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Guilt Does Not Serve You!

08-09-2017 – Guilt Does Not Serve You


I was chatting to one of my beautiful 1:1 Online clients last night & she was absolutely beating herself up about ‘breaking out’ and eating half a block of chocolate on Saturday.


So aside from the fact that she only began her health and fitness evolution 2 weeks ago (and therefore couldn’t possibly have mastered each strategy and process associated with long term health / weight management), it was ONLY half a Kit Kat!!

So let’s try to put a few things into perspective here….. because I know so many women GUILT themselves in GIVING UP ON THEMSELVES…..

1) The total caloric value of the consumed portion of Kit Kat was approximately 250 calories (only).
2) She’d already achieved 12 days of EATING WELL and had successfully reduced her daily caloric intake by over 1000 cals per day…. which still provided a comfortable allowance of approximately 1400 cals per day! (Woohoo – awesome effort)!!
3) She’d also exercised several times during the preceding 2 weeks! (Yay – good work gorgeous)!!

Do YOU think 250 cals is worth throwing the rest of your life away on?? And seriously…. she’d literally ‘guilted’ and ‘shamed’ herself out to such an extent, that she was considering throwing the towel in…. AND her aspirations of learning how to effectively manage her health for the long term!!


1) Guilt does NOT serve us well!! Effectively it’s a form of punishment…. & punishment is typically used to extinguish undesirable behaviours. The problem with that is, that unless you’re a masochist, you’re unlikely going to continue punishing yourself & therefore you completely give up on wanting to extinguish the ‘undesirable’ behaviours to begin with!

#1 Point Being: It is what it is. It’s done. It can’t be undone. There’s no point investing time and negative emotion on something that you can NOT change.

Straighten that crown of yours Darlin’…. accept it, learn from it and MOVE ON. Tomorrow is a new day with a clean slate!!
2) Punishment can have even greater, unforeseen NEGATIVE impacts!! If we are using guilt as a form of punishment in the hope that we’ll extinguish our ‘undesirable’ behaviours, we may also begin to subconsciously develop self-sabotaging behaviours (to over compensate or ‘pay-back’ for the punishment that we’re giving ourselves). Examples may include (but not limited to): relaxing portion control, maybe having an extra glass of wine each night, perhaps not exercising to the required intensity, potentially making up excuses why you ‘can’t’ exercise or ‘must’ go out for dinner, or ‘have’ to have that second large cappuccino… etc, etc.

#2 Point Being: Punishment is not an effective behaviour modification strategy if the goal is to achieve a long term, sustainable result. Enduring changes in behaviour are better motivated through the reinforcement (praise, reward, encouragement), of ‘desired’ behaviours. Examples may include (but not limited to), focusing on all the days you DID eat well, or all the times you DID exercise!

Straighten that crown of yours Beautiful…. you deserve to feel proud of the AMAZING achievements you’re making on a daily basis!

3) The All-or-Nothing approach is NOT an effective strategy!! If we want to achieve long term, sustainable results in terms of our health / weight management, we need to approach it with a well aligned ‘cognitive compass’. It’s completely unreasonable and unrealistic to think that we’ll never eat chocolate (or whatever our particular little ‘delight’ is) EVER AGAIN. So why do we think that we can ‘never’ enjoy it when we’re still in the early days of our health and fitness evolution?

#3 Point Being: You absolutely CAN NOT deprive yourself of every ‘delight’ you desire. The sooner you learn to understand and appreciate their ‘place’ on your menu and the quicker you learn to proactively manage their consumption (in moderation)…. then the better the opportunity for ‘positive behaviour reinforcement’.

Straighten that crown of yours Gorgeous, it’s time to learn how to ‘proactively manage’…. not just ‘D-I-E-T’!!

So…. the moral of the story??

My 1:1 Online client is feeling a lot better about herself. She’s no longer feeling guilty…. she’s praising herself for all the achievements she’s made thus far (including the loss of 1.5kg)….. AND, she’s now proactively choosing a time, place and appropriate amount of her ‘delight’ to enjoy in moderation!


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The Holistic Wellness Approach


When you think about detoxing you may be thinking of the removal of built up toxins in your body. You would be right to one degree. However, Holistic Health takes detoxing to another level. It’s not just about the waste from your body that needs to be eliminated.  

The Mind, Body & Soul Approach To Detoxing Means Eliminating:

  • negative thoughts you have going through your mind
  • negative emotions that weigh you down
  • relationships that have become toxic
  • stress from your work life
  • getting rid of debt
  • eliminating clutter around your home
  • your connection to others and so much more


Holistic Health focuses on the mind, body and soul. So, when it comes to detoxing we want to detox everything that no longer serves you or anything that is not making you shine.  If you tap into the messages your body is giving you, you will know when it’s time for detoxing.


6 Ways Your Body’s Telling You It Needs a Detox:

1. Headaches

Headaches are a feeling of overwhelm. You’ve taken on too much and you feel the pressure. A headache will make you feel tired, grumpy and will mess up your concentration levels. Headaches can be a sign of stress and it can also mean you have unfinished business and your mind is working overtime analyzing things from the past.


If your headaches have no real cause it’s a good sign that a detox will help you “take out the trash” and make you feel better. When you start the detox process your headache may get a bit worse as the toxins are stirring but once they have been eliminated you will feel amazing.


2.  Trouble Sleeping

Built up toxins in the body make your mind work overtime and stirs feelings in your body.   This affects your natural sleep patterns, as it’s difficult to feel relaxed and switch your mind off. When you feel agitated you will find it difficult to lie down and relax and will end up staying awake longer. The more you go against your natural sleep rhythm and patterns the less quality sleep you will have. Insomnia makes you feel more tired, irritable and can cause you to feel depressed.


Detoxing will help rid your body of the stress and pressure and you will feel lighter and more calm and relaxed. You can get back to a restful nights sleep and recharge yourself ready for your next awesome day.


3.  Constipation

When your body is overloaded with toxins it affects the major systems in your body including your digestive system. This causes all sorts of problems from constipation to IBS. It’s important to be eating the right foods for your body, to help your body with its natural cycle of eliminating waste.


If you already have a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and you’re still experiencing constipation then a detox will help you clean your colon and your digestive track so you can get rid of constipation. You might want to seek medical advice to make sure there is no bigger underlying issue.


4.  Aches and Pains In the Body

An overload of toxins in your body can cause inflammation in your body. It affects your circulation system and can create soreness and stiffness in different parts of your body. If you don’t have a good reason for aches and pains in your body then it could be due to the increased toxins that have accumulated which is impacting your bodies natural healing abilities.



5.  Low Energy

When your body has been storing toxins it puts a lot more pressure on your body to perform it’s usual functions. It can be draining and exhausting and you wouldn’t even be aware of it. Low energy can also be a result of poor nutrition. Whatever you eat will fuel your body and if you’re eating the right foods for you, you will have good energy to draw from.


If you’re eating processed foods, the nutrient levels will be low and you will experience highs and extreme lows from the sugar rush that generally is packed into the processed foods.


If you’re feeling tired most of the time and your energy reserve is low then it’s a good idea to detox your body of the built up toxins, detox your mind and let go of any unwanted feelings.


6.  Feeling Down in The Dumps

The food you eat impacts the way you feel. The food you eat provides energy and nutrition so your body can function to its best capacity. If you have been putting in the wrong fuel you will feel the effects through your skin, your energy levels, your ability to concentrate and focus and how you feel on a day-to-day basis.


If your body is accumulating toxins over a long period of time it can weigh you down, your thoughts become negative and your emotional state can be up and down. You may feel like you’re on a roller coaster of feeling good for a bit and then miserable and depressed. This can happen based on what you’re eating daily over time but it will largely come down to the toxins effecting how you feel.


Detoxing can help you let go of all emotional baggage, negative feelings and thoughts so you feel lighter, free releasing what is no longer serving you.


Tips To Detox Your Life Daily


As always the best way to be healthy and live an awesome life is to prevent as much negativity as possible. Be aware of the signs your body is speaking to you so you can take action and live with optimum health and vitality.


Be mindful and present in the moment so you can learn when your thoughts change and your emotions are triggered. Mindfulness is the key to learning more about yourself so you can protect your mind, body and soul from anything that doesn’t work for you.


Mindfulness will help you learn what foods are good for your body and which are not. Everyone is different and it’s not necessary to follow someone else’s eating plan as long as you are listening to your body you will know which foods agree with you and which don’t and which foods make you feel low in energy or recharged.


Keep up with your self care to ensure you are looking after your health in a holistic way. Be kind and respectful to yourself – always.


I find that taking time for meditation, yoga, grounding myself and using inspired affirmations from my e book help to keep me positive.

Find what works for you! Kisses!

Love and Light XO



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What is Health…”Really”

what is health really

My views on health have been forged through decades of life experience, clinic practice and deep thought. 

Having been in the health field for 39 years (oh my god!! I just triple checked that that was right,…god that’s a long time eh) I have seen lots of things, some go seemingly miraculously right and some go terribly wrong and many, many things just coast along with not much change at all.

There are times I have been cursed for making the persons life worse, praised for completely turning their life around and other times people are just happy to keep the status quo not shifting much at all and these I would call my “regular clients”, never completely fixing or getting much worse but just going up and down according to their life’s influences at the time.

The treatments I have done on people have varied from Body Work to vibrational therapies or simply taking the time to listen to them and over the years I have learned many healing modalities but basically I have treated all my clients with the respect they desire and tune in to what it is they would like to achieve without asking as much.

I tune in to the real person, the person beneath the facade of the body, the beingness of them, the core self, the soul…whatever you like to call it.

It is from here I perceive the blocks or the acceptance that gives me the open door to work from, to find out whether the need is to be fixed enough that’s acceptable or to use the treatment as a stepping stone to soar into their life.

My intent has been the same, to serve. The results as stated above have been dramatically diverse.

Over the years I have seen many things that have influenced  and helped me to think longer and deeper

  • A man trying to recover from end stage cancer by drinking bucket loads of carrot juice (he was orange!) What got me here was the late stage he decided to try this. Our understanding of the body is just so minimal.
  • A man who had lost the entire Temporal Lobe of his brain and was classified as a “vegetable” laugh. This is one of the miracles I witnessed and was totally due to the love of his family, he not only laughed, but got the full use of his body back and could also talk again…This is a story I will write about at a later time.
  • A young girl who hadn’t been able to walk for 3 months get up and walk after 2 weeks of bodywork – needless to say =she was overwhelmed as was her mum.
  • A young lady who had an incurable disease that was wasting her legs and causing the most severe pain completely recover after two bodywork sessions she was back at work and had completely changed her personal life after this.
  • People sob or laugh uncontrollably sometimes both at the same time and often for 20 mins after a bodywork session…highlighting the strong connection between the body and our emotional state.

I could go on, but there are way too many to remember for this post. Suffice to say even thought the treatment was the same whether from a medical point of view or a bodywork objective the outcome was widely varying.

So to get back to why I am writing this,

Health is a matter of whims, a matter of really wanting to get better, to stay the same, to prove you are normal no matter what the outcome (and this isn’t always a nice outcome), to be happy, to stay miserable, to follow the pack, to grow, to love, to heal, to suffer….the choice to heal is a personal one and can’t be judged or classified.

It is simply, to coin a ridiculously overused word….it’s a journey (god I hate what the media has done to our language).

A journey of discovery of learning what we don’t want, what we do want and what and how we can accomplish these things in our own way and maintaining our strength and integrity and………my aim is always to help people find their happiness, their fun, their joy and enthusiasm.

To envision colour, laughter, creativity and adventure in their lives.

Health is a vibrational manifestation of how we feel.

Never despair at how you feel… it will change, ALL things change All the TIME!

Nothing is static, we might like to think we can maintain a static life of being settled and secure, of knowing we have “made it” and it will all work out now, or that we have bummed out and really screwed ourselves and there’s no recourse, but no…

Life is change, it’s all about diversity and adjustment, adversity and acceptance.

The most important thing is to simply enjoy it and everything else will fall into place.


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No Fad Diets Here


A fad diet is determined by the temporary nature of it – and is usually followed by a group of enthusiastic people.

The media has managed to shame people into wanting to be the same as the celebrities, the wealthy, actors and models but not letting them into the secret – the mind-shift absolutely necessary to maintain that ‘thinness’ we so desire.

There is only one way to change your diet and it’s not by following a fad diet, it’s not a temporary change and it is a choice you do have to make alone.

That is to decide that it’s over – that you and your packets of chips, bottles of coke and packet food really need to part ways for you to be happy.

There are so many layers of unhealthy eating – there are those who:

  • Rely on packet food for daily taste sensations
  • Have a supermarket trolley full of white bread and coke
  • Eat way too much meat
  • Are vegetarian or vegan but still eat badly
  • Have a chronic illness and eat to fuel their cravings in an attempt to make themselves happy
  • Disbelieve food can make any change to their health
  • Eat take-away every day

This creates several different reasons to want or need to change your diet.

I used to eat a lot of meat when I was young. My parents both worked long hours so I was left to fend for myself mainly. There was always meat in the fridge and white bread – so that was what I ate – a lot. I now know why I had chronic severe and debilitating constipation, although I didn’t connect the dots then.

It was before the time of the connection between food and health had been realised.

Over the years my health became a real problem so I started to experiment with my diet, adding vegetables, removing sugar, dairy and meat and playing around with different food combinations.

Some of them included:

  • Eating carbs and protein at different meals
  • A very strict candida diet (yeast and sugar free)
  • Pritikin diet
  • Vegetarian diet, very high in sugar and dairy
  • Blood Type diet (I’m an O – which means I’m supposed to eat red meat but no dairy or sugar)
  • Wheat free
  • Detox diets
  • Elimination Diet
  • Fit for Life Diet
  • Macrobiotic Diet
  • Raw and vegan

I think that’s the lot.  As you can see I didn’t give up trying!! There is a stubborn part of me that is determined to find the combination of food that works best for me.

Not just making me feel well physically, but a food combination that suits me, makes me happy and is easy to eat, is tasty and I don’t have to worry about getting the right combination of protein, calcium and other vitamins and  simply because…….I eat what makes me feel good and there are only whole-foods in my fridge and pantry. Simple solution!

I know that if I have a bit of a craving then it’s ok to have some watermelon, a handful of nuts, cook up some brown rice or whatever suits me at the time. The balance is easy for me now.

It has taken me a while to figure it out though.

The main thing – the first thing to overcome is your mindset. 

Figuring out Why you want to change your diet is far more important than how you are going to achieve it. If you don’t have a good reason, one that lights you up and feeds your determination to succeed at this simple task of simply eating well then you may well have no good reason to stay there.

If it’s just to lose weight – well and good, but why do you want to lose weight?  Usually it would be a body image thing or maybe it’s a health issue. Either way it also comes down to self worth and realising that you are far more courageous than you thought.

Discovering that the food options are often based on emotional eating and old habits from childhood there is more hope to move on.

If you were able to create wonderful, feel good moments when you were younger and relate them to the foods you were eating at the time you can do the same now. It’s just a matter of understanding what they were and taking control of your decisions.

Letting go of anything in life whether it’s food, clothes, time or people  will leave you with a void you will have to fill again. This is quite often what stops people from continuing. 

All the more reason to ensure there is a plan and a solid decision and a great reason to leave one food choice and take on another.

The benefits far outweigh the perceived drawbacks – I can vouch for that.

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Stressed! Want to know how to release stress?



The concept of stress is a subjective topic, making it almost impossible to define by scientific standards. The current regime though describes stress as


Stress; a state of mental or emotional strain or

tension resulting from adverse or demanding



The concept of stress was first framed in the early 1930’s by Walter Cannon and Hans Selye, who individually created the first references to a “fight/flight” phenomenon, and General Adaptation Syndrome, or GAS as it’s known today. Both men were pivotal in the initial understanding of human physiology around stress. Cannon and Selye found that what is stressful to you may not be stressful to another person. The men took out an observation of their findings by getting a student and facilitator to take part in a parachute jump and the great parachute observation revealed a very different reaction between the student and facilitator, as anticipation sheer terror resulted in different hormonal reactions over the 12-hour period surrounding the event. It was indicated that in the event of the parachute jump, the feeling of stress can be beneficial and invigorating, despite the stressor itself. In this we came to understand that stress is much more about the perception of a stressor from one individual to the next. What stresses us all therefore may be related or completely unrelated.  So, what does this mean for you? It means that you are not a whinger or whiner, but instead you are unique.


Stress is generally generated from an over or under supply of the chemical cortisol, cortisol is produced in the adrenal cortex, within the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands have a direct relationship with our brain. Working side by side the adrenal glands and brain monitor and control the physiological response of stressors (emotional, mental, environmental or otherwise).

Stress is not just an excuse




More commonly referred to as the “Fight/Flight” mode, the warning stage is your body’s initial reaction to a stressor, and facilitates the physiological requirements for coping acutely with this stress.

Increased oxygen and blood supply to the necessary areas of the body, coupled with a spike in blood sugar are generally outcomes of this stage. Think losing your wallet or a trauma such as a car accident!



The resistance stage is required when the immediate stressor is not resolved within a normal time frame (i.e. warning stage stress) and basically suspends Parasympathetic Nervous System functions.

An increased functional capacity to adapt results from moderate term elevations of adrenal function and subsequent hormone output. Think financial strain, or losing a loved one.

During these first two stages, we essentially have “Hyperadrenal” function.  We are highly stressed, we know it, and we are doing whatever we can to fight and overcome it. Moods generally move more towards becoming anxious or highly sensitive and we feel stressed. Despite this, we are generally able to cope well and don’t show our stress via physical means.



This stage is a simple effect of the first two stages not being resolving in a reasonable time frame.

Your body simply has no other option but to take matters into its own hands. Generally, this occurs when we have failed to listen to the earlier stages of stress. It can be said that the exhaustion stage occurs due to the ignorance of what our mind and body is telling us. During the Exhaustion stage the adrenal function begins to stall, peak cortisol levels decline across the day and we enter the secondary adrenal phase of being what’s referred to as “Hypoadrenal” or having a cortisol deficiency.

We no longer get to enjoy the vast benefits of cortisol, as blood sugars become highly unstable, energy levels seriously decline, immunity impairs and we no longer have the capability to ward off inflammation.

When you enter this stage, you know it! These people generally wouldn’t refer to themselves as stressed anymore, as this new stage seemingly takes over.

The old stresses we used to feel may still be present to some degree, although we now start to show our stress physically via inflammatory disease (autoimmunity), aches and pains incl. fibromyalgia and a generalised lack of motivation for anything. This state is easily misdiagnosed as depression

and often is; suffice to say that depression seems like a reasonable symptom to feel at this stage.



Not expressed in its entirety by the GAS stress curve, Stage 4 is a very real and commonly found state of ill-health, where complete and utter adrenal burnout results in nervous breakdown. These people have simply failed to either identify or deal effectively with earlier adrenal maladaptation

symptoms, and now have a long road ahead. The great thing is that while it is a long road, it is a road and a road that can take you back to feeling the way you want and enjoy.


Signs that you are stressed or have cortisol imbalances:

If you have 3 or more of these symptoms, then it is advised that you take immediate action on your stress.


  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog/confusion
  • Waking tired despite adequate rest, Insomnia or problems getting off to sleep
  • Weight gain or inability to lose weight, particularly around the belly
  • Sexual disinterest
  • Infertility or erectile dysfunction
  • Fluid metabolism issues (inability to get rings off, puffy ankles, bloating)
  • Dizziness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Inability to cope with stress
  • Cravings for sweet or salty foods
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Higher energy levels at night (an actual second wind!)
  • Decreased immunity
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Chronic allergies
  • Muscle and joint pain;
  • Loss of hair
  • Acne


What can cause cortisol and stress?

  • Caffeine
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Saturated and trans fatty acids
  • Lack of sleep
  • Over working
  • Over training
  • Over eating
  • Financial instability
  • Trauma past and present
  • Loss or grieving


How to balance your cortisol levels and reduce stress:


INCREASE DOPAMINE: (Inspiration, focus & awareness)

  • Decrease sugar intake
  • Eat banana’s, almonds, apples, cherries, yoghurts, beans, eggs, meats, avocado’s, chocolate or any foods that have tyrosine in them
  • Reduce intake of caffeine
  • Sleep 7-8 hours as a routine and no more or less
  • Have an action plan to effectively deal with stress
  • Assure daily intake of Vitamin C and E.
  • Set small to do task and tick them off when complete
  • Do something creative (write, draw, colour, make something)
  • Exercise
  • Listen to music
  • Meditation
  • Release toxins out of body


INCREASE SEROTONIN: (Wellbeing & Control)

  • Increase B6 with foods such as cauliflower, greens, spinach, garlic, fish, chicken, turkey, lean beef, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet
  • Exercise
  • Get sun
  • Have an action plan to effectively deal with stress
  • Decrease sugar intake
  • Increase L-Tryptophan with foods such as meat, eggs, fish, nuts etc
  • Take the time to emotionally heal yourself
  • Massage
  • Think about happy events from the past
  • Show appreciation for your past and present situation


OXYTOCIN: (Love, Intimacy, Trust)

  • Hugs
  • Massage
  • Touch
  • Relaxation
  • Social or sexual bonding
  • Receiving gifts
  • Smile
  • Play with a furry friend for 15 mins
  • Walk through nature or along the beach
  • Learn to let go





Michael Clarke – Life Change Mentor


Shannon Breton – PSE Naturopath

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How Self-care changed my Life

LifeGrid articles (2)

As I started my Wellness journey, I realized I needed to make a change. I needed to put myself first. Work and everything around me took over. There wasn’t a moment of time just for me. I would get my nails done – not for me – but to impress everyone around me. It was done in a rush – not a second of enjoyment – but while texting someone or getting on a work call or figuring out where the kids had to be and who was picking them up.

At the time I was still in Corporate as an IT project manager. It was a position that was paying the bills, but definitely was not earning what I should be. I was miserable – cried day in and day out – it brought me NO joy. And the environment was toxic. I wished every night that a miracle would happen and get me out because I definitely was not strong enough YET to get up and leave. Fast forward to today and you bet my ass would have walked right out at the first sight of someone looking down on me and not allowing me to be myself or respecting my needs.

So yes, that miracle actually did happen! I must have been into my manifesting ways already without even knowing. I walked into work one day to find out that I was getting laid off. It was a consulting position that I really never knew if I would still have it the next day I went in. This is only one of the reasons I was miserable there.

When this miracle happened, I walked out and started designing my own life immediately. I was now able to get some ME time in and I was able to offer the attention and love that my family was missing. Before, it was about work 24×7 – calls and emails in the middle of the night. And they were not fulfilling my purpose here at all.

I decided to pursue my Health Coaching certification at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a few weeks later registered to begin my MA in Wellness & Lifestyle Management at Rowan University. A few years later and I have completed them both and help busy women design simple sexy lives – and actually do things that make them happy, healthy and sexy!

LifeGrid articles (3)

I’m no longer mad, mad at the world, mad at myself for not finding the time to take care of myself. Sure, I could have found it back then but didn’t have the resources or the positive outlook on life or the energy to get my booty away from my laptop or the straight up courage to stand up to anyone.

Not only do I now have a business that fulfills my purpose but I take time for myself first. I realize how fabulous I feel afterwards. Even when things go wrong, I can actually say I’m happy now. I feel rewarded in life. I bring joy to myself, to my family, to my clients, to the world.

You need to realize the importance of Self-care. Years ago if someone told me that I needed Self-care, I probably would have laughed and asked what that even was. Society has convinced us that life is about working to pay the bills and only that – not to enjoy life, not to make yourself happy, not to shine. It’s time you add Self-care to your life and see how it can change your life. You deserve it whether you’re raising kids, building a business or advancing in a career.

It’s time to sparkle and fulfill your purpose!

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Snooze Cycle


Do you feel tired when you wake up? Have trouble falling asleep at night? You’re not alone and the solution may be easier than you think! 

  1. Sleep-wake cycle: Wake up and go to bed at the same time each day. Keeping these times consistent is important for your circadian rhythm and sleep homeostasis (your body’s internal clock and amount of sleep needed that builds up during the day). Ideally, your rhythm lines up with the light/dark cycle of the environment and your work to sleep ratio is 16 hours of activity to 8 hours of sleep. 
  2. Nightly routine: Whatever it may be that helps you relax – a warm bath or shower, reading a book or listening to music, make it your routine! Doing the same thing each night will signal your body to relax and prepare for sleep.
  3. Relaxing Environment: Your bedroom should be a retreat at the end of the day. Keep it cool, dark and comfy so that your body + brain easily relax each night. bed-linen-1149842_960_720
  4. Put away your phone: A bad habit we all suffer from is taking our phone with us from room to room. Studies show that light given off by phones, tablets and computers prevent our bodies from producing melatonin, a hormone essential for your sleep-wake cycle. Try and ditch the electronics 1 hour before bed.
  5. Essential Oils: There are many ways to incorporate essential oils that aid in sleep to your nightly routine. You can add them to your bath water, apply it to your temples and neck or use them in diffuser while you sleep. Lavender is probably the most well know sleep aid offering stress + anxiety relief, relaxtion and improving sleep quality. Other oils that can be used for promoting a good nights sleep include chamomile, cedar wood and bergamot. 


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Heal Your Pains To Move Forward

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 12.39.32

My name is Mariana, I’m a doctor – pain management specialist, a writer, an entrepreneur and a former sexual pain sufferer.

Ironic? Maybe.

Real? Absolutely.

I grew up in a country where social conditions where extremely tied with religious ones, like it happens in many countries worldwide. It was the normal. I grew up in a loving family who provided everything for me, from love to education to clothing, food and so much more. That’s how I was able to grow up through good schools, good university and with good values.

All good indeed.

Except that in my private life I had a situation I didn’t know how to handle, because talking about sex or similar was something too banned in my mind. It was something dirty and a sin as I’d always pick from adult conversation, becoming even uncomfortable with love scenes in TV. Deep down, whether a mixture of my own fears and insecurities along with social conceptions, I understood that talking about certain private topics was something you just didn’t do. So I didn’t. Not with family, not with friends, not in my teenage years or later.

I grew up into adult life, being in relationships and experiencing pain as the routine of being a girlfriend. It was never pleasant and it made me sad, frustrated, angry, and more. But I never asked more and enough. Fear of judgment was too present.

And so was the pain. 

A decade of pain made my frustration grow into exponential levels. At some point it made me surpass the fear barrier, challenging all that I believed in, into asking around among a few close friends if this pain was normal. To my surprise, it wasn’t.  After almost a decade of unresolved sex pain, I opened up with a physiotherapist friend who specialised in pelvic issues. I felt like it was an opportunity life was giving me to ask. And so I did. Then it began: a journey through two more years of physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and endless friend’s support. All these confirmed my frustrations: the pain I felt every time I tried to have sex was definitely not normal.

After a few routine medical checkups, I learned that my vagina was too narrow…abnormally narrow. I was 30 years old when the possibility of going through a corrective surgery came up, making me burst into tears, fear, relief, and anxiety. My doctor explained how this is quite common, reason why he performs the surgery at least 8 times per month.

I was so far from being alone.

And so I did. January 22nd, 2013 was the date I stopped being the doctor and became the patient laying down scared on the cold surgery table while being put into a blurry dream.

And my life has never been the same since.

After 3 months, the surgery proved successful despite all my fears. It took me months of post-surgery physiotherapy, emotional inner work and more to get into the skin of my new painless life.

It seems easy and obvious to be able to switch into the awesome new after we’ve been through a lifetime of a specific thing. However, we all know it’s not how it works. It takes endless support to go through any process of change.

But most of all? It takes self-love.

It takes a personal and inner understanding of your own issue in the first place in order to realise there’s something you need to deal with. Simply because it’s draining you from the inside out.

Sometimes it take years and decades, like it happened to me, because we fear to talk. Because we fear to be judged, misunderstood, pointed to. We fear that if we talk we will be discriminated in some way, left aside. We fear we will loose love, friendships, relationships.

And guess what? It could happen, but for the better.

I would’ve never been able to understand and move forward if I hadn’t started talking back then. Whether out of frustration or curiosity, we all need to start talking about our inner issues. The ones we fear the most, because that’s where our solutions and answers are.

Health, as I know from being a doctor and from being a human being on Earth, is something more than just the body.

Health is the mind as well, health is a whole that flows in many directions between our emotions, feelings, thoughts, movements and more.

I am convinced, after my own personal and professional experiences of three things:

  1. Pain is the one thing why people go to the doctor in the first place. Every single time.
  2. Pain could always be a symptom of something else, something deeper. In more cases than we think.
  3. Talking is the only way out. Healing our own pains is needed to move forward.

Hadn’t I gone through that surgery and my life would be in a completely different place.

I discovered my own sexuality at age 32 and life has never been the same again. This experience made me change completely, like shedding layers of skin. It allowed me to rethink all that I believed in, able to reassess what I wanted to believe in. Not what society dictated but what I felt it was right for me in every sense. 

The process wasn’t easy as so many things changed through it, specially relationships. Relationships with the people around me but most of all, the relationship with myself.

Asking, talking, digging and healing my own pain allowed me to grow into a place of courage, self-esteem, strength and self-love that I didn’t even know I was missing.

It was only through healing my own pain that I was able to move forward. And because of this, I feel the need to share my story as loud and far as possible. To give light and help other suffering their own pains.

Do you have some kind of pain? Are you afraid, confused or doubtful? Do yourself a favour and start talking it through.

Heal your pain points and you’ll be surprised how far you can go and how good you can have it. For good.

I promise.


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Essential Oils….Magic & Frankincense

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The Oil Of Truth

I have been using, playing with and making my own concoctions with essential Oils since my first child was about two. They are a fabulous tool for raising your energetic vibration, inspiring creativity, maintaining focus and so much more. There are oils that are used for uplifting, mood balancing, calming, sleeping at night, reducing mind chatter, helping with health issues, and the list goes on and on.

What I would like to share with you today is Frankincense – The oil of Truth. When I use an essential oil I’m going based off my intuition and awareness. Not always do I research a specific  oil before I diffuse it. I do however use therapeutic grade essential oils. This is what I did with Frankincense. I just put it in the diffuser and went about my daily life. You know how when you do something, or your kids grow and you don’t see all the subtle changes that are occurring all the time, until someone points them out? Within about a week here’s what I began to notice…..

My two little guys, who are 8 & 6, were fighting way less with each other. If a spat did come up it only lasted maybe a minute. They started helping out around the house without being asked and were super excited and proud of themselves for doing so. Bed time had become a breeze. Before they would go to bed and demand a bunch of snacks and wouldn’t stay in bed once I put them there. Homework is still a work in progress….however that is becoming way less of a struggle as well.

Here is the piece that continues to surprise me on a daily basis. I have been a Health Coach since 2010, my children love their fruits and veggies….but given the choice they would pick organic mac and cheese, or lasagna, or quesadillas, over “healthy foods” any time. This meant that I was making two different dinners every night, food that I could eat and food that they asked for.

Not very many people I know do this, however I know from growing up that eating meals was not always a pleasant enjoyable experience. I grew up very old school and whatever was put on your plate you had to finish all of it…..regardless of your point of view.  When my kids are enjoying their food they literally will “dance” and hum as they eat. I didn’t have the heart to take that away so I was willing to accommodate.

Long story short….the other night I was making dinner, which was brown rice, steamed broccoli and sauted carrots and celery. My 8 year old came in as I was cooking and was absolutely ecstatic! “Oh Yummy” he says. He ended up having two plates of food…my 6 year old did the same thing! Since then we have not had mac and cheese, lasagna, chicken noodle soup from the can, basically anything processed.

Their new favorite dinner is tuna mixed with avocado, fennel, celery tops, tomatoes, olive oil and salt. They eat it with rich chips or red bell peppers. And yes, they are still dancing and humming as they eat. Believe me! I’m curious and tested this. I asked them several times the other night “do you want lasagna or tuna”? Every time it was tuna please!!

I started to get curious…. this all came from them smelling frankincense when they are in the house? That’s insane! I’m certainly not complaining and decided to do some research on the benefits of this amazing essential oil,  energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally. Here’s what I found.

Energetically, emotionally and mentally,  it’s known as The Oil Of Truth. It revitalizes the mind and body, helps heal emotional wounds, and severs ties to the past that contribute to depression. (It’s a natural antidepressant). It helps to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity. It helps to create a new purpose based on light and truth. It  eases hyperactivity, impatience, irritability, and restlessness. It allows freedom from attachments to material objects and to outcomes. It reveals deception and false truths.

Frankincense helps recall to memory spiritual understanding, gifts, wisdom and knowledge the soul brought into the world originally. It’s a powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness, it assists in pulling the “scales of darkness” from the eyes, the barriers from the mind, and the walls from the heart. It also shields the body and soul from negative influences and assists the soul in it’s spiritual evolution.

Frankincense helps to get rid of feelings of abandonment, spiritual disconnection, distance from one’s father, unprotection and spiritual darkness by gently inviting Enlightenment, love, wisdom, discernment, and a connection with one’s father. It allows one to feel protected and spiritually open.

I’m thinking “Wow! This is cool. I wonder what else I’ll find?”

Physically, it is comparable to these over the counter products we usually buy at the store: Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer, Aspirin, Children’s Tylenol®, Chloraseptic, Claritin®, Dexatrim®, Ibuprofen®, It’s a natural antibiotic, Robitussin®, Ricola®, Therma Care®, Heat Wraps, Tylenol®, Vicks® Vapo-Rub, and Wart-Off®.

My health coaching mind automatically goes to how many toxins we can replace in our cupboard with just one little bottle of Frankincense essential oil. It’s also and Analgesic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, and a sedative. Now I’m really excited!

There’s more! The physical ailments it can be used for, and help ease are: Asthma, bronchitis, Colds and Flus, cuts and wounds, dermatitis, immune strengthener, Indigestion, neurological disorders, scarring, skin disorders, sore throats, stress, stomachaches and tumor reduction.

One more juicy tidbit…Frankincense is a cell rejuvenator. Which means it’s rejuvenating and repairing your body at a cellular level. This is really exciting because when you hold on to negative thoughts, feelings and emotions it actually affects your cells and changes their shape from that of spherical to elliptical. So instead of looking like a round ball they look more like a football. When your cells are elliptical this is the perfect breeding ground for dis-ease in the body. This is one of the reasons that I say “Every dis-ease starts with a thought, feeling or an emotion.”

I’m not suggesting that if you are on antibiotics, medications, and other things that your Dr has prescribed to you that you jump off them and use Frankincense instead. You could however incorporate this wonderful oil into your daily life. I will stress this though, if you are going to use an essential oil for other than diffusing in the air, you will want to get a therapeutic grade essential oil….which is not found in any health food or grocery store. Those can be filled with additives and chemicals that are harmful to the skin and internal body.

If looking into using essential oils in your daily life sounds like something that would be fun for you, I invite you to check out my about page here and send me an email. You can schedule a private session with me there as well.

I am Janie Lin Smith – The Energetic Health Coach

~Changing lives one message at a time~

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How I healed asthma naturally


I was never formally diagnosed with asthma but I always really struggled to breathe, especially when I was exercising. I always put it down to having a smaller lung capacity because I was quite little. It wasn’t until I studied physiotherapy at university when I was doing my units in cardiopulmonary science and when we were measuring each others lung capacity, that I realised that my lung capacity qualified me to have asthma.

I also couldn’t breathe through my nose which didn’t help. Every morning I used to wake up really tired and after tests for sleep apnoea which came back positive, I saw an ENT (ear nose throat) specialist who said that my nostril holes were too small to be able to breathe out of and I had a deviated septum which meant that the bridge between my two nostrils wasn’t straight and blocked off one of my nostrils completely. I was also suffering depression and anxiety around that time and mouth breathing, physiologically, can contribute to anxiety, as can shallow breathing. So, I decided to undergo an operation to have my nostril holes drilled out and my septum realigned.

That changed my breathing a little, but not a lot.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later, when I travelled to India to study yoga, that I realised just how poor my lung capacity was. Having to add breath to the movements in the yoga sequences I was doing, I really struggled.

For those that don’t know much about the breath, breath means spirit in latin. Spirit is our vital energy force, or the energy that fuels the body and gives us vitality. So when we aren’t breathing correctly, we aren’t fuelling our bodies sufficiently with the energy it needs to function optimally. The breath gives the body spirit, but it is also a gauge as to how much spirit energy we have. When our breathing is long and deep, it shows us that our body and mind are in good health. When it is shallow, or rapid, it is showing us that there is stress in the body and mind. When there is stress in the body, the first thing that changes is the breath. The great thing about the breath as it’s a gauge for us to monitor our health, but its also a gateway into changing it. When you change the breath and retrain it to become long and deep, breathing into all the parts of the lungs, you actually send more spirit, or vital energy, into the body which aids in healing and harmonising any stress that is within the body.

I can advocate for this, as after one month of yoga training and working with retraining my breathing pattern so that I was breathing into my abdomen aswell as my chest and that my breathing pattern was longer and deeper, my health changed rapidly. 1) I no longer had asthma. 2) I no longer had anxiety. Simply by changing the pattern of my breath I was able to create inner harmony within my energy system which healed my body and mind.

Our breath is something that changes consistently depending on the state of the body and mind and how we care for ourselves. I am always aware of when I am not giving myself the nourishment and self care that I need because not only do I not feel amazing but I start breathing more from my upper chest which in turn, creates anxiety. A daily breath practise leading into meditation and I am able to maintain a healthy breathing pattern which in turn, keeps my stress levels low and means that I can move through life with more ease and flow instead of stressing over the small stuff. For me, a daily pranayama (breath) has been the most profound addition to my daily self care regime. Whilst there are many ways to work with the breath, including yoga, one of the best techniques I have found to date has been the Art Of Living Sudarshan Kriya technique, which is taught by Art of Living instructors throughout the world. I would highly recommend it to everyone. Simply doing 10-15 minutes a day is enough to create change in your life by improving the health of your body and mind.

I am also a spiritual mentor and work closely with therapeutic grade essential oils and I have found them to work profoundly on the emotional, mental and physical bodies. A few years ago I was listening to a podcast by Don Tolman, a natural medicine doctor from the US and he was talking about his experience in treating asthma using peppermint oil. He claimed that inhaling therapeutic grade peppermint oil was just as effective as asthma inhalers, without the nasty side effects. I can vouch for this. I place a drop of the peppermint oil on the back of my tongue and inhale it and it instantly opens up all of the airways in my lungs and I immediately feel my lung capacity has expanded and I can breathe more easily. As it helps you to breathe more easily and oxygenate the body more efficiently, it also helps to relax the body and mind and calm mental stress. Not only that, but it’s energising. I always feel like I’m walking on clouds after my morning hit of peppermint. (PS. if you want to get your hands on these amazing oils to incorporate them into your self care regime or work as a practitioner, let me know- I love training people on how to use them). 

I truly believe that we can heal anything that arises in the body and mind simply by creating a healthy internal environment which allows for a strong immune system. When we support our bodies, they can do amazing things. I have healed all of my physical and mental health issues in the past 2 years naturally, simply by connecting with my body and nourishing it with daily self care practises. When you strengthen your connection to yourself and when you take care of yourself, your body also takes care of you.

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