November 2016

Personal Growth

What is holding you back?

what is holding you back?

You create your own reality all the time. The thing you have right now in your life and in your business is created by you. Your mindset. The power of your mind is pretty strong, but if you really dig deep and figure out why you do those thing you do, then magic can happen fast. Often we are holding ourselves back from going all in with our dreams and goals because we are scared about what others might say about us. When I first started out as a stylist, then became a mentor and author, I did not go all in. I was scared to be me, be out there and be visible. I blamed it on circumstances like “what would my neighbor say” “my friends will not like me anymore”, maybe people would say that I was thinking that I was special.

All those silly thoughts we all have in our head that we blame on others. We all know that the real reason we are holding ourselves back is because we are scared to be us 100%. We are thinking «am I good enough?» «Can I do this?» «Is it possible to be my own boss?». It’s our ego that tells us to play it safe, stay under the radar. «Don’t be seen, then you can’t make a mess». Our ego don’t do this to be a bitch to us, but it want us to be safe and secure. If there is something that we all human being want, it is security. We want to be loved, be liked by others, mean something to others and then it can be hard to go out there and stand up for what you believe in no matter what the rest thinks about you.

I did struggle a lot with being visible, daring to be ME and believing in myself. It was a battle. Being an entrepreneur is a battle a few can handle, that is why so many give up. You got to have that energy and drive to go all in no matter what it takes. I believe that we can have it all. Now. The only thing that will stop us is those things that are holding us back, having success, being your authentic you.

What is holding you back right now? You know that you create your own reality, then why do you not have those things you really really want right now? What is stopping you from going all in? You have the power inside of you to make millions, impact millions and live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Instead you are hiding, trying to build a business. You are not being that higher self you feel you are on the inside. You know that you can have it, but what is stopping you? What is holding you back?

From this day on you can claim that you will take action. Make it happen and make space for your dreams. That’s all. And those big influences you look up to, celebrities you follow, they have also been where you are today. Not sure about themselves. Not feeling good enough. Not brave enough. But they did something about it. They had their breakthrough because they believed, took action and never gave up.

We all have the power to tap into our true calling, have success and make our dreams come true. Decide today that you will make it. You will not let anything stop you anymore. You can have it all. Now. Today. Go after it. You are more than good enough.

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Wisdom & Spirit

How Can You Make Today Extraordinary?

RockClimbing banner

It’s confession time. I don’t automatically wake up feeling great every single day. Most days, I consciously move into an energy vibration of good or great even before I roll out of bed, but not every day.

I am known for my positivity, for my unique superpower for Falling Into Ease; for finding the silver lining almost before the clouds are even formed.

But sometimes, I don’t get there. Sometimes, it takes longer or perhaps even, it doesn’t happen in a day. Sometimes, it’s quite the climb up – like climing this rock in the picture.

What I’ve been challenged to do is to share the less than perfect; to share the less than silver lining in my process and in my life.

Yesterday was one of those days for me.

My friend and colleague died last week and yesterday was the memorial service. Typically, I roll with the death of a friend with a fair amount of ease. My husband accuses me of being in denial or stuffing my feelings about it, but truly, it doesn’t phase me too much.

I have such a belief in the divine timing, in the eternal life and in Spirit, that I see them graduating and moving on.

I do with Mark, too. It’s just that his death has rocked me somehow. I can’t even explain it, because I don’t understand it completely. So, I’ll try, by processing here.

I feel saddened, by Mark’s death – it was quick and sudden. He was young and I’ve known him for about 25 years. I woke up with a sense of wow, he’s gone, I could go too. That in itself, was disturbing.

In the midst of his memorial, I was reunited with a group of my friends from back then – back before I left to go to seminary in 1998, I went back to one of the happiest and more powerful times in my life. I was happy, I had a vision and a goal, I was heading off to become a Unity minister – to change the world, to make a difference, to build my own legacy.

I’m a bit triggered, because I wanted that so much and still do. I found a feeling of “what’s the point?” I wonder if my presence makes a difference in the world. I’m missing a deep and ongoing community. Although I totally love our freedom, I’m missing aspects of an old life that haven’t quite manifested in new ways.

I have so much to offer and then I feel like I’m selling you short, I’m selling myself short. How can I bring all that I have to the table in a new and meaningful way? What is that even, I ask myself? What would I love most in serving the world?

I love the speaking and teaching and transforming work. I love the deep dives we take with the Open Heart Meditation process; the breakthroughs that happen in my coaching both individually and in our groups. I love the activation and stepping into lives of ease and dreams! I love my clients and the awakenings and transformations that happen.

I wonder, what is my legacy? What do people know me for? What do people say about me? I hope it is one of Love, Presence, Essence; that I bring a sense of ease, lightness along with deep change. I hope that people feel witnessed and accepted in who they are and inspired to be a next best version of who they are becoming.

I’ve noticed that parts of me I love have gone dormant. The High Priestess, the Goddess, the one that pays attention to details and beauty. The one who laughs easily and dances daily. I wonder what happened and when, but regardless of the wondering, I’m bringing back a fuller me!

How do you make an ordinary day extraordinary? extraordinaryBecome fully present to what’s happening inside of you. Tell the truth and let it out! It’s only when we try to stuff it down or argue with it that whatever becomes a problem.

Do something today that makes you or another smile. Do something that brings you joy – put on a piece of music and dance in your living room; call a friend you haven’t talked to recently; give a random act of kindness when you are out and about.

Tell someone who has made a difference in your life – what it was and how you were impacted. Big or small, it doesn’t matter.

And if you would be so kind, I’d love to hear how you have been impacted by me – my writings, teachings, videos or however you’ve known me.

Thanks so much!

Here’s to an extraordinary day!

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Art & Culture

Very Very Thank You!

Warrington Crescent, London

Have you ever tried to speak something in a different language and not get it quite right?

I know I have. I know my brother has too. A native English speaker, and Catholic priest, he started learning Spanish long ago, feeling called to begin an Hispanic ministry in his parish. At his first Spanish baptism, so the story goes, he guided the parents to be good potatoes! In his defense, it was an understandable mistake, “the potatoes” translating to “las papas”, and “the parents” translating to “las papás”.


Not all translation snafus are off the mark, and they still manage to convey the appropriate meaning.

Fast forward to London about ten years ago. I was walking home from work and saw a woman standing still and looking around. I asked if I could help, and in her broken English she told me she was trying to find the address written on the piece of paper in her hand.

It was not even a five minute walk away, but a convoluted one, and I told her with my words and gestures that I would show her, that it was no problem at all.

As we walked this way and that, I learned that she was from Albania, here visiting her son. She was so little, I felt almost protective of her.

When we arrived at Sutherland Avenue, I looked again at the address, and pointed to the left, saying it would be right there. She looked at me with gratitude and relief, gave me a big hug, and said something I’ll never forget:

“Very very thank you!”

Simple encounter. Magic moment. Love wins. I walked home with a huge smile on my face and a big space in my heart.

The next day, running late, I took a taxi to work. As we headed down Warwick Avenue, I saw her walking along on the pavement (sidewalk). I wanted to tell the taxi driver to stop. I wanted to roll down the window and yell “Hello my friend!” I wanted to offer her a ride.

Instead, I just took in the sight of her, thankful for our connection the day before, and wishing her love and happiness.

Do you have unexpected encounters that put a smile on your face? Do you have those that put a smile on someone else’s face?

This week, I ask you to do something. When you encounter someone new, whether in person or on the phone, find out their name if you can, and use it… people love to hear their name spoken. If/when they ask how you are doing, answer the question, and ask them (by name) the same question. Smile when you say it. And mean it.

Trust me. You just might make that person’s day. It will definitely make yours.

Very very thank you!

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Life Changes

The purpose of pain is personal

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.35.27

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.18.34

The purpose of pain is personal.

…or as the saying goes: Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Here is the basic fact: pain (whether emotional or physical) is just that, it is pain. We create a story around our pain that makes it “our” story. Our pain then takes on a personality all of its own. After a very short time, it becomes impossible to differentiate between the initial pain in its pure form and the conundrum it has become.

Here is the scary fact: we do this unconsciously.

Here is the fabulous fact: we can change our thinking and thereby change our pain!

How do I know this? After 30 years of practicing as a registered physiotherapist where the mind: body connection is an every-day reality with clients, I have finally come to understand the unconscious reptilian part of our brain. This “old” brain can simply be thought of as our survival mechanism. This is our “fight, flight and flee” brain, our Amygdala. We need this part of our brain to stay alive especially in the face of danger. Survival memories are stored here.

However, we do not need to access it excessively especially in the case of perceived fear. Our perception of fear triggers the Amygdala which starts a cycle of survival. This cycle comes at a cost to our health. Irritable Bowel syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, decreased immunity (to mention but a few) are all potential symptoms of an overactive/ “hijacked” Amygdala.

The good news is that we can choose to stop this pattern and stop the suffering.

Since graduating as an Advanced Life Coach from T.C.I in Melbourne, I have been using Meta Dynamic (T.M.) processes to shift this cycle.

If you want to change your perception of pain, contact me through my website and we can have a discussion to explore whether these techniques will work for you.

Lynn Matthews

Registered Physiotherapist

Pain Strategist and Advanced Life Coach

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Retail Therapy

How To Become A Digital Nomad

The Laptop Lifestyle

Do you dream of being a digital nomad?

You’re not alone. More and more of us are realizing we aren’t cut out for conventional living. Setting up a life with traditional roots leaves some of us feeling confined and trapped. Do you thrive on flexibility, variety and exploration? It may be easier than you think.

The biggest hurdle to living the laptop lifestyle is our own limiting beliefs.

Have you found that you are wiling to break the rules? Did you realize there aren’t actually any rules at all? You can do anything you want with your life. 

Get your mind around that truth.

It’s easier than ever before to work from anywhere. The internet has literally opened up limitless opportunities. Anyone who wants to work remotely can. You may want to own an online business, work for a large company as an independent contractor or do freelance work.

Why travel only to return “home” feeling blue and itching to book your next trip?

Why not create a lifestyle you actually love?

Are you ready to become a digital nomad in the next 6-12 months?

A year ago I was completely content with my husband, two adorable babies and a growing business. I was also so utterly discontent with living in the U.S. My heart was longing to travel with my family. I declared that I would be out traveling by my 39th birthday (it’s coming up in December).

What I didn’t know was how fast my life would change.

I’m a big believer in setting goals and crushing them. Every single month I wrote out my business goals and put them on my fridge. I began researching San Carlos, Mexico and visualized us living there on a daily basis. 

Six months later we pulled out of Tucson and moved to San Carlos.

I transitioned my business online and my eyes were opened to new possibilities. My business continues to grow and we have now enjoyed seven months of slow travel across Mexico. Our home base is currently in Guanajuato and we recently took an incredible nineteen day trip to Costa Rica and Mexico City. My new goal is to hit half a million dollars in annual income by my 40th birthday.

Stop dreaming and start living the laptop lifestyle.

I have created a mastermind with you in mind. The best business advice I ever received is, find someone who has what you want and learn from them. That’s exactly what I’m offering you. I’ll teach you everything I know about being a digital nomad. 

I will also give you tons of resources and connections in the digital nomad world.

I know you need support, community and accountability. I’ve got you covered. I know you need someone who is living it to encourage you on the days you are doubting yourself and your dream. When you begin to feel like it’s not possible I’ll remind you that it is!

Are you ready to shake off feelings of duty and obligation?

Are you ready to live for yourself instead others?

Are you ready to commit to your dream?

This program is my heart. I have traveled solo, married and now with my family. I have been where you are. I’m here to help make your laptop lifestyle dream come true.

All the details are here..

Want to learn more about me?

I’ve been featured on Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, International Living and Global Gallivanting. I’m also happy to share powerful testimonials. 

You’ve put your dream on hold long enough! Let’s make it happen!



Moms Can’t Travel

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Wisdom & Spirit

Amy North – The topic of Love via Jocelyn Joy Thomas


International reader & channel, Jocelyn Joy Thomas (LifeGrid Author) brings the topic of Love by Amy North, Spirit Guide to Steven North on the 15th of November 2016.

Amy briefly discusses the topic of love at the soul, whether it is with Soul Mates or Twin Flames. She talks about the intense experience that Twin Flames experience when twin flames incarnate together. It is referring to the topic of ascension and how to raise our level of consciousness to a new way of loving.

She talks about how the majority of twin flames do not incarnate together and one stays back at home so that they can work together.



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Personal Growth

Imprisoned by life

jail 1


What I have found over the last 2-3 years of self-development is that a significant portion of our fears relating to our lives are completely unfounded.

A lot of the things that we see as major stumbling blocks are often a collage of events, conversations or our parents values and opinions having been imprinted on us from childhood, and much of that comes from their own unresolved issues from their parents and from their action or lack thereof throughout their own lives.

Take a moment, close your eyes and have a good hard think about the decisions you have made in your life and think about how many of them were made based on somebody else’s wishes for your own life. For many people, they are actually living their parents unfulfilled goals and dreams and that is why as a society many of us are completely and utterly miserable with our choice of careers, our partners, our habitual behaviours on the weekends, whether that be indulging in a few too many beers or wines every Saturday night or whether we drive a certain brand of car or even what suburb we choose to live in.

Now that we have identified just a few things that people do based on their perception of familial expectations, we can have a look at the realities of life as compared to the above examples.

Nobody cares what kind of job you have, nobody cares what your partner looks like, and nobody cares if you do or don’t have a drink on the weekend, nobody cares what car you drive and for the most part nobody cares what suburb you choose to live in!!

In 99.9% of cases the only thing people care about is your happiness……… let that sink in for a moment. For many of us, that realisation is possibly the scariest thing we will ever have to face, as that means that we are in the pilots seat of our life, we are responsible for setting our flight path and we are ultimately responsible for our destinations.

I am not even going to pretend that I wasn’t scared out of my mind when I came to that realisation.

I had spent so many years living in fear of disappointing my mother, my father and my whole family in fact that I had absolutely no clue whatsoever as to who I was as a person, who I wanted to be and who I needed to be in order to live my life, my way, on my terms. Until that point I had lived a mediocre life based on what I thought other people wanted for me, with zero regard for my own desires, my own ambitions and my own talent.

The simple fact of the matter is this- the day we take responsibility for our lives, is the day that we can take control of our lives and focus on living our true purpose, living up to our true potential and creating a life we love.



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Wisdom & Spirit

Disconnected or Wonky?

flower banner

I’m the most connected person I know and I am feeling this weird disconnection right now. I don’t know if it is because my friend died, or the world looks crazy, or that I don’t feel 100% well, or I don’t understand or what exactly it is. But it’s weird inside of me.wonky

As I was sitting with that this morning, I noticed that I was trying to talk myself out of it. I’m rationalizing with myself, I have a beautiful life; family and friends that love me; I am living my dreams in many ways. I really and truly have nothing to worry about or nothing to fear. So what’s going on inside of me?

As I sat with it, I recalled a piece written my Facebook friend Mary Soliel, in her book, I Can See Clearly Now, “More of us are feeling a disconnect with many things, and this is causing us to take a deeper look into our life experience.”

As we so this we get to sift through that which is habit, that which is simply what we believe and dive deep into our own hearts and souls. When I was on my spiritual pilgrimage initiation a few years back, I was taken into a process that dismantled every belief, thought, pattern and feeling that I had. It was a process of surrendering everything that was unlike love.

This feels similar. As we are being thrust into an evolutionary shift of humanity, everything has to be cleared. All the disconnect, the emotions, the limiting beliefs – everything, in order to make room for pure love, for the new vibration and frequency.

I believe this is exactly what is happening.  So, if you are feeling disconnected or weirded out; funky or wonky, take a moment to reconnect. Reconnect to the earth, to your own heart and to others. I feel a desire to become a hermit, but it also feels like that is old behavior; we are being called to connect even more deeply with humanity, spirit and all that is.

So together – let’s do this! Take a breath and move into your body. Move your body, shift it, dance for a moment, stretch. Do something physical to call your awareness into the body. Settle into a still position and follow your breath. Breathe deeply in and deeply out. With each inhale, open to receive. With each exhale release, let go of thought and energy. Let your body soften and your mind quiets and your heart opens.

Drop your awareness into your feet, as they are connected to the floor or ground upon which you stand. Feel the connection between your feet and the earth. Become aware of sending your awareness down into the ground, giving to Mother Earth all that no longer serves you. Give her your disconnect, anger, frustration, or fear.  and feel the energy dropping from your being and being welcomed by Mother Earth.

Rest here for a moment. Begin to notice that Mother Earth is giving back to you, there is an energy coming up into you from the core of the earth – rising gently up through your feet into your limbs and torso. Notice the quality of it. For me, it is a gently nurturing, nourishing love. I have to be still, quiet and receptive to notice it. Notice it. Allow it. Receive it.

Feel this energy moving into your bones and muscles, into the organs and connective tissues. Feel it like a warm honey pouring through your systems, softening, nourishing, nurturing even the cells of your being. Feel it moving in and through your emotions; in and through your thoughts.

Feel it permeating, penetrating and filling all the interspaces of your being. Ahhhhh. Notice how connected you are to your own being and to that which is greater than you. Take another few deep breaths and before you move, place your hands on your lower abdomen to anchor this awareness.

Say to yourself, “I am connected. I matter to those around me and to the world.” Say it again as the truth of this statement reverberates through all aspects of your beingness. And so it is.

When you are ready – open your eyes and make the commitment to remember this throughout your day.

I’d love to hear how this is working for you. Please comment, like, share!


PS – the Black Friday Flash Sale is still on – Check out the two specials Here.

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Personal Growth

Living your vision.


If you’re reading this then clearly you want to make a change. I don’t intend to tell you what to do, instead I’m going to tell you what has worked for me and a few little bits of common sense that you probably know, but need to hear from somebody else before you actually internalize and action them. Obviously we are all individuals and you may need to tweak some things to suit your own needs and goals


Success or failure comes down to action and inspiration, Are you actually committed to making changes? Do you know why you want to change? Do you have a vision? Do you have the guts to challenge your preconceived ideas about yourself? Do you have the strength of character to admit that your choices, more than anything else in your world have shaped your environment and led you to your present circumstances?

We’ve all heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, all that says to me is that it is important to set gradual goals. Nobody wakes up on a fine Tuesday morning and climbs Everest on the spot. They have a plan, physical conditioning and most importantly a team of experts and helpers who have more knowledge and experience than they do.

Every one of us has an Everest to climb, but it must be done in bite size chunks. It is so easy and all too common to become overwhelmed by the enormity of our goals that we give up before we even make a decent effort. Nobody ever became a marathon runner by having their first workout at the starting blocks. If we run head long into anything without adequate preparation we are sure to fail in 99% of cases. We’ve all heard stories of people who have gotten “lucky” and who have stumbled across great success, they are the exception rather than the rule. I cannot stress enough just how important it is to set smaller, more achievable goals which ultimately help you towards your big “prize”.

Reaching the prize is not the end though, whatever your goal, it still takes time and effort to maintain the end result, whether it’s a career, fitness, relationship or even a material item such as a fancy house or a new car.

The pursuit of success is an effort for reward scenario, you must put in effort in order to truly deserve the final reward. It is extremely important to reward yourself as you progress through your goals.

The reward needs to be sufficient enough to make the efforts worthwhile, but not so extravagant that it derails you from your next step.

There also comes a time where we must take a moment to reflect on our efforts, any struggles you may have encountered and anything you can do better on your way to the next step. Being overly critical will serve no purpose other than to destroy your self-belief.


For example, as I write this I am 1 week into a 3 month fitness plan and it is a part of my goal setting that I evaluate how many healthy meals I skipped in favor of convenient “junk” food. Having said that, I have incorporated a certain amount of “slacking” into my meal and workout plans as I am fully aware that I have failed miserably in the past due to being completely non-negotiable and then tearing myself to shreds when I have a cheat meal.



When you achieve a goal, or get near the achievement of said goal, it is vital to re-set another goal as soon as possible, otherwise you fall victim to a phenomenon commonly known as plateauing out. Plateauing out simply refers to no longer having goals, losing motivation and a lack of focus. This is the point in many peoples life where they describe themselves as having fallen into a “rut”

Identifying a rut is quite simple, look at your daily life, Are you bored? Frustrated? Easily irritated? Do you have anything to look forward to? Are you making plans? Or worse still do you find yourself cancelling plans? Or are you doing the exact same thing day in day out?

The above and more are signs of a rut, these symptoms are all due in part to either a lack of confidence/clarity moving forward, a lack of motivation or in a relationship scenario, a lack of shared vision with your partner.

Avoiding a rut is actually quite simple, it comes from a self-awareness that many people either don’t know about or have never really developed. In this scenario, MORE is better!!!

More savings, more money off the mortgage, more time with loved ones, more education, more holidays. Basically anything that justifies and inspires your work rate and effort.


Speaking of work ethic, the only true path to success is effort. Not necessarily in the sense of physical labor, but certainly a consistent, concerted effort towards whatever your chosen goal is. You’re not going to make money by neglecting your business, you’re not going to lose weight by watching tv, believe me, I’ve tried.

The only way to feel truly accomplished and to feel the reward of self-satisfaction from a job well done and pride of ownership is to actually work for it. We all know someone whose parents have given them every opportunity and they have squandered those gifts. This is often due to a lack of appreciation for what their parents sacrificed to afford their children such opportunities, it is also due to a lack of education. Not necessarily in the schooling sense but having been educated in such a manner that allows you to identify and seize opportunities. This can be anything from financial opportunity to making a call to a friend of a friend or acquaintance who may be able to help with a goal, such as employment or even something as simple as getting a better deal on a purchase of some kind.

Many opportunities go untaken simply because we are too scared to ask.

To put this into perspective, how many of us have ignored or allowed fear to deny us the opportunity to ask someone out on a date, only to find out at a later time that the person was interested? We become so focused on our fears and insecurities that we talk ourselves out of going after exactly what we want.



Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, it could be something as simple as finding time to chase up old sales leads or to check in with current clients at work.

Many people are able to identify opportunity, but because of their lack of confidence, past conditioning or self-doubt, the opportunity is often long past its used by date by the time they take action.

There are a multitude of opportunities out there for regular, everyday people. So many people also seem to bow to the stigma surrounding the taking of opportunities, that if you are chasing “more” you are greedy. That is absolute nonsense. The only time that wanting more could be considered greedy is when it comes at the expense of your morals, values or when your success hinges on the failure of another person.

My personal belief is that true success is beneficial to everyone involved, be it a business deal or a personal relationship.

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