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The Blessing Of Sitting Up: Five Simple Strategies For Living With Chronic Pain

Mandala paving stone before

I am no stranger to chronic pain, primarily related to my spine and especially my head.

Low back pain started in my twenties, when I replaced running with walking as my morning exercise. Low impact aerobics were better than no impact aerobics as far as I was concerned.

In my early thirties, recurrent neck and upper back muscle spasms, as well as arm weakness/ numbness/ tingling led to a neurosurgery workup. The myelogram that confirmed a herniated disc also resulted in severe complications (Dural tear and chemical meningitis), leaving me with a 24/7 headache that last three years.

Yes, three years. Yes 24/7. Unrelieved by medication. Relieved only by sleeping.

I would eventually undergo surgery, a cervical fusion, and three months later the headache was gone. Oh, sweet blessing of joy!

A couple years later, my “myelogram headache” returned, the result of another neck disc herniation. Treated with epidural steroid injections – three courses of three injections over the period of three years – I finally stepped away from my beloved Operating Room nursing. When people asked me if I missed the OR, I replied that I missed the work, but I did not miss the pain. I also liked to say that you can take the nurse out of the OR, but you can’t take the OR out of the nurse.

Life went on. Pain came and went. I lived with my degenerative disc disease, what I jokingly referred to as SFD (shit for discs) syndrome, and managed, with daily stretching and strengthening exercises, to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Which in the last twelve years has included international travel to over thirty countries and three adventure treks. Yes!

In early May, I slipped on damp pavement, became briefly airborne, then fell flat on my back. I received a free extra-large ice cream cone for my troubles. It was delicious.

And, indeed, my troubles began again. Brought to me by, among other spine problems, bulging discs and nerve root compression at multiple levels in my neck and lower back. And, worst of all, the return of my myelogram headache. My 24/7 companion. Still unrelieved by medication. Not a surgical candidate, I am currently undergoing physical therapy.

Some days, my bed and my exquisite down pillows offer the only relief from the pounding jarring pain in my head. It is a blessing to be able to sit up, even more so to move around and undertake simple household and outdoor activities.

I consider myself an expert on chronic pain.

Ever seeking the path to optimum health, and knowing that optimum is a relative term, I offer these five simple strategies to promote your best wellness possible.

Ill, Still, Chill, Fill and Will.

ILL: Accept, with love and compassion, that you are ill.

Stop resisting the pain; rather, play with the idea of leaning into it, accepting it. Accepting and loving yourself just the way you are.

Be aware of the sneaky side effect of chronic pain: difficulty concentrating. Don’t beat yourself up about this. It’s the way things are.

Place your hand(s) as close to the source of pain as possible and offer gratitude for all the times in your life that this part of your body sustained you and kept you going. Then offer compassion for the dis-ease you’re experiencing, and hope for better days.

Pace yourself. You likely have good days and bad days. Honor each of them. Be especially grateful for the good ones.


STILL: Be still and allow yourself time to rest.

Remember, you are not being lazy. Chronic pain consumes huge amounts of energy. And it also produces stress, a key culprit in many illnesses.

Take a realistic look at your commitments, and adjust them accordingly to free up more time.

Learn to say NO.

And learn to go slow, or at least as slowly as your life circumstances allow.

If necessary, arrange for someone to watch the kids for thirty minutes so you can rest in quiet. An over-the-ears noise reduction headset, soft calming music, and eye pillow offer added respite, even if only for a few minutes.


CHILL: If possible, chill the area of pain with a cold pack or gel.

If warmth feels better, use that.

You can use a frozen bag of peas or select from numerous products available online for both hot and cold therapy. Gel pads are my favorite.

Important! Be sure to limit use of hot or cold packs to twenty minutes at a time, waiting two hours before reapplying.


FILL: As much as possible, fill your time and space with that which nourishes you.

If you need help, ask for it. You are important and you deserve support.

Look around your space. What about it could you change, within reason, that would make you feel better?

Turn off the news. It’s an energy drainer. I like to say if it’s important enough I’ll hear about it on Facebook.  Speaking of Facebook… if you are a regular, pay attention to what you’re paying attention to. Move on from posts that drain your emotional energy. Give yourself permission to step away, unfollow, leave.

Turn on funny and inspiring YouTube videos. Here are some of my all-time favorites:

·       Laughing Babies:

·       The Nutcracker by Kodi the Cat:

·       Dog Wants a Kitty:

·       Paul Potts Sings Nessun Dorma:

·       Susan Boyle, Britain’s Got Talent:

·       Amira Willighagen – O Mio Babbino Caro:

·       Piano stairs –


WILL: Use your will power in the direction of health.

You may have to live with chronic pain the rest of your life. Yet remember, joy lives here too.

Make healthy choices about what you put in your body, trusting that your body will respond with better health. By the same token, if you’re having a really bad day and that sweet treat will soften your distress, enjoy it. My motto: moderation in all things, including moderation.

Move as much as you safely can. Take a slow walk. If that’s too much, move around the house. If that’s too much, move around on the sofa or in your bed. Contract and relax your muscles. Still too much? Then imagine walking, imagine moving, imagine contracting and relaxing your muscles

Ask your doctor for an order for Physical Therapy. Those PTs have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves to promote support and healing.

Be willing to release that which no longer serves you. Are you holding on to items or beliefs you no longer need? Clearing the space in your head and your home allows the creation of a new, healing flow.

Your pain may or may not change; your heart and spirit definitely will… for the better.

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5 Period Myths Debunked and 5 Tips For Happy Periods

5 period myths 5 period tips

I spent the first 20 years of my menstruating life HATING my period.

It was so painful that I threw up for days from the pain. I would break out into a cold sweat, shaking so badly I couldn’t stand. I often passed out right before my period. Imagine explaining that your friends in high school. I used the food poisoning excuse until I couldn’t use it anymore.

PMS— the mood swings controlled me and I felt like a spectator rather than a driver of my life. It was horrific. I was on Birth Control and Narcotics just to get through a day of high school, but it didn’t work!

With that said, I am no longer in pain. In fact, I love my periods now. So much so that I’m, The Period Coach. Now I help women end their PMS and Painful Periods, so they too can have beautiful, powerful periods!

Periods are such a taboo topic that there are many myths floating around. One of the first steps in finding the power in your period is to debunk the myths around our period.

Here are five myths that I want to debunk:

  • Painful Periods Are Normal

A healthy period is not painful. I am the living proof of that. Cramps, bloating, headaches, migraines, all these painful symptoms are an indication that there is an imbalance in your body.

Tip: Use Clary Sage essential oil in a carrier oil on your abdomen over your womb to help ease cramps. Clary Sage has been used by women throughout the centuries to help ease pain, even in childbirth! As with any essential oil, be sure to test it on a small part of your skin before using to see if any irritation occurs.

  • Mood Swings Are Normal

Just like pain, if you get extremely moody or bitchy as you get closer to your period, hormonal imbalances are most likely the culprit.

Tip: Passionflower tincture can be very helpful in making overwhelming mood swings gentler. If you are charting your cycle daily add in good fiber like buckwheat after you ovulate until you get your period.

  • Sugar Cravings Are Just Part Of Being A Woman

Many women express a desire to eat sweet treats and junk food around their periods. I have also seen this notion being publicized as marketing campaigns for products and services. I hate this! It fuels our addictions and makes ALL our symptoms worse! Sugar is highly addictive, the more you eat the more you NEED.

Tip: Rather than going on a junk food binge, set yourself up for success by keeping high quality chocolate in your cupboards that’s not full of crappy sugar. Or make yourself a sweet treat like hot chocolate made from raw cacao and coconut milk, totally sugar free and SUPER satisfying!


  • Periods Are Gross

Let’s debunk that myth right now. Period blood is actually one of the easiest and most visible indicator of your health.

Brown blood, spotting, clots, really dark blood are all ways your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong. A healthy period blood is a beautiful bright red, even a little pink in color.

Tip: Using a menstrual cup or sea sponge can make seeing your blood so much easier. It can be awkward and uncomfortable at first but they are SO much better for you (and the environment) than disposable pads and tampons! Plus many women report a significant decrease in cramps when they make the switch. I’ve got lots of resources for using these products if you have questions.

  • Your Period Is A Curse

On the contrary. In fact your period is full of power and it’s just waiting for you to tap into it. Our period gives us a natural calendar to be in tune with. Think of a month as the time from one period to the next. When we listen to our body, we know that within one month we get to enjoy the four seasons, the spring, the summer, the fall, and the winter. These seasons then tell us what are we best at, what types of work we should focus on, and what type of food nurtures our body the most.

Tip: Try eating with your cycle. Print this picture out and stick it on your fridge. When you’re thinking about a snack or what to make for dinner try adding something in that you like!

There are so many myths about periods that almost all women are living needlessly in shame, embarrassment, and pain. I want to change all that, Period. That’s why I am curating The Red Circle Summit, a gathering of 27 experts that goes live May 26th! We will debunk the myths and celebrate the power in our periods. You can register for The Red Circle Summit here[].

Stasha Washburn is the foundHER of[] and The Period Coach for Entrepreneurial Women who want to enjoy PMS-free periods and learn to harness the power of their periods to operate their business literally in the FLOW! Stasha is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Qi Gong and Tai Chi Teacher who fuses both Western and Eastern practices in her coaching. Stasha blends scientific research with feminine ceremony to create a unique mind, body, energy approach.

Facebook: []
Instagram: []
Twitter: []

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How to Write a Book: Simple Advice from an Experienced Writer

lifegrid writing tips article
I am currently drafting my 7th book. I say 7th but I know it’s more than that but I have only published 6 on Amazon so that’s the number I stick to. In total, including novel drafts and ghostwrites, its probably closer to 20. Maybe even more.
But that’s not really important is it? You are reading this because you want to find out HOW to write a book. Okay then, but if you are expecting some magic formula, or a tip, trick or hack to get it written in a few hours, then you will be disappointed. Writing is a long term goal, not a short term one I’m afraid. You have to be in it for the long haul otherwise you will NEVER write a book – maybe not even a story (because yes, short stories are harder to write than full length books – or me anyway!)
What I can offer you are some tips and share some good habits to cement to help you on your writing journey. Things I have found helpful and bits of information I wish someone had bestowed upon me before I got started writing. That sound good?
Okay, so before you start writing you need to get prepped – and if you know me, you know that EVERYTHING can be done well with a little pre-planning.
  • Allocate some time. It can be as little as 10 minutes per day, or hours if you have them, but block out the time for nothing but writing. And take advantage of some of that ‘lost’ time during the day, like the bus journeys, waiting for friends to arrive, and before appointments. I get to places early so I can knock out a few words beforehand. You’ll be surprised how many extra words you can get written in the day just by utilising those snippets of time you usually waste on your phone, Facebooking your life away.
  • Find somewhere comfortable to write. This might be at a desk, a dining table, on the sofa, or at a coffee shop. Try a few spaces and see what works for you. I have an office but I struggle to write there, so I’m usually tucked up on one end of the sofa or sitting late at night at the dining table tapping away with my legs folded up around me. Wherever you find your spot, guard it with your life and make it the first place you go when you feel the urge to put pen to paper.
  • Have your necessities on hand. For me its my trusty MacBook (or iPad if I’m out and about), a pen and pad, a glass of squash or a cup of coffee. You might need other things or nothing at all, but have what you need – and nothing else – within arms reach.
  • Know your writing noise. Some people have to have silence, and others need some noise in the background. Find what works for you and have it playing (or not playing, as the case may be) when you sit down to write. For me, I am used to noise – I have 2 kids under 5 and a husband without a mute button – so I have the radio on ClassicFM or CBeebies jabbering away keeping the little ones entertained for a while.
  • Most importantly, turn off or mute EVERY single notification or bleep of every device. Your writing time should be sacred and nothing should disturb you once you get started (except maybe the aforementioned kiddies). Keep them on and you’ll find you get bugger all written because you keep losing your focus.
  • Have a bit of a plan. Yes, you could have a full page-by-page plan, but you may also only have a title or a few chapter headings with bullet-pointed ideas. It doesn’t matter which, just have some kind of plan that works for you that keeps your writing on track – meaning you are less likely to veer off into waffletown and bollocksville! Refer to the plan as you go along and make notes where needed – a good extra tip here is write your notes in red in the actual document. It keeps them where you want them, keeps everything all together, and they’re easy to find later on when you want to work on them.
Now you are ready to write. Well, almost.
One last thing before you start, turn off spellcheck and hide the word count. These are distractions you don’t need when writing a first draft. These matter later but NOT right now. NOT at the beginning. While it’s nice to know how much you have written each day, you don’t need to be able to glance down and be distracted by the 16 words you’ve written in the last 5 minutes. This will knock your confidence and stop the flow of words from brain to page. The same goes for spellcheck. You can fix them at the end when the draft is written but fixing them as you go along breaks the flow and slows the writing process. The key thing to remember is that you can fix a draft, but you cannot fix what has not been written. Apply this also when you feel the need to go back and edit as you write – leave it, make a note and come back to it later. You’ll probably have changed your mind by then anyway!
So, what’s my final piece of advice to you about how to write a book? The simplest bit of all. JUST WRITE. Nothing else matters but the words, and getting them out of your head and onto the page. Yes, you’ll probably think most of them suck on a daily basis but that’s a worry for another day, not today. Today is all about telling the story or sharing the information. And as long as you can get the words on the page, and you keep at it until you have no more words, you WILL have a book … in a few days maybe, weeks probably, years if you must.
How do I know this is true? Because I have 6 published works on Amazon and another on the way … and you could too, with a little time and patience.
So, you know HOW to write a book … are you ready to write yours NOW?
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Man Flu – It’s a real deal!

Man Flu

Man Flu, it really is a thing and there’s no doubt that as Men, we are not immune to this disease and women, they seem to carry a form of immunity to this disastrous disease.  Women must surely have a form of super strength DNA thing as they can juggle being a full time mother, running courses, talking with friends, cooking meals, doing the groceries, never sleep and they still find time to have to themselves.

Perhaps the story of Wonder Woman is more reality that then stories of The Flash, Superman or Batman. Researchers at Standford University School of Medicine believed that something about testosterone levels are linked to the effectiveness of flu vaccines which is why the men appear to wimp out in the face of the flu. It’s a biologicial thing!

The Tesco Man Flu Survival Kit

This research said that the male with higher levels of this hormone were found to have a weaker, or no response to the flu jab. So they’re pretty much saying that it’s a hormonal thing for men with the flu.

Death by Man Flu

It also said that men with lower testosterone had an immune response more or less equivalent to that of a woman.

Another research article by Harvard University said that estrogen in women allowed them to have a stronger immune systems that are more resistant to respiratory illnesses.

They say that it is believed that man suffer Man Flu more because they are more likely to engage in risky behaviours that compromise their immune system. The researchers suspect it is possible men evolve less effective immune systems.

Either way… Man Flu it is a real thing! Do not mock us men, it is because we do not have this wonder woman gene that women have. It took some time to try to understand why there was so much down time when it came to the flu for Men, it’s because we lack the superior genes that is found in women.

You can read the empirical evidence found on Science Daily here.

Here are a few tips on surviving Man Flu

  • Brace Yourself – Man Flu is coming and dope up on Vitamin C.
  • Don’t give it your family, or pets!
  • You will live.. just, but you will live!
  • Give yourself sympathy, because no one will give it to you.
  • Get plenty of rest, no need to try to be He-Man in the recovery process.
  • Get the Man-Flu shot next year.


Stay safe, stay manly, avoid Man Flu.


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My Dad is visiting from Italy!


Ok I know you think I am a slaver but honestly my dad loves being involved within the business. In the past he has been a director of multiple banks, so he definitely knows how to crunch numbers.

One day we were talking about my business and he was asking how many clients I needed to have per month to be able to achieve my ideal income. I then realised that I needed to be more aware of my numbers, so we did! I now have total clarity of how to double my business again!

So now if you think about your business you should ask yourself how many people would you like at the bottom of your funnel, the bottom/narrowest part of your funnel being your highest paying program/service.

Take Action: Grab a piece of paper and a pen and draw your sales funnel like the diagram below. 

Once you have done that, all you need to do is work your way up towards the top of your funnel and working on a 10% conversion rate- ask your self how many people do you need in the middle of you funnel?

For example if you want 10 people in your highest paid program you will need 100 people in your presentation/introduction. To have 100 people in the presentation you will need 1000 people in your data base.
Makes sense???

So at the end of the day business is a numbers game, grow your network, grow your numbers, grow your business, BOOM!

I am teaching this a lots more at my Follow Me Half Day Workshop, I am about to go on a national tour so click HERE to check when I will be in your city!!!
Love and Live with Passion
Francesca Moi

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