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Events & Workshops

Spirit Guides with Steven & Amy North ft. Sandra Skender


The Spirit Guide workshop with Steven & Amy North is an exciting opportunity to hear the love, passion & wisdom directly from Steven’s spirit guide, Amy North.

This workshop is a practical guide to all things Spirit Guides and how you can incorporate this unique and beautiful connection that everyone shares into the day-to-day lives and learn how we incorporated this connection and changed our lives.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn about Spirit Guides from a Spirit Guide directly. We will introduce you to techniques that will help improve your own communications, discover methods to merge with your spirit guide and to even channel them if you wish to explore that further.

We will share with you what we have been doing together to heal ourselves, to explore the extraordinary bond that is the spirit guide & incarnate connection.

Come embrace this connection and we will share with you techniques that will help you transform your own life like it has for ours.

You will also hear from Sandra Skender, A gifted Psychic/Medium on how she works and communicates with Spirit Guides and will provide information as to what she does to help people with her abilities.

Discover Amy North & Steven North on our website.

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Events & Workshops

Healing Workshop

UH small

Curious about healing?

Do you wonder if there is a difference between the many different types of energy healing offered?

Have you considered healing is not only about the body?

Learn about and explore ENERGY HEALING with Sandra J & Rochelle and heal the emotional pain, blocks, and physical pain stopping you from living the life you were meant to live.

Take time to be still and sit in the healing energy, EXPERIENCE the gentleness of healing, calming and releasing.

Ask the burning QUESTIONS you have around healing, transformation, energetic connection and healing in your energetic space.

Sandra J & Rochelle share and work in a powerful energy modality that connects the totality of who you are to facilitate healing and restoration. peiec healing is an energetically guided healing approach that is life changing.

Book now.

Saturday June 10th

Time: 9.00 – 1.00

Venue: Siddhi Space 8/46 Buckingham Dr, Wangara

Cost: $40 GST Inclusive

If you are not sure if this is right for you, please give Rochelle a call on 0478 708 962 and have a chat.

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Events & Workshops

I”ve Been Layered – Seminar

I%27ve  been layered meet and greet

In this workshop, authors Sandra J and Rochelle will be sharing how they work, what they do and why they facilitate healing, restoration and rebuilding that leads to change and transformation, personally and professionally.
They will explain the ‘layers’ (physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic/intuitive, core) and how aligning the layers brings healing, change, and direction, and why it is from this place of healing we begin to see our purpose.

There will be an open question and answer time for the last part of the afternoon and they will be choosing someone who has attended, for a free healing session with Rochelle and Sandra J

Sandra J and Rochelle will be working in their creative energetic space,open to the energetic flow that brings understanding, direction, guidance, healing and transformation during this event.

Limited Places.

This is a great opportunity to meet Sandra J and Rochelle, one not to be missed.

Date: 26th March; 2.30- 4.00 pm

Venue: Mundaring Wellness Center
16 Craig Street, Mundaring Western Australia

Ticket Price: $25  

(All things going to plan, there will be printed copies of In Silence & Stillness for sale.)

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Events & Workshops

D.R.E.A.M. BIG. Become the Creative Designer of your Life.

Become your D.R.E.A.M. “Determined, Raw, Evolving, Authentic, Me.” During this workshop gain clarity, perspective and learn ways to become more positive about the direction you take your D.R.E.A.M. life.

Flirt with the notion that there is a better you, a better lifestyle you can be living not just dreaming about.

Strive for wholeness in life. Be a Well Being. Gwenda Smith your host, speaker & mentor is a woman on a mission to have an incredible life while sharing her knowledge and wisdom to those who also want to live an incredible life as a “Well Being”.

Are you living the life you dreamed? Or are you living your life how others expect you too? Does this make you happy and do you feel fulfilled and valued? It’s time to stop wearing other people’s “designs” and make your own life design.

We will look at the person under the layers our world, community and perhaps family label us with.

We will look at the emotional you, the physical you. Perhaps for the first time, take time out to consider how you view yourself, your respect and love for yourself, and how you love others in your life.

Join us. Start your dreaming journey. $79 per person. Purchase your online D.R.E.A.M. workshop ticket.


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Events & Workshops

7steps to fill your workshop and stop trading time for money

2016_10_05 FM Bri 2

What is your number one fear? An empty room at your next workshop? … Mine too!!

And let’s agree – it’s not easy to get those bums on seats by just putting it ‘out there’.

So what is it that stops people from coming to learn from your experience … they don’t know you – and they don’t know why they need to come along.

Event free events can fail. So let me share the 7 tips that have taken me from 0 to fully booked rooms all over the country in less than 6 months.

So here are the 7 steps to fill up your workshops:

  1. Find local people on facebook RUNNING events and invite them to your workshop free of charge (Tip: Click Event Tab and look for people with events with good numbers)
  2. Be active on Facebook groups giving a lot of value consider running competition to giveaway a free ticket to your workshop (Tip: search for keyword in FB, click on Group tab for suggestions of relevant groups)
  3. Get multiple speaking gigs to upsell to your workshop (Tip: Book in for FM Half Day Business Workshop for SHORTCUTS to speaking gigs)
  4. Promote your workshop on meetup, facebook, Eventbrite, Sticky Tickets to reach existing audiences
  5. Create facebook event on all your pages and groups and invite your friends (Discover why this will always work – at the FM Business half day)
  6. Get out to a lot of Meetups and invited the organisers to your workshop free of charge! This long term helped me fill up next workshop, always think about the bigger picture. (Consider providing a lucky door prize to make a connection with the organizer)
  7. Start a meetup – the right way – 3 out of every 4 meetups fail (Tip: Book in for FM Half Day Business Workshop to avoid empty meetups)

Use these 7 action steps next time you’re planning to fill your workshop and watch the interest, RSVP and attendance go through the roof …. But there are many more shortcuts to make this work quicker for YOU!

Know more about my tips and tricks on how to have fully booked workshops and events with my proven tips. More info HERE.

Looking forward to see you there,

Love and Live with Passion,

Francesca xo

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Events & Workshops

DEcode & Transform the Mind with Méline Lafont & Steven North


Join the renowned Méline Lafont as she channels The Elohim of Light with the DEcoding & Transform the Mind, along with Amy & Steven North and their world first, Heart Activation Music.


DEcoding & Transform the Mind is the short title for the DEcoding & DEactivation of the Human Mind which is a profound and powerful gift that has been provided by The Elohim of Light through the lovely Méline Lafont and when combined with the Heart Activation Music, it provides a remarkable and profound transformation tool for humanity.

The Elohim of Light have provided humanity with the light codes to assist in the decoding & deactivation of the human mind in order for humanity to assist in the purification of the mind programming and code activation into God consciousness, along with the removing of the old codes of the mind matrix. – Méline Lafont

The human mind is an old system that creates much havoc for incarnates and can even cause problems when one is on the other side. If the human mind were to be transformed then the mind can be used in a different way. It can be harnessed and connected into the collective consciousness. – Archangel Metatron via Jocelyn Joy Thomas

The Research

Steven North has been researching and has felt the first hand experience of the impact that the Human Mind has had on incarnates. Self-worth, self-love, lack of confidence and other experience that were endured for a number of years and held firmly to the belief that there needed to be another way.

There were many different areas of research, looking into ADD/ADHD, the DORE Foundation, BrainWave Entrainment, Binaural Frequencies to name a few. The Ascended Master Serapis Bey advised Steven North on February 2016, that the years spent living in a particular property was an in-depth study into the ‘human mind’ and how it operated.

It was discovered during this period of time that the human mind had limitations, it was narcissistic and it reminds us that we are unable to do things, that we aren’t good enough and how many times have we compared ourselves to another only to feel bad about ourselves?

Consciousness & Codes

Steven has been guided by spirit since his blast awakening and through this guidance, he discovered the use of crystal consciousness and energies, combined with binary frequencies provide an extraordinary tool to help reprogram the mind, heal past wounds, open the heart and to heal ourselves. This was when the development of the Heart Activation Music was created.

The Heart Activation Music & Steven’s curiosity with the mind led to the discovery of the attunement offered by Méline Lafont from Awaken Spirit from Within. Thus, with the prompting by Amy North (unaware at the time), the co-creation between Méline and Steven was birthed. The Elohim of Light provide the attunements to assist with decoding of the human mind and moving into the heart space. The Heart Activation Music utilises light frequencies & codes embedded into crystals to activate the heart and clear old wounds.

The Elohim of Light will be embedding a specific symbol, shown to you during the session that will be embedded into your energy fields. It is within ALL of these layers that we reprogram The Human Mind.

This is why The Heart Activation Music and The DEcoding & DEactivation of the Human Mind is so powerful. Together, they are working on multiple areas of the causal 4/7 system to help one with their Ascension.

The Human Energy Field
Human Energy Field. Retrieved January 21, 2017, from,


Through this co-creation by Méline Lafont & Steven North, you are able to transform your own mindset to live a fulfilled life, embrace unconditional love for self & others, engage in your life path and the list can grow on and on. This is truly a blessing for all of humanity.

We highly recommend to have a minimum of six sessions so that the new systems and codes have integrated and this is entirely up to you to manage. This is about your own self-empowerment and we will not dictate what you must or must not do.

The sessions will open with a brief discussion on the research, Steven & Amy’s journey and provide techniques on how to alter the programming of your own mind, which includes a new ways of working with your Spirit Guide. We then begin listening to the attunement by Meline & immediately followed by The Heart Activation Music by Steven & Amy North that has been specifically created for this co-creation.

The music that will be heard contains 9 layers of crystal codes as well as the consciousness of Ascended Master Lady Nada, Sananda & Amy North which has also been embedded within the energies of the music. A Theta binary frequency is also utilised within the audio.

Please allow a minimum of 2 hours per session.


On the 16th of January, Méline Lafont posted an article titled ‘Energy Update and the Tsolians on a Coronial Mass Ejection (CME)‘ in regards to thoughts.

I must say that I have been experiencing what the Tsolians have been saying. And in a profound way I might add. I am constantly working on myself to release any thoughts as they have indeed been increasing lately. And it comes in so fast and gets stronger and stronger until I stop this by going to a zero point state. But as soon as I open my eyes and come back into the body, they are coming back in strongly. It is like everywhere you look your thoughts find points to connect to and start making stories.

It is a big time for the DEcoding & DEactivation fo the Human Mind again


Steven North & Star Point 9 run these as a series of events in both Perth, Western Australia and online via The Spirituality Centre. They are running every Monday & Thursday


YouTube Preview

In November of 2016, Steven North presented The Heart Activation Music at the Perth Conscious Living Expo on the main stage as well as being a keynote speaker on the topic of ‘Connecting with Spirit’. In his stage performances, he presented the track “Love for the Earth” which contains the energies of Ascended Master Lady Nada, Sanada & Amy North as well. This is so you can get a feeling of what the codes & frequencies may feel like.




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