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Master Your Marketing-Mindset In 4 Simple Steps


If your intention, your purpose for being in business is good, then you have no reason not to market yourself. If you are not happy with your personal marketing style and marketing in general, it’s time to get your marketing-mindset into gear. 

What we believe in our mind enables us to act, to create or to reach what we want to achieve, or it keeps us from getting there. Either way, our mind is very powerful, and it is always our choice how we use its might. 

Marketing Makes All The Difference

To market and not to market yourself is likely the difference between your business being known or not. Marketing is the difference between your mission being known and understood, and not. 

You need to have your marketing-mindset working for you instead of sabotaging you. 

Many of us have negative beliefs, consciously or unconsciously, which make us feel uneasy when it comes to marketing ourselves. Here’s the thing, if you are not comfortable with your personal brand’s presentation, your delivery can come across as sounding fake. Which may be precisely the impression you are hoping to avoid. Wouldn’t it be great to feel 100 percent comfortable with your personal brand and have the right marketing-mindset? 

How do you experience marketing in general? Are you aware how your marketing-mindset is programmed?

When people hear the word marketing, many think immediately of false promises, manipulative tactics, and selling for the sake of selling something. And many small businesses and solopreneurs state that they feel obliged to do that kind of marketing too, to make their business work. 

Your beliefs play a massive part in everything. If you have a mindset that is consciously or unconsciously holding you back, it can make any goal or vision stay on paper, instead of becoming a living reality. 

That’s because your mindset can affect the actions that you take (or don’t take) and the results that you get. 

What are limiting beliefs and where do they originate?

Limiting beliefs are those which constrain us in some way. 

Your mind works in a way that it takes on all beliefs that you’ve accepted willingly or without noticing and which your mind believes to be true. There is a belief system running in the background that continuously shapes how you think, feel and act. Limiting beliefs serve as filters of your reality that is shaped by our experiences. 

Our beliefs can be formed from a very young age and throughout our education and lifetime in all areas of our lives. 

You can notice it in your negative self-talk, when you catch yourself saying or thinking things such as: 

  • I cannot do this because
  • I am not good enough because…

If you find yourself repeating some phrase over and over in your mind chatter, you should realise that it’s a limiting belief that you have. The more you repeat it, the more your mind believes this is true. 

The good news is that once you are aware of the beliefs that aren’t supporting you in your business and marketing, you can choose to start to change them to supporting beliefs. 

You may hold some negative beliefs about marketing and branding, which may not be helping you, and which you are blissfully unaware of, i.e. you may think some or any of the following: 

  • Marketing is manipulative.
  • Marketing is pushy.
  • It is just about selling, regardless of whether the product or service is needed.
  • I am not an expert at marketing myself.
  • There are many others already offering the same services.
  • If I put myself out there, it seems ridiculous, not professional enough, etc.

Eliminating from whatever is blocking you from taking action and getting results is one of the best foundations for all your business work. 

How can you get rid of your mind’s limitations and create the right marketing-mindset?

  1. Become aware what belief gets in your way and acknowledge that you have this belief. Accept it’s just a belief; it’s not the truth!
  2. Ask, is this is really true? Or do you just believe it is true? Do some self-inquiry here. Mostly, you’ll find out it is not true for you anymore or just a perception of something you were made to believe.
  3. Choose to let got of this blocking thought and let it vanish.
  4. Choose what you want to believe instead. Play around and find what you want to believe that supports and serves you in reaching your marketing, business or life goals.

It is a simple as this! 

Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.

(Theodore Roosevelt)

I think this is a good starting point to accept and make use of your mind’s power because you shouldn’t underestimate the power of having a marketing-mindset that is working for you instead of sabotaging you.   

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Master Your Facebook Live – Top Tip #6

Yael Rose – Top Tip 6

Master Your Facebook Live



Connection and interaction are the two things you really want to master in your Facebook ‘Lives’. Think of a face-to-face interaction, how would you do that effectively? And then, translate it online. Here a few tips that will help:

– Firstly, look them in the eyes. When you meet with someone in person, you will be looking them in the eye most of the time, right? So, in your ‘Live’, make sure to maintain eye contact as much as possible so your audience feels you are present with them.

– Acknowledge your viewers when somebody comments or likes your ‘Live’ don’t ignore them. Call their name and thank them for being there. They are giving you a piece of their precious time, so that’s the least you can do.

Remember that people love to be heard and seen. Make your viewers feel important, make them feel special – because they ARE!

I hope this helps.

Please let me know your thoughts below / if you have any questions or how are you getting on with your ‘Lives’

Yael xx

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Master Your Facebook Live – Top Tip #3

Yael Rose – Top Tip 3
Master Your Facebook Live
OK this is a HUGE one when it comes to Facebook Live. I hear this all the time…‘What if I forget what to say?’, ‘What if I make a mistake?’.
Here is what I’ve learnt:
1. Perfect is boring
Ever watched a live talk show or the news and the presenter stumbled on their words? Wasn’t No one can go live and have everything be perfect. And who wants that anyway!
2. Mistakes make you human. Please don’t worry about making mistakes, or not looking perfect. Some of my most popular videos have been when my kids come in the frame, climb all over me, etc. I’m not saying you have to do that but get this: Not being perfect / making mistakes makes you human! And guess what? People trust human. And as you know – People do business with people they trust.
Hope this helps and as always let me know your thoughts, ‘yeah but’s’ or questions below.
Yael xx
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Master Your Facebook Live – Top Tip #2

Yael Rose – Top Tip 2
Master Your Facebook Live
TOP TIP #2 :
The title of your broadcast is one of the most important parts of your Facebook ‘Live’.
If the subject doesn’t grab your audience, they won’t even tune in to watch in the first place.
So before you broadcast please consider for a few seconds – is the title relevant to my audience? Is it relevant to what I do? And to what I’m actually about to speak about?
Something I sometimes do is make it a little controversial / mysterious so it makes people curious. But of course I still keep it on-brand and relevant.
Also remember to make it short and sweet. Keep your entire life story for the actual ‘Live’ 😉
✨Take it further:
(AKA optional homework 😉
In the next couple of days notice ‘Lives’ that grabbed your attention and note down what they were titled. Remember not to copy others, as you want your own essence to come through. But do use this exercise for inspiration and noticing what works.✨
And questions, comments, I’d love to hear from you below or in private message. 💖
Good luck and let me know how you got on!!
Yael xx
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Master Your Facebook Live – Top Tip #1

Yael Rose – Top Tip 1

Master Your Facebook Live

TOP TIP #1 :


This is something that comes up a lot when clients share what scares them about doing Facebook ‘Lives’.

My top tip is… be really gentle with yourself, intend and plan. Here’s how…

    Remind yourself you have a special gift to share with the world and someone out there needs to hear your message today. No one is perfect and it’s OK to make mistakes.
  2. INTEND:
    Before you go ‘Live’ take a moment to gather your thoughts (you can pause and mediate if you wish):
    What is it that you really want to share today?
    What do you want the viewer to come away with?
  3. PLAN:
    Think of 2-3 bullet points that you definitely want to remember to share, and write them down
    (writing will help you memorise but you can also refer to the paper while you are ‘Live’)

Good luck and let me know how you got on!!

Yael xx

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I Ain’t Perfect You Know 🌈


“If you think it’s all unicorns and rainbows round here you’ve got another thing coming”…

I want to let you in on a secret today. Promise you’ll keep it to yourself, yeah? OK.

You see all those pretty photos I post on here?

For every one photo you see, I have 9 similar on my phone. You know, where my face looked too fat, the light wasn’t right or made me look older, some where I’m pulling a funny face…

And you know those happy family videos you watch on my page? For each one of those idealic scenes I have 9 others too. Scenes where the kids were trying to kill each other, where I’m screaming from the top of my voice ‘stoooop it!!!!!!’, where everyone is tired or hungry or just had enough.

So if you think it’s all unicorns and rainbows round here you’ve got another thing coming.

I ain’t perfect and I’ll never be.

Why am I sharing this with you today? Because it’s important that you know that…

REAL life happens. ALL the time. And it is perfectly fine when things aren’t perfect.

And to those of you in business (or not) – it’s even fine to admit it and share it on your social media. It’s what makes you human, relatable, and believe it or not – even trust-worthy.

I know you started your business because you desired to make an impact in other people’s lives. I know you have something of value to share with the world. But how are your potential clients meant to find you, if you are the world’s best kept secret?

So today – go ahead and post something, or go a step further and post something… vulnerable. Something imperfect. I’ll be right here to virtually hold your hand and remind you it’s OK.

Let me know what reaction you got and how it made you feel.


Yael xx

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Divine Phoenix Awakening – DWA – After stillness and quieting the mind a Phoenix awakens from the ashes

Untitled design (78)

I have been silent for a bit. I was creating space & using my soul gifts in my own business…. to do some fine tuning and getting into alignment.

You see, when one has a super magical & potent Soul gift that actually creates immediate results & defies all logic it can be downright frightening to fully step into it and fully align with it.

I share my story with you so that you can see the process of my transformation & waking up from the ashes so that I could unfold my wings and fly.

Over the course of being in a marriage for 20 years, I helped to create and build trucking companies with my husband…8 different times. He had an issue where he would fall asleep while he was driving and wreck the semi. Essentially we would have to start all over again because of the downtime of insurance companies and getting a new truck and licensing and all of that.

I then went on to owning and operating my own stone and landscape supply company. Here is where I discovered my magic and started to become aware of my gifts and how to use them.

I have the gift of alchemy, which means I can literally create something from nothing. I do this by what I calls energy tuning. When I communicate with the business and it’s owner energetically, I am then able to see where the blocks are.  

What happens next is nothing short of magic. I energetically pull all the possibilities that are available from the Universe, funnel it to the business through the owner, while simultaneously clearing all energetic blocks in the umbilical cord between the owner and the business so that inspired action can be taken.

The last time we built his trucking company, he had the largest fleet of trucks in the area. The checks that were flowing in were upwards of $74K every 2 weeks, this was the whole second year of operating this particular time. That’s over 1.5 million a year. The first year was just $6 under 1 million that was created.

My stone and landscape supply company was similar. My first year in business with it, I was repairing an interesting rep from the previous owner. Even with all the cards stacked against me so to speak with competition, interesting reputations, being a woman in a “man’s” business, and zero previous knowledge of running that kind of a business, I generated almost $300K in my first year. When I chose to follow my heart and create a coaching business where I could operate from anywhere and not be confined to a brick and mortar building….I actually had to triple my price of the business to sell it.

With my clients now, I take them from having zero business and not knowing what their soul gift is to increasing their income by 5 and 800% and continue to create that with them and myself. I work with clients that have existing businesses as well…..the results are the phenomenal. My first month in my global online coaching business I generated $2000 in a couple days, with seemingly piddly busy work and went on to do $6000 in my second month in one day.  

I am here to tell you it is not necessary to downsize your life to follow your soul purpose. It is not necessary to take time to build your soul purpose business. You can do it over night. Quantum leaps are possible. It does not have to take time. I know that to be true when you are living in alignment with your soul frequency.

Previously, in the times where I abandoned my truth and was living a lie based on the illusion of fear, completely in misalignment with my soul frequency……sales in my business dropped….significantly. I almost ended up losing my business and my home. I was depressed, I had anxiety, I believed everything I was being told by those closest to me that I was terrible at business and would never succeed. My body was going through horrible bouts of hormonal imbalance and my marriage fell apart. My oldest son was living in another state going to technical school and ended up in the emergency room unable to sleep for days on end, with depression and anxiety and suicidal.

I dropped my entire life in Colorado and moved to Arizona to rescue my son…..who I didn’t know it at the time, was actually rescuing me. It wasn’t until I could step away from the negativity of the marriage, and from the negative space that trying to fit in creates, that I could actually see what was going on and begin to change it.

I was no longer accepting the illusion and I made the choice to find out what my soul purpose was and to function in alignment with that and ONLY that. Deep down I knew that nothing was wrong with me and the things I knew were possible were not the illusion. I decided now is the time. I have come out as myself. Everywhere, always, with everyone, with no apologies, no matter the consequences.

When I made this choice, I had no money of my own. My husband at the time was fully supporting me and my 2 youngest children. I was living off the generosity of him and his desire for our children to not be put in daycare.

I speak from a deep understanding of how the energetics of things work and function. I speak from experience of having used these principles to create massive change in my life as well as my clients. I share my story with to show you what is possible.

I have a deep understanding of how the energetics of things work and function. From 20 years experience in business and creating businesses, I also have a deep understanding of how things work in the physical world as well…..and the programming and beliefs that society has determined how business works and doesn’t.

When people work with me, they show immediate results in thier money flows. My clients have gone from not knowing what their Soul Gift is to uncovering it and increasing their income by 500 – 800%. I work with Business owners, Coaches, Healers and Entrepreneurs.

I am your Million Dollar Muse

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Empathy and your Successful Business


If you’ve been in marketing (or marketing for your own business) for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of this formula: Name the Pain + Intensify the Pain + Offer your Solution = Engaged Customer, Ready to Buy.

And as you may have deducted, it’s rarely that easy.

There are a number of ways in which it’s more complicated than that; however, I’d like to talk about just one thing that can drastically change the effectiveness of this type of business marketing.

It’s related to ‘Name the Pain,’ and yet, it’s so much more.

It’s Empathy, and believe it or not, it’s essential to sales, branding, marketing…and business in general.

Let’s talk about why it’s important and how you can put it to work for you.

Build your Brand with Empathy

Anyone can name a problem. I could ask you about a problem you’re having, find others like you and describe the problem. At first blush, they might believe that I have a handle on what they’re going through; that I really do understand. However, it won’t take long for them to discover that I really have no clue.

And this, my friends, is worse than never naming that problem in the first place.

Instead, I always recommend solving a problem that you’ve suffered through personally. This will benefit your marketing efforts because you will be able to speak to your younger self (before you solved your problem), and so your language will be genuine and you will gain instant credibility. It will also work to show your potential customers that you are empathetic to their plight, and who doesn’t want that? Add to that the fact that you’re a success story—one they want to emulate—and you’ll be far more likely to make headway in your industry.

There are, however, times in which your customers will be going through things you haven’t experienced. Sometimes, subsequent problems will crop up. Or maybe their problems are a bit different because they’re experiencing them in a different culture, or during a different time period.

In those cases, don’t abandon mission. Instead, work to develop empathy for your ideal customers. Here are some tips for doing so:

  • Experience it for Yourself: Once you’ve experienced something firsthand, you can speak from a different place, and with deeper authenticity. Certainly, you can listen intently and do your best to understand; however, putting yourself through it will prove to be the best route. If there’s any way you can endure what your target audience (or a segment of it) is suffering, then do it. Your marketing will be more productive, but there’s something more: you will establish real relationships with your customers, which will foster loyalty and make your job more fulfilling.
  • Ask Lots of Questions: If you can’t experience what they’re going through (maybe they have a disease you can’t duplicate), you can put a maximum amount of effort into understanding how they’re feeling. Ask for willing participants, and then listen to everything they say. Imagine how it feels to be them. Take note of the language they use and the emotions they express. Now, imagine what it must be like to walk in their shoes, to feel what they’re feeling and convert that to meaningful communications.
  • Give Full Consideration to Objections: If you have not been through the exact thing your ideal customers are experiencing, then you’re bound to hold some preconceptions about what they’re enduring. And chances are some of those are nothing more than assumptions…they’re wrong. Know that when someone objects to something you’re saying, or to the way in which you’re describing their problem, it’s real…and they’re probably not the only ones who will have this opinion.

I hope that every time you hear ‘Name the Problem’ your mind opens to the ways in which you can show empathy for that problem. And I trust that in every campaign, and in every communication, you will strive to let your ideal customers know that you really and truly do understand what they’re going through—because you have gone through it yourself or because you have conducted extensive research and can say that you ‘get it.’

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What Gandhi can teach you about your inner game

mind Li post

You know the stats that most businesses fail and yet for every business that fails 10 others are started. Right?

I believe that far fewer businesses would fail if entrepreneurs would ensure that they have the mindset or inner game to grow their business with confidence. It takes more than having the perfect business plan on paper and marketing strategy. In fact, it takes the alignment of 3 mindsets.

The inner game is often the last place entrepreneurs look when they experience challenges in their business. So here’s your opportunity to explore that now with me.

Which of these scenarios apply to you?

  • Working 7 days a week
  • Not getting the results you want
  • Heading for burn-out
  • Feeling overwhelmed juggling business, clients, family, etc.
  • Feeling alone with nobody to talk to
  • Not living the lifestyle you went into business for in the first place
  • Growing too fast and can’t deliver
  • No work-life balance
  • Anxious about not being good enough
  • Comparing yourself to your peers
  • Fear of failure or success
  • Changing direction often
  • Not getting high-paying clients
  • Etc.

Of course what we all want as entrepreneurs is to have unlimited clients, grow our business with ease, make a difference, make loads of money and enjoy a lifestyle of freedom, fun, joy and abundance.

Is that too much to ask? Hell no! It is indeed possible if you have the inner game to get you there. Yes the key to business lifestyle and financial freedom is your mindset. It first has to happen inside you before it can be visible in your life.

Would you believe me if I tell you that the challenges or bliss in business you experience is due to your inner game?

Well this is indeed a fact and if your business is not performing the way you want it to, then your inner game is the first place you need to examine.

Mahatma Gandhi explained it so well:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

I’ve always had it that you can have a thought that you don’t believe. For example, I can have a thought that the sky is yellow, but I don’t believe it. A belief is a confirmed thought – a thought that you said yes to.

So when I saw Gandhi’s quote of “Your beliefs become your thoughts”, it got me thinking and then I realized that those thoughts that we have over and over again are actually our beliefs.

This is your inner game. The thoughts about your self – the self-talk that goes on in the back of your mind. Then you have thoughts about your capabilities, your clients, suppliers, cash flow, etc.

You see what you think about and observe on the movie in your mind with emotion, you create. It becomes real. As you think the signal goes out and the feeling brings the experience back.

What you need to become aware of are the thoughts that you repeat everyday. Are the thoughts that you repeat every day making your business and life a party or not?

If not, then you are effectively living in the past, experiencing it again in the present and projecting that to create your future, because these thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies.

We have about 60 000 thoughts every day. If you have the same thoughts and doing the same things, seeing the same people, talking about the same things, having the exact same routine, then you are living in the past.

As humans we are creatures of habit. It is true that the habits you have now, will only get you what you are getting now. Just one thing to add to Gandhi’s insight is that as you think you feel and as you feel you think and you take action depending how you feel.

Here’s an exercise for you:

Make a list of your habits and examine backwards how your actions are a result of your feelings, words and thoughts:

  • What do you habitually do every day?
  • How do you feel most of the time?
  • What do you say to yourself and to others?
  • What do you think about?
  • What do you become aware of in terms of how your inner game reflects in your habits and the results you get?

Fortunately changing your inner game is easy as long as you are committed to it.

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Rituals – fad or game changer?

ritual 1 LI post

Actually we all have rituals in our lives. These are our strategies or habits that we execute every day. Unfortunately for most people their rituals do not lead to the results they want.

As you know, the habits you have now can only get you what you are getting now. I became acutely aware that I was very busy but not accomplishing much. I realized that I needed to create better habits.

When I started to deliberately introduce rituals in my life, a number of great things happened.

One such ritual is to reset my focus and it proved to be extremely effective.  I became more focused to stay with what I wanted to achieve for the day. What I am talking about here is to align my attention to my intention.

This was very important to me because before I took the time to re-focus I was all over the place.

I used to start with a task and then interrupt myself to do something else and before I knew it two hours had passed and I still hadn’t completed what I intended.

For example: I would start writing a blog when I remembered I had to follow up on an email or call. The blog writing would be out of my attention span. From the call or email, I would then do something else and so on and so on….

So although I had a goal, I would mismatch that goal. Of course procrastination, perfectionism and fear of failure all come into play and actually just became excuses to avoid the task at hand.

Sounds familiar? But why?

Many say this is typically a sign of ADHD, but it is not that.

No, this is not attention deficit disorder, it is intention deficit disorder.

When we have an explicit why we are doing something, self-discipline becomes effortless. This can only happen when we know where we are heading, why that is important to us and how the tasks we set out to do fit into that plan.

Previously I had sort of a plan and a mile-long to-do list without strategically knowing how it all fits together and moving the needle towards achieving my vision.

That has all changed. When I created a clear vision and set up the milestones and goals to get me there, I knew what, why and how that would move me forward. For the first time I could see real progress.

Now, one of my rituals every day is to start my day setting my intention and checking in hourly with myself on what I have been and am paying attention to. I check that it is aligned with my intention, acknowledge and count what I have accomplished, take a deep breath visualizing what the end product would look like and how I would feel. Then I would continue…

So what happened here…

  • First I took responsibility for my results
  • I decided what outcome I wanted
  • Next I created a strategy to achieve the outcome
  • Then I trained my brain to work in a different way and establish a new habit
  • I felt good and gratified achieving my outcome
  • That inspired me to do it again.

It is becoming easier to stay focused and complete tasks quicker, giving me space in between to breathe, relax and smile. I am doing from a whole new way of being.

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