A simple ‘Hello’

 A simple ‘Hello’ seems ordinary enough doesn’t it?

In most cultures it is accepted as a greeting to show respect and acknowledgement of the other person.

Yet, it is becoming more apparent that some may actually feel intimidated or even feel obliged by a simple ‘Hello’.

‘Hello’ is a powerful word.

It can bring your joy when you feel somber.

Yet it can bring you intimidation when you are feeling insecure.

I have traveled to Italy and this sensational word is treated just as they treat their morning cafe’. Yes, it is a necessity in their culture to begin the day and continue throughout the day. A greeting of ‘Salve’, ‘Buon giorno’ and even ‘Buona sera’ are all part of the everyday language that is expressed freely. 

Yet, why is it that when I walk through the local shopping center and I feel another gaze at me, I respond with a simple ‘Hello’ they turn away or walk straight by as though they do not see me?

This is not the first time this experience has happened. Nor has it only happened to myself. It is unfortunately becoming another social epidemic that is suffocating our future generation. 

Say HELLO people, it is SIMPLE!

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Rosa Carrafa

The author Rosa Carrafa

My journey called life is not that different from yours. Names, places and culture are mostly the things that may alter. My passion in life is going through every goal I set and making them a reality. As an artist, Devotional Faith guide and a published author is continuing to unfold to reach out to as many people as I can with messages that may influence their lives on a more profound and eternal level. With each goal I fulfill, I move on to the next. All of which none of these would have been possible without the love that surrounds me and my faith that keeps me striving with hope to look forward to tomorrow. \\\'Never give up\\\' ~Spiritual Aspects Devotional faith: Authors page:

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