October 2017

Innovation & Business

It’s not the cheapest companies that are the busiest!


When it comes to charging their worth, women always share with me:

‘But I can’t charge more than my industry standard.’

‘I’m scared no one will pay those high-end rates.’

‘I don’t have enough experience, I need to study some more.’

Whatever it is that’s holding you back, I want you to note this – it’s not the cheapest companies that get the most work.

Look around you, think of people / suppliers you have worked with – if you really observe it, you will realise there are no limitations – only those you create in your mind.

Of course, sometimes limiting beliefs are running the show, and a good business coach will help you transform those and create new, healthy beliefs.

But today, if I can give you one piece of advice it will be – please stop selling yourself short and please, please value yourself. Cause if you don’t – no one else will.

Have a successful prosperous week!

Yael xx

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Innovation & Business

Is Your Content Still King?


In the eternal quest to crown your content as king, you have come up with some pretty scintillating stuff. You’ve entertained, you’ve informed, you’ve made them laugh and you’ve made them think.

And it’s all past-tense.

You’ve let it slip.

Your blog, your web pages, your articles…aren’t what they used to be. You got busy. Other business tasks stole your attention.

How can you get that back? How can you re-satisfy the readers you’ve let down and gain new ones, too?

Here are my tips for making that crown a permanent fixture on your content’s head:

  • Know Your Readers’ Needs. If you’re writing with concern only for what you want to say, rather than what your readers need to hear, your content will never be crowned king.
  • Stir Appropriate Emotions. What qualifies as ‘appropriate?’ Whatever your readers want, of course (with plenty of consideration for the emotion that will drive them to want to buy and/or follow your brand).
  • Publish Reliably. When can readers expect to see new content? If your answer is something like ‘when I have time,’ your content will remain a jester. Publish a few times a week, ideally, and do it on the same days, at the same time of day, every week.
  • Express Your Corporate Values. Those little things called ‘values?’ They’re part of the big reasons that your followers are attracted to your brand. Reinforce your belief in those values every time you write a new piece of content.
  • Be Human. Anyone can look up a Wikipedia page or read the dictionary. Deliver your content as a living, breathing, emotional human. Express your views (in-line with your values). Be real and you’ll attract real [ideal] customers.
  • Aim to Serve. Too many business owners create content riddled with sales-speak; and it’s just plain wearisome to readers. What they want is for you to meet their needs with their content…then they’ll consider buying in.
  • Fill the Holes. What is your competitor’s content missing? It’s up to you to provide what they’re not.
  • Market Your Content. Your content can only fulfill its royal duties if it has a stage on which to do that. Share it on social media, through email marketing, by linking to it…and any other way you believe it will grab (and keep) the attention of all the right eyes.

Your target audience isn’t going to read your content just for the sake of reading (Jodi Picoult and Stephen King have that covered). Instead, readers will come to your website, your blog, and your social media places if they’re getting something valuable for themselves. Find out what they need most and give them that with relevant, informative, valuable content. And then keep it up, so they know what they can expect from your brand…and that they can expect it consistently.

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