As an events director and a business coach, I’ve learnt to recognise the serious players.

Everyone I speak to always says ‘I’m 100% committed’, ‘I’ll do what ever it takes’, ‘I want to build a multiple 6 figure business’.

Heard it all, seen it, got the t-shirt.

Sad truth is, when I recently went through my contacts on my phone – 80% of the small to medium sized businesses I worked with in my events went under. They’re no longer in business.

And trust me – many had great products. Great customer service. Even a great client base.

What they lacked is one simple ingredient – a ‘No Matter What’ attitude.

It’s the No Matter What that separates the men from the mice.

It’s the No Matter What that helps you find that one extra client you need to make the cash flow this month.

It’s the No Matter What that makes you dust yourself off, forget you failed yesterday and work towards a better tomorrow.

Business can be a mean game, and only the strong can survive. You have to hold on to that dream like your life depends on it – because it does!

So, how big can you dream? Xx

Yael Rose

The author Yael Rose

A business coach offering support to high-achieving entrepreneurs who want to transfer all they are into the online world

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