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As your family, boss, employees or ‘life’ eek out every last ounce of energy before the arrival of your little one, take it from me, someone who’s been there and cares and when I speak passionately to you (ok yell) “TAKE SOME TIME OUT NOW WHILE YOU CAN,” I really really mean it!

Because the countdown’s on and with it comes the art of balancing!

As your babies, impending arrival comes into focus and the many decisions on your journey to motherhood become all consuming, taking some time out to contemplate & prepare mentally and emotionally makes a whole lot of sense. The idea of being nurtured before nurturing, and immersed into experiences that will relax, helping to broaden perspectives can be just what the doctor ordered.

Timing is everything and this special time is the ‘perfect time’ for you to celebrate that you’re nourishing new life and love. 

The second trimester (just after the morning sickness & before getting too uncomfortable) is the ideal time, allowing you some space to consider the responsibilities, joy & demands of becoming a mum. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or sick of being sick (as I was) is all quite normal, just as the feelings of elation, joy and happiness are.

Taking a Babymoon to retreat or to share, while enjoying some precious ‘ME’ time will not only benefit you but everyone connected to you. 

Some carefree time with responsibilities momentarily forgotten, provide you (& your support partner) the opportunity to enjoy getting away, soaking up nature, feeling alive and remembering what’s important to you.

Honour yourself & enjoy every moment of this special time xo

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The author Kirstin Harcourt

Hello! I'm Kirstin - a mum, entrepreneur, traveller & travel specialist dedicated to creating Wellbeing Holidays just for you. I founded Women and Wellbeing Travel specifically to offer busy women travel options to Refresh and Renew. I offer a full range of relaxing, learning and wellness experiences, creating individual holidays & exclusive group retreats to help inspire and empower. I concentrate on naturally stunning destinations in Australia and NZ, especially Noosa where I'm based. I've travelled to over 30 countries, having lived in 5 cities and 1 shire. I grew up in the South Island high country of New Zealand and my first backpacking OE was Australia. One of my most important life lessons is that My Wellbeing Greatly Contributes To Everything In My Life, especially my health. I love my beautiful family ♥, travel, friends, coffee with my girlfriends, fresh food, a cold wine, exploring our home within this amazing place - Noosa Shire, walking on the beach, music, art and a love of visiting my family in the naturally stunning destinations of my home country New Zealand. I feel privileged to be invited & included in this LifeGrid community. I'm excited to offer you my industry insider expertise and local knowledge to take care of your every need, making your wellbeing experience, not just a holiday, but a rediscovery of self.

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