate inserted into my wrist that my intuition kicked up with a firm ‘no’. I want to tell you about the wisdom of the body and how it asserted itself in a powerful and alarming way. A week after the wires went into my bones, my body started to heat up several times a day and in the night. Now I know what you are thinking, yes, yes, you are a woman, obviously the signs of menopause starting. However, I found that there was something entirely different going on. My energy field revealed that it was the 3 stress hormones that were firing off regularly and added to that, my ‘feel good’ hormones were joining the party! No sex hormones were involved at all. So these were the hormones that were going out of balance every time I experienced the heat:






Without fail, when I checked, they would all be balanced and secreting fine and then go haywire whenever the symptoms occurred. I became curious about what could be going on. When I energetically investigated deeper, I discovered that the stress hormones were getting into gear to deal with a foreign invader…namely the wires! My body was following the only processes it knows to get rid of bacteria, virus’, thorns…push it out or heat up and kill it! Only it didn’t know what to do with fixed metal. 

I had this for a whole month until the wires were removed and within a few days I noticed a change in the frequency of the heating up. 6 weeks on and I have hardly any reaction from my body now. It makes me wonder what happens when metal is permanently fixed in our bodies, what deeper implications there are, past the necessity of finding a surgical solution.

Just one week after my cast was removed, I was able to start driving and 3 weeks after it, my wrist is already almost back to full flexibility and function. This is not matching the stories I heard from all those people at the bus stops and on the street. I was told about months and even years of pain, lack of strength, flexibility and movement.

My journey of bone has been a deeply transformative experience. I now know how strong and incredible my body is and I have learned to trust its wisdom. I have also moved a level up in my understanding of how energy plays a part in our lives, from the densest part of us through to the most intangible realms. So even though I would not wish to repeat this summer, I am truly grateful for all that I have learned through this injury and I hope that my learning will be helpful to others.



Other Healing Bone Remedies

I am listing here the homeopathic and herbal supplements I also took, for your information:


Symphitum Officianale or bone knit – this is an incredible remedy from the calendula plant. It speeds the knitting together of broken bones and there are many case studies confirming its efficacy.

Ruta Graveolens – a remedy which helps to repair ligaments and tendons.

Arnica Montana – a trauma remedy and is wonderful for healing bruising.

Bellis Perennis – great for deep tissue bruising and swelling after surgery.

Herbal supplements:

Dr. Christopher’s Bone and Tissue Support

Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Calcium

Magnesium –  essential for healthy bones and teeth. Most notably, adequate magnesium is essential for absorption and metabolism of calcium

K2 vitamin – contributes to normal blood clotting and the maintenance of normal bones.


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Natural Medicine

Sound Medicine has Arrived


Around the world, there is an increasing acceptance of sound therapy for healing and expanding the consciousness.

An extraordinary human being, Edgar Cayce once said: “Sound is the medicine of the future.” His words are now a reality. Sound Medicine has arrived.

He would not be surprised to see that a growing number of health professionals are using sound therapy as medicine, for ailments that include post-operative healing.

Utilised since the beginning of recorded history in many cultures, in today’s world, these ancient sound traditions are being used for group sessions. And for individuals, sound therapy is gaining new ground as an added tool for the restoration of wellbeing.

The sound used may be shamanistic drumming from Mongolia and Native America, singing bowls from Tibet and the Didgeridoo of the Indigenous Australian. Interestingly, Indigenous Australians are the first known culture to heal with sound.

‘Indigenous Australians are the first known culture to heal with sound’

The State of Vibration

The fundamental principle of sound healing is Resonance, a word used when describing the frequencies of vibration. These frequencies are used as a transformative and healing modality. In every organ, bone, tissue, and so on, we are in a state of vibration.

With research into binaural frequencies, since their discovery in 1839 by German experimenter, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, the application for sound therapy has exploded. Specialists are using it to treat ailments while students are using it to help with focus and study.

Today’s healing music modalities use various frequencies such as Solfeggio-Binaural Frequencies, and these are included in Heart Activation Music. There are also ‘brainwave entrainment’ frequencies, which assist with sleep and healing DNA: the list grows, as there is a wide range of these healing frequencies available today.

Binary sound frequencies are important within the Heart Activation Music because they help unlock something energetically, and this ‘something’ will be different for each person.

Profound Results

It is widely known that sound therapy can be used for stress reduction or to facilitate meditation. But for some people, the effects may include unlocking deeply entrenched issues, memories or patterns, and may help them work through blocks that were previously unknown. Results can be profound.

The latest quantum physics theory, known as String Theory, suggests that absolutely everything in the Universe, all the particles that make up matter and forces is comprised of minute vibrating fundamental strings. All these objects have a Resonant pattern associated to them. In simple terms, the physical Universe is built of sound vibrations.

More than 100 years ago, Nikola Tesla referred to a non-Hertzian energy (without frequencies), Scalar, and in the 1920s, Albert Einstein referenced Scalar energy. This energy is not electromagnetic and is comprised of pure zero-point energy. The Scalar energy form has the ability to carry information and is a field of energy systems that is alive. Scalar energy is vibrant and dynamic and has always been in existence within the Universe.

According to world-renowned crystal expert, workshop leader, and author, Judy Hall: “Scalar waves activate the meridians and facilitate healing at the energetic interface between spirit and matter.”  

In addition to sound therapy, crystals have been used in healing therapies throughout known history. The energetic properties of crystals are harnessed to influence the energy field to return to a specific vibrational healthy frequency. Different crystals are used in these therapies because they each have a distinct unique consciousness as well as resonant frequencies. Sound therapy with crystals offers two layers of healing energy.

There are various sounds within sound therapy that can be utilised with other healing modalities.

‘Scalar waves activate the meridians and facilitate healing at the energetic interface between spirit and matter’- Judy Hall

Call in Higher Powers

“Some will clear energy, some will assist with healing, and there are some that help open the mind. Additionally, there are sounds that help call in higher powers, such as the Ascended Masters. These sounds will help with everything: healing, twin flame union, past life recognition, accessing higher consciousness: there is no end to what may be achieved with sound therapy.

In Heart Activation Music Therapy, there is an integration of many aspects of current sound therapy modalities, as well as the integration of natural Scalar energies. These energies are coded vibrations consisting of many messages that can help a listener transform his or her own life.

Through the facilitation of crystal energies, binaural frequencies, Scalar energies, coded vibrations and music sounds a person can experience a quantum and multi-dimensional healing.

You can discover more about the Heart Activation Music through our Group Sessions in Perth, Western Australia. Check out the new Steven North website for further information.

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Natural Medicine

What Hugs Can Do For You

children-hugs edit

This morning, I met my beautiful friend at the beach for a coffee and stroll.  We haven’t seen each other in a few weeks so there was lots of catch up on with all of our news. During our conversation, it really struck me how much I love our friendship and how grateful I am to have this fabulous lady in my life, with her support, encouragement, love and most of all, hugs! I think within one and a half hours, we hugged around six times while we were sharing exciting stories and encouraging each other. That is the most hug I have had in a long time.

You see, I live on my own with my cat, so for me to receive a hug from a fellow human, I must go out and seek it. Usually it happens when I am catching up with friends, however, mostly the hug consists of a quick hello and that is that. When I am home, I do fill my hugging quota with my cat, however usually it is me forcing her to comply with my lavish affection, and while that is great (and I love squishing her so much), it is different from human interaction and human connection.

So, what is in a hug? A hug is a powerful healer which releases oxytocin in to your blood stream, which helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, making you relax and feel good. Hugs are a natural emotional healer as they raise your levels of feel-good chemicals serotonin in your brain which lifts your mood instantly. When you hug someone, you are naturally aligned with their nervous system so it calms any negative emotions, allowing you both to relax, feel forgiveness and strengthen connection. Hugs help to build trust and confidence and help reduce feelings of loneliness, fear, and anxiety. Building confidence in this way helps improve self-esteem and feelings of love. There are so many benefits!

Hugging lowers your blood pressure, therefore reducing risk of heart disease. Hugging boosts your immune system so you can fight infection and fatigue. I find it interesting reflecting within myself that during the height of dealing with autoimmune dis-ease a few years ago, I felt unsupported and unloved. I was not receiving the kinds of hugs and human interaction and connection I was craving and needed. Now, I have incredible people in my tribe who love and support me fully and my autoimmune response is minimal. See how hugs can heal?

Prominent Psychotherapist Virginia Satir, tells us that hugging is so important for our health and we should be aiming to have four hugs a day for survival, eight hugs a day for maintenance, and twelve hugs a day for growth. Does that make you want to hug now? Make it last. Make it count. A ten second hug leads to significant improvements in your health so make sure you fill your quota today. I gave and received six hugs this morning from my beautiful friend, and during the day I have had about twelve more with my cat, so I am doing well so far! If you want to talk more about the health benefits of hugging, please contact me.

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The Holistic Approach to Stress Management



The Holistic approach for stress management focuses on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of health. Holistic Health practitioners believe the body is capable of healing itself and addresses the whole person instead of providing a quick fix to the presenting symptoms. 


The aim with Holistic Healing is to prevent illness and ailments. Holistic health care focuses on the mind, body and soul and how each area interconnects with each other. By addressing stress with a Holistic approach you can reduce stress and prevent stress in the future.


Stress is a mind, body and soul experience in itself so it makes sense to take the same approach for stress management.  A Holistic approach to stress management includes taking a look at each area of your life including, work, relationships, diet and nutrition, exercise, spirituality. Everything you do in your life will have a negative or positive impact on your stress levels, health and well-being.


A Holistic approach to stress management will bring to your awareness all the things that are contributing to your stress levels that you may not be aware of and the signs of stress you’re experiencing.


It’s easy to notice when you’re not sleeping well or when you’re feeling frustrated but its not so easy to be aware of the thoughts you have running through your mind that increase your feelings of stress.  It’s not easy to be aware of all the unhealthy food you’ve been eating when you’re tired that’s contributed to the stress.  


When you feel disconnected to yourself, others and the universe it’s not always easy to recognize what’s happened.  The one thing you are aware of is how stressed you feel and how it’s not working for you.


By addressing each area of your life and any contributing factors we can then create a plan for stress management that is unique to you and your lifestyle. The best part about Holistic Health and alternative therapies is they all have an underlying foundation of self-care and relaxation as an added benefit.  You’re also educated on your triggers and what you can do to alleviate them so you have a blueprint for the future to prevent feelings of stress.


What is Alternative Therapy?

Alternative therapy is stand alone treatment that does not include traditional medical treatment. Each alternative therapy has it’s own philosophy, history, method, theory and technique. Complementary therapies are used together with medical treatment.  Some therapies cross over between alternative therapy and complementary therapy.


Alternative Therapies For Stress management include:

*  Meditation

*  Aromatherapy

*  Reiki



*  Massage

*  Nutrition Therapy

* Herbal Therapy

*  Naturopathy

*  Kinesiology

*  Homeopathy

*  Hypnotherapy

*  Acupressure

*  Biofeedback

*  Reflexology

*  Osteopathy

*  Color Therapy


Let’s take a look at some alternative therapies to help with stress management.

6 Alternative Therapies You Can Use For Stress Management


1. Relaxation Techniques


Relaxation is a key component in managing stress. Relaxation helps you slow down, center yourself in the moment, clears your mind and allows your body to let go of any tension. Relaxation techniques to help reduce stress include meditation, mindfulness, progressive relaxation and visualization.  Essential oils will help you deepen your relaxation by creating the right atmosphere for reducing stress and creating a calm, peaceful environment. 


2. Breathing Techniques


Breathing techniques are essential in reducing stress and anxiety.  Breathing correctly is important for 3 reasons. Firstly, our survival depends on it! Secondly, it brings oxygen to every part of our body.  Thirdly, it helps our body to get rid of waste and toxins. Our brain needs oxygen the most.  


If you’re not breathing correctly so that you’re getting enough oxygen throughout your body it will cause circulation problems which in turn creates illness and disease.  There are many benefits to breathing correctly that impact your mind, body and soul in a positive and healthy way.  Yoga, meditation and mindfulness all focus on breathing techniques to achieve a calm, peaceful state of mind and body.


3. Exercise & Physical Movement


Exercise has been proven to reduce stress, improve moods and self-esteem, improve quality of sleep and decrease overall tension. Physically, exercise improves cardiovascular functions by strengthening the heart and increases oxygen throughout the body.  


Exercise helps produce biochemical changes in the body and brain that elevates your moods, relieves pain and will help you feel relaxed. It helps you work off mental energy and negative emotions including frustration and irritability. 


Exercise also promotes a restful sleep. Going for a walk or a jog can help release mental energy and can help relax the body by letting go of tension. Swimming is also a non strenuous exercise that will help decrease stress.


4. Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition is another piece of stress management. The foods you eat affect your mood and state of mind.  Unhealthy foods can cause other health issues including inflammation in the body. 


It’s really important to have a healthy, balanced diet to give your body the nutrients it needs to function. A balanced diet will give you more energy and reduce symptoms of stress.  

Eating healthy food helps to reduce toxins building up and makes it easy for your body to go through its natural detox process.


5. Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Aromatherapy can help create a calm, peaceful state of mind.  You can use essential oils to create a tranquil and relaxing environment in your home. Essentials oils are used for the healing properties of relieving tension and stress, reducing inflammation in the body, improving concentration, focus and prompting a good nights sleep.  


You can use the following aromatherapy essential oils for stress management and to help ease tension and anxiety:

*  Lavender

*  Bergamot

*  Chamomile

*  Frankincense

*  Juniper

*  Clary sage

*  Ylang Ylang

* Neroli


Essential oils may be used in a diffuser, mixed with a carrier oil for massage or add a few drops to some tissues and keep them close to you.  Aromatherapy works through inhalation of the essential oils scent. (Please be sure to seek advice from a professional before using essential oils).


6. Meditation

Meditation is a process being still and quiet for a set amount of time, without interruption and without consciously thinking of anything to heighten your self-awareness.  Meditation is a relaxation process that helps to realign your mind, body and soul creating a calm sense of being.  It reduces stress, relieves insomnia, brings self-awareness to any pain in the body, awareness to thoughts entering the mind and any emotions being experienced.  


Meditation also focuses on breathing correctly which brings all the extra added health and well-being benefits already mentioned.  There are 2 types of meditation you can try. The first one is Concentrative meditation which is focusing on your breathing or an image and the second is mindfulness meditation which focuses on sensations in the body and thoughts in the mind. Meditation has many physical and  psychological benefits too.

I Hope that this article will be helpful to you showing a holistic approach to managing stress in your daily life.

Light and Love to you




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acneAcne is abhorred  by most teenagers and adults and gives them grief.  Pimples or acne  manifest on your face or body  when your  skin follicles get blocked by the oil or sebum that normally drains to the surface of the skin. These secretions increase with hormonal changes, especially around puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, and when the sebum is blocked it allows bacteria and yeast to grow, causing the skin to become inflamed and eventually resulting in acne.

The severity of the infection defines the characteristics of the acne. Whiteheads are secretions trapped beneath the skin; blackheads are the sebum breaking through the skin, colored black as a result of the body’s natural pigment deposits; and cystic acne is characterized by severe pus-filled infections under the skin, which can be painful.  In severe cases, acne can lead to permanent scars.

 I remember  a teenage boy who had such severe acne on his  face to the extent that he always felt self conscious in public and it affected his self esteem. He had tried antibiotics and all kinds of topical cleansers and creams, as well as the drug Accutane, without much  success.

 I treated him from the inside out with diet and nutrition, topical and internal herbal therapy, and acupuncture. His condition cleared up substantially after 5 months of treatment. . To his credit, his level of commitment was high and he stuck to the food program  that was  recommended.

In Chinese medicine, the skin is controlled by the lungs; acne is commonly a sign of pathogenic heat in the lungs and intestines. So the Chinese approach to treating acne is to cool the heat, cleanse the lungs, detoxify the intestines, and externally heal the conditiojn. Work with your dermatologist to find natural and effective treatments for your condition.

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