August 2017

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Relax! It’s Mercury Retrograde.



I opened my eyes at 5am this morning feeling a sweet change in the air. It felt really good. Then I realized Mercury is officially in Retrograde.


Here’s the thing, I understand the panic around mercury retrogrades. Last night, I could barely form a sentence sometimes. My partner and I couldn’t stop laughing. Yep, it’s definitely mercury retrograde.

Mercury is in retrograde from today August 12th, all the way until September 5th, just in time for Virgo season. Woohoo!

Mercury is the planet of Intellect, Logic, Perception, Thinking, Communication, and Technology. These are the areas affected the most hence why I could form a sentence yesterday lol.

Who gets affected more during Mercury retrogrades?
Mercury is the home planet for Geminis and Virgos (Me). So if your Sun sign, Moon or ascendant sign is in Virgo or Gemini, you will feel its full effect. A great way to see how this planet, mercury, is personally affecting you is to look at your chart and see which house Mercury, Virgo or Gemini falls in. For me, mercury falls in my 9th house, which is the house of Spirituality. If I am to go within, what better house to work with. 

And for my beloved, Mercury falls in his 2nd house which is the house of Life values.  Which means for him, this mercury retrograde time will be a lot of reviewing, reflecting and fine tuning his life values.

If you don’t know your signs or have a chart, no worries. You can get your free chart here:

Retrogrades offer us a time to Reflect, Remember, Release, and Repair.

It’s the Cosmic Siesta.

And we get to experience this every quarter. How awesome is that? The universe always knows what we need even if we have no idea.

Mercury retrogrades in Leo and Virgo. What does this mean?
1. You may be returning to past projects and refining or tweaking them.
2. You may be looking at past decisions and ideas from a new, possibly enlightened perspective. Yei Virgo!
3. It is a time for learning (or relearning) what we love doing.
4. It’s time to think, not with the mind, but with the soul.
5. It’s time to say what you mean and mean what you say.

What should you do at this time?

1. Keep Calm, it’s only Mercury! It’s cosmic Siesta time!
3. Use your intuition rather than Logic.
4. Be flexible and go with the flow.
6. Slow down, meditate and do some journalling.
7. Reorganize, review, and reflect.
8. Back up your computers.
9. Take care of your car.
10. Accept that there may be hiccups, delays, miscommunications, and Melt-downs.
11. Be Gentle with yourself.
12. And lastly, RELAX, if I haven’t said that already.😁

This is a powerful time we are in. 

You are so loved.

Cosmic radiance coming at you!

Abigail, Moon Goddess.

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Wisdom & Spirit

What do when you’re in the sh*t


We have all been there. When everything seems overwhelming; on every single front. When things go to sh*t.

It is not about denying that these periods occur from time to time.  Rather, what can we do when we are knee deep in the sh*t?

How to make sense of things when you are knee deep in sh*t

We know that contagion of emotions is real.

If you’re coming into work and trying to lead your team whilst your life is falling down around you, it’s very likely that sense of panic and disarray will transfer to your team too. This stuff matters – both for you and for the impact it has on those around you.

There are three elements to how you make sense of things when you are knee deep in it.

  • Keeping yourself well so that you can deal with what is happening
  • Rationally observing what the issues are
  • Dealing with the issues

Keeping yourself well

The reality is that none of us are any good to anyone if we are not functioning well ourselves.

It is so tempting to de-prioritise our own health and wellbeing when life keeps sending the curve balls but the reality is this is the MOST important time to look after ourselves.

I wrote this Facebook post over the weekend:

Things have been busy with some stressy stuff thrown in recently. It is always so tempting to burrow in & work harder and harder, trying to juggle all the balls, that spin quicker & quicker.

If this feels like life for you at the moment – think about doing the reverse; by upping the self care.

It is the usual suspects, I’m afraid – but that’s because they work..

A small 3 minute meditation first thing in the morning, with perhaps some quick breathing exercises in the loo during the day. Food that nourishes the soul. Exercise that tells your body you appreciate all that it’s doing for you. Less of the stimulants.

Even if you do these things bit by bit – introducing them so they’re sustainable- you’ll start to feel a difference. The balls won’t spin so fast & you might catch the odd one before it falls to the ground!!

I’m taking my own advice – have been off the coffee for just over two weeks & have started my morning meditations again. I know these things will help – as will going to the gym as often as I can & having an early morning walk & talk with a dear friend.

If the balls are spinning out of control for you at the moment – what small things can you introduce that will start to rebalance?

None of these things won’t change the balls spinning of course, but they will alter your ability to view them more rationally & cope with them.

Rationally observing the issues for what they are

When we are overwhelmed, it becomes easy for everything little thing to add to the overwhelm.

A good tip here is to rationally observe what is causing you the overwhelm. If you’re too knee deep in it to see anything rationally, ask a sensible friend to help. Which of the issues are really contributing to the problem. Which can be easily dealt with in the calm light of day? Are there any which are just non issues?

My favourite trick is to ask myself- will this matter in one year or five years time? If not, and it’s contributing to overwhelm – let that sucker go! (Book week costumes – I am looking at you!)

Dealing with the issues

I know that this is sometimes easier said than done. When it feels like we are so stuck in the sh*t that we literally cannot move.

But breathe deeply.

Ask a good sensible friend or trusted colleague or coach to help.

And see if these tricks assist.

Circles of Influence

One of the sources of overwhelm and stress is trying to control things that we have no control over. Being able to see clearly what we control, what we can influence, and what we have ZERO control over can bring clarity (and peace) to the situation.

things go to sh*t
Circles of control/influence



And then, there is the very Buddhist concept of acceptance. It sucks not to be able to control every aspect of our life. But that is the reality. And even more so that we are often impacted by things that we have no control or influence over. But it is pointless agitating over these aspects of the stress.

Accepting the situation and then deciding to control what you can control is so empowering.

What we can control:

And there is lots that we can control. We can control:

  • Ourselves;
  • Our responses to situations and people;
  • Our mindset;
  • How we view a situation; and
  • How we choose to look after ourselves.


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Life Changes


This is for all the people who want more for themselves and want to go about the business of making it happen. This is for all the people who want a better life, whatever that looks like for them. This is for all the people who want it, can taste it, but just can’t get moving because they are petrified of the outcome. This article I have dedicated to you.

When embarking on a personal life change you are inevitably going to be met by some well-meaning, yet harsh critics. And normally these harsh critics are your nearest and dearest. “You’ll fail. Have you thought this through? What will your father/mother/husband/neighbour/friends think?” Or my ultimate fave, “I thought you were smarter than that.”

To all those well-intentioned people I say, “Go fuck yourself.” There. I said it. Go fuck yourself with all your “I was just looking out for you” bullshit. No you weren’t. If you were looking out for me you would have encouraged, prompted, promoted. Instead you wanted me to carry on just like you. Playing small and playing safe and not making any waves. Staying comfortable. But I am not like you. I want a better…different…authentic life. I want to wake up in the morning knowing I am doing my all. Knowing I am giving my all. Knowing I am on a path that fulfils all areas of my body, soul, mind and spirit.

I thank and bless you for your “concern” but I don’t want it. I don’t want it to define our relationship…”Oh look at poor *insert your name here*. She’s gonna land on her ass but I will be there for her when she does.” No. Screw that. That is not support. Pop the cork for me and be at the Formica table whether I make it or not. Celebrate the journey with me. I am fulfilling my life’s purpose. I don’t need for you to understand but I’d like for you to appreciate it’s what I must do.

My dreams don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all approach. They won’t be defined by what your garden variety dreams are meant to look like. And nor do they have to.

Pursuing these dreams means I forgo being accepted into mainstream society. Not much to say to the carpark mafia at school drop off. Not much to contribute at the water fountain in the office.

I belong amongst the books, the poems, the dreamers, the art. I exist amongst border control, visas, state lines, and embassies. I thrive in the mountains, deep in the sea, amongst the clouds, on stage, in books with good souls… I can’t be defined or explained. I just am.

So for those wishing to pursue a dream, don’t wait for anyone for permission, a nod of the head, or a right time. Most people don’t actually care and as for right times, there are none. Believe in yourself, your ability and your commitment. The rest is inconsequential. Just go for it with 100% commitment. Want it more than breathing. Really. And you, too, shall have it.


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