Exercise & Fitness

Exercise & Fitness

Walk Your Way To Happiness


Walking is something most of us have the privilege to be able to do.It is our given form of movement that allows us to get from anywhere to somewhere.

These days many or most people are very sedentary and the furthest they walk is to the coffee pot!!

A visit to the Dr( if that’s your gig) and you’re told, “ You need to lose weight” , “ Your blood pressure is too high” or “ You have diabetes 2” Clearly you are not into exercise, so most often people will hit the pavement, beach or park and start walking. This awesome simple movement we take for granted is so much more than “just walking”

Let’s take a walk (pardon the pun) and I will show you how you can walk your way to happiness….ooohhh you want to walk for the reasons the Dr said about your H.E.A.L.T.H! 

So that would be a walk for change, right?

The thing is there are some very important fundamentals you need to know and apply BEFORE you strike the pavement. Ensuring you put these basics in place you will be able to continue walking without injuring yourself, stay motivated and achieve results first and then your end goal.

Yes, that’s right achieve results first which I can assure you, you won’t if you don’t apply these simple fundamentals:

  • Appropriate shoes that provide good ankle and arch support. Most often people hit the pavement and they are not in good physical condition with a lack of stability in their ankles knees and hips. They throw on their old gardening shoes or sneakers, even thongs!
  • Don’t use some old pair of gym, gardening shoes or flats you haven’t worn for ages. Bu instead invest in a lovely new pair of good walking shoes.
  • Warm up your body or walk for 3 – 5 minutes then stop and do some stretching of your calves, upper legs and full-body.
  • Your posture is very important when you walk. Be sure to stand up tall, this means lifting your chest up off your waistline! Gently roll your shoulders back and place them down.
  • Stride with strength and purpose, this means pick your feet up place them down firmly with intent rather than shuffle or drag your feet.
  • Check your breathing – that might sound strange but it is important to be aware of your breathing.
  • Keep your mind in the space of walking rather than let it wander off to something you might be doing later or something you are worried about.
  • Have water with you and drink it!
  • Stop and stretch every 10 minutes in these early days.
  • Choose a goal either distance or time.
  • Keep your focus on what you have achieved today, not where you want to be!
  • If you use distance as a goal add a little spice to that by reducing the time it takes you to walk it by 30 seconds initially to a minute to 2 minutes and so on .

So now we are going to walk your way to happiness…… 

All of the previous steps apply to all walking no matter what your objective.

“When you walk through a storm hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark…”

Fabulous old song with great messages in the lyrics.

You can walk your way to happiness, improve your mental clarity, inner peace and joy by following these simple steps:

  • Look around you take in the colours of the sky, the grass and plants.
  • Notice the flight of birds, sounds of their chatter and the smells of trees and gardens.
  • Take a moment to look out as far as you can see, give a thought of gratitude for the gift of sight.
  • Keep you posture strong and uplifted, your eyes forward. I can tell the H.E.A.L.T.H of a person just by the way they walk!
  • Choose a quiet, beautiful spot to stop and pause. Here you will take 5 long slow deep breaths and breath out long and slow.
  • Most importantly keep your thoughts on being aware of how you are feeling right at that moment in time. Stay focused on the wonders you can see.
  • Take the time to think of all the things for which you can be grateful.
  • Observe the beauty of you and all that is around you.
  • Pat a dog!
  • Walk your way to happiness every day.


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Exercise & Fitness

Relieve Anxiety through Mindful Movement

30 Day Core Challenge 4

It dawned on me recently that there are so many of us suffering in silence, trying to get about the day and plugging away with what we need to do, but feeling something pulling at our minds in the background.

A feeling of anxiousness, worry or feeling like we never quite ‘get there’ continues to plague us. Life is going by at a fast pace and before we know it, its already Easter again, or Christmas and we are still chasing our tail, moving along the cycle of everyday responsibilities and the grind.

Life is great if you are thriving and can get through your days feeling in control and knowing you are on top of it all, but it’s not great for your mental or physical health if you feel anxious, worried or out of control. Feelings of anxiety lurk about more people than you realise, so it’s time to acknowledge where we are at and re-connect with ourselves by using our body to remind us we are in control of our thoughts, our minds, our emotions.

If you are ever feeling that anxiety is affecting you ongoing, please speak to your doctor or health professional for ways to overcome it so it does not affect your wellbeing over the long term.

What I can suggest to you aswell is to move and strengthen your body so you are becoming more present within your self, alleviating feelings of anxiety and reminding yourself you are in control.

By becoming mentally ‘present’ it is literally impossible to feel ‘anxious.’ Feelings of worry and fear cannot exist when you are totally present. This invaluable information was given to me over the last few years by speaking to psychologists and social workers in the mental health sector. I’ve been lucky enough to teach a group of mental health clients Pilates and meditation for over 5 years now, which started out to be a trial, but has had great results with many clients returning to work, study and gain a more positive self image and feeling about themselves.

During the exercise sessions I challenge them with movements that require coordination, balance, strength of different muscles and different breathing patterns. This allows their mind to be able to come into focus on something that is in the moment and somewhat challenging. The mind and body connecting at its best.

During the time when I experienced adrenal fatigue and had varying highs and lows due to imbalanced hormones and energy, I relied on movement and meditation to help me stay centred and more present to better cope with where I was at. This helped build my health back up. Without mental and spiritual health, your physical health also suffers. It’s a complete package.

Here are a few Pilates-style movements that can help you become more present and feel stronger in your body and mind. I recommend to do them each day especially if you are not exercising regularly. If you are exercising regularly these are a great compliment to shift the focus from sweating to mind and body connection through strength and movement, at a slower pace.

  1. Pointer
  2. Coordinating right and left challenges you to become mentally aware. Move into 4 point kneeling. This is where your hands are under shoulders, knees under hips. Lift the back of your neck , lengthen your spine. Take a deep breath in and tighten your abdominals, keeping the back in neutral (a slight downward curve of your lower back). Draw a straight line on the floor moving your right hand forward, left leg back without dipping your shoulders. Lift that arm and leg to the height of your body staying as steady as possible. Hold for 5 seconds, then slowly return to the floor, coming back into start. Repeat other side. Ensure you move slowly and with control. You can even put a drink bottle or something on your lower back to ensure you hips are stable (make sure the lid is on though!)
  3. 2. Knees side to side

    Laying on your back, bring hands behind your head firmly pressing elbows to the floor. This will help open your chest. At the same time, keep ribs down on the floor firmly. Draw in belly button towards spine. Take a breath in and out and tighten your abs. Keep them tight as you left both legs to 90 degree angle, knees over hips (table top.) Keep your knees, feet and inner thighs pressing together. You should already feel your muscles working at this point grounding you to the floor. Inhale, slowly move your legs to the right, keeping shoulder blades anchored to the floor. Exhale, legs back to centre, inhale over to the other side. Make sure you press knees together the whole time. Repeat 10 each side, staying mindful of the technique. This will help you focus in on breath, movement and strength allowing for a present mindset.

    3. The 100

    Laying on back, bring legs up to table top, tightening your core muscles. Bring arms to the ceiling, exhale and lift shoulders off the floor, keeping tummy strong and flat. Keep pressing knees together, and start pumping your arms straight up and down in about a 20 cm space, breathing in for 5 reps, breathing out for 5 reps. This continues for 100 arm beats. If you are a beginner simply aim for 20 or 50 arm beats and build it up. This exercise challenges your mind to stay focused on the breath and strength of your core, bringing your mind into the present.

Power to your core,

Vanessa Bartlett xx

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‘Turn Pain Into Pleasure’


Turn Pain Into Pleasure’ with ‘Holistic Wellness’ 

Finding Total Body Mind & Soul Happiness – can be as easy as finding the right balance of Healthy habits & Fitness routines for you!

How do you do that?.. Well it helps to take a step back to look at yourself in all aspects; posture, alignment, skin, hair, chemical usage, body tone & shape, diet, routines, peace of mind, moods, etc. not with ridicule or judgement, but looking at how to turn anything we dislike or fear into self-love, empowerment and joy, without pain or suffering.

With so many people feeling overwhelmed with workload and family, no energy and no time to nurture self –  it is important that we look at the whole body mind & soul – holistically.

As we know that beauty shines primarily from the inside, we need to look at what we put into our bodies, and also how we think or the thoughts we have, and work out how we can improve these things – so that our bodies work at their optimal capacity to be the best we can be, feel fabulous and glow with natural beauty.

Self-love and self-nurturing is of utmost importance – so start learning to look after yourself and then you can look after the rest of your world with more love in a positive joyful way!

We need to take everything into constructive consideration and through specialised simple checks find any imbalances in the body, and modify where need be. Sometimes it only takes a few dietary tweaks, and the right timing of when we eat specific foods. Depending on our body statistics, issues and goals; whether you need to lose weight, increase muscle, increase energy levels, balance insulin / hormone levels, or put on weight in a healthy supportive way. It is important to have Nutrient dense foods. and eat for energy not weight loss. (like having protein post-workout to build muscle or protein for breakfast to give the body it’s vital fuel needed to sustain the day, and choosing clean wholefoods.

For us to enjoy optimum health and wellbeing, and fight off deadly diseases, we need to ensure the correct balance of our body’s pH levels (measure of how acidic or alkaline our body is) – by maintaining a slightly more alkaline level or normal acid-base balance. The balance can be thrown by having an excess of acidifying foods, metabolic disorders or disease conditions. To regain the balance we should reduce the intake of acidifying foods like meat, refined grains, artificial sweeteners, sodas, cheese, coffee, etc, and increase more alkalizing foods in the diet, such as; green leafy vegetables & cruciferous vegetables – which also have the cancer fighting isothiocyanates (cancer cannot survive in a healthy alkaline-based body).

Keeping ourselves hydrated and having a pre-breakfast ritual like, drinking warm lemon water, natural alkaline water, apple cider vinegar, aloe gel drink – are all good hydrating body cleansers and balances. Alkaline herbal water can be prepared by infusing cucumber and lemon slices overnight in distilled water.

As stress can be the biggest creator of dis-ease in the body, we need to find the right balance of stress releases, so we can blissfully live everyday with pleasure not guilt! Relying heavily on stimulants, medication, no breakfast or bad sustainable eating habits, and feeling the need to wind down with too many wines in the evening – can take its toll on our body and mind, creating a vicious cycle that causes more stress and discomfort – which can lead to serious dis-ease. To reduce stress, take a nature or beach walk, do some relaxation, meditation or exercise, use essential oils or get an aromatherapy massage. But if you really need that glass of wine or cold beer to chill you out – just remember moderation and balance is the key.

To help reduce toxins in our lives and premature aging, we can look at any medications we take and ask an expert if there is a natural alternative. Chronic pain sufferers may reach for stronger medications, and highly anxious people may choose sleeping pills just to wind down, for instance, but these often come with dangerous side effects that accumulate the more we take them, and can cause lifelong addictions and more trouble. These days, it is easy to replace all toxic household and personal products with natural products. For instance, to reduce pain and inflammation naturally, try and incorporate powerful inflammatory foods into your diet, such as the blend of turmeric & black pepper, or sprinkle ground up avocado seeds onto your meals. We can also choose to see Holistic Therapists for low-impact therapies with whole body benefits, instead of bone crunching methods.

To help improve our rest time, energy levels, mobility, longevity and lifestyle – it is paramount to create an effective easy exercise routine that fits in around family and work. The best way to keep up our strength and age vivaciously and gracefully without enduring aging exercises like hardcore running, is to do short bursts / 10-30 mins of movement several times a day.  Functional movement patterns that use the biggest prime mover muscles. to strengthen core & pelvic girdle, like Pilates exercises. Creating a motivating fun fitness routine that you enjoy and rewards you with post-workout feel good vibes, will make you feel more and more eager to get out and just do it!

Outdoor or ‘Green Exercise’ gives us a great feel-alive fix – enticing us to get active everyday, to recharge our body systems and feel energised – so we can conquer each day with enthusiasm and passion not pain! One of my passions is getting people out on a beautiful calm river for a Paddleboard Pilates experience – the perfect way to get our daily dose of Vit D sunshine, nature, fresh air, exercise, fun and laughter!

To increase vitality and slow down the aging process, we also need 7 hours of quality sleep per night – preferable during the prime healing hours of 10-2am. If sleep deprives you, then you could try relaxing breathing meditation, and the use of essential oils. Switch-off from electronics well before bedtime, and create a harmonious ambience in your bedroom. After all this is your pleasure dome not your workroom!

Maintaining a positive mindset is critical for living a passionate joyful life. An effective tool for overall wellness is ‘holistic energy healing’. Kinesiology is a relaxing but very powerful healing tool for any age and pretty much every issue. It enables us to (what I refer to as)  ‘Realise = Release = Resolve = Evolve’. Sometimes it just takes a subtle correction within our body system to resolve an imbedded issue or emotion, release pan and stress, or focus on goals and challenges, to move forward with reignited passion and love.

Another naturally therapeutic way to manage everyday aches, pains, stresses, moods and everyday issues – is using the power of pure essential oils – which are highly concentrated plant oils, which many of our modern medicines are actually derived from – without the added chemical content. Depending on the issue and the type of oil, with good advice, they can be applied directly to pressure points, used in massage combined with a base oil, some taken internally for medicinal purposes, used as a spritzer mixed with water, diffused into the air, and used in cooking to enhance flavours and medicinal aspects. It is important to buy essential oils that are pure therapeutic grade, skillfully and meticulously grown, harvested and distilled.

Above all for Total Mind Body Soul Happiness – learn to love yourself and nurture yourself daily, feel thankful for all that we have.. And all that we can have!

So you don’t have to suffer any longer  ! !  Turn Your Pain Into Pleasure  ! !

Just ask me – as your Holistic Wellness Expert what your next best step is to living a happy vivacious life full of love and passion.


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Top 10 Tiny Fixes For Big Changes!


IMG_1298Top 10 tiny fixes for BIG changes


  1. Stretch in the mornings…before you get ready. Yoga is great. This improves your posture, gets your circulation going and centers you for the day! Stretching in the morning can also reduce aches and pains, because your body has been warmed up slowly and fluid in the joints is dispersed. 


  1. Perform a random act of kindness. Yes actually doing a good turn, helps your heart, slows aging, makes us happier and last, but not least…is contagious! Oxytocin is released, which dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. It is believed that oxytocin, also reduces glucose intolerance and cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’). I truly believe that we are here in this earth to make a difference, and what is easier and more satisfying, than surprising someone with a small gift of our time? Warm fuzzy stuff folks, get into it!!


  1. Have a massage, relax and rejuvenate your body. Having a massage not only reduces stress and muscle tension. It is also thought to be helpful for inflammation, soothe anxiety and depression, improve sleep, boost immunity, boost your awareness, and increase blood flow!


  1. Cook your food from scratch, and use coconut oil (better for high heat) or organic butter (for medium heat) in cooking and olive oil (for dressings and light sautéing). These oils have higher levels of saturated fats and are stable at the temperatures I have indicated. Cooking food from scratch does not have to be a major time consumer! There are quick and easy recipes that you can make with few ingredients and time. Then you know what you are consuming, you have time to share with your family (actually SIT at the table, with cell phones and TV OFF), and wind down from a hectic day. Food also tastes better, is cheaper (yes even organic food, think of the decreased costs of health care!) and you know what you are eating. 


  1. Eat a ‘rainbow’, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are quick and easier to serve than a packet of chips! They are LOADS more nutritious and easier for your body to digest. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals to keep your cells alive and rocking. You reduce your risks of disease and cancer. They are lower in calories and have lots more appeal because they are bright and fun colored, and you can grow them yourself! NO potato chips or fast food can claim that!


  1. Walk, take the dog, cat, pet ferret for a walk for 30 mins/day. Apart from the fact that your animal needs and deserves love and exercise, so do you! It is FREE, you don’t need to join a gym, walking promotes circulation, reduce blood pressure, lowers the risk of disease, helps control your weight, reduces the risk of dementia, tones your muscles and when you are outside, boosts your vitamin D!


  1. Have ‘me’ time, time for a soak in a bath, read a book or whatever to relax, phone off! De-stress, clear your head and your focus improves, improves your digestion, reduces irritability, and improves stamina. Take some deep breaths and close your eyes for a while. This will improve your decision making ability and lessens adrenal fatigue.


  1. Drink water, 6-8 glasses, in cold weather have warm water with a slice of lemon. Our bodies are 75% water, so we need to drink lots of water to keep it going! We lose a lot of water every day through our skin, in urine and stool. Water helps to metabolise fat through digestion (it is a laxative) and kidney function (it is a diuretic also!). It helps maintain body temperature and carries nutrients to cells. 


  1. Use Eco friendly cleaning products, reduce the chemicals in your life. Your health can be negatively affected by the chemicals in cleaning and laundry products. Some problems attributed to the use of  chemicals, are the effects on the respiratory system and your skin. In the US it is estimated that 1:3 people suffer from one of the following, asthma, allergies, sinusitis or bronchitis (US National Center for Health Statistics). Many laundry detergents have chemicals made out of petroleum that cause not only skin irritation and problems, but are also absorbed through the skin to cause problems with reproductive and mental health. In fact many of the ‘fragrances’ are also toxic! What a price to pay for ‘clean’ clothes! Eco friendly are also biodegradable and non toxic.


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3 Effective Core Exercises That Will Work Your Whole Body


There are so many exercises to choose from when you want to start working and strengthening your ‘core.’ When we talk about ‘core’ we are referring to the muscles around the abdomen and back.

It’s  about being able to have great posture, less back pain and a more aligned spine. Everyone needs to be doing ‘core’ strength work at least 3 days per week, whether you exercise regularly, have a desk job, or are on your feet standing alot.

Back pain is experienced by nearly 80 % of people now! And lifestyle are not really helping with ‘sitting’ contributing to tight hips, sore backs and necks.

I wanted to share with you 3 exercises that will not only strengthen your tummy and back, but also help ‘wake up’ other muscles in the body, bonus!

Here’s the trick to doing effective core’s all in the setup. When you can do these initial set up queues before the exercise, you will gain a better result from the exercise, because your technique is using more muscles.

So the setup to remember in these 3 exercises is:

  1. Deep breath in and out, draw ‘up’ through your pelvic floor, and ‘in’ through your belly button. This helps strengthen the deeper muscles around the spine before you work the outer muscles.
  2. Set your shoulders down and back, pulling your shoulder blades together (without pushing out your ribs and chest). This helps prevent poor posture during core work.
  3. Lengthen your spine – meaning reach the crown of the head away from the hips. This helps open the spine so you are not compressing into it, which is commonly what happens during core exercises.

Note – these exercises are beginner to intermediate level, so if you cannot lift your leg on the ‘Leg Pull’ exercise, simply hold both legs straight out instead.

1.Leg Pull Front

-Hands under shoulders, knees under hips

-Engage core

-Press up off knees

-Lift and lower each leg 5 times, keeping neck lifted

Leg Pull Front

2. Torpedo

-Lay on side, engage core

-Push bottom forearm to floor and life torso and legs, staying long in the spine

-Press leg muscles together, reach top arm over and hold for 10 seconds

-Repeat each side 3 times

Torpedo Left


3. Scissor

-Bring hands behind head (remember our set up tips, do those!)

-Engage core, extend one leg out hovering above floor

-Other leg reaching up, keeping both knees as straight as possible

-Lift shoulder blades high off floor, without tummy bushing out

-Switch the legs x 10 keeping body still and strong

-Repeat 3 sets of 10


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or contact me via social media x

Power to your Core,

Vanessa Bartlett

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How my son’s passion was a Game Changer for me

Lisa Renda

Passion is addictive.

It was my eldest son’s love for his sport that inspired me and set me on the path to becoming a mindset coach specifically for the parents of elite sport playing kids. Watching him grow and blossom under the care of world-class coaches has been a real inspiration.

As my family grew and one kid in sports became three, I got to see my fair share of parents behaving badly. The red-faced, tracky-dack wearing parents yelling from the sidelines aren’t always dads you know…

Parents screaming and shouting at their kids, telling them where they should be and what they should be doing. There were so many times when I’d watch and wonder how that child must be feeling.

You know how they talk about eye-opening moments? Mine was when I caught myself trying to coach my own kids.

I started to think, how am I changing this experience for them? How much does what I say and do actually affect them?

Like most parents, I wanted my kids to succeed in sports, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be at any cost. Especially not if the cost was theirs.

Once I started my journey as a mindset coach I knew I’d found exactly where I wanted to be. I became more aware of the pressure I was putting on my kids and was determined to ease back and support them in finding their own success.

The most important thing I learned is, regardless of what kind of game your kid is having, what they need is you to just support them. Let them make their own decisions, even if you think it’s wrong. They will learn from the experience.

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The art of fine-tuning workouts for your needs

Vanessa Bartlett

One of the most important things in your health and fitness journey is being able to identify what your body needs and how it functions the most efficiently.

We all go through ups and downs with our health at different times , depending on what is going on in our life at various stages. At through these different stage of life our exercise and health needs will vary. 

What you did for exercise 10 years ago, will likely not be as suitable for you now as it was then.

And sometimes you will be in a great routine where everything flows, you are eating well and doing regular exercise, feeling pretty good, then something happens where you fall out of routine.

A personal situation, getting injured, your may have fallen ill, or higher demands are placed on you, you may have had children and boom you are suddenly out of that routine and months or years pass by where you realise ‘oh my gosh, where am I at now?’

Often then some confidence is lost, you have become low on energy, gained weight or simply no longer feel at your best.

This can have a downward spiral effect and cause you to then almost ‘give up’ on the whole fitness and health thing altogether! It may get put in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Here’s the thing. You need to exercise and eat ‘smart’ throughout your whole life if you want to be at your best in dealing with the busy-ness and demands placed on you each day.

Physical health underlies a strong mental attitude, good weight management, self awareness and the ability to be in control and in top shape for other areas of your life. 

Exercising and good eating habits will keep evolving just as you do throughout your life.

So it’s vital that you know when things need a revamp.

Learning to fine-tune your exercise routine according to your current needs is super important so that when things happen or change in your lifestyle, you can still keep moving and grooving.

Let’s look at how you can ‘fine-tune’ your workouts for your current needs.

By the way, if you are reading this and have been inactive for a while, maybe it’s a good time to schedule in a 15 minute walk or a beginner video on my youtube channel to gt you started and feeling energised again!

Here’s a quick snapshot of how to fine-tune to your current needs…

Step 1: Assess where you are at

-is your current lifestyle demanding alot of your personal energy?

-are you struggling to find time to exercise?

-is your current exercise routine making you feel energised, pain-free and strong? Or tired, sore and depleted?

Step 2. Fine-tune your changes

If you have answered ‘yes’ to the first two questions, then you may need to look at reducing your exercise session times, and if going out to do it, consider exercising from home.

Get into the back yard and do some skipping or body weight training with your family! This can save you time on travelling and encourages your family to get involved with you.

For question 3, if you are feeling depleted and too exhausted from your current exercise routine, it is time to change it up.

Get doing some Pilates or yoga, decrease the time in which you exercise (if you do an activity for 20 mins this is still effective), and decrease the high intensity sessions.

Most of us are not training for the Olympics, so there is no need to push so hard to get good results if it’s not right for your body and your needs. 

How you feel and look is about 75% of what you eat. Exercise is the icing on the cake (gluten free, sugar free cake, right!?)

There is no point training so hard to constantly get injured, pay for physio visits to fix things up, then go out and injure yourself again. Over-training is detrimental to your health and your immune system, but that’s for another post!

For now, I urge you to take stock of your current exercise routine right now. It’s time to get moving if you have been on a break, and if you are exercising, it’s time to take a look and ensure you are getting a variety of activities in there that build your best body and health for you, not trying to keep up with everyone else.

The key is to learn how your body works best. Listen to your own needs. Experiment with different forms of exercise and when you are feeling ‘stale’ or needing a change, do something new according to how you feel.

For example, if you are super exhausted or going through an emotionally challenging time, it would be wise to take it easy on the intense sessions, and focus on lighter walks in nature, yoga or Pilates to connect to that ‘mindfulness’ aspect of yourself which will help energy and balance out emotion. If you choose to do super intensive exercise during a tough, draining time, you may end up more depleted.

You can always fit in some form of exercise, and be open to evolving your routine for more efficient ways to exercise as you continue to evolve as a person.

Reach out to me if you have any questions on any of these topics, I’m here to help 🙂

Till next time,

Power to your Core,

Vanessa Bartlett 



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Take a Moment of Gratitude for Your Self


The human body is the most amazing creation!

I never really appreciated the reality of that concept until almost a decade ago when I first commenced studies in the field of Personal Training. Having never been sporty or even remotely active as a child or through my teens, my study pathway had been motivated by a determination never to fall back into the self-loathing and self-destructive yo-yo dieting patterns that I’d previously experienced.

I’d been back into one of my ‘fitness kicks’ and rationalised that the more I knew about my body, the better I’d be able to train myself, the faster I’d be able to reach my own fitness goals and the easier it would be to overcome the poor, yet well-established habits I’d managed to develop over years and years of poor decision making!

Personal Trainers are exercise professionals. We understand and apply knowledge in the areas of anatomy, physiology and exercise science (just to name a few subject areas), and we educate, motivate and prescribe appropriate exercise programs to enable our clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.

It was through these studies (and my own personal fitness regimen), that I began to understand how incredible the human body is and how important exercise is to both physical and mental health.

Its ability to move & flow…. to physically adapt to new challenges…. to grow, repair, maintain & self-heal; how its cells, make our tissues, which make our organs, that work together to create a functioning system: for respiration, circulation, digestion, excretion, immunity, movement, protection and reproduction! It’s completely mind-blowing stuff!

Just take a small moment…. close your eyes, relax and take a deep breath. As you breathe out, reflect upon the thousands of neurological and physiological reactions that just took place, enabling you to enjoy that breath.  Our bodies are amazing! YOUR body is amazing…. don’t ever doubt that! It’s a perfect creation that will serve you well, provided that you serve it.

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RID FAT FOR LIFE? DO THIS 1 THING TO GET RID OF THAT FAT FOR LIFE. (It doesn’t include exercise or nutrition)


How can you do something that doesn’t include exercise or weight loss to rid fat for life?

What is this thing that I must do?

Yes, this is real and the great thing is that It is all natural, can take as little as 10 minutes a day. No it’s not a fad shake diet or magic pill and while it doesn’t include exercise or nutrition, it can be enhanced by exercise and nutrition.

I will share with you a story about a gentleman who rid fat for life, just by doing this 1 thing and then I’ll give you the answer as to how you can rid fat for life.

Let’s call this man Brad. Brad released 30+ Kgs within 6 months and hasn’t put if back on and it has been 12 years now since releasing the fat.

Brad enjoyed food and a beer with mates. Brad would go through times of dieting and trying to release the fat, he would do this in particular as it was getting closer to summer because he didn’t want to feel embarrassed about taking off his shirt in front of everyone to get into the pool, in fact he would either not get in the pool or if he did sneak into the pool when no one was looking, he would stay in the pool until everyone had left, so no one would see him getting out of the pool.

Can you relate to this?

Anyway Brad’s weight wasn’t his only issue as he was also clinically depressed, but the amazing thing was that over the time Brad released the fat, he also released his depression, so what does that tell you?


The one thing that Brad did that you can also do to rid fat for life was to deal with his past. The pain and trauma’s he had experienced over his 30 years of life.

Did he remember all his pain and trauma’s from the past?

No not immediately as his brain and body had put security walls around such memories as they were so painful.


What does the body use as a security wall to assure it is protected?



Brad started with the most recent memories which would cause him pain or trauma, things like not being able to get into the pool, he would work his way through each pain/trauma, all the way back to when he was as young as 5 years old. As you could imagine this took some time. While Brad was doing this he started to have a focus on doing something each day which he loved and enjoyed.

Brad’s fat was gradually coming off over time, however it pretty much fell off as soon as he had found and dealt with the major trauma in his life, which was being sexually abused at the age of 5 years old.

This is not some weird coincidence!

People have this occur each and every day.

A guy by the name of Jon Gabriel lost 100+ kgs in 2001 and now 15 years later has no physical showing of any excess skin or fat and was done all natural.




Once you realise all the major traumas in your past life, then it is just a case of doing maintained work throughout your life as problems arise.

You will often find that people may start regaining the fat when money issues arise or they get comfortable in a new relationship and the reason is that it is internally painful.

Now you may be going how is being comfortable in a new relationship painful. It is internally painful for your mind and body as you begin to lose your independence by sacrificing doing things you love to please your partner or it can be an internal insecurity.




A simple thing you can do right now to deal with your past trauma is to think about the things that are causing you pain right now and then write down the feelings that pain is giving you. Once you have your list then think about each feeling and a time in your past when you have also had this feeling.

Write down every event from today all the way back as far as you can remember.

Pick the event which brings this feeling to the surface the most for you and shut your eyes, moving your head from side to side as you think about this event and embrace the feeling, while taking deep breathes. Once you have embraced the feeling, then start to ask yourself what you can appreciate about the event, once you have appreciated the event then just imagine the event being washed away by your favourite colours, song, sounds and smells, then imagine filling that area up with love, worth, money, gold whatever you choose.

Take a deep breath and then imagine all those colours, songs, sounds, smell and feelings of love, worth, money or gold rushing through your body from the top of your head and all the way down your body. Embrace this feeling and the ask yourself “What is the 1 major learning from that event so so long ago”?

Once you have the answer then internally scream it, so you can feel it in every part of your body.

Put a smile on your face and then gently open your eyes.




Feel free to reach out if you wish for me to provide you some FREE resources to have you releasing your trauma and with it releasing fat for life.


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Exercise & Fitness




How do the words weight loss keep you fat?


I am going to share with you how the words weight loss are keeping you fat and how to change that today.


Shift your mind away from weight loss for a minute and think about the word loss, what does it mean?


Yes, loss is the fact or process of losing something or someone, so if you were to lose your wallet, would you automatically think you could find it again?


If you lost money, would you automatically think that you could regain, earn or make more money again?


If you lost your car keys, would you automatically think that you could find them again?


I could go on for pages, however I’m sure that you get the picture.




This is scary right? Especially when you associate it with the words weight loss and consider that your brain is programmed to think it can find or regain anything related to the word loss.


Have you noticed how you may lose weight and then put it back on again?


How keeping fat off and staying at your ideal weight takes a lot of willpower?


This is due to your sub-conscious mind thinking that weight has been lost, but it can regain it again. Your mind and body believes that when something is lost, then it must be found, regained or replaced, so it is constantly working on ways to find, regain or replace what has been lost.


It takes a lot of willpower to take on your sub-conscious mind and in the end you always end up giving in!


So how can you work with your sub-conscious mind in a way that will have you releasing that fat off your body for life?


Simply change 1 word!


Change the word loss to RELEASE.


I am releasing weight, I am on a weight release diet, I am exercising to release weight.


You subconscious relates the word release to letting go of something and setting it free for ever. Meaning that you will never have to use willpower again to keep that fat off.


Can you make that simple word shift and release weight today?


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