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There have been some big planetary actions going on the last few weeks, which has been causing lots of change and growth. Have you been feeling it too? As I have been moving through these energies, I was thinking how important it is now to think about gratitude. Specifically, what are you grateful for?

Firstly though, what is all the hype about having an attitude of gratitude? Gratitude means to show thanks and appreciation for what is good in your life. When you feel gratitude, you feel pleased with the results of doing or having something good. It is feeling thankful and experiencing an effective, positive emotional state.

Experiencing an effective emotional state such as gratitude is like a tonic that leads to greater happiness and satisfaction in our lives. It is a powerful practice, that if you really feel it from your heart, it can lead to huge shifts in your perspective and behaviours. Practising gratitude daily can help you rewrite your story, and go from a life of lack and negative thinking to a life of positive energy and abundance that flows through you and all around you.

Some years ago, when I was very ill with autoimmune dis-ease, I had a psychologist advise me to write three things that I am grateful for every night before I go to bed. I was in such a negative state at the time, I was in despair, I was very ill, in an immense amount of pain, physically and emotionally. So, I really struggled to find three things that I was grateful for each day.

Mostly I was just grateful for a roof over my head, my comfortable bed, and my cat and so most nights, I would write the same three things over and over. However, as time passed, I noticed I was beginning to find more to be grateful for, such as being able to cook myself a nutritious meal or grateful I had meditated that day and given myself some healing. As the months went on, I noticed instead of writing just one line per gratitude, it turned into full sentences, then paragraphs, and sometimes full pages of things I was truly grateful for in my life.

This was an incredibly powerful process for me. It allowed me to take the focus away from the pain I was experiencing and focus on what was positive in my life. It truly shifted my perception and helped change the neural connections within my mind. It allowed me to be more compassionate with myself and more truthful for how I was feeling and what I wanted in my life; what I would not allow anymore and what I could allow. It gave my life so much more meaning and lifted my energy higher so I could start healing the dis-ease running through my body.

That was several years ago now, and I still practice gratitude daily. I keep my gratitude journal beside my bed and write in it most nights. I practice gratitude when I am driving, and I even have reminders in my phone to give thanks for all the wonderful things I have. I give thanks for my family, my friends and having deep connection in my life. I give thanks for my thriving and successful business, helping people change their lives. I give thanks for having the flexibility in my business for my own self-care. And every day I give thanks for my strength, health, the happiness I have created, knowing who I am and my purpose in life.

Having an attitude of gratitude is a powerful way to transform your life. It helps to reduce stress and depression and improves the quality of your being. It helps you feel healthier, stronger, happier and more aware of the abundance around you. The more you practice, the more you enjoy and appreciate. It is such a simple action to take on as a daily influence that helps you rewrite your whole story. So, I ask you now, what are three things that you are grateful for today?

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