February 2017

Events & Workshops

I”ve Been Layered – Seminar

I%27ve  been layered meet and greet

In this workshop, authors Sandra J and Rochelle will be sharing how they work, what they do and why they facilitate healing, restoration and rebuilding that leads to change and transformation, personally and professionally.
They will explain the ‘layers’ (physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic/intuitive, core) and how aligning the layers brings healing, change, and direction, and why it is from this place of healing we begin to see our purpose.

There will be an open question and answer time for the last part of the afternoon and they will be choosing someone who has attended, for a free healing session with Rochelle and Sandra J

Sandra J and Rochelle will be working in their creative energetic space,open to the energetic flow that brings understanding, direction, guidance, healing and transformation during this event.

Limited Places.

This is a great opportunity to meet Sandra J and Rochelle, one not to be missed.

Date: 26th March; 2.30- 4.00 pm

Venue: Mundaring Wellness Center
16 Craig Street, Mundaring Western Australia

Ticket Price: $25  

(All things going to plan, there will be printed copies of In Silence & Stillness for sale.)

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Personal Growth

Ask and you Shall Receive


My word for 2017 is Unlimited Financial Abundance and Joy and so I have been working a lot on my abundance mindset. And this brought me to discovering this course that has changed the way I think about manifesting my desires.  I was listening to this course called Unlimited Abundance by Christie M. Sheldon and in this course, she helps you to identify and clear your Abundance blocks. Powerful course! So in the module I was listening to, she asked us this question:

“Are you asking the universe for what you want?”


And of course, most of us said yes!  I know that I do. Then she asked another question:


“Are you asking the right questions?”


Now, that caught my attention. When asking for something to manifest in your life, your wording and how you state it is important just as your energy around what you are asking for is important too.  Basically, the way you ask determines if you will manifest what you are asking for.  In this Article, I’m going to teach you a simple way that will help boost your manifestation vibration.


What would it take?

What if instead of saying “Universe, I want to manifest $10,000 or Universe please bring me $10,000” you say “Universe, what would it take to receive or manifest $10,000 this week?”  Here’s the thing, when you ask this question in this format:

  1. You open up to receive.
  2. And you step out of the way and allow the universe or your guides or Divine team to step in to find that solution for you.


Most of the time when we ask for something or set an intention or a goal, we try to push out of our comfort zone which makes our mind want to fight it saying things like:

  1. Who are you to think you deserve $10,000?
  2. What makes you think you can even make that amount?
  3. Isn’t that a bit out of your reach?
  4. Blah blah blah


We know this drill and how it goes.  When you put your request in this form of “What would it take for ……..?”, then the mind has no choice but to try to find a solution for the question you have asked. So next time you are thinking about something you would like to manifest, use this question  instead: What would it take?


Some examples are:

What would it take to find my beloved?

What would it take to find my soul tribe?

What would it take for me to get that job?

What vibration do i need to resonate in order to make a monthly income of $10,000 or more each and every month?

What would it take for me to pay off my bills this month?


You get the picture now.  


Now it’s your turn.  



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Personal Growth

Seven Words that Changed My Life

Maui sunset-2

The power of words.

How often have we considered the power of our words and the words of others?

For me words hold a beauty and synergy that is a joy to play with. As a writer, words are part of me, they express the inner me, the thoughts and beliefs of my characters, and drive the dialogue.

Within my business, words have the power to heal and to release, to build and create, to restore and rebuild.

Seven powerful words were spoken to me… ‘I am going to treat you …now’. These words changed my life, released years of illness, of pain and beliefs that held me bound in a place of ‘less than’. A place that was barren, alone, and without hope.

They also created something new.

A newness in me, and a business that is dynamic and built around the power of words and actions that bring healing and restoration.

Our words are powerful, they can resonate with life and the fullness of all that is, or they can take from us the very thing we desire.

The spoken word holds power. It is energetically connected to the one speaking and to the one being spoken to.

Words and energy connect, to create, destroy, rebuild, tear down, or cause harm, and yet, the sound and tone of our words can encourage our body to health and healing.

Words can create ‘less than’ moments for ourselves and for those around us.

Our words need to take us to a place of ‘greater than’, where we speak words that pull us above all that we see and believe or that hold us bound in a place that does not feed the inner self.

Physically, words heal and release the body, and from this place we can allow the body to truly live.

Emotionally, words carry the balm that soothes the fear and calms the uncertainty.

Intellectually, words hold truth and wisdom that equip us to walk in our purpose.

Energetically, words connect to all that is, entwining with all that we are.

From the essence of the inner you, words carry all of you.


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Food & Nutrition

How Quitting Sugar A Year Ago Has Impacted My Family


A year ago my life I decided to do an annual Juice Feast…. one of about 3-4 I engage in. We were living in Tasmania, Australia and I had attempted a number of Juice Feasts the year before, but found, for the first time that I couldn’t sustain them longer than 10 days due to the climate of Tassie.

This particular Juice Feast lasted 12 days and I made a spontaneous decision after it, that has changed my life and the lives of my family.

I decided to try going Refined Sugar Free!

I’m not sure why I decided on this particular Life-Changing habit but boy….. it sure sparked a number of changes that I’ll be forever grateful for!

What Exactly Is The Sugar-Free Lifestyle?

There are actually a number of approaches to doing Sugar-Free, some more extreme than others.

When I decided to go Sugar-Free I:

  • Quit all use of Processed Sugar (White, Brown, Raw)
  • Replaced my Sweetener in baking with Rice Malt Syrup, Honey, Coconut Sugar or Maple Syrup.
  • Got serious and read labels to avoid products with Sugar in them (Wow! That was an eye-opener!)
  • Avoided all Artificial Sweetners and used natural sweeteners instead
  • Didnt go Nazi Crazy and avoid all Sugar in store-bought items! I like to do things in moderation and find being very strict can be limiting. I did have an amazing Korean BBQ that I discovered later probably had Sugar in the sauces…. #Headache! But it was delicious!

The amount of sugar that we are consuming as a nation is beyond staggering. Think about this; the average caveman was eating around 33 tablespoons of sugar in one year, today the average American school kid is eating 35 tablespoons of sugar a day! This is alarming considering that our bodies have not changed much since our early ancestors.

12 Things I Learned Going Refined Sugar Free

  • It was easier than I expected when I started using natural sweeteners…. and I’m a Sweet Tooth that loves my Mum’s Old Style Cake Recipes!
  • I got a rash across my tummy that lasted about 3 months which I put down to a major Sugar detox!
  • When I unknowingly had Refined Sugar (and I discovered later that I did) I got a major headache! That was when I discovered that Sugar, for me, is my Headache trigger!
  • My monthly headaches became almost non-existent!
  • There are quite a few delicious Natural Sweetened Treats that take a while to find, but are amazingly delicious!
  • Eating out was really hard!
  • Sugar is blinkin EVERYWHERE!!!!!!
  • Baking became really creative! My children even started baking using our delicious Wholefood Recipes!
  • Sleep became deeper!
  • Skin became clearer!
  • Hiking became less strenuous…. and other exercise for that matter!
  • My children started to make better choices in their food that my teenage daughter has decided to avoid Refined Sugar!

So bottom line…. this decision has become my lifestyle!

It was never a diet! Diets don’t work!

It has become our life!

I even avoid Sugar whilst travelling with my family!

Feel Free to check out our Family Adventures here:

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Personal Growth


mask-2014551__340 (1)

Last Sunday I held my inaugural Me, Myself and I – Empowering Women Workshop. I had a lovely group of women and the day was filled with much laughter.

I noticed in holding this workshop for the first time and seeing the reactions and response to some of the activities within the workshop, that how women really see themselves like wearing a mask, not only in a mirror but in social events and just day to day life.

I could see the look on their faces when I said the next things we are going to do is Mirror Work. They all had a worried look on their faces, “Oh no, what we have to look at ourselves in a mirror”.

As we proceeded I read out a block of 3 sentences which were affirmations. So here is one for example;

My soul is beautiful.

My soul is beautiful and radiant. My soul is a beautiful radiant energy.

My soul is a beautiful radiant energy.

I found that anything that required them to compliment themselves, was a hard task to do. A lot of this being that we are not shown through childhood that we are loved, beautiful, special or even acknowledged that we are loved.

As we become older and we then start to realise that why do we feel the way that we do and find that we have resistance when it comes to loving and respecting ourselves. For example, if someone compliments the way you look or your hair, makeup etc a lot of women will play the compliment down for example; “I love your dress”, most replies of what I have heard is, “Oh this old thing, I found it in the wardrobe” We tend to talk down things instead of embracing what has been said. We need to learn and accept and show gratitude.

What we keep resisting will keep persisting until we change.

Where does this attitude of self-worth we have about ourselves come from? Let’s take a look. When we look at our lives from birth to 18 months, the mirror means nothing to us. Between 18 months and 4 years of age, we start to explore the mirror, pulling faces, looking at our reflections and so on and as we get to 4 years we start to become more aware and conscious of who we are. Then 7 years and up to our teenage years we have become more self-conscious and here we begin to judge ourselves, we don’t like the way we see ourselves. Then as we become a little past our teenage years we find we tend to love ourselves only for a little while, then we return to self-judgement.

This all then plays out in our adult life and our patterns are formed on how we think and see ourselves.

So pick up that mirror and find out who you really are. Feel and discover your heart’s desires, your abilities and confidence. This will also help with your relationships. Always remember to love yourself makes others love you easier and more.

This was only a very small part of what was covered in the workshop, but it was a very prominent moment for me as the way women perceive themselves.

If you would like to take back your life and regain your self-worth and power, I can help you.

I offer the Me, Myself and I – Empowering Women Workshop as a one on one or in small groups. Some of the other things that are covered in the workshop are; How emotions affect us, Chakra’s and their meanings, Energy ball, Mini Healing Sessions, Meditations, Regaining your self-worth, Affirmations, Power of Intention, Peace and Power of Attraction.

So you can create your destiny, live your dreams and take back your power.

Be the person you want to be – unstoppable.


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Personal Growth

Awakening & Ascension into the Fifth Dimension


According to ascension teachings and the World Wide Web, the earth and all beings living on the earth are in the process of shifting into a whole new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails. This has been called the Fifth Dimension.

Some say this shift will probably be complete within the next couple of decades, others give no date. But all seem to agree it will be complete sometime in the near future, although individuals will be each moving into the Fifth Dimension at their own rate when their frequency is high enough to match the vibration of the higher dimension.

Most teachings state that the shift the earth and humanity are taking into the Fifth Dimension has been “planned” for eons. Also that it has already been happening in the last few decades, and that it will continue to unfold in more and more obvious ways, picking up speed, as time goes on.

Why do we humans constantly place limits upon ourselves and why is the new level of reality been called the Fifth Dimension or 5D, when in fact there are so many levels that we could shift to, ie;- the 6th, 7th, 12th, 24th Dimensions etc.

How about shifting/ascending to the Dimension where there are no limits, boundaries etc., where you become limitless, infinite and become the true I am. Or are you already there, but can’t accept it because of the current paradigm, programming, beliefs, limits etc., that you believe in.

So in future when you ask yourself, what am I and why am I here? Then awaken to the fact that you don’t need to ask yourself that and that you are indeed an infinite () being that is capable of anything you think or believe in and that you are in the Dimension where there are no limits, boundaries etc.

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Personal Growth

A Day in Bizarro Land aka There is Always a Reason to Dance


Have you ever heard of Bizarro Land? Anyone with children certainly has been there, perhaps by another name.

A week ago, I spent much of my day there.

In the morning, deciding to treat myself to donuts, I threw my long raincoat on over my cute little jammies and headed out. I hadn’t even brushed my teeth.

On the way, I accidentally – really! It was a confusing intersection! – ran a red light, noticing the CCTV monitor. Note to self: do not be surprised to receive an automated ticket. Followed by: this is going to be an expensive donut run. Followed by: don’t worry about it, what’s done is done.

I picked up my donuts and headed home. On my way, sighting a police patrol car, I instinctively put on my brakes, having no idea what the speed limit was or how fast I was going.

Sure enough, he pulled me over, politely introduced himself and explained that I was going 40 mph in a 30 mph zone. He also noticed I had an expired license tag (aka car registration, as evidenced by last year’s sticker on my plate).

I was confused. Expired tags? How did this happen? How did I miss that?

Thankfully he let me off with a warning about the speeding. Then he asked for my insurance card. It too was expired.

More confused, I was blown away. Until I figured the current card was still on my desk at home.

He kindly agreed with my suggestion that I log onto my account and show proof of coverage and he went back to his squad car.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, I had entered Bizarro Land.

There were website issues, but luckily, I was able to contact my auto insurance agent who promptly emailed me my current insurance card. Whew. So, no ticket for speeding, no ticket for driving without insurance.

The officer arrived window-side and I showed him proof of insurance. I then took a deep breath, looking at him with pleading eyes, asking if I promised to go straightaway to the nearby DMV to renew my tag, was it possible to not get a ticket for that bit?

He appeared a bit sad as he apologized, saying he had already written the citation for the expired tags. $110. However, if I proceeded to the DMV as promised, I could pay a reduced citation penalty at city hall.

Then he said “there’s something else. You have a screw stuck in your front tire.” I got out of the car in my coat covered jammies to have a look, realizing my day’s plans were to be reprioritized, again. Sigh.

He was so apologetic, sharing that he really hated having to ticket me, as well as be the bearer of bad tire news.

I thanked him for his kindness, seeing that he sincerely cared about me and my plight. We parted ways, him waving, me offering my hands in Namaste.

Shaken and nervous and calm at the same time, I proceeded, in jammies and raincoat, to the DMV to renew my registration. Handing over my credit card, I reflected that I would earn frequent flyer miles (= more travel!). The agent helping me was pleasant and thoughtful, which made me feel a bit better.

I placed that coveted little 2017 sticker on my license plate as soon as I got back to the car.

A few blocks away, the friendly court clerk charged me only $55 and I earned some more frequent flyer miles. I don’t think she had a clue I was wearing little jammies under that tasteful raincoat.

Back in my car, legal matters sorted, I called my car dealer to arrange an afternoon appointment to sort out the tire.

Having managed all that, I lovingly allowed myself some time to cry and feel overwhelmed and utterly sorry for myself. Once home, I crawled back to bed, ate my donuts while watching TV, then took a nap. I was in no mood or mode to work.

I dressed before leaving for the dealer – real clothes this time – where I was again treated with kindness and respect. They took out the screw, determined there was no tire damage, washed the car and sent me on my way without charging me a penny.

In my car is a little plaque that reads “There is always a reason to dance.”

As is my habit, I reflected back on the day’s events, asking myself “what’s good about this?” I recalled the kindnesses shown me, the blessing of a wonderful car and ready service, being the owner of my own business and the scheduling flexibility that affords, not having to worry about money, the indulgence of being able to run out for a bit in pajamas without anyone knowing – something I never in my life though I would do! Not to mention learning out about a screw in my tire and avoiding – worse – a flat tire.

There is always a reason to dance. Indeed.

As importantly, I felt gratitude for friends who support me. One in particular has an open-door offer. “Call any time you’re in the neighborhood and come by. We’ll have a glass of wine and visit.” Sure enough, I was in the neighborhood, and sure enough when I called she said “come on over!”

We made a quick trip to the grocery store together, and, preparing to pay for my few groceries, I discovered my wallet was missing. Of course. It was sitting on my dresser at home, where I’d left it when double checking my insurance card. Not normal for me to be so absent minded. Well, this was not a normal day.

My friend paid for my purchases (blessing!), and we proceeded to her house where we ended the day in friendship, love and support, sharing stories and sipping wine.

I drove home that night with deep gratitude in my heart for my blessings.

There is always a reason to dance.

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Innovation & Business

The Power Of Story Selling…


While the term “Storytelling” has been around for a long time, the new term – StorySelling is quickly catching fire.

This concept first came to light when direct response copywriters like myself decided we needed something to differentiate from the norm.

What we do is create stories that are charged emotionally to hook our ideal customers in, and it’s written in a way that its single purpose is to sell our ideas or concepts.

The reason you want to start using StorySelling in your marketing is simply because it works. Legendary Ad-man David Ogilvy once went on Letterman and said the biggest difference between his campaigns succeeding and failing was the addition of story.

Not only that but as humans, we’ve conveyed the importance of something through story since our ability to communicate.

It’s the best way to remember something and arms your customers to repeat why they bought/invested/read or liked your content, product, or service to others.

Because a story or narrative is more memorable than a sales letter alone.

Combining the two together is something more powerful than you could imagine.

So how does StorySelling work?

When you create an ad, Facebook post, YouTube video, Video promotion, or direct mail piece – you’re essentially given a chance to tell a story.

If you hire a powerful StorySelling type of copywriter, what you’ll get is a letter that not only connects with your readers mentally, but emotionally, which will make the buying process a lot simpler.

Now, another legend in the advertising game, Joe Sugarman once said that your job in creating a sales letter or message is for it to be a greasy slide to keep your customer reading until they get to the order button.

The best way to do this is by creating a story.

What elements are there in StorySelling…

Well, the elements are quite simple, it’s just one… You (or your client).

Find the story that best bonds their story to the product/service/offer they’re offering.

The way to actually do this is by interviewing them or yourself.

You start off with asking some very simple question like…

  • “How did I/you begin this journey?”
  • “How did you find the product/service you offer?”
  • “Why should someone buy it?”
  • “What is my/their Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?”

Then you start tying that into a story that follows the pathway of informing your/their customers about how you were before this grand discovery o the ease of using the product/service.

How do you find your USP?

Fill in this sentence below…

“I/We help ___________________ do ____________________ in x amount of time”


“I/We help ___________________ solve _____________________”

So your/their market and the solution or thing that helps someone achieve a goal.

An Example:

An example of a good StorySelling piece would be an old ad for the Wall Street Journal.

It details the similarities between two men who both grew up similar and how over 25 years their lives were massively different.

The key component, one of them read the wall street journal.

Now, I’ve condensed this story down, but can you imagine reading that and your thoughts leaning toward differentiating yourself from those around you and buying the Wall Street Journal.

After all, it makes emotional sense, and that’s what you want to happen.

A video example:



Website Positioning.

You can use the methods above in almost any media, including for your website.

When you sit down to write up stories or content for blog posts, you can spice it up with examples, stories with how you got to the conclusion you did. Most importantly – you’ll have something your customers and readers can walk away with and repeat.

This is truly a revolutionary way of positioning yourself in your marketplace.

If you want to find out more, head on over to my links below…




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Personal Growth

Feeling ‘less than’.


As human beings we have a tendency to be creatures of habit. This doesn’t just apply to our behaviours it also applies to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes. At times these beliefs and attitudes can be the reason we feel ‘stuck , or perhaps a sense of loss or being unfulfilled. When there is a defining moment, something that rocks our sense of stability, we ask the universal question of ‘why’.

Why me?

Why now?

Or, it’s simply a whispered word, which escapes through clenched teeth.

It is often at that moment of questioning that we start to ‘unravel’ emotionally. Everything becomes a challenge, things that didn’t affect us before, are now ‘major dramas’. We can lose focus, begin to withdraw, or respond with abruptness, or a ‘I couldn’t care less’ attitude. Stress levels start to rise, we feel tired, have ‘sudden’ aches and pains, and our thoughts drift aimlessly, swirling on the emotions and then settling like a truck load of bricks.

We then tend to look for an ‘out’. A new job, a new relationship, something exciting, anything, that will pull us from where we are. When our resources don’t support that change, or the inner circle of people begin to question and brush off our suggestions or disregard what we are feeling, the overwhelm kicks in.

So now not only are you questioning the ‘why’, and what should I do, you begin to doubt if you should be questioning anything at all or even looking at making a change.

It is often at this point, we hit crises mode.  And we feel pushed or compelled to make changes.  In that crises or ‘why’ moment, we tend to look for our purpose. The why I am here sort of questions. These moments can open up a floodgate of unanswered questions and thoughts that are random and seem to have no logical place to settle.

When we consider that we filter information through the Physical, Emotional and Intellectual, we can begin to  identify where the feelings, thoughts, words and desire for the change sit or are held in these layers. In doing this we can begin to ease the confusion and lower the stress. However we can often overlook the Energetic or intuitive part of self, and ignore the inner self, or Core.

Let’s explore this a little. If we consider ‘success’ as an example and the crises moment being ‘I feel I am unsuccessful or I have failed’. Obviously something has happened for those feelings and thoughts to reach the ‘I need to do something’ critical point. It may be a loss of income, you were overlooked for a promotion, a redundancy, or a teen who is breaking all the rules and driving you to distraction. Or, you may have compared your life, the things you do and don’t have, against another’s, and made a decision that they are more successful than you. Whatever the moment that brought you to that thought, you have decided (without conscious thought) that you are ‘less than’. It is from this place you begin to question, to ask the ‘why’, to doubt what you have done, the things you have achieved, your parenting skills, or your inability to acquire those things considered successful.

The ‘less than’ belief is subtle and hidden, however it is often the core belief that is held deeply. Thoughts of ‘I can’t’, ‘I will never be good enough’, why would any on want to work with me’,( to name a few), often hide the ‘less than’ belief.

Being ‘less than’ sits across all layers.

Exploring those thoughts, feelings and physical reactions is critical in being able to determine the steps to take, to move from where you are in that moment, to a place that is energised with action and clarity.

The truth is no one is ‘less than’, we are all unique, nothing that we have done or not done, changes the uniqueness of who we are. The talents and skills you have, are equal to others. They are not less than.

Acceptance is the key.

Accepting all that you are, and all that you will be, with an expectation of change that allows you to step into the fullness of who you are.

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Personal Growth

Your HEALTH Matters.

Your HEALTH Matters

Your H.E.A.L.T.H.  ( How Everyone Allows Life To Happen).

Somewhere along the path of your life you have either not participated or simply allowed for situations, relationships, work stress, a rampant noisy mind to “come into being.”

In your everyday life, perhaps you haven’t allowed for quiet space, you may have gone against your better judgement, you haven’t exercised as regularly as you would like, you have made conflicting food choices.  These are all examples of how you participate- or not, in your HEALTH.

When you fully and completely participate in your life every single day, you will then make a life HAPPEN – you will “come into being.”  You will experience a life you really, truly desire, dream of and wish for.

Are you going to simply settle for a life of How Everyone Allows Life To Happen?

Or are you going to make HAPPEN – bring into being, all that you want for your HEALTH.

The simplest, easiest thing you have complete ownership of is your HEALTH.

Make a start today.  If you’re not sure how to start, I invite you to a complimentary 30 minute Discovery session.  Alternatively, connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook and keep an eye out for my next Signature workshop announcement “ How to become the creative designer of your Life”


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