Life Changes

Life Changes


This is for all the people who want more for themselves and want to go about the business of making it happen. This is for all the people who want a better life, whatever that looks like for them. This is for all the people who want it, can taste it, but just can’t get moving because they are petrified of the outcome. This article I have dedicated to you.

When embarking on a personal life change you are inevitably going to be met by some well-meaning, yet harsh critics. And normally these harsh critics are your nearest and dearest. “You’ll fail. Have you thought this through? What will your father/mother/husband/neighbour/friends think?” Or my ultimate fave, “I thought you were smarter than that.”

To all those well-intentioned people I say, “Go fuck yourself.” There. I said it. Go fuck yourself with all your “I was just looking out for you” bullshit. No you weren’t. If you were looking out for me you would have encouraged, prompted, promoted. Instead you wanted me to carry on just like you. Playing small and playing safe and not making any waves. Staying comfortable. But I am not like you. I want a better…different…authentic life. I want to wake up in the morning knowing I am doing my all. Knowing I am giving my all. Knowing I am on a path that fulfils all areas of my body, soul, mind and spirit.

I thank and bless you for your “concern” but I don’t want it. I don’t want it to define our relationship…”Oh look at poor *insert your name here*. She’s gonna land on her ass but I will be there for her when she does.” No. Screw that. That is not support. Pop the cork for me and be at the Formica table whether I make it or not. Celebrate the journey with me. I am fulfilling my life’s purpose. I don’t need for you to understand but I’d like for you to appreciate it’s what I must do.

My dreams don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all approach. They won’t be defined by what your garden variety dreams are meant to look like. And nor do they have to.

Pursuing these dreams means I forgo being accepted into mainstream society. Not much to say to the carpark mafia at school drop off. Not much to contribute at the water fountain in the office.

I belong amongst the books, the poems, the dreamers, the art. I exist amongst border control, visas, state lines, and embassies. I thrive in the mountains, deep in the sea, amongst the clouds, on stage, in books with good souls… I can’t be defined or explained. I just am.

So for those wishing to pursue a dream, don’t wait for anyone for permission, a nod of the head, or a right time. Most people don’t actually care and as for right times, there are none. Believe in yourself, your ability and your commitment. The rest is inconsequential. Just go for it with 100% commitment. Want it more than breathing. Really. And you, too, shall have it.


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Life Changes

Helped By A Cheeky Little Monkey

Cheeky Little Monkey

Time to share a cheeky peek at my most recent trauma recovery therapy session.

Having completed almost seven years of weekly Somatic Experiencing™ (SE®) sessions with my incredible SE certified therapist, I now go for monthly what I call “maintenance” sessions. And I’m so glad, because stuff continues to come up.

They say we’re never really finished, and it’s true. I’ve been deeply disappointed and curious at the lack of sales in my creative business, finally arriving at an awareness that I was mentally/energetically putting up a “closed” sign even as I was marketing and redesigning website content to clear the path for my ideal clients and being two weeks shy of releasing my first Amazon book From Fear to Love How Creativity Saved My Life and Will Change Yours for the Better.

Finally, with the help of my therapist, I spoke the words that have evaded me for years.

I am afraid of being successful/happy because it will all be taken away from me.

It all comes down to abandonment, my very earliest wounding.

Being certified in play therapy as well, my therapist took me through a profoundly moving exercise. At her direction, I chose toys that represented this fear (the orange – oh how I don’t like the color orange!- plush octopus, grasping my fear in its tentacles) and happiness (my competent protector lion with its courage and mighty roar, King Kong that had me smiling, and the tiny felt-covered monkey with brightly piercing and beguiling eyes).

 My therapist had me focus, agenda-free, on the octopus for about 30 seconds, paying attention to what showed up in my body. I then followed her moving finger with my eyes to the pictured characters, focusing, again agenda-free, for about 30 seconds, and again paying attention to what showed up in my body. Back and forth three times. Sort of a playful EMDR. Sort of…

Octopus: I curled away from it, arms protecting myself. Grief and sadness poured out in my tears. I hissed at it, stomped on it with my foot.

Happy trio: I smiled and giggled, leaning in towards them and placing the little monkey on King Kong’s head. I cried soft little tears of longing.

After the transitions, I sat quietly, waiting to see how my body reacted. React it did, with random twitches, stretches, contractions… and without tears.

Wrapping up, my therapist told me that this would likely continue over the next few days. When I asked what “this” was, she replied that it was my disorganized nervous system seeking to organize. Made enough sense to me, given the vast realm of releasing and creating new neural pathways I’ve experienced under her care these last years.

Still, how amazing and quasi-mysterious it all remains to me, a registered nurse turned healthcare informatics consultant turned artist and writer, with a keen clinical perspective and fascination with the anatomical and physiological dynamics of SE.

And how wonderful that my deep sense of abandonment was softened a bit by the whimsical gaze of a cheeky little monkey.

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Life Changes

A simple ‘HELLO’

A simple ‘Hello’

 A simple ‘Hello’ seems ordinary enough doesn’t it?

In most cultures it is accepted as a greeting to show respect and acknowledgement of the other person.

Yet, it is becoming more apparent that some may actually feel intimidated or even feel obliged by a simple ‘Hello’.

‘Hello’ is a powerful word.

It can bring your joy when you feel somber.

Yet it can bring you intimidation when you are feeling insecure.

I have traveled to Italy and this sensational word is treated just as they treat their morning cafe’. Yes, it is a necessity in their culture to begin the day and continue throughout the day. A greeting of ‘Salve’, ‘Buon giorno’ and even ‘Buona sera’ are all part of the everyday language that is expressed freely. 

Yet, why is it that when I walk through the local shopping center and I feel another gaze at me, I respond with a simple ‘Hello’ they turn away or walk straight by as though they do not see me?

This is not the first time this experience has happened. Nor has it only happened to myself. It is unfortunately becoming another social epidemic that is suffocating our future generation. 

Say HELLO people, it is SIMPLE!

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Life Changes

Pillar of Light


To have the voice of the Goddess, of the mother and the crone, of the virgin, and the child, in your heart, soul and spirit. And all the women who have come before you and all the women who will come after you…they are in loving acknowledgement of your freedom and your free will and of your willingness to let your heart guide you, to be of loving service to yourself and your world dear ones.

So as you call down the light of all that is to you and through you, you become…you’re standing within a pillar of light. As you use your imagination and emotion to consciously create/co-create whatever your heart desires, you’re really stepping into your power.

So you can imagine in any way that you like. A simple way to do it is to imagine the light shining from your heart as a beam of light into your future. When you call down the light of all that is to you and through you, you become…you’re standing within a pillar of light.

As you use your imagination and emotion to consciously create/co-create whatever your heart desires, you’re really stepping into your power as you’re sending a pillar of light, a path of light into your future and you’re setting forth your intention for your future, perhaps for your next week?

That this is going to be a wonderful week, an amazing week, a week filled with magic and miracles a week full of healing and insight and inspiration, a week of abundant resources and of the full flow of life through you.

So let that light pour through your heart and let it become the path of light that path of light that you’re wanting and preparing to step into. This is a time of tremendous opportunity here dear ones, you’re really reaching for the stars and we are reaching for you.

Time to shine your light and share your love, And whoever is out there looking for you, your light and your love, your wisdom and your example, Call them onto that path of light for your week and take a deep breath.

That the meetings that happen, the comings and goings are going to be more meaningful, more powerful and more fulfilling dear ones. That life truly is about love. And as you’ve said so eloquently here dear ones, you’re loving yourselves more than ever before and that really truly does make all the difference for all your dreams and desires to manifest in the perfect time and the perfect way.

Finally as it is with any prayer,.. we give thanks with you and we give thanks for you. For your consciousness, for your soul and spirit, for all the guidance that has brought you to this moment and for all the guidance that will bring you all the way Home.

Home is where the heart is. So you can come home anytime you like. To listen to, trust and follow your inner guidance is to respect your self and dear ones that is the doorway of power here for the women of the world at this time.

To have the voice of the Goddess, of the mother and the crone, of the virgin and the child in your heart soul and spirit. And all the women who have come before you and all the women who will come after you…they are in loving acknowledgement of your freedom and your free will and of your willingness to let your heart guide you, to be of loving service to yourself and your world dear ones.

To be the inspiration, the example and yes the leader and the leaders of these energies and this love returning to your daily lives and the whole wide world in this lifetime of lifetimes.

You will always know when you’ve stepped in the direction which these energies and inspirations are calling you… Because things will happen better than you’ve imagined possible! That’s the gift of Love.

That’s you giving the gift to yourself and that’s the Universe acknowledging that gift in you.

Peace and Blessings

Divine Love Channel by Lou Martin *

Thank you! Peace and Blessings Lou 🙂

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Life Changes

An Attitude of Gratitude

beauty-girl resized

There have been some big planetary actions going on the last few weeks, which has been causing lots of change and growth. Have you been feeling it too? As I have been moving through these energies, I was thinking how important it is now to think about gratitude. Specifically, what are you grateful for?

Firstly though, what is all the hype about having an attitude of gratitude? Gratitude means to show thanks and appreciation for what is good in your life. When you feel gratitude, you feel pleased with the results of doing or having something good. It is feeling thankful and experiencing an effective, positive emotional state.

Experiencing an effective emotional state such as gratitude is like a tonic that leads to greater happiness and satisfaction in our lives. It is a powerful practice, that if you really feel it from your heart, it can lead to huge shifts in your perspective and behaviours. Practising gratitude daily can help you rewrite your story, and go from a life of lack and negative thinking to a life of positive energy and abundance that flows through you and all around you.

Some years ago, when I was very ill with autoimmune dis-ease, I had a psychologist advise me to write three things that I am grateful for every night before I go to bed. I was in such a negative state at the time, I was in despair, I was very ill, in an immense amount of pain, physically and emotionally. So, I really struggled to find three things that I was grateful for each day.

Mostly I was just grateful for a roof over my head, my comfortable bed, and my cat and so most nights, I would write the same three things over and over. However, as time passed, I noticed I was beginning to find more to be grateful for, such as being able to cook myself a nutritious meal or grateful I had meditated that day and given myself some healing. As the months went on, I noticed instead of writing just one line per gratitude, it turned into full sentences, then paragraphs, and sometimes full pages of things I was truly grateful for in my life.

This was an incredibly powerful process for me. It allowed me to take the focus away from the pain I was experiencing and focus on what was positive in my life. It truly shifted my perception and helped change the neural connections within my mind. It allowed me to be more compassionate with myself and more truthful for how I was feeling and what I wanted in my life; what I would not allow anymore and what I could allow. It gave my life so much more meaning and lifted my energy higher so I could start healing the dis-ease running through my body.

That was several years ago now, and I still practice gratitude daily. I keep my gratitude journal beside my bed and write in it most nights. I practice gratitude when I am driving, and I even have reminders in my phone to give thanks for all the wonderful things I have. I give thanks for my family, my friends and having deep connection in my life. I give thanks for my thriving and successful business, helping people change their lives. I give thanks for having the flexibility in my business for my own self-care. And every day I give thanks for my strength, health, the happiness I have created, knowing who I am and my purpose in life.

Having an attitude of gratitude is a powerful way to transform your life. It helps to reduce stress and depression and improves the quality of your being. It helps you feel healthier, stronger, happier and more aware of the abundance around you. The more you practice, the more you enjoy and appreciate. It is such a simple action to take on as a daily influence that helps you rewrite your whole story. So, I ask you now, what are three things that you are grateful for today?

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Life Changes

My mother’s voice


I know I can hear her.

She is the gentle wind that brushes through my hair while sharing a tune that is filled with sweet soprano rhythm.
The music is of a sound that whispers her voice and caresses each note like a fragile white petal does the bud.
I close my eyes as my hair waves in directions that frees my soul. 
As it covers my face as I look down, covered in tears from the voice of the wind that is all familiar to me.
The tears move like streams and ripples that home natures creatures.
Just like I was once home in her arms as she spoke sweet words of music as I closed my eyes at night.
Just as the moon rose, I slept to the rhythm of her voice. 
Just as the sun rose, I woke to the rhythm of her voice.
Do you hear her?
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Life Changes

Letting go by Listening


A dear friend of mine shared with me that, while she was receiving an amazing Lomi Lomi massage, at the point where she felt the connection going back to the womb, she realized that she couldn’t feel anything. And she got really frustrated by it. So at the point where she realized she couldn’t feel anything she judged it. Because in her eyes it was not a good thing. She was not supposed to feel, or not feel,  that. And that moment is the moment where our body, our soul, is whispering to us…. giving us a message.

Most of the time we don’t want to hear it. Because it usually doesn’t feel good. And so we try to suppress things, emotions, feelings, niggles. Things that we are not comfortable dealing with, things we are not “supposed” to feel. Things that don’t sit well. Things we don’t have time for. But by suppressing it, we actually make it bigger. Just hidden.

But our body knows. And so does our soul. We may get sick, our stomach may be constantly uncomfortable, we may be exhausted but don’t really know why.

To connect with yourself, to really communicate with yourself, starts with listening. REALLY listening. It is allowing, accepting and letting. Without judgment. Accepting, welcoming and thanking what is.

Right here in that moment… is where healing can start to take place. Where things can be released and let go of.

It is about being present. Listening presence we call it (in CranioSacral Touch)

Can you remember the last time someone REALLY listened to you? Without judgment, all accepting and present. If you haven’t, how do you think that would make you feel?

For me… it is something so disarming that my body can do nothing else but let out a sigh of relief. Probably with tears to follow. Or during.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, embrace the emotions that come with it. Don’t push them away. Accept them as they are, thank them -and your body for bringing it up- sit with them for a while and really feel them, until you feel the energy change.  That is real communication right there. By letting go you will first have to start with acknowledging and accepting.


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Life Changes

You can take only what I give


You can take only what I give

“Your eyes pierce me as you look from a far.

I stop with fear.

Your gaze has me still as you talk with your eyes

I stand with fear.

Your rays of heat that penetrate from your eyes, burn mine.

I shiver with fear.

You blink as you step closer, yet your eyes don’t move.

I sigh as I remember how tired of fearing I am.

You can take only what I give.

I give you no more. ”



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Life Changes

The Secret!!


To Self-Realisation

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been speaking to a lot of people, and there’s one thing that strikes me the most!


Talk, but to talk freely, express our true feelings, our fears, our concerns, our worries….



Because our main fear, is judgement! That people are going to think I’m weird, stupid, crazy, strange, nuts, insane, wrong and right, the list is long!


How does this impact on your life?


There’s NO manual to life…

Were you given a manual the day of your birth?


Since our birth we’ve LEARN’T rules of life, conditions, pictures, thoughts, experiences that we’ve believed to be our manual of life.

This being learnt from our parents, our siblings, friends, family members, media, school, books, TV…

But where did they learn? Where was their manual!

Society, yes our society for centuries ago have been creating rules for living, for life, so we’ve allowed ourselves to carry this on, thinking this is the way to life, my life.

Just spend 2 minutes looking as far back as you can to trace the manual for life…

There isn’t one!….

Society have created these rules, and one being, judgement! Fear of what others will say..


Are we not human beings who have feelings, thoughts, emotions that are totally unique to us?..

There is nothing truly wrong with how we feel and think, if we were to accept our own true feelings, thoughts, there wouldn’t be judgement!

Control is yet another man-made society rule, we so badly want to control every situation, when we judge we want to control a situation or person, because we’ve painted a picture in our own thoughts, heads that it shouldn’t be that way!



So, we place judgement on that person, situation and suffering begins!

Hurt, betrayal, hatred, upset, fearful, concerned, worried, angry, pissed off again the list is endless..

Most of us keep our lips sealed, we don’t share our true thoughts, feelings emotions because of the fear of rejection.

And we then keep our lips sealed to our own selves!

How bloody bonkers this that!

We start to lie to ourselves, we hide away from our own feelings, thoughts, emotions, we lock them away!

We start to act out, we turn in to somebody we are not, we turn unhappy, we turn to outside resources to fill that void inside of use, that’s truly beating us up. In some case’s we start to believe the person we are not! We get so entangled in the story we tell ourselves we believe is so true, but there’s this small niggling thing at the back of our heads trying to wake us up!

I’m here to WAKE people up!


IT’S OK!!….

To have your thoughts and your feelings, to know that you are completely safe to express, to share them to yourself…

Nothing BAD is going to happen to you when you start being honest with yourself!

When you start to accept your true feelings of how you feel and accept that its ok, you start to learn about the true person you are, the loving nature you truly are.

Your fears, your worries, your concerns will start to slip away and you’ll be left with an awesomeness of a person you truly are…

I offer a completely safe place for people to truly express their honest feelings, their true thoughts, their emotions without any judgement what so ever, I provide a safe place for people to learn who they truly are as a person, to have that awesome self-realisation that awakens them.

This is truly magical, and that I’m blessed to be a part of.

If you would like to look into this or sign up for a group self-realisation programme, please contact me.

Love to you all

Kerry M


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