May 2017

Personal Growth

What would it be ‘If You were given 15 seconds to say or do something that will make a difference to you’?


So, RIGHT NOW, you are given 15 seconds to say or do something that will make a difference to you..WHAT WILL IT BE?

I have asked this question often to those around me, the most common response is ‘make more money’ – SURPRISE! 

No, really, it is not a surprise as the majority of humans want financial freedom for diverse reasons. 

The most common is related to financial comfort- ie: supply for families, paying bills, debts, holidays and for health expenses.

Why am I addressing this question?

               There is so much going on around us on a daily basis and although, we are generally, charitable beings – personal needs in material and assets are important.

Should you feel guilty for addressing this 15 seconds with ‘ I would like more money’?

                Heck NO! We live in a consumer based society and realistically, money is ‘what makes the world go round’. Without it how do we feed our families and provide the simple things yet necessary things that keep us from being cold, hungry and clothed without money?

  • This was taken from conversations with those around me and names will not be mentioned.~ Rosa Carrafa.

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Events & Workshops

Healing Workshop

UH small

Curious about healing?

Do you wonder if there is a difference between the many different types of energy healing offered?

Have you considered healing is not only about the body?

Learn about and explore ENERGY HEALING with Sandra J & Rochelle and heal the emotional pain, blocks, and physical pain stopping you from living the life you were meant to live.

Take time to be still and sit in the healing energy, EXPERIENCE the gentleness of healing, calming and releasing.

Ask the burning QUESTIONS you have around healing, transformation, energetic connection and healing in your energetic space.

Sandra J & Rochelle share and work in a powerful energy modality that connects the totality of who you are to facilitate healing and restoration. peiec healing is an energetically guided healing approach that is life changing.

Book now.

Saturday June 10th

Time: 9.00 – 1.00

Venue: Siddhi Space 8/46 Buckingham Dr, Wangara

Cost: $40 GST Inclusive

If you are not sure if this is right for you, please give Rochelle a call on 0478 708 962 and have a chat.

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Personal Growth

Looking for something?

LG smal
Everyone seems to be ‘looking for something’, and yet when you ask what it is, the answer is vague and hopeful.
It is a ‘looking for something’ different, better, bigger, greater than what we have in the moment?
To define the ‘something’ seems to be a challenge, an evasive feeling linked to an actualisation of a ‘hoped for’.
Why is it so difficult to define what the ‘something ‘ is? Is the ‘something’ beyond words, an unknown that is intuitive and not found in the knowledge held?
I think so. Perhaps the ‘something’ is the connection to what is beyond all that we are.
We see so often the word abundance. I have to ask, what does that mean? Where is this abundance? Is it part of the ‘something’ hoped and wished for? Does it have substance, is it tangible?
Big questions I know, but ones I think we ask in the quiet moments, when we still our mind, and consider all that we are and have.
Could it be that we intuitively know that we lack, that there is a disconnect to self and to the abundance that we seek? Could it be that we hold an innate knowing that we are to be greater than we are?
I believe so. It is in the still quiet place, when we hear the inner cry that stems from all that we are, that we begin to have a glimpse of what we desire. It is a desire, a yearning, a quiet soft plea, that holds the hopes and dreams that feed us.
To step into the place, to begin to find the words is difficult. We are held in the urgent of what we do. Held in the decisions that we have made, that push us to do, rather than be. It is in the being of who we are, and the accepting of all that we are, that we can begin to define the ‘something’ that we look for.
Perhaps it is healing, the body needs to be free of pain and sickness. Or there is a lack emotionally, or confusion around what is truth for you. Or fear that holds everything you do bound in a ‘less than’ action or outcome, or a desire to create or to make change.
Acceptance is the key. Acceptance of the totality of self, an empathetic response to all that you are, where you are, what you have, what you lack, and what you desire to have or become. In that moment of acceptance, you unlock a part of self that begins to pull the abundance that is held for you.
What is it you’re looking for?
Rochelle – Flip180life
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Personal Growth

Determine Your Destiny Direction Quiz


I am sure you know that Law of Attraction says that what you focus on expands. Right? So what you are thinking and feeling, in other words what you are experiencing in your life and business at the moment will expand.

As things expand and become more then it intensifies and it becomes who you are, it becomes your being, your personality, your energy and vibration.

I have an easy quiz for you to determine where your life and business is heading based on your current experience.

Rate yourself from 1 to 10 according to what extent these statements are true for you, where 1 is absolutely untrue and 10 is absolutely true.

  1. You accept, appreciate and love yourself
  2. You feel gratitude and appreciation for your life & business
  3. You have a compelling vision to live your purpose and satisfy your passion
  4. You have success and abundance in your life
  5. You have healthy and fulfilling relationships
  6. You are the master of your emotions
  7. You feel connected to Source/God/Universe/Creator
  8. You do what you love and support your ideal lifestyle doing it

Add your scores together and divide it by 8 to get the average.

Imagine a continuum from 1 to 10 where 1 represents a Disaster Destiny and 10 represents an Ideal Destiny as described above. Imagine your average score on this continuum. In which direction is your destiny heading?

Let’s take a closer look at your average score.

If your average score is 4 or less
You probably experience life and business as a burden, have bouts of depression and anxiety and often feel hopeless helpless.

You are probably taking some form of anti-depressants and may even have addictions like alcohol or other drugs.

The fact that you have done this quiz shows that you long for a better life and hopefully have enough energy to do whatever it takes to do that.

If your average score is from 5 to 7
You probably feel frustrated with your life and business, because you try to succeed but you seem to find yourself repeating the same patterns. You attempt to control everybody and everything in your life.

You experience self-doubt and fear on a daily basis, in fact you are driven by fear of failure and losing control.

If your average score is 8 and above
You feel aligned, at peace, on purpose and successful in most or all areas of your life. So congratulations, you are one of a few people in the world.

You are in the process of moving closer and closer to your true Self and growing your connection with God / Higher Power / Universe / Source or what it is to you.


If your average score is less than 8, then there is room for improvement. You have the choice to decide whether you want to continue towards a Disaster Destiny or embark on a journey towards your Ideal Destiny.


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Wisdom & Spirit

Carving a Life from the Chaos


It is a safe assumption to make, that the only constant thing in this world is change. We all know life isn’t perfect. Life and all the endless plans we make, hardly ever turn out exactly the way we want. We may be promised a magical dream life from a prospective lover, who then runs the other way when it comes time to make a commitment. We may work our whole lives to retire with the one we love; only to lose them to cancer the year retirement comes. 

Why is life, full of so much disappointment, heartache, tragedy, forgotten dreams, unrequited love and abandoned hearts? 

If we choose to come down to this crazy planet, and we have free will; why oh why, does nothing ever go to plan? 

It is a question that has perplexed the greatest minds on Earth. The debate between destiny and free will. 

Is everything pre-determined in the spirit realm prior to birth through our soul contracts that we are obligated to fufill? Or are we a completely blank canvas in every moment, with every possibility and choice at our fingertips? 

I tend to think that our souls have a destiny blueprint, a baseline of what we decide  we want to experience and learn to evolve and grow as a soul. 

Within our lives and our destiny blueprint; there in also lies our free will. I do believe our soul contract / destiny blueprint drives the choices and decisions we ultimately make in pursuit of our souls mission or life purpose . 

But we always, always have a choice. If we, on this path, decide to revert back to old patterns, stay stuck, or move at a faster pace; eliminating karmic debts and evolving at an exponential rate, we can. 

I always say to clients:

“You create your own timing” 

It is indeed a paradox, two completely opposing forces working simultaneously  within the internal universe that houses our soul. 

But it is the nature of the duality of life on Earth. The masculine and feminine, the yin and yang, giving and receiving. 

Our masculine energy within us, takes decisive action, lights a fire in our soul, and drives our mission. Our feminine energy is the receiver of love, of guidance, of inspiration and nurtures our very entrance and  existence into the world.

We need a balance, an equilibrium of these two opposing forces to not only move our lives forward, but to also enjoy all that life, love and the universe has to offer. 

In a world of endless opportunities, challenges, information overload and access to the world in the palm of our hands, how can we possibly know what is the correct path we should take? 

How do we know we are making the best possible choice in any given moment?

It is these questions that cause our state of being to freeze, or to be stuck in “limbo”. We become trapped inside an illusioned state where we believe: 

1). We are running out of time 

2). We might make the biggest mistake of our lives. 

But what if there were no mistakes?

What if we chose to look at the choices and decisions we make, as an opportunity to experience and another chance to grow? 

There is something brilliant in what Dr Wayne Dyer had to say about this situation we face on a day to day basis. 

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

So, in other words, the quality of our reality is ultimately determined by our perception alone. 

Ajahn Brahm, a well known West Australian Buddhist Monk, said four very powerful words about changing the way we look at our present moment circumstances. 

“Want to be here.” 

Therefore, the root cause of suffering is not wanting to be right here, right now in this moment. Regardless of how it is manifesting, unfolding and what it might mean for you, Tony Robbins said; 

“Nothing in life has meaning unless you give it meaning.” 

These statements all have a common thread, that what we experience, is simply that; an experience. 

Our level of happiness in life, and our level of suffering, is determined by the way we perceive and respond to the events in our lives. 

I do believe in life, there are victims and fighters. We as humans move in and out of these mentalities based on the initial cards we are dealt at birth. A child born in a refugee camp may be a victim, where as a child of a billionaire is given ample opportunity to fight, based on the health and wealth provided to them. 

But what determines who we are and what we give to the world, is our response and meaning we give to the environments we as children and adults find ourselves in.

We do not have to accept our surroundings as “our lot” in life. We have the choice and more importantly the capacity to change our circumstances, through free will, mental strength, determination and drawing on the tools of visualization  and manifestation. 

We can “carve” a “life” out of chaos. We have to make a  conscious decision to make a commitment to perceive and respond to our environment as a fighter, not a helpless victim. You can see here, that attitude is everything. It explains why a child from a poor background can become one of the top surgeons in the country, whilst a person who is given health, wealth, security and opportunity can still feel lost, and of little use to society. 

You define, who you are, not the circumstances you find yourself in. In truth, you are the exception to the rule; every time. The only difference between those who succeed in this life and those who do not, is an unshakable belief and a refusal to accept the surroundings they find themselves in.

If you choose to be a fighter in this life; you are announcing to the universe; that you are making a decision to carve yourself a life from the chaos. 

Think of the journey of a fighter like a man, with a knife, finding himself in a thick jungle. This man has two choices, he can sit down, give up, and use the knife to end his days, or he can take that knife, get up, show up, never give up and fight his way through the jungle vines, the dense foliage and the trees blocking his path, till he  carves out a path for himself, and makes it through the jungle to the river. This man, in effect, through fighting has saved his own life. 

So, what are you choosing to be in this moment? A victim or a fighter? You choose. 

“If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you’re committed, you’ll  do whatever it takes.” – John Assaraf.   




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Hints & Tips

5 Period Myths Debunked and 5 Tips For Happy Periods

5 period myths 5 period tips

I spent the first 20 years of my menstruating life HATING my period.

It was so painful that I threw up for days from the pain. I would break out into a cold sweat, shaking so badly I couldn’t stand. I often passed out right before my period. Imagine explaining that your friends in high school. I used the food poisoning excuse until I couldn’t use it anymore.

PMS— the mood swings controlled me and I felt like a spectator rather than a driver of my life. It was horrific. I was on Birth Control and Narcotics just to get through a day of high school, but it didn’t work!

With that said, I am no longer in pain. In fact, I love my periods now. So much so that I’m, The Period Coach. Now I help women end their PMS and Painful Periods, so they too can have beautiful, powerful periods!

Periods are such a taboo topic that there are many myths floating around. One of the first steps in finding the power in your period is to debunk the myths around our period.

Here are five myths that I want to debunk:

  • Painful Periods Are Normal

A healthy period is not painful. I am the living proof of that. Cramps, bloating, headaches, migraines, all these painful symptoms are an indication that there is an imbalance in your body.

Tip: Use Clary Sage essential oil in a carrier oil on your abdomen over your womb to help ease cramps. Clary Sage has been used by women throughout the centuries to help ease pain, even in childbirth! As with any essential oil, be sure to test it on a small part of your skin before using to see if any irritation occurs.

  • Mood Swings Are Normal

Just like pain, if you get extremely moody or bitchy as you get closer to your period, hormonal imbalances are most likely the culprit.

Tip: Passionflower tincture can be very helpful in making overwhelming mood swings gentler. If you are charting your cycle daily add in good fiber like buckwheat after you ovulate until you get your period.

  • Sugar Cravings Are Just Part Of Being A Woman

Many women express a desire to eat sweet treats and junk food around their periods. I have also seen this notion being publicized as marketing campaigns for products and services. I hate this! It fuels our addictions and makes ALL our symptoms worse! Sugar is highly addictive, the more you eat the more you NEED.

Tip: Rather than going on a junk food binge, set yourself up for success by keeping high quality chocolate in your cupboards that’s not full of crappy sugar. Or make yourself a sweet treat like hot chocolate made from raw cacao and coconut milk, totally sugar free and SUPER satisfying!


  • Periods Are Gross

Let’s debunk that myth right now. Period blood is actually one of the easiest and most visible indicator of your health.

Brown blood, spotting, clots, really dark blood are all ways your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong. A healthy period blood is a beautiful bright red, even a little pink in color.

Tip: Using a menstrual cup or sea sponge can make seeing your blood so much easier. It can be awkward and uncomfortable at first but they are SO much better for you (and the environment) than disposable pads and tampons! Plus many women report a significant decrease in cramps when they make the switch. I’ve got lots of resources for using these products if you have questions.

  • Your Period Is A Curse

On the contrary. In fact your period is full of power and it’s just waiting for you to tap into it. Our period gives us a natural calendar to be in tune with. Think of a month as the time from one period to the next. When we listen to our body, we know that within one month we get to enjoy the four seasons, the spring, the summer, the fall, and the winter. These seasons then tell us what are we best at, what types of work we should focus on, and what type of food nurtures our body the most.

Tip: Try eating with your cycle. Print this picture out and stick it on your fridge. When you’re thinking about a snack or what to make for dinner try adding something in that you like!

There are so many myths about periods that almost all women are living needlessly in shame, embarrassment, and pain. I want to change all that, Period. That’s why I am curating The Red Circle Summit, a gathering of 27 experts that goes live May 26th! We will debunk the myths and celebrate the power in our periods. You can register for The Red Circle Summit here[].

Stasha Washburn is the foundHER of[] and The Period Coach for Entrepreneurial Women who want to enjoy PMS-free periods and learn to harness the power of their periods to operate their business literally in the FLOW! Stasha is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Qi Gong and Tai Chi Teacher who fuses both Western and Eastern practices in her coaching. Stasha blends scientific research with feminine ceremony to create a unique mind, body, energy approach.

Facebook: []
Instagram: []
Twitter: []

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Innovation & Business

Divine Phoenix Awakening – DWA – After stillness and quieting the mind a Phoenix awakens from the ashes

Untitled design (78)

I have been silent for a bit. I was creating space & using my soul gifts in my own business…. to do some fine tuning and getting into alignment.

You see, when one has a super magical & potent Soul gift that actually creates immediate results & defies all logic it can be downright frightening to fully step into it and fully align with it.

I share my story with you so that you can see the process of my transformation & waking up from the ashes so that I could unfold my wings and fly.

Over the course of being in a marriage for 20 years, I helped to create and build trucking companies with my husband…8 different times. He had an issue where he would fall asleep while he was driving and wreck the semi. Essentially we would have to start all over again because of the downtime of insurance companies and getting a new truck and licensing and all of that.

I then went on to owning and operating my own stone and landscape supply company. Here is where I discovered my magic and started to become aware of my gifts and how to use them.

I have the gift of alchemy, which means I can literally create something from nothing. I do this by what I calls energy tuning. When I communicate with the business and it’s owner energetically, I am then able to see where the blocks are.  

What happens next is nothing short of magic. I energetically pull all the possibilities that are available from the Universe, funnel it to the business through the owner, while simultaneously clearing all energetic blocks in the umbilical cord between the owner and the business so that inspired action can be taken.

The last time we built his trucking company, he had the largest fleet of trucks in the area. The checks that were flowing in were upwards of $74K every 2 weeks, this was the whole second year of operating this particular time. That’s over 1.5 million a year. The first year was just $6 under 1 million that was created.

My stone and landscape supply company was similar. My first year in business with it, I was repairing an interesting rep from the previous owner. Even with all the cards stacked against me so to speak with competition, interesting reputations, being a woman in a “man’s” business, and zero previous knowledge of running that kind of a business, I generated almost $300K in my first year. When I chose to follow my heart and create a coaching business where I could operate from anywhere and not be confined to a brick and mortar building….I actually had to triple my price of the business to sell it.

With my clients now, I take them from having zero business and not knowing what their soul gift is to increasing their income by 5 and 800% and continue to create that with them and myself. I work with clients that have existing businesses as well…..the results are the phenomenal. My first month in my global online coaching business I generated $2000 in a couple days, with seemingly piddly busy work and went on to do $6000 in my second month in one day.  

I am here to tell you it is not necessary to downsize your life to follow your soul purpose. It is not necessary to take time to build your soul purpose business. You can do it over night. Quantum leaps are possible. It does not have to take time. I know that to be true when you are living in alignment with your soul frequency.

Previously, in the times where I abandoned my truth and was living a lie based on the illusion of fear, completely in misalignment with my soul frequency……sales in my business dropped….significantly. I almost ended up losing my business and my home. I was depressed, I had anxiety, I believed everything I was being told by those closest to me that I was terrible at business and would never succeed. My body was going through horrible bouts of hormonal imbalance and my marriage fell apart. My oldest son was living in another state going to technical school and ended up in the emergency room unable to sleep for days on end, with depression and anxiety and suicidal.

I dropped my entire life in Colorado and moved to Arizona to rescue my son…..who I didn’t know it at the time, was actually rescuing me. It wasn’t until I could step away from the negativity of the marriage, and from the negative space that trying to fit in creates, that I could actually see what was going on and begin to change it.

I was no longer accepting the illusion and I made the choice to find out what my soul purpose was and to function in alignment with that and ONLY that. Deep down I knew that nothing was wrong with me and the things I knew were possible were not the illusion. I decided now is the time. I have come out as myself. Everywhere, always, with everyone, with no apologies, no matter the consequences.

When I made this choice, I had no money of my own. My husband at the time was fully supporting me and my 2 youngest children. I was living off the generosity of him and his desire for our children to not be put in daycare.

I speak from a deep understanding of how the energetics of things work and function. I speak from experience of having used these principles to create massive change in my life as well as my clients. I share my story with to show you what is possible.

I have a deep understanding of how the energetics of things work and function. From 20 years experience in business and creating businesses, I also have a deep understanding of how things work in the physical world as well…..and the programming and beliefs that society has determined how business works and doesn’t.

When people work with me, they show immediate results in thier money flows. My clients have gone from not knowing what their Soul Gift is to uncovering it and increasing their income by 500 – 800%. I work with Business owners, Coaches, Healers and Entrepreneurs.

I am your Million Dollar Muse

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Language of Love

The Number One Ingredient In Every Happy Relationship


Laughter is the glue keeping all happy relationships together.

Our kids often turn to us and say, ‘What’s the secret to a happy marriage?’ There is no secret and there isn’t just one thing that keeps us happily married but without a doubt laughter is the glue that keeps us together.

Long-term relationships are a roller coaster ride for sure but ALL of them having one thing in common – a great shared sense of humor. Having been very happily married for 28 years, running a coaching, counseling and hypnotherapy business I understand relationships and what makes people connect personally and romantically at a deep level.

There are many components to being happily married and I can honestly say when you combine work, commitment and time together all bound up with laughter marriage really does get better and better each year. My clients are often horrified when I say to them early on in our sessions – ‘You might never have the relationship you want with your partner’, but they are often thinking of the worst possible scenario. The reality is the relationship might not become what you thought you originally wanted but something so much more fulfilling and loving.

People spend their lives trying to change their partners, rarely looking inside of themselves, rarely accepting they are the ones who need to change, rarely taking responsibility for their feelings. It’s when people take responsibility for themselves, stop the blaming, start accepting their partner for who they are, start communicating better, taking the time to be with one another, appreciating each other’s views and having a laugh together every day that life really takes off on another level.

I’d love to share with you some tips that have really helped my own marriage and that of my clients grow and deepen over the years –

1. Laughter has to be number one – every day we really do have a laugh about something, often something quite trivial but we always have that connection, even if it’s just something small perhaps something Bella, our puppy did. Often when discussing serious matters such as money or work we will always end up making a joke of some sort at the end. Even when we feel upset because we know how to lighten the situation we can ‘get back up again’. Having a daily laugh stops us taking life too seriously and keeps our vibration high so we have positive mindsets.

2. Focus on your partner’s positive qualities – in my own marriage and in all my year’s of counseling I find that couples all complain about similar things, but it’s the ‘happy’ couples who choose to focus on the positive qualities in their partner. Then express your appreciation to your partner…..tell them – this will cement the good things you see in your partner, overriding the negative, annoying things.

3. We all fight and argue – it’s part of a relationship but it’s HOW you disagree that counts. Keep your arguments to the point being respectful and kind, it’s not about ‘winning’ the argument, being sarcastic or putting the other person down so you feel better. Don’t drag everything else into it and you’ll find they are far more easily resolved.

4. Understand your partner – even if you don’t agree with them put yourself in their shoes, try and see their point of view and agree that you understand their opinion; show empathy. Then only if you are asked to, express your opinion. This can ‘kill’ a lot of arguments on the spot as you immediately take the heat out of the situation by agreeing with their understanding.

5. Compliment your partner – this is something that has come naturally to me but so many people struggle with. I noticed early on in our relationship I very rarely said anything against Ian when in company, whereas my girlfriends would spend the evening ‘complaining’ about their partners. Try and change your language and compliment your partner in front of others….’He’s a great cook’, or ‘He’s been a big help this weekend’, you’ll be surprised at the effect it has on how you see your partner. You are validating the person you have chosen to be with.

6. Take time together every day – someone said to me recently, ‘Is it the fact that you and Ian walk the dog every day that keeps you happily married?’ Well, it’s not the whole thing but yes it’s a component. We make time together EVERY DAY and because of this, we have learnt more and more to enjoy just being together. Being married to a pilot means we have a lot of time apart but we always make the effort to text or Skype, keeping that connection.

7. Forgive each other and move on – don’t hold a grudge, it is a waste of time and very destructive towards your relationship. By taking responsibility for your own actions you will learn to forgive one another and not place a wedge in-between you both. Sulking and harboring negative thoughts will be a thing of the past as you move on.

8. Lastly, have a joint goal – it’s always a good idea to be working towards a joint venture whether it’s a housing project, a holiday, a hobby, a fitness routine, a relationship goal, a project or trying out new recipes – do it together! This will give you focus, working towards a shared vision.

Healthy, happy relationships aren’t without arguments, disagreements or flaws; but they do have commitment, respect, love and laughter. Bringing laughter into your relationship every day could make all the difference!

If you’re struggling with this come and join our closed FB group especially created for women to move forwards in a caring, non-judgmental environment, ‘Let’s Talk Relationship & Life’ –

Take the relationship quiz here and see where your relationship is right now –

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Life Changes

Pillar of Light


To have the voice of the Goddess, of the mother and the crone, of the virgin, and the child, in your heart, soul and spirit. And all the women who have come before you and all the women who will come after you…they are in loving acknowledgement of your freedom and your free will and of your willingness to let your heart guide you, to be of loving service to yourself and your world dear ones.

So as you call down the light of all that is to you and through you, you become…you’re standing within a pillar of light. As you use your imagination and emotion to consciously create/co-create whatever your heart desires, you’re really stepping into your power.

So you can imagine in any way that you like. A simple way to do it is to imagine the light shining from your heart as a beam of light into your future. When you call down the light of all that is to you and through you, you become…you’re standing within a pillar of light.

As you use your imagination and emotion to consciously create/co-create whatever your heart desires, you’re really stepping into your power as you’re sending a pillar of light, a path of light into your future and you’re setting forth your intention for your future, perhaps for your next week?

That this is going to be a wonderful week, an amazing week, a week filled with magic and miracles a week full of healing and insight and inspiration, a week of abundant resources and of the full flow of life through you.

So let that light pour through your heart and let it become the path of light that path of light that you’re wanting and preparing to step into. This is a time of tremendous opportunity here dear ones, you’re really reaching for the stars and we are reaching for you.

Time to shine your light and share your love, And whoever is out there looking for you, your light and your love, your wisdom and your example, Call them onto that path of light for your week and take a deep breath.

That the meetings that happen, the comings and goings are going to be more meaningful, more powerful and more fulfilling dear ones. That life truly is about love. And as you’ve said so eloquently here dear ones, you’re loving yourselves more than ever before and that really truly does make all the difference for all your dreams and desires to manifest in the perfect time and the perfect way.

Finally as it is with any prayer,.. we give thanks with you and we give thanks for you. For your consciousness, for your soul and spirit, for all the guidance that has brought you to this moment and for all the guidance that will bring you all the way Home.

Home is where the heart is. So you can come home anytime you like. To listen to, trust and follow your inner guidance is to respect your self and dear ones that is the doorway of power here for the women of the world at this time.

To have the voice of the Goddess, of the mother and the crone, of the virgin and the child in your heart soul and spirit. And all the women who have come before you and all the women who will come after you…they are in loving acknowledgement of your freedom and your free will and of your willingness to let your heart guide you, to be of loving service to yourself and your world dear ones.

To be the inspiration, the example and yes the leader and the leaders of these energies and this love returning to your daily lives and the whole wide world in this lifetime of lifetimes.

You will always know when you’ve stepped in the direction which these energies and inspirations are calling you… Because things will happen better than you’ve imagined possible! That’s the gift of Love.

That’s you giving the gift to yourself and that’s the Universe acknowledging that gift in you.

Peace and Blessings

Divine Love Channel by Lou Martin *

Thank you! Peace and Blessings Lou 🙂

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