March 2017


Being Nurtured Before Nurturing

Women enjoying Babymoon

As your family, boss, employees or ‘life’ eek out every last ounce of energy before the arrival of your little one, take it from me, someone who’s been there and cares and when I speak passionately to you (ok yell) “TAKE SOME TIME OUT NOW WHILE YOU CAN,” I really really mean it!

Because the countdown’s on and with it comes the art of balancing!

As your babies, impending arrival comes into focus and the many decisions on your journey to motherhood become all consuming, taking some time out to contemplate & prepare mentally and emotionally makes a whole lot of sense. The idea of being nurtured before nurturing, and immersed into experiences that will relax, helping to broaden perspectives can be just what the doctor ordered.

Timing is everything and this special time is the ‘perfect time’ for you to celebrate that you’re nourishing new life and love. 

The second trimester (just after the morning sickness & before getting too uncomfortable) is the ideal time, allowing you some space to consider the responsibilities, joy & demands of becoming a mum. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or sick of being sick (as I was) is all quite normal, just as the feelings of elation, joy and happiness are.

Taking a Babymoon to retreat or to share, while enjoying some precious ‘ME’ time will not only benefit you but everyone connected to you. 

Some carefree time with responsibilities momentarily forgotten, provide you (& your support partner) the opportunity to enjoy getting away, soaking up nature, feeling alive and remembering what’s important to you.

Honour yourself & enjoy every moment of this special time xo

If you’d like to learn more about our Women and Wellbeing Travel’s

Wealth & Wellbeing Babymoon Retreat

at Sir Richard Branson’s Australian home Makepeace Island, Noosa with the fabulous wealth guru and yogi Lea Schodel,


Send me an email: [email protected] OR

Pick up your phone and give me a call Ph 0448 474707


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Personal Growth

The Truth of Life


Many people have significant material advantages. In theory, based on most people’s view of the world, they are seen to have everything. And yet, do they really? What if their houses are full of ‘stuff’, yet their hearts are empty and their lives filled with shallow motives.

And yet we all know of those that have next to nothing may be filled with immense joy and are therefore content within themselves.

Who are you currently and who would you rather be? And who really is most ‘successful’ in this scenario? It depends on how we measure success and our society has to date, measured success as the accumulation of money and material things. I am not saying it is bad to have material things, go for it…but to make the accumulation of material things what drives youpredominately, is to be frank, a waste of a human spirit.

There are so many more riches in our lives, and if we truly look hard at what these are, it is the people we share our worlds with.

When my Son’s were born, I got to experience the most incredible unconditional love, to the point that if their lives were to be in danger in any way, I would have given up my life for theirs in an instant, without any unnecessary thought. It would have been an instantaneous decision. It was the closest thing I have ever experienced to DIVINITY.

If we shift away from the belief that accumulating material riches will make us truly happy and therefore is the measurement of success in life, which is a false belief, and shift instead towards the belief that inner peace, acceptance and self-love and the love we have within, and for others is really the truest measure of success in this lifetime.

In order to achieve this, we only have to go within ourselves and become grateful for everything we do have already, particularly the people we have in our lives…..rather than taking them for granted.

Learn to appreciate them while they are here with you in the world as there are no guarantees you or they will wake up tomorrow. A harrowing thought, but one that will clarify for you what is most important in your life.

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Personal Growth

Forget about that overnight success


There’s no such thing as an overnight success. If you think that you will quit your 9-5 job, go after your dream, build a business online and then have massive success in your first week, month, year then you are up for a big disappointment. Big time. Most of the online coaches tell you that you can make 10K in a month and make money just working 4 hours a week. Bullshit! And then you can look at those big actors in Hollywood, none of them have had an overnight success.

Do you know what will work?

Hard work. I’m not telling you to give up everything else and just keep hustling on your business. I mean you have to go all in with your mind, emotions, give it your all until you’re there. And then when you are there do you think you will stop? Never. When you have this big message inside of yourself, then you know that this is your life. This is your lifestyle, your message, your true calling. You are born for this and you don’t actually care for the money. You care for being out there, change the world, empower women and men to go after their dreams. Tell them that they can do it too. Because you know they can.

Hard work means that you will give it your all until you’re there. Until it works and you can make money doing what you love.

You have this dream inside yourself for a reason. Whether it is to become an author, actor, artist, mentor, stylist. It doesn’t matter what it is.

What matters is that you live your life to the fullest, straight from your heart, your soul and that you do this from a place of alignment.

You have a passion. You have a calling. You can do this.

If you start today, you are miles away from those who just thinking about following their dreams. They will probably just think and never execute.

Well, we both know what you will do. Right?

Start. Be patience. Do this for the long haul.

Massive success is on your way, just follow that passion inside yourself and you will die happy.

Your life, live it today!

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Language of Love

Tidal Waves


Tidal Waves of Grief seemingly come out of nowhere

I have to admit sometimes I am given a hard time for having my phone in my hand at gatherings and events. People say put your phone down! and yes I can be guilty of scrolling, but I will also say I have a desire to capture special moments.

Today a Facebook on this day memory popped up and Holy Tidal Wave!!! 

The memory was my daughter Shayna’s 4th Birthday celebration at the beach, I captured so many precious moments this day of my babies Nico and Shayna.

I am so thankful to have these memories in tangible form, I could never have imagined that just 36 days after these photo’s were taken my Nico would make his journey back to light and back home to God.

Looking back on a soul level I feel we both somehow knew our time here in the physical together was coming to completion, when I think back I can replay the moments we shared where our souls knew and honored our connection and assurance that although our relationship would soon change, it would never end.

We would keep our soul connection for all eternity and that our work that we had both come forth to do here in the physical would continue, and that Nico would just be guiding me from the spiritual realm as if he was just in the other room, but still focused on me, loving me, guiding me, protecting me, I just wouldn’t be able to see him in human comprehension.  

I look at the photos from this day of celebration and I have no doubt my little man was preparing me for the day he would depart. He felt I was in good hands and would now be okay and strong enough to continue my souls purpose. This kid had been through it all with me. 

He came in to my life at such a turbulent time when quite frankly I was living fast and loose and making reckless decisions.

I have no doubt he choose to come forth to be my son, to take this physical journey with me to awaken me to my souls work, to help me remember who I truly am and what I am really made of, and the power I hold to LOVE. 

Today these photos popped up on my Facebook memories and hit me like a tidal wave crashing right in to me, the more I replayed this day in my heart and mind the bigger the tidal wave grew and came over me so hard it just knocked me right down.

Tears were flowing my heart was breaking all over again as if it just happened,  the moment I felt and heard his last heartbeat was happening right now, the gut wrenching pain, it’s so hard to even explain in words, there are no words, so I won’t even try. 

The one thing I do know and I can try to explain is that there is great LOVE here for us and where we go back to once we complete this physical journey, Love helps us heal, love carries us, love helps us to continue each and every moment missing our loved one, in my case my child, my sweet precious Nico, my person, my baby boy. 

His love for me to come forth and take this wild ride with me blows my mind daily, I feel so honored he choose me. 

The waves come out of nowhere and knock you down, I won’t lie and say this becomes easier, for me it hasn’t.

The pain is always present, I have to choose each day to love anyway, to love and heal myself so I can go out and love and help others heal themselves. I believe this to be my souls work and that in my worst pain of my life, I can turn my experiences with my son in to my greatest gift and help support others in their time of need. I have no doubt this is all part of my expansion, and why I came forth as well. 


I have endless appreciation for this amazing being that came here to teach me, to trigger me, and most of all love and awaken in me my souls purpose to BE the LOVE.


I am so thankful such a galactic being choose me, and continues to guide me always, when my heart is open to hear see and receive his love and guidance.


I hope that by sharing my own pain, my own journey back to my light, I can help be the light that leads you back to your own light and pure LOVE 


With love and light 

Jennifer xo 

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Wisdom & Spirit

Gratitude as a Healing Energy for the World

Park 2 3.17


It’s hard to be grateful when life sucks. It’s hard to fall into gratitude when you are anything but grateful. However, these are the exact times it is of utmost necessity to do so.  I was needing to do just that, so I thought you might need to also.

Gratitude. Building gratitude for all that is. Building gratitude for life on this planet. That seems easier, I’m grateful for life on this planet, even if not exactly for my life of the life of the people (read government) I’m irritated with; I can find gratitude for the butterfly gracing my porch; for the hummingbird at the neighbor’s feeding station. I can move easily into gratitude for the beauty of nature all around me.

In the world, it’s easy to see everything that is wrong, but what if we took the time to simply see what’s right? Life might actually change in profound ways.

When I’m bitchy, (yes, it does happen), I’m irritable. When I get caught in the snare of the news, or in the throes of anxiety or fear; things get dark. Thick. Heavy.

Gratitude is a sort of magic bullet, but it does not work magically or sometimes not instantly. You can’t really trick your mind by saying words of gratitude without feeling it. This is a perfect place to start, but it is not the end all of the magic of gratitude.

Saying words even when you don’t feel them is the beginning. But the magic comes as the words and intentions move into vibration and frequency.

I found myself recently having slipped away from gratitude as a practice and so I’ve re-committed to a gratitude practice. For me – its’ just before going to sleep and as I wake, that I focus with conscious awareness on all that I’m grateful for. I’ve been concentrating for about a week and this morning I woke grateful – truly grateful. The dark heaviness of a veil has lifted and I now see clearly and breath more deeply and feel clear once again.

What a huge relief! As with anything vibrational when you become the vibrational match for that which you desire (which comes from consistency over time), everything in the Universe conspires to support you.

What if we took the simple act of gratitude as a healing energy practice for the planet? What magic might happen?  Would you be willing to try? Would you be willing to commit?

Take the next 21 days and actively practice gratitude and watch the magic that happens!  I promise the world will look brighter; be a bit easier and much more fulfilling!

PS – Gratitude is #Day4, of my #40Days of Healing Energy for the World.

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Personal Growth

Texting is NOT a Conversation


Yesterday I was reminded of how powerful face-to-face communication is. A client was in a terrible misunderstanding with her boyfriend and it began with a text message! Instead of sitting down and talking it out, they continued to text each other. As you can imagine the hurts and the insults escalated.

The issue with texting is that emotion and meaning can be lost or misunderstood. The recipient of the message looks at the words and adds their own emotions and inflection. That is where the problems begin.

If the reader takes the message out of context, the response will be unexpected and not what the sender intended. And you can read the rest. Back and forth they go trying to explain their intentions and meanings. 

This is not a conversation. This is not progress. Texting is a loop of misunderstandings that one or the other attempts to justify and explain.

Texting was never meant to be a form of personal engagement with another human being. It’s great for a quick meet you somewhere or great seeing ya or are you going to Becky’s party. 

But as a tool for conversation – no. 

Yet I’m noticing a greater reliance on the text message type of conversation. And it’s creating miscommunication and general malaise in relationships.

Most importantly, texting as a means of arguing or trying to get your point across, is a disaster waiting to happen. That quick text message becomes hours or days of working to heal a misunderstanding or hurt feelings.

Feeling hurt? Misunderstood? Angry? Stop texting and get the person in front of you for a real, live conversation. Speak your mind. Be honest. Be open and the situation will resolve.

Face-to-face is the best because emotions can be seen through body language and facial expressions. The inflection on the words and our tone of voice are integral parts of real conversation. 

When it’s funny, you laugh together. When it’s sad, you’re right there for a hug. When it’s just because, you’re right there to focus on the person who’s with you.

Real conversations are in the moment. They have feelings, expressions and body language. They are real and can happen indoors or outdoors. Over a meal or during a hike. 

Real conversations are part of human bonding and relationships can’t survive without them. 

Stop texting. Start Talking.

When was the last time you had a real conversation?

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Language of Love

A call out to all Women

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.31.41 pm

A call out to all Women

Its time to stop the separation

Its time to stop the judgments and the criticisms

Its time to stop the wounding of each other and ourselves

Its time to tend to this big pus filled Sisterhood wound we have, as ultimately its slowly killing us

As women we are trying to be everything to everyone, trying to show we can do it all ourselves. Hiding the fact we are struggling, hiding the fact many of us feel like failures. We are getting sick and most of us don’t even see it. Adrenal issues are rapidly growing in our women and we are pushing on so hard that many don’t even see it creeping up as an epidemic.

I certainly didn’t see it until one day running a massive gala dinner for my major client I almost had a heart attack and I didn’t tell anyone! I was unable to move and in fear for my life but rather than tell anyone I sat text messaging my staff what to do to keep the event running. Why on earth did I do that? I thought I would be seen as weak and I would lose my client if I admitted I was sick, plus I thought I could do everything myself! Lets be honest here I was also scared that the women from a competing company who were in attendance at the event would see my weakness and steal my client.

We have forgotten that we used to band together as Sisters and support one another. We used to parent together, cook together, share remedies and old wives tales. We even used to spend time in the red tents together once a month as we bled together and performed healing rituals. If Sisterhood was not so deep in wounding I could have asked these women for their help and support and know that they would band together with me and not compete or steal.

We are trying to do it all alone. Often showing a strong face to the world when really we are struggling.

It starts when we are pretty young – we begin to judge ourselves and judge other women. We constantly compare ourselves to each other. “She’s prettier than me, she looks terrible in that dress, she’s a slut, I’m not as good as her, does my bum look big in this, I bet she can get any man…….and so it goes on around and around in our heads for most of our lives. I know for me it used to be all consuming to the point of ruling many of my decisions. I would spend crazy amounts of money to ensure I was always wearing the best clothes and putting on the best public face, in the hope that would show I was worthy of being successful in business and worthy of attracting a good man.

This judgement, competition and shaming is coming from a deep lack of self worth, a lack of self acceptance and being taught to put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. We are not encouraged, nor are we taught to deeply love ourselves. So if we haven’t learnt to love ourselves – how can we love our Sisters?

We constantly compete against each other to get the best jobs, get the best man, be the best parent, put on the best party, cook the best meal and look the slimmest, most best dressed woman. Wow it’s exhausting!

Recently my biggest fear in Sisterhood was played out in a painful turn of events.

I went to a retreat and I met a lovely man there, one thing led to another and we spent a couple of beautiful intimate days together. The day after the event he stayed in a house with one of my Sisters from the event. I feel I probably don’t even need to say more as I know many of you will be feeling the contraction even at the thought. So needless to say she was all the things that I think I am not and the fact that they ended up together was a knife in the heart to the part of myself that feels I am not enough, not worthy.

I share this story because it is the perfect example of the Sisterhood wound that is playing out in the shadows everywhere! Its stopping us from fully loving ourselves, fully loving our Sisters and the piece you may not see is that its stopping us from loving our Men! (More on this one in the next post)

So if this Sisterhood wound is stopping us from having deep friendships, hurting our men, stopping us from truly loving ourselves, which is stopping us from being able to truly love others. Plus it’s making us sick and causing us to feel deeply alone and unworthy. I don’t really see many positives here do you?

What a mess we have ourselves in.

Its time now to create deep connections with our Sisters. Its time now to drop the competition, drop the judgements and come to a place of Love.

The key I have found to healing these wound is the path of Self Love.

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Personal Growth

What Will It Take For You To Believe In Yourself?

believe yourself resized

If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?

We all have self-doubt. We all have those niggling voices in our minds that tell us we are not good enough or can’t do it. And sometimes those voices are so loud and it is not easy to shut them out. And so our dreams come crashing down and we stop ourselves from doing the things we want to do or achieve what we need to achieve.

Did you know that not feeling good enough is the number one limiting self-belief? Which then leads to “I can’t”, therefore “I won’t”. Pretty huge, isn’t it?

Imagine if every single person in the world actually believed in themselves? What would the possibilities be? Imagine the healing and the strength that would come with that.

In my line of work, I see countless clients who come to me for business or career, however their lack of belief and faith in themselves is what is really holding them back from being their best. I love finding the underlying cause and help to uncover the self-belief, faith and the confidence that was there all along, it may have just been hidden away. By uncovering it and building on it, I know that the people I work with daily are stepping out in being their best selves and will go on to achieve what they want, by having a firm belief in who they are and their abilities.

So, what are some ways you can believe in yourself, and how do you build on that?

  • Practice positive self-talk – it’s not enough to just tell yourself to think positive – the first step is being mindful of how you speak to yourself, and then if you notice you are hearing those niggling voices, it’s time to catch them up, thank them for being there serving their purpose, and replace them with something far more powerful with positive meaning.


  • Ditch the trash – internet, social media, TV. Everywhere we go and everything we look at is littered with negative influences. Mainstream media want us to thrive on drama. Do you? Imagine how much better off your energy will be without it. You have a choice as to what you consume daily and how this affects your thinking and your well-being. Ditching the trash allows you to focus on you and what you want for yourself.


  • Avoid gossip – as above, you totally have a choice in what you consume each day and how it affects you. Gossip is idle and only creates harm instead of good. What you project on to others is really what you think about yourself, so ask yourself “do I really want to treat myself this way?” and learn how to be more compassionate with yourself.


  • Believe that you can improve. Believe that you can do what you want to do. The trick is to just start and try new things. The more you experiment with new things, the more value you are adding to your life so the more you will believe that you are creating good things for yourself.


  • Reward yourself – your brain is a reward machine. The more you reward yourself for positive behaviours and thoughts, your brain will continue to acknowledge and affirm them. As you begin to experiment and believe new things about yourself, this creates a positive emotional state in your mind. Note that many people mistakenly reward themselves with food or drink which can trigger other receptors in the brain that could cause negative behaviours.
    So, it is important to reward yourself with things that keep a positive emotional state, for example, reward yourself with a pat on the back, a high five or use a celebration board or jar. Or just simply go for a walk in the sun! Simple rewards create positive meaning and help the flow on effect of believing in yourself.


These are some simple ways in which you can lift your self-belief with daily practice. I challenge you to start today and let me know in two weeks how you are progressing with your daily practice and what changes you are noticing.


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Wisdom & Spirit

Dancing on shifting ground

dancing girls

It has been a while since I have submitted and article in here and mainly because of time management and CHANGE. I don’t know about your journey, but this year has definitely taken on a new tone a new harmony and it has called for my attention to really start integrating some of what I preach.

I’m definitely experiencing some personal growth. It hasn’t been in the general formulaic process that I had expected. It is being driven by something greater than my ego wishes to understand and something that my soul knows deep within whilst resting in her most sacred meditation.

So I am leading to a conversation about this “creativity” or what I call the creative process. I’m learning now that it is time for me to let go of outmoded practices, that have taught me as much as it can, and it is time for me take it to another level, a deeper practice. For me to able to evolve in my own practice and business, I have to trust the creative process of my own journey, not just support that process in others.

I do feel like a beginner again in many ways. This process is not a linear process, I can’t control where it is going either. By doing so I’m actually damning up the creative flow and interrupting the joy that comes from being in the practice. It is not easy being the conduit, the instrument for life and then trusting where I feel that movement, the sacred whispers, the symbols, the sacred metaphorical language of my soul and spirit, who are calling for my attention for life to evolve through my experience.

The real process for me is about trusting where the movements are, because there are signposts, pointing to what direction the current is flowing in and then I have to learn to dance on that shifting ground, to move with it. That doesn’t mean being in the flow is challenge free, on contrary, it is full of challenges, life is challenging if I decide to step out of my comfort zone participate in the journey. To flow within what is manifesting requires a letting go so that I can make room for what is trying to make itself known to me, what wants to be seen, explored, experienced and lived. That does require some space too, to sit in the in between of what was and what will be.

To be frank, I’m dynamically renewing, innovating a new path and creatively pursuing what my heart loves, what my path is becoming, my becoming….again. It is a little unsteady and it feels like there isn’t anything super solid for me to grasp on, other trust. What if it totally fails? What if nothing comes of it, and then what, then what will have to draw on? The truth is, it never actually fails, it progresses, it unfolds and like any creative process, each deep dive into the unfolding process, peels away another layer of who we are, our becoming and prepares us for the next step and death and rebirth process.

There is a part of me that wants some certainty and security, of course. The best way I can achieve that is to follow my heart, it is the only true navigational tool I have. For me it is about trusting the fluidity of my becoming, and not trying to rush in to fill up space that is waiting unfold it is gift for me and my clients. Also remembering that the soul path isn’t static nor am I ever stuck with a particular path. Rather I AM by virtue of free will, given opportunities to explore new paths and new ways of being that will ultimately lead me to go through the process of death and rebirth, again and again and again.

How many different ways can you practice what you love?
So this is where I am at, exploring those fractals of high and love that wants to be seen and heard and explored deeper, to deepen the experience. You know, those little sparks, that never really go away, that are gifts waiting to be unwrapped.



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Life Changes

You can take only what I give


You can take only what I give

“Your eyes pierce me as you look from a far.

I stop with fear.

Your gaze has me still as you talk with your eyes

I stand with fear.

Your rays of heat that penetrate from your eyes, burn mine.

I shiver with fear.

You blink as you step closer, yet your eyes don’t move.

I sigh as I remember how tired of fearing I am.

You can take only what I give.

I give you no more. ”



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