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Add Value, Add Profit


Did you know that consumers perform a calculation every time they look at your brand, your products, your services…whatever you’re currently offering? Their time, money and energy are valuable—so valuable that they only want to part with them if they know they’re getting more than they’re giving.

With that in mind, you can more easily understand why they compute in this manner when they’re making buying decisions:

“Will the value I receive outweigh the time, money and energy I spend getting it?”

I realise that’s not formatted like a standard computation…and consumers might not treat it as such. One thing is for sure, though: they are making educated decisions about getting more than they’re giving. They want to know that they’re making a sound investment, and spending their resources in a way that puts them in a better place than where they started.

So what is your brand offering to make this computation a no-brainer? What is it presenting to make the automatic answer to this question YES?

If you’re not sure that your ideal customers can see the overwhelming value in contracting with your brand, then you must add value. If they’re spending too much time and energy deciding if it’s ‘worth it,’ then you must add value.

How can you do that?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Add a free gift when people give you their contact details. Hopefully, you’re already adding massive value to the lives of everyone on your list (serving, rather than selling), ensuring that no one regrets signing up. However, what are you doing before they receive that very first communication to make them feel confident in giving up their information? A chapter from your full-length book, a downloadable eBook or helpful guide, a tool they can use to help solve a problem…or something you know your ideal customer will appreciate and associate with your brand can help to add value even before they collect what they’re expecting to receive. This can be just the type of thing that tilts the decision metre in your brand’s favour.
  • Maybe your ideal customers would appreciate one-on-one coaching or some other type of support to accompany their purchase. Every purchase is a leap of faith, to some degree…and consumers are highly cognisant of that. Promising to be with them through this uncertain time will not only help to calm their fears, it will demonstrate that you have every confidence not only in your product, but in their ability to enact change with its help. This can be a highly valuable addition, and one that holds the power to change a NO to a YES.
  • Connections are another valuable add-on. There are people out there who want to do business with you, simply because of the connections you have to offer. Networking is a huge piece of business success, and if you can show potential clients that you’re rubbing elbows with the connections they need, they will be more likely to say YES. Show this by establishing a social media group filled with networking opportunities, for example. You may also wish to offer an introduction or an invitation to a gathering you’re planning. Talk about valuable!
  • Give them a platform on which they can market themselves. Value doesn’t always come in the form of money or goods. Value is often found in notoriety, inclusion and visibility. If you can offer your customers some sort of awareness they don’t already have, you’re adding value.

These are just a few ideas for adding the value that’s necessary for closing the deal. Remember to always put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer, and ask yourself if what they’re getting obviously outweighs what they’re giving. If the answer is a resounding YES, you should see as much as a 30% increase in sales within the next few months. If the answer is MAYBE or NO, then it’s time to add value.

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The Best Thing I Have Ever Done For My Retirement


You may be wondering why I even think of retirement at such young age, it’s at least 25 years away. Well when I looked at my last statement before I switched and considered that I have spent nearly 20 years in the work force already at that stage, I was ready to cry! My balance was around $60,000. If you consider that the magic figure was $1M to retire on, I realised that I was very far off the mark.

Looking back, I would say that my balance was considered to be better than some other women’s, because I took time to review and adjust my strategies, have always managed to find the right strategies for substantial growth and I was on a fairly good salary. On the other hand, I used to be frustrated because of the salary un-equality, the fact that as a single mum for many years on a tight budget I never had the extra I wanted to put in to boost my little nest egg and more than anything about not being able to really control the outcomes within my super account.

Then the financial crisis happened, and since then the superfunds just haven’t seem to have been growing all that well. I was not seem to be able to get ahead. Another loss and ‘sorry, the market turned’ later, I decided, enough is enough! My Self-Managed Superfund was created and all funds were transferred into my control.

Since I have taken control, my returns doubled, my costs have shrunk and the growth I am achieving to date means that not only will I get to make the magic number of $1M by the time I retire, but well and truly surpass that number! Not to mention that I can create a legacy because my kids can also be part of the fund, as such they will have well established assets they can build on for their retirement.

Whilst I encourage you to take charge of your finances and start planning from retirement as early as possible, I have to warn you that self-managed superfunds are not to be taken lightly. Before setting it up, I had researched what it meant to have one, the costs, the responsibility, the can and can’t dos, legal requirements etc. With all the rules and regulations it is like running a restricted business.

Before you jump into it make sure you understand what you get yourself into. Get a team of experts that can guide you. Weigh up the pros and cons, and ensure that you are up for the challenge to beat the superfunds growth rates with your strategies.

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The Business you Need for the Life you Want

I’m often asked about the proper order of things when starting a business, and people expect to get an answer like “write a tagline,” “get your hands on capital,” “design your logo,” or “patent your product.”

My response is far from any of those.

My answer is, in fact, “Before you do anything else, decide what kind of life you want to live.”

You see, too many entrepreneurs and start-up owners build their companies based on how they see the business, and then break the news to the people in their lives about what they will be giving up. When in reality, the right order of things is the exact opposite.

Determine what kind of life you want to lead. How much time do you want to make available for family and friends? How much holiday time will you need each year? How much flexibility would you like to afford yourself? What is your passion—the one thing you would do even if you weren’t getting paid? Only then should you build your business…and build it to not only allow the time you’ll need for the life you want to live, but to earn the profits you’ll need to support that life.

Here are some of my suggestions for accomplishing this:

  • Know your WHY. Why are you in business? If your answer is money or notoriety, you won’t be in business for long. You must have a larger purpose, or you will lack the motivation to move forward.
  • Pursue your passion. If you’re going to get out of bed every morning and hit your business running, you’re going to have to do something you LOVE.
  • Do it because you want to, not because you can. Too many people discover that they have talent and then decide they must build a business around that—even if it’s not something they enjoy doing. Remember that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. You must be able to stay motivated every day, or your company will not be profitable.
  • Delegate to a fabulous team. Choosing the right team members is a critical task, and a time and energy investment in selecting the best ones will pay off…big time. There will be aspects of your business that do not fit your skillset or that you don’t enjoy doing. Find people who are fueled and inspired by these tasks and delegate, delegate, delegate.
  • Know your profits. It’s easy to think you’re making a profit when you receive cash from a sale. However, it’s important to tally the costs that you’re accruing on a daily basis and make sure that cash is covering those expenses, and still providing the profits necessary for supporting your ideal life. If you determine there’s not enough, then it’s time to reduce overhead, improve efficiency, create more products or develop an upsell strategy.
  • Utilise technology. Not every technological advancement will serve your business; however, when an app saves you time and money, it’s increasing your profit margin as well as the likelihood that you’ll be able to live the life of your dreams. Technology, when efficiently employed, can be among your brand’s highest ROI operations.

There are countless ways that you can stack your business strategy to create the kinds of profits you need for living the life you want. The important thing to remember is that you should never adjust your life goals based on the profits you’re currently earning—that’s backwards thinking and it will leave you feeling discouraged, and ultimately without the business OR the life you want.

So let’s commit to putting first things first. Your life, your recreation, your family come first. And when your business is built around all of that, you’ll end up loving everything about work AND play.

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How Re-writing My Money Story Changed My Life


One winter morning as I was rushing around, taking the kids to childcare so I could head off to work, stressing about having to balance childcare fees, rent and other bills I found myself wonder, why do I even bother trying to build a career?

I loved my career! Yet it felt like the money was too high to get support, but too low to make a headway and actually have some left over. I used to joke that I would make more money if I stayed at home and only did some part time work somewhere and get a top up. I was doing the maths on this constantly! Yet never actually thought to really give it a try. After all, what would others think?

But on that morning, I had enough! I decided that something had to change! I needed to find balance, a balance where I could make enough money and have the time I wanted to have with my kids. I knew I was the one that was holding me back, and I had to figure out why and how I am doing that. So the search began for the solution.

I always liked personal development, yet this time I found that books that I have re-read made more sense, because I was now open to their lessons. I discovered that thoughts like ‘What would others think?’ came from a position of fear. And I hade plenty more where that came from!

As I was digging further I found that most of the fear patterns that were driving my actions, weren’t even based on things that I feared, but things that were causing nightmares to my mother. I found the way to unlearn those quick smart!

As I was digging further into what was going on, I found that even thought I thought I was a pretty positive person, I took on my dad’s sarcasm. Which even though is the lowest form of wit, is also very negative and always focusing on the negative. So whilst it put a smirk on others’ faces, it just re-affirmed all the things I didn’t want.

Overall it became pretty apparent that my programming growing up was based on scarcity and fear. Which will not get me ahead to making my wealth creation goals happen, or even allow me to create the life I was dreaming of. Identifying this was only the first part of the battle!

The second part was to find the way to turn things around. I had to look at my whole value system – what I was trained to believe was important, actually didn’t match with the outcomes I wanted. So I had to realign my value system.

I had to practice mindfulness when speaking so I didn’t fall back into the negative language patterns. Outward language is one thing, but watch the convo going on inside your head! That is more damaging than anything else!

As the change was happening to me and I started to see the positive outcomes in my own life, I had this burning desire to help others. The problem with that is that you cannot help others unless they want to be helped! So my next learning curve was around stop fighting the naysayers and stop taking on their suffering as a quest. Just focus on myself and my journey to abundance.

And as I progressed I found that opportunities to create money started to open up. I managed to pay off bad debt and started to build a property portfolio. Nowadays I find myself handing large amounts of cash over for business purposes comfortably. I have quit my job to follow my dream of helping others to rewrite their money story and open up to abundance and I love every minute of it!

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How I Achieved Financial Freedom


It’s time to get real and talk about something taboo – MONEY.

I had a big dream of living a wealthy life, yet before I turned 30, I found myself being a single mum and broke whilst climbing the career ladder. It certainly didn’t look like the picture I dreamt of!

The pain of having to struggle from pay cheque to pay cheque put me on the path of self-discovery about my own mindset that may be limiting me as well as a massive learning curve to empower myself with the financial know how.

Creating financial freedom is not an overnight change, however it is doable! Within 6 years from my 30th birthday I have created a net worth of close to $1M, which allowed me to step away from working for others and follow my dream.

All it required was a shift in mindset, a simple plan, resourcefulness, and a burning desire.

I believe that money is a great tool. When you make more money you can help more people, you have a chance to contribute more to this world, whether you do it through giving up your time, or donating money.

One of our highest needs as humans is to contribute, therefore it is my obligation to create more wealth so I can do more good in the world.

The way to wealth, is so simplistic, yet difficult to implement in our instant gratification culture. 

So, how did I do it?!

Firstly I challenged my subconscious money programming so that I could be open to receive abundance and prosperity.

With my programming re-wired I implemented the tools and strategies I already knew about but couldn’t stick to, like living below my means, paying myself first, track my money and create a clear and definite purpose for my money.

Most importantly, I got money to work for me!

This philosophy stuck with me after reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki, but I didn’t really get it till my mindset was right. When I finally aligned my purpose with my actions, I realized that I would never work for someone else for the rest of my entire life.

That if I DID, it would be my CHOICE and not out of necessity.  This was a very DEEP Belief of mine that I had faith in, created a plan around, and executed.

I got clear and took action:

  • I figured out how much money I needed for my lifestyle
  • I set out a plan to create an asset base
  • I moved myself and my kids in with my parents
  • I didn’t replace my car after a few years, just to upgrade, in fact I still drive it today (and it’s 14 years old!)
  • I kept climbing the career ladder while I was working for others to increase my salary
  • I focused on building wealth, not looking wealthy
  • I executed the financial freedom plan in spite of fear!
  • I decided to use Real Estate as my Passive Income / Wealth Building vehicle & took risks when people told me I was crazy (love short term JVs!)
  • I took charge of my retirement plan
  • I made more smart investments

There are plenty other ways to create your wealth, but I do believe there are two things that stop people from achieving it:

One is that they feel like they must look the part, so they rush out to buy the branded clothes, latest gadgets, toys and big houses. Giving into instant gratification rather than long-term thinking.

The other is harder to detect, because it comes from their subconscious wiring. They are not worried about the looks, may even set savings goals, yet no matter what they set out to do, they end up sabotaging their efforts, due to their subconscious wiring.

Either way, there’s anxiety when it comes to dealing with money.

I fell into the latter group until I realized what was going on and I made a decision, that I would never put myself in that situation again!

What got me starting Unlimited Results is that I found that most people avoid their finances and buy because of feelings rather than necessities, while digging themselves further and further into debt.

Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things in my life! (Funnily enough when I was constantly broke I never spent any money on nice stuff!) But whatever you are doing right now to keep yourself in the famine state is to do with FEELINGS.

Until you can master them, you will not be able to master money.

So let me know, what are you doing to achieve financial freedom? What’s been challenging? What’s your biggest learning?

I’d love to hear from you!




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Manifesting Riches


Let’s start the New Year to Manifest Riches


Here are some exercises that will help you manifest wealth.

 1. Write your desired amount of money on a piece of paper. A blank cheque or anOrdinary piece of paper will do. Write the desired figure and keep the paper with you at all times. If you want, post it near your desk so you can always see it. With this exercise you are actively sending a message to the Universe every day: you want a specific amount of money and you want it quickly.

 2. For larger amounts of money, you need to visualise the amount of money that you want plus a specific time frame. You can’t write “I want $1,000,000 by the age of 35” of something similar. Again, you have to keep this note with you everywhere you go. Think of it as a lucky charm – something to help sustain your transmission of positive frequencies to the Universe.

3. Here is a fun exercise – take a one hundred dollar note and just stow it in your wallet.Now go “shopping” online of anywhere you want to go. Spend your $100 mentally over and over again –and relish the feeling of being able to repeatedly “spend” you one hundred dollar note. Focus on the positive thoughts and emotions that will result from this exercise.

Don’t feel bad that you can’t take home what you are buying with your $100 note.The important thing here is that with each purchase, you are telling the Universe exactly what you want. So if you want that gadget, that car, that expensive book collection, just go ahead and buy it with your one hundred dollar note. This way the Universe will make sure that you will receive each item in due time.

4. Another method of attracting wealth and the things that you want in life is by creating a special board at home where you can stick notes and pictures. If you want a new car, find the car in a magazine or print it out. Place the picture of the car on the special board and visualise that you already own the car. If you want to manifest a specific amount of money (ie $10,000 in one day, $500,000 in two years etc) write the amount and the desired time frame and place it on your special board. Alternatively, you can also create a wealth capsule of sorts by placing money and other similar items in any box with a cover. Old dollar notes and even foreign currency can be added to this wealth capsule. Visualise that this plain box is now a money magnet and it will help you send the correct frequencies to attract even more wealth.

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Shifting the Money Mindset



So if everyone did the Law of Attraction on money and wealth and have found that it does not work for this, not in all cases as we look as if we did Law of Attraction regarding wealth we all should have plenty of money and no one would be without.

The reason being people are not thinking of money the right way. When we don’t think about money in the right way we will not attract it. You may be able to attract other things into your life but not the money side of things. Money actually generates two kinds of emotional and mental responses in people.

Let’s look at the first response which is positive. If you are wealthy this translates to us that you are able to do almost anything (holidays, cars, boats, houses, holiday home etc). Wealth can also bring with it a certain amount of power and financial freedom. We see as having an abundant of money means we have no troubles financially and can live comfortably.

Now let’s look at the second response which means negative. So with this, we think in terms of not ever having enough money to do the things or have the things we would like in life and just enough to pay for everyday living expenses. Sometimes we focus so much on the lack of money that we attract exactly that, no money.

When we worry we do not manifest it we do the complete opposite. So when we worry about not having enough the negativity creeps in and they roll into one. Humans are creatures of comfort, as human nature, we tend to focus on the negative experiences more so than the positive. So once we start a negative cycle of complaining and worrying we stay in this cycle for a long time and that pattern has to be broken. Even in our sleep, our subconscious mind is still sending negative messages to the Universe and that is what you want to avoid.

So we ask ourselves, do thoughts really count when it comes to the Law of Attraction ? Absolutely, yes they do. When a person is thinking of something or feeling something you are actually creating vibrations that resonate with the Universe itself.

These vibrations/signals attract specific conditions, situation etc. When a person is complaining that he/she does not have enough money and continues, we think that will manifest more money but as a matter of fact, you are manifesting the opposite.

This is why it is very important to control the vibrations or signals you are transmitting in the first place, as these signals you are sending out are the very seeds of creation and attraction. If you plant positive seeds, you get a positive harvest. But if we choose to keep sowing negative seeds then you will receive the negative harvest.

When we wish to manifest true, total abundance he/she should be prepared not to shift his/her mindset but his/her action on a day to day basis. This means you have to radically alter the way you think about something if you want to remove all residue vibrations before that have not helped you at all.

Do not think of money in the term lack, money is the root of all evil, I cannot afford it, money does not grow on trees and many more phrases. You are telling the Universe that you do not want money so that is exactly what you get, nothing.

If we focus more on want we want and not so much focusing on the money only, the money will come.

Believe that you are worthy and that you deserve all of what you desire. It is possible to make all of your dreams come true.


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How to turn your husband into your business cheerleader


“So when will it make money? “

“What is it you do again?”

“Why don’t you get a real job?”

“You bought another course?”

Every time you hear any of those statements uttered by your other half, your heart sinks and you can feel the pit of your stomach churn. When you are starting up or running your own passion based business (the love of your life), you want the other love of your life to get it and support you unconditionally. But it can be a bit tricky to get him onboard your BIG vision, especially if you don’t communicate with him on what that vision is, or how you will achieve it. And of course, there are always relationship dynamics at play too, let alone the lack of time in the day to do everything AND have a “deep and meaningful”.

Nevertheless, not having that backing can cause some serious tension, agony, self-doubt, and sabotage in your business. So it’s best to tackle this issue and get the support you long for and need. And here are 9 tips to help you turn your husband into your biggest cheerleader:

Know that, deep down inside,  he just wants you to be happy! If your new venture is constantly making you sad, anxious or depressed – he will want to fix it. Not listen, as you describe the ups and downs or be your shoulder to cry on – but fix it. The quicker the better and if that is you getting out of doing it altogether, so be it. So approach discussing your business with your husband like gratitude journaling, share all the things that starting this venture makes you grateful for, your wins and your lessons.

Set a goal of what both of you want your investments to be worth in 10 years time. Discuss what % split you each see your investments being in 10 year’s time – shares, property, business and cash. Give a $ value to what your business will be worth – think big. Your business is part of your investment portfolio – that is pretty exciting.

Stay focused on the big picture – what is the relationship you want to have and what can you do to embody your part of that every day. What sort of business do you want to have and what actions can you take every day to make a plan and find your tipping point. Communicate your goals in terms of the things you can control rather than the resulting money it will bring in. Example, this week I have to make 10 follow up calls to potential clients or this week I plan to attract 1000 views to my website or this week I will finish a new opt-in to help new clients find out about my services.

Organise your time and surrounds like a boss. Have an area dedicated to work, do the tasks that bring money in the door first and the tasks that generate clients next. Hanging out the washing, re-arranging the tea towels or watching Ellen on TV are not income generating activities. Be clear that if you do them in your work day – that it is a break, and communicate and show this to your partner as well so it becomes embedded in his life too.

Build in a performance review process – you hated that in a job? Well find your business bestie and keep each other accountable. You are destined to make an impact on the world and make a difference for your family, help keep each other focused. Or use a coach or accountability partner to vent so that your husband doesn’t get triggered to step into “Mr Fix-it” mode.

Take the Love Languages test – are you communicating with each other in your primary love language? If your spouse’s love language is time and you are working every night and on the weekends, you are not fulfilling his needs for love in a way that makes sense to him. On the flip side if your love language is words of affirmation, he may not actually be critical of you but isn’t showing you love in the way that you most want to receive it.

Sometimes there’s more at play than just your business, or just his comments. If you feel there is constant arguing or tension around money and/or your business, consider a weekend away or coaching session that is focussed on a couples alignment so that you both better understand each other and each other’s needs.

You have your talents, things you love doing, he has his. It helps to understand what your Wealth profile is, what his profile is and how these can combine to support your business and more wealth creation in your life, making him not only your life partner, but if this suits also your business partner, leveraging each other’s strengths and talents in the best possible way.

Most importantly, take yourself seriously, have a plan and know your numbers. If you can’t tell him your annual income target, your monthly customer target and product breakdown and how the steps you are taking everyday bring you closer to those goals, then he may well wonder if is this a hobby for you or a real business.

If you feel scared of looking at your numbers, or don’t know what to do to reach your income goals, then we can help!  Join our free course:

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