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I am so excited to be a contributor to Life Grid Magazine! With my first article, I should reveal the breaking point that led me to be a personal branding and marketing strategist.

What many people don’t know about me is that I had shifted from operating as CEO and public persona for marketing organisations in the European tourism industry and began my own business consulting entrepreneurs, celebrities, and business owners on merging ethics, authenticity and personal values in their branding. I strongly related to the need for “Good Business”. In my work, I often emphasise the long-term value of establishing principles in your business early on. It is not only a professional priority, I’ve come to realise that these values can create longevity in our personal lives.

As the public face of a successful company, I found myself in front of televisions cameras, featured in news media, at conferences, and business events all guided by an external script of my personality – written by others. I somehow got caught in a situation where the personality presented to the public was very different from my own personality. At some point, this no longer worked for me. This could be fine for a short period, but it could be detrimental for the long-term health of a company – and for you. Your personality reflects the values and interests in your business. This is especially true for personal brands. The problem is that most people get stuck in the personality they think the market will respond to, but eventually, this hinders their ability to innovate and grow.

There are effective strategies for thriving in your market – even when your authentic personality is infused in your business. My work is to show you how.

I am a personal branding and marketing strategist. I help entrepreneurs shine by finding their unique business style and an authentic voice for long term integrity that will always stand out in a noisy market. Strategic marketing is my talent and my passion.

After years of being successful, but admittedly inauthentic, my wish is for more people to find happiness in their work.

Yes, I believe this is possible. And necessary.

I find value in helping people find solutions that suit them. I aim to make a difference in the world, and not a small one.

I am constantly amazed by those I work with. What I know for sure is that the people I work with make the world a better place. The more of them I help, the more positive impact I have in the world.

Personally, and in my business, I take a firm stand for authenticity. It is one of my guiding principles. Recently in the personal branding space, you hear the word “authenticity” everywhere. Well, I notice this because I am constantly engaging with others in the field. The word can seem abstract, and even overused – but for good reason. This is one of the biggest limitations in businesses connecting to those they serve. I am interested in finding a new language in this field, but until now I haven’t found a better term to capture its meaning. Some other principles that equally matter to me come close: Integrity. Commitment. Transparency. Accountability.

If we look at what is going on in this world, there is also another reason for this pull towards “Good Business”. The vast part of business culture is motivated only by money, external possessions, seeking power and influence to gain even more profit – without much concern for impact on humanity. Profit doesn’t have to be unethical. We have too many examples that tell us so. Still, far too many economic initiatives are missing out on sustainable principles. You can probably name a handful of successful corporations or businesses that disregard the long term impact of their business model. From all of my experience within the business world, my conviction is that working from a place of authenticity, integrity, and accountability will nudge the business-world towards a place that contributes for the better. It will also create more demand for ethical business models.

Many people do awesome work, but unfortunately, don’t have a voice to make themselves heard. That’s what I aim to help change. Good Business always has a tidal effect.

I love to see people shine and thrive in what they do. My focus is always on seeing the “bigger picture” to help clients cultivate their personality brand from the inside out. I guide them in honing the values that will be at the core of their business foundation. The thing that excites me about this is that the more people take on this approach to business, the more it becomes a movement.

How do your personal values show up in your business? What is your business vision? Most likely it is something that impacts more than you. It might be so big that it can be intimidating. That is a sign that you are on track. You need this frightening energy, this excitement, as a consistent driving force to make things better in this world – and move towards that vision coming to fruition.

Isabella Von Philippovich

The author Isabella von Philippovich

Founder of Business with Personality, Isabella von Philippovich is a personal branding and marketing strategist. It is her mission to help entrepreneurs enhance their business and marketing with uniqueness, authenticity, and personality. Having made the move from being a public figure in her career as a managing director to now running her own personal branding and marketing strategy company, she knows first-hand the challenges of stepping outside one\\\'s comfort zone and being publicly visible.

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