December 2016

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ReDiscover Your True Self through Journaling


Who are you?

Do you know?

Can you answer that question as quick as you could tell me your name and address?


If you can’t, then it’s quite likely that you don’t know who you are deep down, or you are not aligned with your True Self.

Maybe you are confused by the many facets you find within yourself. Maybe you have spent so long caring for and attending to other people that you’ve shelved yourself, allowing your True Self to gather dust on the shelf. Or maybe you have changed so much over the last few months or years that you no longer recognise the person looking back at you in the mirror everyday. You might even be denying who you really are because you are pretending to be who you think others want you to be.

Whatever the reasons why you feel out of tune with your True Self, the good news is that you can (Re)Discover YOU.

Although there’s a little work to do to shake off the months, maybe even years of cobwebs, it is actually pretty simple. All you need is time to think and reflect, a notebook of some kind (or handily, you can pick up a copy of my new journaling book on Amazon!), and a pen to scribble down your thoughts and responses.


So … why is journaling so great?

Journaling has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it is easy to see why when you consider all the benefits. Here are the most important ones.

Journaling gives you a safe and private place to be your True Self and be really really vulnerable. You can tell your journal anything and there is no judgement, no questioning glances, and no voices telling you to ‘get it together’. It’s your best friend and your therapist in a handy, portable package. You can let the emotions flow, your passions fire, and your thoughts (positive, negative and all those in between) spill onto the pages.  This means you are better connected to yourself – your values, your passions, your strengths, your dreams, your loves.

Journaling can help you to take a step back from a situation, to become less involved almost, and see the bigger picture, making you more rational in your decisions and giving you the mental clarity you need to ensure it’s also the right decision. You can understand better, not only other points of view, but also your true feelings on things. You can hear yourself think in the pages of a journal.

Journaling can also help you to solve problems because you can lay it all out in front of you, and it can improve your focus by highlighting your priorities. It can also boost your creativity – ask anyone who has ever tried Bullet Journaling! – something we let fall to the wayside a lot in our busy lives, despite creative pursuits being shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

Your journal can help you get through tough times, challenging times, but it can also record the good times. All those moments, those small wins and the little things that brought you great joy on a dull Tuesday, can live on forever in your journal, accessible at any time to be relived and reloved. Record your firsts, your family’s firsts, and the treasures your busy brain might file away under the overwhelm of new information and trivialities of daily life.

A journal is a must-use tool to track progress along your personal development journey, it can facilitate further growth, it allows you to plan for your great future and you can use it to review the past too. Journaling and success go hand in hand. Fact! And don’t you want a piece of that success pie? Of course you do!

The biggest benefit of journaling is that EVERYONE can do it. Literally every single person on this planet. And there are no side effects! That’s right, it’s one of the few things The Daily Mail says doesn’t cause cancer! Yet anyway! (Disclaimer – This is a joke. Not fact. Please be sensible and use your discretion!)

Journaling is an excellent tool to use, especially as part of your New Year preparations or end of year review. It’s no secret that people change. People evolve. Your answers this year might not be the same as next years, and I am sure they will be different to last years. So, check in regularly to make sure you are still in alignment with your True Self.

Will you join the journaler’s changing their worlds a page at a time this year?

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Life Changes

Feeling Broken


game over


In my line of work, I see many women who have suffered in many ways.

Women who have been sexually, physically, mentally, emotionally abused and raped, which leave these women with deep scars and everlasting memories of their past.

This overtime from the trauma they have suffered creates problems for them with self-worth, feeling safe and secure, fear, negative judgement, vulnerability, trapped, depression, loneliness, anxiety, nervousness.

I have seen through all of the emotional stresses there is a very high rate of them suffering from depression, anxiety and stress and some wanting to end their lives.

We also acknowledge that men also have suffered, much of them alone. Being told to suppress their feelings and emotions. So this leads to the feeling of being emotionally trapped which leads them to a life of struggle and anxiety.

Yes, the memories we cannot erase, but all of the emotions we can so that you can go on to live a fulfilled life.

Society over hundreds of years has formatted the way for a lot of us. All of our belief systems are from what our parent have taught and shown us through childhood, and their parents and so on through the generations.

Now as we are moving into an equality world where women and men can both be successful in whatever career that they choose.

We find we keep repeating the same patterns over and over again through what we believe is the right choice, but then later we tend to question ourselves as to why.

So whatever our situation is, there is always a lesson. So when we do not address and want to change we will be guaranteed to repeat the same patterns.

Much of our behaviour is automated which means we tend to react to situations instead of thoughtfully responding to them.

When we evaluate circumstance through clarity, you can then begin to see, and therefore make unfamiliar choices.

Change can be uncomfortable, but the willingness to stretch will present new outcomes.

We can break through the barriers and release all of the trapped emotions, leaving you feeling lighter, free, confident, empowered, strong and courageous.

Let me help you take you life back, so you can live life to the fullest, reach your full potential and greatness, it is your birthright.


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Wisdom & Spirit

The Holy Pause

mind grazing banner

Take a pause, right now. Take a breath, a holy breath. A deep long, cleansing breath. Exhale. Take another and this time in your exhale, img_20161014_143300475let it be long and slow and full. When you think you are at the end of your breath, exhale some more.

I love this time of year between Christmas and the New Year. I call it the time of the Holy Pause. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that is ending in preparation for the Burning Bowl Ceremony typically done on New Year’s Eve or the fist Sunday in January, and to prepare for the White Stone Ceremony the following week.

There are times still when I miss being in ministry – this is one of them. Oh, not so much the Christmas Eve and Christmas Sundays but I love these two ceremonies so much!

holy-pauseBefore the Burning Bowl, in this time of Holy Pause, we take time out of the busy schedule to reflect, to look back and to feel into what your successes were and are and to look at things not quite accomplished. We take a look at the places we might have regret or disappointment and clean those up. We remember to celebrate all the blessings.  In the Holy Pause, we give ourselves permission to do just that, take a pause. To move away from the typical work week and the busy of the season to simply be.

My friend and colleague Lauren McLaughlin, recently posted on facebook, this wonderful idea of Mind Grazing.  Here’s her full post.

Note to self: Make time soon for Mind Grazing. Mind Grazing is one of my favorite activities because it releases my thoughts to go anywhere they want to go without judgment. A totally opposite activity to Meditation, which foster the shutting down of thought to allow for Divine Listening.- Mind Grazing encourages thought to take any path it chooses, often opening lines of creativity (extreme day-dreaming) that we consciously tend to suppress. Mind grazing can be accomplished in minutes or it can take hours but it requires both a quiet space and at least perceived privacy. Can’t wait for my next time to Mind Graze. Lauren McLaughlin on Facebook, Dec 26, 2016 at 5:48 pm.


I so totally love this idea and am practicing it this week.

Take time for yourself this week, perhaps practice a session or two of mind grazing, or read my book, Falling Into Ease! Either way, make the most out of a pause in the calendar.

For you, I wish time for a Holy Pause, time for Mind Grazing and a brilliant relaxation of your body, mind and spirit in the process!

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Family Matters

Do not let what’s Happened Over the Holidays Define your Future

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 10.24.38 PM

This time of year is supposed to be filled with joy and peace but it can be one of the most traumatic times of year we face. I have experienced many disastrous Christmas’s that have ended in tears year after year so I know how you feel if this isn’t a happy time for you. But these past few years have been transformed into loving, joyous times and all because I decided that I would take that step to change me.

Is this you, were the holidays a disaster, filled with sadness and guilt or did they just not work out the way you planned?

Sometimes we enter into the holiday spirit expecting others to behave in a certain way, we seek praise and love from family and friends which aren’t reciprocated, we are constantly disappointed in people’s same old behaviour; we expect change and nothing happens. All this adds up to be a very stressful experience and one we’d rather forget.

Rejection is not about your personal self-worth but all about the other person – they are rejecting you because you don’t fill their expectations – so please don’t take it personally – you are still that wonderful person!

Are you desperately trying to:

  • seek other’s approval,
  • strive to be accepted, 
  • win the family’s praise,
  • gain people’s acknowledgement, 
  • yearn for that warmth from your mother and father,
  • crave the love only to be disappointed in every effort you make
  • and it just never comes?

With all of this trying and needing are you left:

  • angry
  • resentful
  • desperate
  • exhausted
  • with such low self-esteem
  • feeling worthless
  • with utter guilt
  • which ends up affecting your self-esteem, leaving you empty and sad in what should have been a joyous occasion?

For years I was desperately seeking my family’s approval, their affection, their warmth and love. I tried everything possible only to be continually disappointed every time, diminishing my self-worth as I truly began to believe how useless I really was.

I was devastated to learn that every year no matter how hard I tried to please others and be accepted the worse I felt until I decided to do something completely different – I WOULD CHANGE MYSELF.

Unfortunately, I also noticed that my behaviour was being passed down to my children. I was really upset because this was the exact opposite of what I wanted; I so wanted family occasions to be ones of happiness not despair.

How could this be?

  • So history was repeating itself, each year got worse as the more I expected people to change, the less they did and the more intolerant I became of them as it really wasn’t ‘right’ that I should be treated like this.
  • I had to do something different – start accepting them and changing ME and that’s exactly what I did. It wasn’t easy as I wanted them to ‘pay’ somehow after years of treating me this way but the release was incredible.
  • The relationship with all of my family and in-laws became peaceful and joyous; as I understood I didn’t need anything from either of them so today I am continually being filled with warmth, love and affection. 
  • The beauty of my life now is I ‘see’ things so differently, I ‘see’ my family and in-laws as kind people who help in the community – what happened to all of the anger, the deep resentment, the guilt and the hatred towards them all? Because I saw life through ‘new eyes’ the negativity had dispersed allowing in the love & respect I had for myself and others.

Here are a few tips to start your new mindset TODAY.

  1. STOP TRYING to – make things work, make things better, please others, say the ‘right’ things, ‘do’ the ‘right’ things as it doesn’t work. You may have been trying this for years and feel even more disappointed. 
  2. Have NO EXPECTATION from anyone – when you phone them do not expect them to respond in a certain way, do not expect them to be happy for you, hug you, cheer you on or be interested in anything you have to say. When you stop the expectation you also protect yourself from being disappointed.
  3. Understand that you DO NOT NEED anything from anyone – YOU ARE ENOUGH. You really do not need their affection, their praise, their validation, their approval or their love because you are enough.
  4. The HEALING is all about YOU. For perhaps the first time in your life put yourself first, which means taking time for you, meeting your needs, meeting your own expectations, making you feel good. You’ve probably even forgotten how to do this after all of these years.
  5. The healing process is one of acceptance of whom you are, letting go of the lack of need for anyone’s love in any form, re-writing the perspective of your past and finally the FORGIVENESS for both you and your family.

We all deserve a life of peace and fulfilment – we all have a choice in life, will you be the one to make that change. Make this year a year with a difference – what’s stopping you? Please COMMENT on your experiences, I’d love to hear from you. Book a free Discovery session here to learn more about how you can change yourself –




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Wisdom & Spirit

Your Word, Your Year

Your Word

As I sit hear reminiscing about how far I’ve come since the beginning of 2016, tears begin to run down my cheeks, and a migraine developing. The beginning of 2016 was a bit rough. It is that time of the year, where I get to write down my personal and business intentions and most important of them all, the choosing of my Word.


My word for 2016 is WHOLENESS and it came in very clearly.  What I didn’t know was how that was going to unfold.  I could only think of wholeness in my physical body.  To receive wholeness, first I had to learn what was fragmented in my life and how that affects me.  As we are closing out 2016, I realized that my Wholeness was about bringing every single part of my life together.  My work, my soul business, my family, my beloved, my friends are all extensions of me.  So why did I keep them separate?  In this society, we are thought to compartmentalize our lives.  I also realized that that it is Wholeness that we can manifest that which we desire.  When you are fragmented and compartmentalized, it is hard to manifest from this state.  When I understood that all those compartments were simply extensions of who I am and that to bring it all together gives me an expanded outlook on my life, I also expanded my capacity to manifest big time.

This will be the third year I have chosen a year and it’s been so amazing.  Past words include I have chosen have been Magic, Happiness and of course Wholeness for 2016.

In Wholeness, I learned to expand.

In wholeness, I found myself.

In wholeness, I found my Soul Purpose.

In wholeness, I found my truth.


Having a word or words for the New Year sets the stage energetically for what you would like to experience and how you would like to feel in the 2017.  It’s a powerful way to consciously set the stage for your year.  The word you choose tells the universe what you would like to experience, how you would like to feel and what you would like to create in the year.  The word you choose serves as a guiding light for the New Year.  The best way to choose your word is to go into meditation, tuning into the divine light above, below and all around you.  Ask for your word and see what comes in.  You can also ask your higher self for a word.  You can also go into meditation, align and center yourself with the divine.  And when you come out of meditation, take a look at the words below and see which one pulls you in.

So, what is your word for 2017?

Here are some words to get you started:
























In this place of expansion, from the place of Wholeness, I am going big in 2017.

My words for 2017 are:

Unlimited Infinite Financial Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity.

And so it is.

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Wisdom & Spirit

What In You Is Wanting To Be Born This Christmas?


Christmas has past, are you reborn?

I’m feeling my own birth – the birthing of a new img_20161224_092731872layer of light from my core; raising my lighthouse higher, cleaning the windows and turning up the wattage. It’s happening with me as I allow. It’s happening through me as I get out of the way; as I step my ego aside and as I step out of t boxes of what I think something is going to look like. I make space for something else – bigger, better, more me.

I’ve been awakening my most authentic self for decades and it continues today. In the early 2000s, I spent a few years in the Priestess process, awakening and emerging that aspect of me and my gifts to the world.

In the early 80s I entered into my first spiritual awakening through the est training programs. During the following decade and more, I explored all different kinds of spiritual paths, workshops and certifications.  In the later 90s, I was immersed in my ministerial training and years of preparation towards that – a true awakening and growth process.

In 2010, I came into a body of work that was my open heart awakening, a deep dive into the depths of my own being to reveal and activate my spiritual heart and begin to live in and from that place; followed immediately by the Emergence process of my Essence.

I’ve been teaching and modeling all along the way that I’ve been awakening to. I teach by crating the opportunity for experience. It is not a logic or thinking or knowledge based teaching, but rather an integration system.

I’ve had so many births and emergences I’ve lost count. Now today, on this Christmas Eve, I feel another. It’s been forming for awhile, I’ve been talking about an upleveling I’ve been feeling and today it landed. It’s been uncomfortable, messy, unsettling . It’s been working me hard for the past few weeks and I knew it was coming, but didn’t know when or how.

Christmas time is a cultural moment, all set up for each of us to experience the birth of our own Divinity, a re-birth of the Christ within, both individually and collectively.

I woke up born anew. candle-from-sallySomething in me is deeper and taller, like the tree that broke through a glass ceiling – and kaboom, the pressure has been released, there is more light and space and presence. There’s more certainty and surety ad I can only hope more grace and kindness and compassion.

Why do I share this? Only to share, only to give you hope. If you are mired in an upleveling process it can be painful and messy. (Just look at our country right now.) In any breakthrough or emergence there is a letting go of the old; a morphing from one state of consciousness to another.

The thing is you have to do it alone and you can’t do it alone. fvl4b1gjpbk-mike-labrumThe spiritual paradox. While the internal process is yours alone – to go alone will only take you so far. You cannot see what you can’t see, the ego won’t allow it. The ego will fight for its life because is it its job to protect and it feels it will certainly die if you awaken.

In a sense, it will, but really it will only transcend and have its job description changed, and it has to, if you are on this journey of awakening. Turning to mush is part of the process; it is in the unraveling and dismantling of the old. Let it be. And Get Support.

Put yourself in the company of other and hire someone like me to guide you through. It will be the best investment you can make. Ever! I promise!

Let this Christmas Season be a re-birth for you. Birthing your Divine Essence of the next level of light that you are. The world awaits your arrival, your light and your Presence.

Merry Christmas!

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Wisdom & Spirit

These 5 Steps Will Result In A Forgiveness Victory


Learning how to forgive, as we talked about in my last blog, is not only DIFFICULT but until you practice forgiveness, it’s a BALL AND CHAIN wrapped around your body, weighing you down. Yet, it is one of the most desirable things you can do for your health and life.

I remember when I carried those BALLS AND CHAINS myself, how loaded down I felt. It truly felt like I carried extra weight on my back, I felt bent over, tired and snappy. Depending on the circumstance, it really can seem like an insurmountable mountain to climb.

I get it!

You’re not alone, many people struggle with forgiveness. They may not talk about it but, TRUST ME, there are people all around you that struggle with forgiving. Hurt, mistrust, blame, being stab in the back and the loss of faith are thoughts and feelings that hard to get over.

I’ve experienced it, the pain, the hurt, the mistrust and the tight hold on not forgiving someone. I found 5 steps that helped me to smash the debilitating hold, forgive, release the anger and stress so I could go back to really living life. I’m sharing them with you, in case, you find yourself being dragged down by the BALL AND CHAIN of not forgiving.

Step 1: Let it hurt
The first step to forgiveness is to let the pain soak in. I know you’re thinking “What! You want me to feel the pain? Seriously, Linda?”

I know it sounds incredibly harsh, however, it’s one of THE most important steps.

You actually need to take time to sit alone and think about what has transpired between you and the person who YOU need to forgive.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the EASIEST step and might be considered the most PAINFUL one in the process, after all you need to revisit the situation from all sides. YEP, ALL SIDES! Definitely not easy when there are hurt feelings involved but it moves quickly.

Step 2 : Let it heal
The next step in the process is to let the wound heal. You need time and MORE TIME to get away from the situation.

Look at things you can do that are healthy and will take your mind off of what happened. The more time you can spend away, the quicker you’ll heal.

Remember TIME is one of the greatest healers.

Once you are able to start healing, things get easier. You’ll find as each day passes, the pain lessens, your feelings are getting under control and the constant nagging on your shoulders that you haven’t forgiven the other person is slowly dimming into the background.

Step 3: Let it go
This is a much EASIER step for some, but for others it’s A HARD one. This is the BIGGEST step in the entire process, and is instrumental in making sure the last two steps go smoothly. You need to ACCEPT what has happened and forgive the other person, internally.

I’ll repeat that statement. “You need to accept what has happened and forgive the other person, internally.”

You’re not saying it aloud, only to yourself. Breathe deeply, let it out and let the words soak in. In the end, you just know in your heart that you forgive the other person, and you are ready to move on with life. Breathe in and let it out.

Step 4: Let is show
The best way to let it show is to verbally apologize. Yep, you have to SWALLOW your pride, which I know can be hard and either call or go to the person you hold a grudge against, and apologize and MEAN IT! They need to hear you say it, and even if they don’t accept it, it is okay, you did your part by apologizing.

Step 5: Let it flow
Let life start to flow again without any grudges. You have personally chosen to act with forgiveness, you’ve apologized, and now it is time that you MOVE ON with your life.

This means, you’ve let it go, you’ll no longer have long nights wondering “WHY” anything happened. No more getting upset over the little things that happened in the past or nurturing those hurt feelings, ruminating over and over again because ‘POOF’ they are gone!

No one ever regrets saying “I’m sorry for hurting you”. However, people always regret the loss of time spent together and having to say the words “I’m sorry, I’ve missed you.”

“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.” – Marianne Williamson

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Personal Growth

Smash through the blocks that hold you back in your business

Superheroes resized

Yes, you too can become a superhero in your business. The only thing that’s stopping you is HOW you think about things.

They say being successful in business is 80% mindset and 20% marketing and this is true. In order to have it all you must first master your mindset.

Lately I’ve been having many conversations with women who are looking to bring their big vision to life. Just the other day I was talking to somebody who said:

“I wish coaches would talk more about what tools they have to remove blocks that are holding me back from moving forward in my business.”

Here is the thing: The reason these blocks exist in the first place is because you’ve adopted somebody else’s belief system at a very young age and you’ve created a story around it that keeps you stuck.

What does this mean?

Let me give you an example:

Two of the most common things that have come up in conversations recently are

Perfectionism and Confidence or lack thereof.

Here is how this plays out:

Every time you set your eyes on a desire or a goal which requires you to step out of your comfort zone these thoughts start coming up.

Who am I to do,_____________________ (fill in your blank)?

What are ‘the people” going to think of me if I do __________?

I’m not supposed to stand out and show off.

What if I’m not good enough to do this?

What if somebody does not like me?

I could never charge this much money.

Or let me make one more change to this project before I release it into the world (only to never do it, because there is always another tweak that needs to happen…)

When these thoughts come up they stop a person right in their tracks so they never start a project or put themselves out there and go after what they really want. Instead they sabotage themselves from the get go because they have bought into a story that does no longer serve them.

When you take a step back and hold the story up to the truth, you realize that it doesn’t stand up to it. This is when you can change your belief system and adopt a new story that serves you and allows you to do the things you set out to do so you can fully step into your purpose.

By changing your THINKING around the story, you can literally get rid of it, so you can move forward in the direction of your goal or desire. The reason why most people do not do this is because they prefer to stay stuck in the comfort zone of the familiar.

To become successful, you have to step out of your comfort zone, you have to do things that you have never done before and you have to be willing to become uncomfortable on a regular basis.

That might mean that you ruffle some feathers or that you let go of people, places and things that you have literally ‘out-grown‘, so you can create space for new things to come in that are in alignment with your vision and allow you to bring it to life.

Are you willing to change HOW you think about things so you can master your mindset and be the superhero in your life and business?

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Life Changes

The Day I Just…Walked Away

the day I just walked away

I did it!

I sold (almost) everything I own, shut down my business, cancelled all memberships, moved into my car and just drove away.

No idea when I’d be back and no plans to come back at all really. I’d left the important things like family photos and documents with my understanding sister and my dog with my youngest son.

I was free. Oh my god….I was actually free!

But – how did I get here?

I had a comfortable life, had divorced my husband several years ago, was running my own cruisy business in a cool upmarket street, lived in a beautiful old rundown house high in the treetops, surrounded by beautiful birds and was so close to the beach and groovy little cafes I could walk there every morning – but something was just ‘off’.

I’d get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee while watching the birds on the verandah and find myself bowed down with my head in my hands.

To be honest…….I felt utterly desperate and hopeless.

There seemed no way out, I had done everything right, raised my 6 sons, paid my bills, kept in touch with everyone, given my all in my health business, but this life I was leading just didn’t cut it any more.

I was heartbroken, sad, and totally lost.

Having tried to be everything to everybody the time had come when I was no longer needed. My sons are grown with their own businesses, partners, families and responsibilities of their own. It was time for a change and I had no idea where to start.

My body was not what it used to be, nor was my enthusiasm for life. It seemed like there was nothing new out there for me, I just couldn’t think of anything to do that would excite me and bring back my inner joy. Every day was a groundhog day – the worst sort of day.

This had been going on for years and I had been trying to ‘fix’ it by repeating what I thought was expected of me. By providing a home for my family to come home to if they wanted, running a business and juggling all the things involved with that, studying new things to keep my mind busy, changing my routine to therefore change my way of thinking, meditating daily to alter my future, trying desperately to be happy.

None of this had worked

My previously dynamic self had simply disappeared.

The day I realised that I was doing the entirely wrong thing was the day one of my sons rang and told me how much he was earning picking apples. I went silent for a bit – he was earning more than I was – I am fully qualified in several fields, give over and above to my clients, have decades of experience, always offer after care advice and am fully contactable at all times – and here he was picking apples – no qualifications needed – hard work but no responsibility and this really struck me like a sledgehammer.

My life after 50 wasn’t what I had thought it would be. 

Picking fruit sounds idyllic, beautiful, adventurous and fun. I would be using my body, getting fit, meeting new people and making a good living as well – I thought!me apples 720dpi
Once I had decided to do this I was simply ecstatic. The change in me was palpable. Suddenly I had a reason to live, a challenge to be met and a totally unknown future that I was choosing myself.

The fact that I was choosing to ‘not know’ to literally take a complete leap of faith and do the scariest thing I could think of gave me a whole new sense of perspective and excitement. My life was back in my hands, I was once again the driver of my destiny and happy to live with the consequences.

Taking a leap of faith isn’t new to me – I’ve done it several times before, but this time it was different. This time I was on my own, no kids, no responsibilities and … idea really. The only direction I had – was to simply ‘go’.
Every piece of furniture I sold was like removing a part of myself I no longer needed.
That vision of me walking down the stairs, out the door and down the road – just walking away from everything really happened. it seemed so simple…

So, I did it.

That proved to be the turning point in my life.


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