An Unlikely World Traveler

I must be the most unlikely person to be traveling full time.

I was raised in a little town in the middle of nowhere Colorado. It was a big deal to go to Denver or Phoenix as they are both about eight hours away. That is unless my dad is driving, then you can probably make it in six. Culture and travel weren’t particularly important to anyone out on the farm.

Staying close to home was valued.

Where I come from people are independent and like to have five acres between them and their neighbor. It is common for kids to take over the family business or farm. Most people marry their high school sweetheart. If you’re born there you will most likely be buried there. That’s what is expected where I come from.

The world always called me.

Thankfully the travel gods looked favorably upon me and my grandma bought me a lifetime subscription to National Geographic. From the age of five I traveled the world through their pages. I had notebooks and journals full of all the places I was going the second I graduated from high school. I longed for more than I had ever seen or experienced. I knew there was a whole world out beyond our four red lights.

At nineteen I got my first passport.

I remember the feeling of absolute freedom and empowerment when that little blue book arrived in the mail. I had been granted permission to go to just about anywhere I wanted and that’s what I did. I didn’t let being a single woman stand in my way. I went everywhere I wanted to go and what I learned is that the little girl inside of me was right. There was a big, exciting, beautiful world out there.

Fast forward twenty years and I’m still in love with travel.

You may not be a likely candidate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live your dream. You may feel like you never fit in where you came from and the good news is, where we came from simply sets us up for where we are going.

Take ownership of it all and do what is calling your heart.

It’s time to get going!


Monique Alvarez

The author Monique Alvarez

Monique Alvarez is on a mission to share her love of the world with the world. She is a pioneer and leader. She is passionate about teaching location, time and money freedom to those who desire to live life on their terms. She is an energy worker and holds space for her clients to step into their power and own their most authentic life. She facilities high end Masterminds while traveling the world with her family. She is the author of Success Redefined Travel, Motherhood, & Being the Boss

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